Trucker bj

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Trucker bj
Working at a warehouse we get transport drivers all the time. One driver that delivers to us is a woman and I must say she is good looking one. Short, big hips, looks like a nice rack, glasses, cute for a truck driver. She rang the bell one day and I drove over and let her in to sign in and get the truck ready to be unloaded.
“Can I tell you something and hope you don’t get offended?” I ask her
“Sure” she replied
“I think you’re a good looking woman” I tell her
“Really?” She asked with a surprised tone
“Yes, hope that doesn’t offend you” I said
“No, not at all. I don’t get called that too often” she said
“That’s a shame. More people should tell other people if they think they are attractive” I tell her
“I agree. Too many people get offended by the smallest things now” she says
“Sadly that is true. Well, I better get back to work, I’ll see you later though” I tell her
“Hey wait… you.. umm… want to come to my truck quick?” she asks
“Uhh.. sure.. can I aks why though?” I reply
“Just come with me for a couple minutes, I have something to show you” she said
I park my forklift and walk outside with her
We get to her truck and hop in. I am sitting on the passenger side and she crawls into the back.
Come back here” she says
I slowly crawl into the back with her.
“I’m still on the clock” I tell her
“I’ll make it quick, don’t worry” she said
“Well… what is it exactly you want to show me?” I ask her
She lifts up her shirt and unsnaps her bra, letting her tits out
I stare with amazement
“These. You like?” she asks
“Very much. They are awesome” I tell her
“Play with them. Grab. Lick. Bite. Do whatever” she tells me
I grab them, softly at first but then more aggressively.
“Mmmm.. yes.. that’s it” she moans
I unbutton her pants and stick my hand down and realize she’s not wearing any underwear. All I feel is smoothness. She shaves and it’s awesome. I twist my hand around so I can find her clit. Doesn’t take long. I finger her as quickly as I can until she cums. She is quiet too. Not wanting to bring too much attention. She takes a quick breather and pushes me onto her little bed. She unzips my zipper and reaches in and grabs my already hard cock and starts sucking me like crazy. There are no words. Just the sound of her sucking and a few moans from me. She plays with her tits as she is sucking me.
“You like that? Does that feel good?” she asks
“Oh yes, keep going too, I’ll cum quickly this time” I tell her
She keeps doing her thing and picks up speed
“Yes, yes, keep going, I’m close” I said
Not stopping at all I explode into her mouth. She stops sucking so her mouth can fill with my cum. She swallows everything with letting go of my cock.
“Mmm, tasty. We must do this again next time” she says
“Of course but for now, back to work” I tell her
I reach back over and grab those tits of her and reach my hand back into her pants and stick a finger inside her pussy and pump it until she cums once again.
“Fuck! That feels amazing! You have magic fingers or something? Damn!” she said
“Lots of practice” I tell her
“I want you to fuck me hard next time” she said
“We’ll see, but if we do it won’t be here” I tell her
As we are talking I am still fingering her. She slides down her pants so it is easier for me
“Jesus I’m going to cum again!” she yells
I finger her harder and grab one of her tits
“Yes, that’s it! Wow!” she yells
She tries catching her breathe
“I haven’t cum that many times in a long time” she tells me
“Not even by yourself? That’s another shame” I said
She bends down, kisses me, pulls her pants back up and we both get out of her truck and I go back to work

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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