True Love With My Forbidden Super Hero – Part 5

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True Love With My Forbidden Super Hero – Part 5


I woke up in the morning, amit was sleeping near to me. I am feeling happy that I am achieving everything I love . I put my hands inside the bed sheet and get hold of amit’s monster dick and was slowly shaking it. He was awake and started hugging me, we were about to kiss that I had felt something odd in my stomach.

We parted and I went to bathroom, I started vomiting , I didn’t knew what happened. I was thinking that I might have eaten something odd yesterday. I vomited 2,3 times and amit also came to me to hold me and massage my back , so that I could get relief. I was vomiting again and again, at last I stopped. Sunita heard all this and she called me to her room. Our conversation:

She was smiling, she held my hand pulled me towards her and kissed me on my forehead

Sunita : congrats shweta

Me : but why sunita ? What happened ?

Sunita : amit, your husband has proved that he’s a man, you are pregnant dear. (she told happily)

I lost my periods 2 times and I was also suspecting a knock down. We were having unprotected sex from long , we had a lot of sex in ooty at our honeymoon and now I remember that I was fertile that time , and my lover knocked me down. Anyhow I was happy to bear his k** in my womb.

Sunita : what are you thinking dear? Go to hospital and have a checkup

Me : yes, ill go sunita ( I replied smilingly)

I went to bedroom, amit was there, he asked me “ darling how are you feeling now, shall we go to hospital ? “ . I replied “ yes, I need to go to hospital amit”. We went to hospital and did the test, the result was positive and I was pregnant. We were happy like hell, amit was very happy that he called sunita and told her. Me and amit were unlimitedly happy and were dreaming for our new baby. We returned home and I was wearing a middy top.

We came to our room and he started kissing me , he hugged me tightly and started pressing my ass, I was getting wet by his touches. He removed my middy, top and I was standing in my white panty and grey bra. He put his hands on my thighs and pushed me to the walls and locked his lips with mine. We were in a lip lock that we heard some voice, it was sunita. She came to our room and told “ ohh, so love birds are here, I was searching you”. Amit didn’t took his hands from my thighs and I was feeling a little bit shy that I was standing in undergarments. She told us “i have another good news for you”. Our conversation:

Me : what’s that sunita ?

Sunita : shweta, you are looking gorgeous in this 2 piece.

Me : thanks sunita, please tell the news dear

Sunita : iam going to retire from the post of mother and would take rest from now (she told smilingly and naughtily)

I didn’t understood what she was saying, I just looked at her confused.

Sunita : i’ve called rahul and told him that iam retiring from the post of his mother and shweta will be your new mummy, we had a long discussion.

Me and amit were surprised. We asked her about that. She told that she had a long discussion with him. Rahul was shocked to hear this, but she explained him well that me and amit love each other very much and amit has accepted me as his wife. She explained him well that now he should see me as his father’s wife and respect me. Atlast after a long talk, she made him accept that ill be his new mummy and he should respect me like a son.

Me : but sunita I fear how will he react to me , he knew now that iam having affair with his father

Sunita : don’t worry shweta, iam here. Just prepare your mind to accept him as your elder son.

Me and amit were very happy to hear that, now we don’t have to tense about anything. We are tied in husband wife love. I had tears of happiness in my eyes and amit hugged me happily.

Amit : thanks a lot sunita, shweta wanted this and you did this for her. (he told happily)

Sunita : you are welcome dear, best of luck for your new life (she told this smilingly and went )

I was still in my bra and panty and was in amit’s arms. He was teasing me naughtily by touching my thighs.

Amit : darling, be ready with your motherly affection for rahul, congrats dear

Me : amit , I fear a little, I don’t know what will happen

Amit : don’t worry darling, me and sunita are with you .He has to accept you as his mother, he has no other choice.

Me : amit, what if he wouldn’t do that ? I’ve slept with him since our marriage. What if he need to maintain that relationship? . I don’t know amit, one thing iam sure that I can’t love him as a woman. I love you as a woman, and I can see rahul only as my son.

Amit : darling don’t worry, he would have no other choice . You would be the owner of my whole property after my death. So if he doesn’t obey us, he’ll not get a pie from this.

He kissed me on my lips and I was in his arms. I laid on the bed, he started kissing my legs, toes and took my toe fingers in his mouth. I was wet in his love, he slowly started coming up kissing all the way. He freed my melons by unhooking my bra. He took my nipples in his mouth and started chewing it. I was moaning slowly . He licked and kissed my thighs and he removed my panty and threw it away.

He started kissing my pussy and licking it . I was fully naked now, with my hairs open, like a real slut. I need to pee and I told him, but amit was in great mood, so he told me to pee in the bottle nearby. I peed in the bottle and amit took that bottle from me, opened it and put it in his mouth.

Within no seconds he drank everything and emptied the bottle. I was shocked to see that, I was wet very much for him. I kissed him and invited for a fuck. Amit was getting hot seeing me, he pulled me and made me sit on the edge of the bed with my legs down on floor, he took his monster dick out and I started licking it.

I took his tool completely inside my mouth and was working with my lips, I was just licking it well that I saw from the corner of my eyes that sunita was watching everything from the window. I became very hot seeing her watching us, I got real hot. I was feeling slutty, his dick was in my mouth and I started talking dirty.

Me : amit, ninte kunna adipoli aanu ( amit you have a nice dick)

Amit : athu ninakk ullathalledi kootichi mole (its yours, u slut)

Me : ariyaam chakkare, sunita rahul inte karyam vannu paranjappol enikk santosham aayi ( I know sweetheart, I felt happy when sunita told me about rahul’s acceptance)

Amit : ariyaadi kootichi, nee ini avante ammayalle…..Snehicho…pakshe pooru koduthaal ninne njn kollum ( I know, slut. You are his mother from now..Love him….But if you’ll try to give him pussy then i’ll kill you)

Me : illa amit, njn orikkalum angane cheyilla….Njn oru nalla ammayaayi avane valarthum ( no amit, ill never do that, ill care him as a good mother )

He made me stand like a bitch on bed, he climbed on me like a dog , get hold of my boobs . He started inserting his monster in my pussy , while crushing my boobs. I just watched from corner of my eyes, sunita was still watching us and I was getting hotter.

Me : aaaaah aaahhhh …… I love you amit

Amit : I love you shweta , my wife

He started pumping me higher and faster , giving me more in each shots. I was screaming like a whore for getting each shots. After almost an hour of fucking , he was feeling his balls heavy. He was near to cum, he pushed his monster deep into my pussy and started pushing his love seeds in me.

After each shot he was giving me more, after we stopped he kissed me . I told ”i love you amit, I fear what will happen tomorrow when rahul comes” . He replied “ I love you too shweta, its only an initial fear darling, after that you’ll be happy in our new family, you have got a son and your second baby is in your womb and ill be your husband always. There’s a lot more for you in this life sweetheart”.I woke up in the morning, had a bath and wore a nice saree like a typical housewife. I wore my thali(mangalsutra) and sindoor on my forehead. Rahul will arrive today from Bangalore and I was a bit tensed. I went to sunita’s room , our conversation :

Me : Sunita, I feel a bit nervous today

Sunita : Shweta you are looking very beautiful, your nervousness is making you gorgeous.

Me : sunita, I don’t know what will happen, I fear

Sunita : There’s nothing to fear sweetheart, your son is coming today and you should be happy, be a true mother to him. Just behave motherly to him, everything will be fine, me and amit are here don’t worry.

Me : okk dear ( I replied smilingly)

My heart was beating loud, I was really nervous, it is the most important day of my life. I didn’t knew about my future, but my love for amit has changed my life forever. I was carrying his baby in my womb and I’ve already accepted him as my husband. I knew that no woman would do such a daring act in her life, it’s a sin and I don’t regret that. There’s almost 28 years age difference between me and amit, but that can’t change our mind in picking each other as life partners. Love between us is more than anything in this world.

I just looked in mirror, my hairs were beautifully drawn, I was wearing a sleeveless blouse . I was just sitting and admiring my beauty, I know any men would get a hard on seeing me. I was sitting on the make up glass, that amit came sudden. He get hold of my shoulders and kissed me on my neck

Amit : Darling what are you thinking ?

Me : Amit im a bit tensed , Rahul will arrive today

Amit : Its your son, not a devil dear, don’t worry, everything will be fine.

Me : I love you amit

Amit : I love you too dear

I stood up and we had a hug, he put his hands on my back and started drawing me closer to him. I was lost in his love. I knew that now I don’t have any go back from this relation, my love for him was more than anything. We grew our forbidden love and desires for each others, we never felt shy to express it. I’ve given him womanly love in these course of time and I never felt anytime that I was doing anything wrong. Our baby was growing in my womb and we were very thrilled and happy about that.

I started my household chores , I was preparing lunch, as we had our breakfast in the morning. I was busy in the works that suddenly sunita came to me and told “ Shweta your son has arrived” saying this she went. I was really feeling heavy in my heart, I couldn’t face him. I continued with my works, I was hearing the sounds from kitchen . Rahul arrived and he started setting his luggage, I could hear everything. My heart was beating like a bell, with a hard sound. I was hearing their conversation :

Rahul : Hello everybody

Sunita : Hello dear , how are you ? how was your journey ?

Rahul : Heyy sunita aunty , how are you ? I am fine, journey was a little bit boring, but now iam happy

I was surprised to hear that, he was addressing his mother as “Aunty”, I knew that he has accepted the truth. I was still working in kitchen, my heart was full of fear, I couldn’t face anyone.

Sunita : Iam fine dear, just change your dress and be comfortable

Amit entered the scene and father-son hugged each other, they were happy seeing each other.

Amit : Its been long son, I’ve seen you, how are you ?

Rahul : Iam fine daddy , but where’s my mummy ? is she not here?

Amit came to kitchen and hold my hands and took me to the drawing room.

Rahul : Hii mummy, how are you ?

I was stunned by hearing his words. It was the first time I was hearing that from him, he really woke up my motherhood. I was really happy seeing my son.

Me : Iam fine son, how are you ? How was your journey ?

Rahul : Iam fine mummy, journey was really boring, but now iam happy seeing my family.

Rahul touched amit’s feet and took blessings from him

Amit : Rahul , touch your mother’s feet also, she loves you very much.

He touched my feet in respect, I was really surprised and happy , I put my hands on his heads

Me : Live long my dear son, mummy’s blessings are always with you

Amit put his hands round on my navel and pulled me towards him.

Amit : Darling are you happy now ? Rahul she was very much tensed about you, she wanted to see you from long

Me : Yes amit, I am happy

Rahul : I am fine mummy, you don’t have to worry about anything

Amit kissed me on forehead and then on my lips, I was getting hot, he kissed me in front of Rahul . I was losing my nervousness and getting happy and confident that Rahul was happy with my relationship and respects me as a son. I was very happy at that moment. Amit was holding my hands like a true lover and husband. He told me secretly “ Shweta you will wear saree everywhere, in house and bedroom, until your son leaves” . I smiled and replied “ Yes amit, I will it for you”.

From the point we met that day i.e me and Rahul to till now, Rahul respects me as a true son. He has never changed his mind or body, his love and respect for me was like a true son. Iam also happy in my new family, I was pregnant and I was enjoying motherhood before giving birth to a baby. I was giving him motherly affection and care that sunita couldn’t give him , so Rahul is more attached to me as a true son. We talk a lot at house, I use to ask his problems as a mother, and he’s always ready to obey my orders as a true son. I arranged and cleaned his room, set his luggage there and went to him . The room was opposite to our bedroom.

Me : Rahul, your room is ready

Rahul : Thanks mummy, I love you

Me : I love you too son, don’t disturb sunita aunty much, let her sleep

It was already evening , we had our dinner. I was busy to complete my household works. I was working in kitchen that suddenly amit came and hugged me from behind. He told “Darling its too late, now stop working dear”

I replied “I am coming amit”. I completed my works and started walking to bedroom. Rahul was still watching TV. I told him “ Rahul, mummy is going to sleep, don’t watch TV much , you are already tired”. He replied “ Okk mummy, ill sleep soon” . I entered to master bedroom with amit, I was really happy that everything settled well. Amit pulled me and put hands on my navel and started kissing me.

He started slowly pressing my ass, we were very happy that we are a new family now. My pallu was down and he could get my cleavage well from my blouse. He pulled my saree completely and I was in my petticoat and blouse. I was looking like a hot housewife, fully in love with her man. He hold my navel with both hands and started kissing me . He unhooked my blouse and I was standing in my bra , he continued kissing me on my lips while my boobs were bouncing slowly. It was long that we started kissing and smooching. He pulled the petticoat string with his hands and it was on the floor. I was standing in my bra and panty like a slut in front of amit.

He placed his hands on my ass and started kissing me on my lips. I was getting wet by his touch, we were in a lip lock that someone openend the door suddenly and put on the lights.

Me and amit were shocked , I was standing in my hot bra and panty and in a sexual way , kissing him on lips. It was Rahul inside, I suddenly pulled the bedsheet and covered my body so that he couldn’t get view of his mother’s hot body. He didn’t did it purposely, so he turned around and told sorry for that. I smiled and told “Its okk Rahul, but what you want son ? why you came here ?” . He replied “ Mummy i am feeling very cold, I need a bed sheet to cover myself , so I was searching for that” he said still turned around and not facing us. I quickly pick up the nighty from the drawer and wore it . I kissed amit and told him that ill be back soon. I went to Rahul and told “ Come son, ill search it”.

I was wearing micro nighty, and I was really hot in that. It hardly covers my genitals and my thighs were completely visible. My ass were swinging in air, while I walk and my melons were looking hot. Wearing that nighty would be a real invitation for a man to fuck the woman badly. I didn’t bothered anything and walked with him to another room to search for a sheet , he told “ Mummy, I am sorry I didn’t meant to disturb you, I was feeling very cold, so I came to ask for the sheet”. I replied “ Its ok my baby, mummy didn’t felt bad of that, don’t worry dear”. I got the sheet and I went to his room with him, I arranged the bed and slowed down the fan a little bit. While doing this I had to bend and i am sure that anyone would get a nice cleavage show of mine. But I didn’t cared coz I know my son Rahul respects me a lot and he will never see his mother in the other way.

Amit loves me very much, but sometimes he gets angry to Rahul for his laziness. But I always play a protector’s role and would love Rahul very much, he’s very much attached to me now and my love and affection for him is more than that to my other k**s. I kissed on his forehead and told “Good night son”.

He smiled and replied “Good night my sweet mummy”. I came to bedroom, amit was waiting for me. He was a bit angry, I kissed him and started hugging him. He started pressing my ass and kissing me on my lips, I was already very wet down there. I couldn’t control any more, I told him “ Amit I need a real play today “. He replied “ yes sweetheart, you’ll get good fuck today, we are going to celebrate our new life “ He removed my nighty and I was standing in my panty and bra. He unhooked my bra and my melons were free in air, he started sucking my nipples. I was feeling very hot, he removed my panty and threw it away.

He put his tongue on my pussy lips and started licking it well, I was feeling heaven. He licked it well and gave me a tongue fuck. He made me cum three times with his magical tongue. He put his monster dick out, I started licking it like a real slut.

I made him cum once by giving him a blowjob. He took his monster dick and kept it at the edge of my pussy. He started pushing his monster into the depths of my womanhood. He started pumping me hard and well. With each shot he was screaming “I love you Shweta”. I was replying him “ I love you too amit “. After a huge fucking session of 1.5hrs , he was near to climax. He was feeling a rush from his balls and he was getting heavy. He pushed his monster love tool into my depths and slowly started shooting his cum in my pussy . We were completely exhausted after that fuck. We kissed each other and parted.

After 9 months I gave birth to a baby boy . I was into motherhood and my love bond became more strong with amit . Everyone accepted our relation and were happy with us. I was getting everything from amit and was happy with him, even Rahul proved himself as an obedient and loving son. He always respects me and loves me as a son. Even I went to stay with him in Bangalore for some days, coz amit and me were sure that Rahul has become a responsible son of ours.

In Bangalore Rahul introduced me to his friends as his mother and they all respect me well. Amit and me know that our son would love and take care of us. We named rahul’s younger brother as “krishna” and we call him as “kichu” at home. I love Rahul and kichu very much and my life is dedicated for them. Amit is also healthy and happy now with me and k**s. Amit wants me to conceive again and get pregnant, so may be ill get knocked down by him again soon.

Thanks a lot for reading my stories and being a part of my life. I would love to have your blessings and prayers for our good future. I’ve decided to write my experience , so that I can be an inspiration to lots of men and women. Even forbidden love can be achieved and made normal. There’s nothing wrong and unfair in love.

Its all about love and dedication for the person you love. If you love anybody, be open and state your feelings openly. If you are somebody’s wife that doesn’t mean that you can’t love another man, similarly in case of men. Its your desires and feelings which make you choose your love. Try to understand others feelings also, so that you can be a good person.

Once again I would love to thank all readers who were eagerly waiting for my story and read each and every part of it and sent me feedbacks and suggestions. I feel sorry that I could reply or help some of you. Its my last part of story and I would request you to read this story well and post your comments

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