Visiting mom.

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Visiting mom.
My mom is 48 years old.My dad passed away 4 years ago. My mom very old fashioned women,and religious.Mom told me that she will not re-married again .

My aunt Nancy called me 2 weeks ago,and beg me to come to visit my mom. She told me that my mom always talking about me everyday .

I submit request a month off for summer from my work. I didn’t tell mom that I am coming over to spent summer with her.

I showed up at my mom house almost midnight. I ring the bell at least 4 times before she answer and open the door. Mom was so happy to see me. She hugged me ( I can feel the firmness of her breast press against my chest )and kiss me on my cheek).

” Well,well,well…………welcome home stranger.”

” How come you didn’t tell me you are coming? If I know you coming,mom will prepare your favorite dish .

” Thanks,mom.Don’t trouble yourself .”

” I can use shower, that’s what I need mom.”

” Oh,yea………let me get you towels.”

I then took long nice cool shower.

Finnish shower, I put on my tank top and my boxer. I then went to living room and sit next to my mom and joint her watching TV.

Mom asked me If I have a girlfriend . I told mom that I am very bussy with my works. I have a few, they are just friends.

What about you mom? Any boyrfriend ?

Nope, I am happy to be by myself. I am not planing to have another baby.

Who said about making a baby mom, I laugh. Just have sex with cautions.

I dunno mom said.I have scar on my stomach from giving you a birth. Most men don’t like women with scar.

I have not been with any men since your father die.4 years my pussy has not been …….,you know what I mean. Mom face turned red.

Sorry for using harsh word (pussy). Mom said.

Most of the times, I pleasure myself with my fingers.No other foreign object ever enter my pussy.

” Oh my god . Why I am doing talking like this.”

“No, it is okey mom . I am not k** anymore. and second I am Gynocologist. I have seen pussies in different color of race, age ……that is my field of works.

“That is true,but mommy pussy is not like any others. Your dad have his cock in my pussy to create you” Without your dad fucking me , you won’t be here………,hehehehe. Mom laugh.

Are you sure no ones has been in your pussy? It is hard to believe 4 years you haven not with anyone’s .

“Well,you are a doctor.Would you like to find out yourself.?”

“If you insist……”I said .

Mom take off her nightgown . My mom have beautiful breast with big nipples and her pussy bald and fluffy.

“Well, can you spread your legs wide mom.”

Mom pause for a minutes

” Promise me , you only going to examine your mommy pussy.”

” Mom,I have patient, a mother pregnant by her biological son and decided to keep the baby.”

” What?for real?” Did you reported to the Police?”

” I can not reported to the Police, that will be HIPPA violations.” And I can lose my job .

” What kind of mother have sex with her own son? Well, I have no answer for you mom. Only they know.

Now, are you going to let me examine your pussy or not mom?

” Okay,but………….,oh well” Mom than spread her legs.

I stick my pinky inside my mom pussy ( I can feel the thighten of her pussy).

Mom closed her eyes.

I stick my middle finger inside her pussy, and slowly finger fucking her. Mom began to moan and pulling my hairs.

All of sudden , mom closed her legs and pulled my hand away from her pussy.

” Ok, mom said . That is enough.”

” Do you believe your mommy know.”

I did not say a word. Mom look at me to find the answer.

I pulled my mom legs close to my face and spread her legs wide open. Mom was schock . I stick my tongue deep in her pussy and begin licking her pussy.

” Stop baby. What are you doing ?”

” I am eating your pussy mommy and I love it.”

” I can see, but……….,that is not right . I am your mommy ”

” Oh my god, where did you learn to eat pussy like this baby .”

” Ooooooooh baby mommy gonna cum.Huummmmmmm, please don’t stop”

” My god baby, you.You make mommy cum over and over again.”

” We need to stop baby. I like how you eat my pussy. Your dad never eat my pussy. To him is dirty.”

” I pray to God for your return home, but not like this.” Mom covered her face with pillow and begun to cry , but my cock raging hard.

I told mom not to cry , because we have not have intercourse.Just eat her pussy. that is no i****t.

” Yes, I know, but I feel a shame to let you eat my pussy, let myself cum and tell you not stop and enjoyed you eating my pussy. ”

” God please forgive me” Mom said .

I totally ingnored what my mommy said.

While my mommy still covering herself with the pillow crying naked feeling sorry and guilty ,with her legs half spread and her pussy wet, I took
off my boxer.

I pointed my hard cock to her pussy lip and gently thrust my cock in her wet pussy. Mom removed the pillow from covering her eyes. Her eyes open wide as 1/4 of my cock inside her pussy.

” Oooooooooh baby.Please stop……..,are you in Shane. Why are you doing this.”

” Baby, do you know what are you doing to your mommy?”

“Yes, I am fucking you.” I pump my cock deep, in and out my mommy pussy.

” Oh my god,oh my god ………( mom holding on my hips),your cock is to big baby.Please stop and pulled it out…….,please.Mom cry loud. I don ‘t won’t the neighbor hear us fucking, and I stop.”

Mom stared at my big cock.

Baby your cock away bigger than your dady. And I am your mom. What are you doing fucking your own mother and you know I am still fertile. I can get pregnant especially no condom.

I pray for God for you to return home, but not to seduce me and fucks me.

Well ,God made Adam and Eve to produce. So they fucks. I said

” So God sent me home, to fuck my mommy……….”

Mom,grabed my cock and said: ” I know if I won’t let you , you gonna fuck me anyway. I give my self to you……..”. Let’s do it in mommy bedroom.

I follow my mom to her bedroom. Mom lay down on her bed spread her legs open
and waiting.

I placed camcorder on top of the dresser. I want to record this special moments.

“Come baby, fuck your mommy.”

I went on top of my mommy. My mom close her eyes , she guide my cock to her waiting wet pussy and begin fucking her.

” Ooooooh my god. I have never been fuck with big cock before. My mom scream each time I deep my cock in her pussy.”

“Ooooooooooh god, mommy cummmming baby ………..ooooooooooooo(my mom coming hard)”I can feel her hot cum all around my cock.”

I eat my mom pussy and sip all her cummmming , mom cummmming again as I did that .

I place my wet cock in her mouth where she enjoyed licking it and sucking it.

“I am ready for you again mom.” I said.

” You gonna make your mommy cummmming again baby………..”Yes, mom. I am going to make you cummmming again!

Remember not to cum inside mommy, baby. Mommy might get pregnant .

” Okay,I will try not too mommy…………..”

” Oh God.You have answer my prayer to bring my son home and fucks his mother.”

” Oooooooohhhhhhh baby mommy cummmming again…………..,fuck me harder baby.Ooooooooooohhhhh god ”

” Oh mom, I am going to cum too………..”

Please, pull it out baby……………, please stop………………..

Mom look at me and said: ” You know if you cummmming inside mommy , mommy might get pregnant ”

Do you want mommy have your baby?

” Oh my god. Mommy can not hold any longer baby. Oooooooooh cummmming ……….”

” Me too mommy ………,aaaaarrrrrrhhhhhhhh.”

” Oooooooh baby, mommy can feel your hot cum inside my womb.”

We both came together. I still lay on top of my mom.

Mom kissed me in the mouth. I suck and nibble her nipples .

I can not belief what I have done, mom talk to herself. I let my son fuck me.

Mom than fell in sleep.

I then get up, take another shower and went to sleep in the couch

Mom wake up in the morning ,and found me naked sleep in the couch . Mom told me about us fucking in her dream.

I told mom that was not a dream, that was real. Mom didn’t believe .

I went to her room and retrieved the camcorder that records us fucking.

I connect the camcorder to our big screen TV and play the video us fucking .

Mom didn’t say a word.I came closer to mom and undress her. Mom just stood there. I carry her to her bedroom, and lay her on the bed.

Mom take a good look of my cock. She spread her legs wide open and close her eyes. I climb on top of her and began fucking her.

” Baby, you enjoyed fucking your mommy pussy……..,mommy enjoyed you fucking her……

Me and my mom fucks through out my vacation . I then went back home.

6 months later I came back to visit my mom, to spent Christmas with her.

Mom, open the door. I was stunned to see my mom belly blow. Mom look at me and said: ” are you ok?”

Mom look at me again and said:” Yes, baby. Your mommy is pregnant.”

” I have told you not to come inside me , but you being stubborn and you loves to hear me scream and bites your shoulder each time you cum inside me”

” And it was my fault too, I loves when you squirt your hot sperms in my womb………..”

I told your aunt Nancy about us and how I got pregnant.

Well, don’t just stood there come inside.

I went inside and sit in the living room.

I didn’t want to aboard the baby when I found out is going to be a boy. I figured he will keep me company until I am at least 70 .

I will give him my pussy for his 18 Birthday , mom laugh.

Mom than hold my hand and took me to her room. Mom took of her clothes ,come baby. Are you thirsty ? Mom offer me her breast.i suck on her breast,sweet milk . I keep sucking it.

You are big baby , still sucking his mommy milk.

I ‘ve got a hard on . I took off my pant and underwear.

I open my mom legs wide and stick my cock inside her wet waiting pussy, and began fucking her .

I moved back living with my mom . Mom give a birth to a beautiful baby boy .

And again mom pregnant to my 2nd c***d. It was her wish to have another k**s.

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