Visiting Ms. Payne

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Visiting Ms. Payne

Chris was always excited and a little afraid when he went over to Ms. Payne’s house. He was excited because she was beautiful, sophisticated, and alluring. But he was always afraid, too, because of what she did to him once he was there.

Chris had met Ms. Payne at a museum, and she’d invited him to come over to her place and talk about art. When he came over, she told him to sit down, gave him a glossy portfolio to read and said she’d be ready in a moment. Then she left.

When Chris opened the portfolio, he saw it was full of pictures of naked men tied up in bondage, being whipped and tormented in very creative and obviously painful ways. He found the pictures fascinating and frightening. He suspected that Ms. Payne was responsible for the men being tied up that way, and she probably had photographed them too.

“I hope you liked the pictures,” Ms. Payne said when she reappeared. “There is nothing more beautiful than a man who is stripped naked, tormented, whipped and being taught obedience.” Ms. Payne was wearing a very sexy black bra that showcased her lovely breasts, a short black slip, and black high heels

Then she placed her arm on Chris’ shoulder and lifted his chin up so she could look right into his eyes.

“I hope you agree,” she said.

“Yes,” Chris said. He knew he should be looking into Ms. Payne’s eyes, but all he could do was stare at the way her bra pushed up her breasts. He wanted to kiss them.

Pretending not to notice that he was staring at her breasts, Ms. Payne said, “Chris, I am going to begin your lessons in obedience right now. I want you to remove all your clothes, place them in a neat pile, and then walk over and stand in front of that chair.”

Chris did as he was told. Ms. Payne sat down in the chair, and when Chris had stripped naked he walked over towards her.

“Come closer,” Mr. Payne said. “Stand right in front of me, with your knees almost touching mine. And keep your hands behind your back at all times.”

Chris obeyed. Then Ms. Payne began caressing his chest, pinching his nipples, twisting them, and dragging her nails lightly down his abdomen.

Ms. Payne went out of her way to make Chris feel relaxed and excited. After a minute, she began caressing his cock and balls, softly at first. Then she worked on him harder.

“Keep your hands behind your back at all times,” Ms. Payne warned him.

Then, Ms. Payne grabbed Chris’ balls in one hand and making a circle out of her thumb and first finger tightly encased his balls and stretched them away from his crotch, so they began turning purple. She stroked and patted his balls with her other hand.

“This is how you start to learn obedience,” Ms. Payne said.

Still holding onto his balls with one hand, she began to lightly stroke his cock, which soon became longer and thicker. As his cock grew, Ms. Payne began slapping it lightly– almost toying with it. She stroked his cock, and then slapped it until it flopped back and forth.

“I love watching your cock flopping back and forth when I hit it,” Ms. Payne said.

She kept a tight grip on Chris’ balls and kept slapping his cock back and forth. She slapped his cock hard enough so it was exciting, and soft enough so he wanted more.

Chris concentrated on keeping his hands behind his back, and he tried not to flinch as Ms. Payne kept slapping his cock. Standing up like that in front of her while she was seated on the chair, he had a terrific view of her fine breasts in that tiny bra. Sometimes, he could almost glimpse her nipples. Chris loved seeing Ms. Payne so happily caught up in playing with his cock. It was like he was her toy. He felt very lucky.

So, Ms. Payne kept her tight grip on Chris’ balls with one hand, slapped his cock back and forth with the other hand, and pretended not to notice that Chris was staring at her breasts.

“I think you like this type of naughty game, don’t you?” Ms. Payne said to Chris.

“Yes,” Chris grunted as Ms. Payne slapped his cock again.

Ms. Payne kept a tight grip on Chris’ balls with one hand and kept slapping and toying with his cock with her other hand. Sometimes, she would stroke his cock seductively before she slapped it. She seemed to want to get Chris so excited that he would cum right there in front of her. Chris wondered if that would be all right with Ms. Payne.

Suddenly, Ms. Payne stopped.

“I think it’s time for a more serious game,” Ms. Payne said. “You need to be tied up and whipped.”

Using some equipment located on a nearby table, Ms. Payne quickly secured Chris’ hands over his head and fastened the rope to a ring in the ceiling. She looked at him seductively and caressed his chest and nipples.

“Before I whip you, I’m going to tie up your cock and balls. Nice and tight,” Ms. Payne said. “Then, I’m going to tie some weights to your balls.”

Ms. Payne took a long black shoelace and cinched it tightly around Chris’ balls. She wrapped the lace securely around his balls several times, tighter and tighter so they were stretched away from his crotch. It was both painful and exciting. Then, Ms. Payne took another lace and wrapped it back and forth around his hardening cock.

“I’ll make a shoe lace tuxedo for your cock,” Ms. Payne said, cinching the shoelace tighter each time she wrapped it around Chris’ cock. She finished with a tight bow near the tip of Chris’ cockhead.

When Ms. Payne was finished tying up Chris’ cock, she selected a few lead weights from a table next to her and quickly attached them to the rope that was cinched around Chris’ balls.

“Let’s see if you are obedient enough to take 3 pounds weight on your balls for me,” Ms. Payne said.

Ms. Payne carefully attached the weights and Chris felt the heavy tug on his bound balls. Then, Ms. Payne swung the weights between Chris’ legs so they felt even heavier.

Next, Ms. Payne chose a soft, deerskin whip from a nearby table and began softly lashing it across Chris’ chest. She aimed right at his nipples, as if they were the bull’s eye of a target. She seemed in no rush, but very soon, she began swinging the whip harder and harder.

Chris loved looking at the sexy Ms. Payne as she stood in front of him and aimed the whip at his chest. She had a joyful, intense smile on her face as she increased the force of her blows on his chest.

Ms. Payne also whipped Chris’ bound cock and balls so they kept bouncing back and forth. When she hit his cock, the weights stretching his balls would swing back and forth, too, increasing his pain and his excitement.

In order to endure the increasing pain of the whipping, Chris tried to count how many times Ms. Payne struck him. Sometimes, she would lash his right nipple 20 times, and then switch to the other side and give his left nipple 20 lashes. Sometimes it would be 10 times on each side. Back and forth. She would do the same thing when she whipped his bound cock and balls. Ms. Payne had lots of energy.

Chris could tell that Ms. Payne was getting excited. She had a bright gleam in her eyes and she was whipping him as if it were part of an aerobic workout.

“I think it’s time for a heavier whip,” Ms. Payne said, and she selected something more stringent from her table. The flogger was made of bull hide.

Ms. Payne used the bull hide flogger on Chris until his chest was quite red. All the time her face had this eerie, beautiful glow on it.

As Ms. Payne kept lashing Chris harder and harder, he began to grunt.

“Good,” Ms. Payne said. “Now you are learning obedience.” And she kept whipping him.

Chris felt his chest begin to burn. He didn’t want to disappoint Ms. Payne but the whipping was really becoming quite painful. He did his best to accept each harsh, thudding, stinging lash of the whip, but it was getting harder and harder. Ms. Payne continued her patient, symmetrical whipping of his chest. 20 times on his right nipple. Then 20 times on his left nipple. Then she would repeat the pattern again.

Suddenly, Ms. Payne stopped the whipping and came up close to Chris. His chest was bright red, his cock and balls were purple and nearly numb. He was bound and naked and felt totally owned by Ms. Payne. Sensing her increased power over Chris, Ms Payne caressed his chest and nipples with her lovely hands and fingers, and she brought her lips up close to his ear.

“Your body is very beautiful when you are being whipped,” Ms. Payne said, and she continued kissing and caressing Chris’ chest and face. “There is nothing I love more than whipping a naked man.”

Ms. Payne continued to caress Chris’s chest.

“I love a man who knows how to be obedient,” she said, now for the first time kissing his lips and pinching his nipples even harder so he began to get very excited.

“Now, I’m going to show you another naughty game,” Ms. Payne said. “It’s a kind of whip and strip tease game. I strip and you get whipped.”

Ms. Payne unhooked the weights from Chris’ balls and then slowly unwrapped the shoelaces from Chris’ cock and balls.

She held his cock in one hand and his balls in the other.

“This ought to warm you up,” she said.

Ms. Payne kept massaging his cock and balls with her hands. Chris loved it.

Then, Ms. Payne took a timer from her table and showed it to Chris.

“Now for our game of whip strip tease. I’m going to set this timer for three minutes,” Ms. Payne said. “And for the next three minutes I’m going to play with your cock. If, at the end of three minutes, you haven’t had an orgasm, you can request that I remove one article of clothing.”

“Your bra?” Chris asked.

“Yes, if you last three minutes without cumming, I’ll remove my bra. Then, because seeing my breasts is a very great privilege, I’m going to set the timer for ten minutes and whip your chest. ”

Ms. Payne smiled when she said this.

Chris knew that in ten minutes of whipping, Ms. Payne could inflict a great deal of punishment. That was why she was smiling.

“If you endure the then minutes whipping without asking me to stop,” Ms. Payne went on, “I’ll set the timer for another three minutes while I play with your cock again. And, if you can refrain from cumming for those three minutes, at the end, you may request that I remove my last article of clothing, my slip.”

“Then, you’ll be naked, right?” Chris said eagerly.

“Correct.” Ms. Payne admitted.

“What happens then?”

“Then, you will have nearly won the game,” Ms. Payne said.

“What do you mean ‘nearly” won?” Chris asked

Ms. Payne explained, “You will pay for the privilege of seeing me absolutely naked by being whipped for ten minutes again.”

“The prize for winning is that I get whipped?” Chris said.

Ms. Payne frowned. “Please remember that you’ll get to admire my naked body all the time I’m whipping you.”

“Yes, that’s true,” admitted Chris. “But, how long will the whipping last?”

“I’ll set the timer for another ten minutes. Then, if you can endure the ten minutes whipping without asking me to stop, I will untie you.”

“Is that it?” Chris asked.

Ms. Payne smiled sweetly, “If you can endure the last ten minutes while I am naked and whipping you, then you will have truly won the game.”

“And, is there a prize?” Chris asked

“Yes,” Ms. Payne said proudly. If you endure the final whipping, you get to fuck me any way you want tol.

Chris smiled. It would be worth a good whipping to fuck Ms. Payne.

Ms. Payne added, “But let me warn you, Chris. The only thing I love more than fucking, is whipping a naked man.”

“I’m ready,” said Chris. “Please set the timer.”

Of course, Chris was still tied up. Ms. Payne, quickly set the timer, brought out some lub, and kneeling at Chris’ feet began stroking his cock seductively. In no time at all, Chris began to get hard, and he wondered how he’d last even the first three minutes.

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