Visiting nurse

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Visiting nurse
Jim is a friend of mine. He told me about an encounter with a nurse a couple of years ago. That night nurse was… well, go ahead and read.

Long story short, Jim was 48 years of age and alone in a physical rehab center, nearly 500 miles from his home. He had been rock climbing, had a piece of slate break loose. When the safety rope caught him he broke a forearm and badly dislocated his other shoulder, both of which required surgery just an hour after they got him down to the parking lot.

That had been three days earlier. Since then he had been discharged from the hospital and sent to the nursing home/rehab facility because he was not able to take care of himself and what family he had were all a few states away. They assured him that in about 10 days he would be well enough to fly home and possibly even have enough mobility in his shoulder to care for himself. But for now…

The pain medication had been reduced earlier in the day and Jim had started having mild delusions instead of sleeping as he had for the first 48 hours after the surgery. That probably explained the very vivid dream of him being on the beach and lying there in the sand as a blonde came up out of the water and as she walked over to him her swimsuit covered less and less until it was gone as she stepped over him, grabbed his hard cock and put it into her and started bounding up and down on him. She had been perfect and he had greatly enjoyed thrusting up into her bald beaver as she played with her tits….she even sprayed him with milk from her tits and then when she came… She soaked him!

And that was when he woke up and after realizing that he was not at the beach and there was no beautiful woman over. There was no sound of surf, no heavenly vision of a voluptuous woman squatting down over him, impaling herself upon his rigid cock… There was only a rigid cock… still twitching and pumping a smaller flow of cum into his boxers and all over his abdomen….

Hold it!! What the…..?

It was too late. There was no denying what had happened. Jim could feel the wet mess from his wet dream all over his lower abdomen and there was not a damn thing he could even HOPE to do about it! Hell, he had to have a nurse help him with his boxers when he took a piss (and he had never realized he had a nervous bladder before he tried taking a whiz the afternoon before as a nurse stood in the doorway talking about her car and its crappy gas mileage!). The magnitude and horror of the situation was rapidly coming into focus as he tried to think of a way to get himself cleaned up without pressing the call button. But the longer he waited, the worse it got. Nearly in tears, he finally flipped the button into the hand of his arm and he pushed the button.

A couple of minutes later the door walked in and Jim groaned. He had almost been hoping for a male nurse. But in the doorway appeared a woman he had trouble believing was not a vision. He initially could see little of her other than her shape because of the light from the hallway backlighting her. He could make out that she had ebony skin, a set of really nice, large boobs that threatened to escape; a small waist, full hips and long legs. “Can I help you?”
“Fuck. Well, I guess I … I … I made a mess of myself and I need to get cleaned up.”

The nurse stepped into the room, closed the door and turned on a light that softly illuminated the room. “It’s okay. Sometimes after surgery patients are not fully in control of their k**neys and bowels. We will get you cleaned up in a jiffy.” Before Jim could say anything to warn her, she had pulled back the sheet and blanket down to his knees and was reaching for the waistband to either side of his hips when she both saw large swelling of his still impressive erection and caught a whiff of his wasted sperm.

Her lively dark brown eyes looked up into his as the expression of surprise slowly slid into an almost hedonistic smile. “Well, well, well. With our normal clientele, this would be considered a miracle. Tonight, I will just have to chalk it up as a pleasant surprise.”

Jim relaxed just a little and then his eyes slid down. His nurse, bent over as she was, was showing to him a long dark, soft cline of cleavage within her nursing smock. She had on a dark brown bra to harness the ample breasts that hid in the shadows. Her smile grew a little more wide as she said, “I am glad that you are seeing something you like as well. My my, to have made that much of a mess you must have been saving up for quite a while.”

She turned and walked into his private bathroom. Jim found his mouth working before his mind, “My divorce was finalized six weeks ago. Prior to that there was a year of doing nothing for fear of her lawyer finding out so,… yeah, you could say it has been a long…hard time!”

The nurse stepped to the door of the bath and leaned against the door frame and looked him in the eye and then slowly let her eyes roam his bare, strong torso and the way that the wet linen outlined his crotch. Jim did not mind. He was looking over Katrina’s body. She was tall and not petite. Her big breasts were supported by a strong tapered waist and nicely flared hips. I do not know it was the meds or the lights behind her in the bath, but she seemed to almost glow with sexual energy! And that energy flowed to the soft exposed flesh in my mid-section.

“I don’t work on this floor. I know that they are short-staffed tonight and when I saw your help light on, I thought what the hell. Now I am thinking that same thing, because it has been too long for me too.” When she said those last words her eyes travelled down his body to where hiscock was stirring and beginning to unwind again “Can you be a good man and stay quiet and not tell anyone?”

Jim nodded his head and then watched as she pulled the curtain around then and lifted her smock up and off over her head. She turned and faced him and pulled the rest of my covers down off of his feet. Slowly then she slid herself up from his ankles, her breasts riding to either side of his leg as her tongue and lips started small wildfires in his flesh! When her lips first found a glob of congealing cum, he watched as she licked it into those big dark meaty lips of hers. She looked up and saw him watching and simply whispered, “I like the way you taste! I am going to swallow every drop of your cum!!!”

True to her word, she quickly lapped up every wet trail and drying sperm puddle he had on him! She even sucked his pubic hairs clean and spread his legs wide so that she could get her nose and tongue into the cleft of his ass!! She turned around so she could attack him in more of a head down fashion. His fingers itched to reach out and cup her ass and to finger her cunt. He was so turned on that within seconds of her laying her tits on his belly she had him fully erect.

“You didn’t have any head trauma; nothing that hurt your head or mouth, did you?” She asked as she straightened up to reposition herself. He said no and she smiled as she reached behind her, undid her bra and let her breasts hang free. Her nipples were long and hard and even on the massive mounds of mamaries! She came up and stood by Jim’s head. “You want a taste of some big black tit?” He craned his head up for her and she laughed and leaned over the bed, stuffing her long nipple into his face and squishing that soft boob flesh over his mouth and nose, Jim sucked on her like a starving baby as she busied herself doing something that he could not quite figure out… nor did he really care! Her tis were awesome!

All too soon she stood up and Jim realized she was finishing taking off all of her clothes!! She punched the bed setting to flat and low and without another word she climbed up on the bed, knees to either side of his face and a beautiful black pussy with short cropped black rings of soft hair surrounding it. She had big loose pussy lips and they shone in the dim light and right down the middle of them was a thin pink line of pussy that he eagerly raised up and stuck his face into!! “My, my, you are a greedy bastard, aren’t you?” She chortled low in her throat. She sank back, pushing his head down onto the pillow with her hips and pussy.

She was damn near as wet as he was and just as Jim began probing into her with his tongue, she grabbed his now fairly recovered prick and stuffed it into her mouth! As long as he lives, he knew he would never feel anything better than the sensation of her thick soft lips sliding down my shaft as her other set of lips began rocking up and down, allowing him to flick and tease her tender pink nub of a clit and seconds later push my nose into her rosebud ass.
From that point to the climactic end probably was no more than a couple of minutes. They were both already so close. She moved up his hot sweaty body so that her clit was more accessible to his lips. As he wrapped his lips around that hard mound of nerves and flesh, he sucked her into my lips and began lightly flicking its peak with his tongue. Within a minute, her legs almost seemed to give out and she pressed all of her big beautiful body down onto him as she swirled his dick with her tongue. He could feel my ejaculation building up pressure. He was so close when suddenly her pussy shook and her thick warm sweet juices nearly drowned on Jim! She flooded his mouth and nose, the warm viscous flow running across his face into my eyes and ears.

Jim had no idea what he could do about any of it because seconds later he thrust his cock one more time, into her throat and began unleashing his own volcanic eruption into her tonsils!!! They writhed together, each only causing the other to convulse over and again as they reconnected, licked, sucked and kissed one another as bodily parts came within range!

She finally rolled off of him and he gasped in air as she stumbled into the bathroom. A minute or so later she came back into the room and realized that without his hands to help clear his face, he was beginning to really struggle for breath. She grabbed a cloth, got it wet and quickly cleaned off his face. She then finished cleaning herself up and quietly asked, “Are you okay?” Jim made a half-hearted attempt to rise up and suck on her tit and she laughed and pushed him back down on the bed. “You need your rest, young man, and I need to get back to my floor!!” She watched her as she hurriedly got dressed.

Before she left, she pulled his blankets back up over him, gave him a passionate kiss and then slipped back out the door as he fell back asleep.

He never saw her again. However, if you know of a nurse who worked at St Francis-St George hospital in 1986 in Cincinnati and she has a similar story to tell…. Let her know. Jim could not have been the ONLY patient to ever receive her VERY personal care!!!

Do you believe Jim? I do?

Have you ever had something like this happen? It might be worth surgery in some cases!!!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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