Water park surprise

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Water park surprise
We pulled into the waterpark on a hot summer’s day. It was a quiet Friday morning, the Waterpark was large with some 14 lakes, some so large they ran powerboat races on them, others small and hidden. With the sun strong in a clear blue sky, it was good to see that the place was not overrun by k**s, in fact no k**s were about at all and only a few cars in the other field…bonus.

As we moved the car over to a quiet corner of the far field, I knew this was going to be a good day.
We locked the car and walked down to one of the smaller hidden lake via the small wooded path.
I had left my top in the car, and with just shorts and trainers on, I was still feeling hot. Jayne had a yellow 60’s style flowing dress and white shirt top tied by her belly button in a knot, with small white ankle socks and trainers.
“come on let’s go for a paddle” I said to Jayne slipping out of my trainers and walking to the edge.
I expected the water to be cold, but the days had been so warm over the past few weeks so it was tepid and very refreshing. Jayne joined me wigging our bare toes in the water.
“You fancy skinny dipping” I asked looking around and walking to the closest bush, no one was in sight, Jayne looked pensive at me.
“Come on, get your kit off who’s going to see us?
I slipped the fly down on my white nylon shorts undone the button on the hem and with a quick look about dropped them to the ground. I rarely wore underwear with shorts so my cock sprang forth and I walked confidently and with no rush, from the bushes naked into the tepid water and slipped under to my shoulders.
“MMM this is nice come on in” I encouraged Jayne, she gave a nervous look around and pulled the knot on her shirt undone, unbuttoned her top showing me her sheer white bra and quickly undid the clasp.
Checking around again she slipped both bra and top off and pulled off her skirt and panties before running into the water. We enjoyed a good 10 mins quietly swimming and kissing in the lake before Jayne crept out and slipped on her top, and skirt. I pulled up my shorts and did up the fly before we walked barefoot back up the path to the car.
Getting the rug out of the car I laid it on the ground along with the basket containing the picnic and lay there drying.
“I enjoyed our little skinny-dipping” I said to Jayne, “it was good to see you naked in the open, shame we can’t strip off here as well, maybe have a bit of sex in the outdoors?
“Well you may as well be! have you seen yourself?” she dropped her clothes and shoes into the car.
I looked down, where my wet body had dripped onto my shorts and my wet groin had soaked into the white thin nylon, my now transparent shorts clearly showed off my 7” of cut hanging pleasure. I undone the button and fly, opening it so my cock was in view.
“So, are you game for It? Worth the risk, now you have seen the goods?”
“Maybe” Jayne replied, “you know there is a guy in the bush over there watching us, don’t you?”
“Yes, I had noticed him, I thought you might like to give him something worth looking at, if you dare!” I said with a cheeky grin on my face.
“Maybe he likes guy’s?” Jayne said, “why don’t you find out and lose the shorts, throw them into the car to dry whilst I get something from the other side, here let me help you” and with that she pulled them off me and via the open window they disappeared into the car.
I moved up and sat leaning against a wheel, opened my legs a little and was stroked my semi hard cock so he had a good view as Jayne reappeared and sat astride me opening the basket of food.
In the distance and getting louder was the faint hum of a quad bike, a minute later a park ranger appeared by the side of us.
I could feel my cock getting harder by the second, here I was sitting on the grass stark bollock naked covered only by Jayne in a dress and the park police by the side of us!
“Hello Officer, how can we help you?” replied a chirpy Jayne.
He was a young guy about our age 25ish tanned, with blond hair, from the way he sat on the quad I would think he was at least 6 feet tall, his white teeth shone in the light from his big beaming smile. He wore a short sleeved green shirt with 3 buttons undone down the front, shorts that had ridden up showing his powerful looking thighs and a pair of safety trainers with socks rolled down. He was quite dashing, and I could see Jayne really fancying this guy.
“Hello, have either of you seen any strange activity in the area? We have a report of a guy in the bushes, and whilst it most likely it’s nothing, a few of the visitors have been concerned”
Jayne turned lifting herself off me a little, “No sorry I can’t say we have been looking, just here for the sun, peace and quiet, and lunch, would you like to join us?”
Like what fuck was she up to, I’m stark naked here. I thought!
“That’s nice of you, what have you got today something nice? I might be able to spend 10 mins or so with you” He stepped off his quad and put out his hand to shake, Jayne stood up leaving me in full view of anyone not in her direct line of site and shook his hand. I had no option but to stand behind Jayne and do the same. “Let me get my lunch of the quad”
As he turned we quickly sat down again, me still covered by Jaynes skirt.
“Say you don’t mind if I enjoy some of this sunshine with you, do you?” He pulled off his shoes and socks, slipped off his top and sat down with us. He was well tanned with no lines from what I could see it was clear he liked to get as much sun on him as possible. We spent 5 mins of idol chat, before he mentioned the lakes. “Say you guys been in the lakes yet for a swim? It will be nice and warm what with the weather we have been having. I often slip into the one just down the way, as its quite private there if you get my drift”
“No, we’ve not brought any swimming outfits, what do you mean by private if you get what I mean?” asked Jayne with a smile.
“Well no offence meant but who needs costumes when you can go skinny dipping if your carefully, take yourselves, you both have wet hair and your top is very clearly clingy wet, nice view by the way, and let’s face it the boyfriend could be naked under your dress for all I can tell, his wet shorts are in the car drying. You may have been skinny dipping. “
He paused, “I do it. I would be doing it now if it wasn’t for this report, and yourselves being here”
Jayne quickly stared down at her top which like my shorts was showing her full wet breasts and nipples to him.
“Arrrr you caught us …. Yes we have been for a skinny dip, and your right he is stark naked under my dress, but if you like we could all go again, Not much of me you haven’t seen!” Replied Jayne smiling
“You know, if you’re up for it Miss I think that would be great, we could leave the stuff here and run down the path”
He stood up and undid his waistband button on his shorts “come on then you’re going to have to take that top off.”
Jayne pulled the knot undone and undid the top 2 buttons and pulled the top open revealing her full breasts to him, before slipping it off her shoulders
Jayne stood revealing me naked on the grass, throwing the top into the car.
His shorts hit the floor, he stepped out of them looking at Jayne, she slipped her zip down and dropped the skirt showing herself naked to the ranger, as it hit the floor he pulled down and off his underpants to show his large shaved uncut cock.
“Awkward bit out of the way, let’s go shall we” he said. Smiling
I stood up and we made a move to the lake.

“Creearr” went his radio, he looked at Jayne then answered the radio on his quad “Yes hello, Ok, be there as soon as I can”
“Sorry guys I have to go, dam shame, if you want to carry on please feel free I have to be on my way, maybe get time later if your still here, at least we have broken the ice and got rid of the clothes this time round, swim next time I hope. You enjoy your swim and lunch and don’t worry too much about dressing” and with that he dressed turned and drove off leaving the two of us standing naked in the field
I was so annoyed, excited and scared all at the same time, I waited a second or two so he was a good way away from us, then snapped at Jayne.
“What the hell were you doing? Admitting it like that, we could both have be in trouble, are you mad?”
Jayne turned sharply on me, “NO I’m not mad, he already knew you were naked from your shorts being on the steering wheel and he could see your bare butt in the car window, he was playing us along, I had no idea my nipples and tits were on show like that but it has made me very, very, horny, now shut the fuck up and let me sit on your cock”
I have to say I was now well hard and really keen to fuck Jayne, the bushes moving added to the excitement, knowing we had being watched all this time.
Naked she went to sit on me.
“No, No, I want you looking at the bushes, I want our little man to see you naked and slipping up and down my cock” but only after you give it a good suck”
She fell to my side and slipped her mouth over my cock sucking me off, well it did not take many minutes before I was ready to shot my load.
“Shit I’m going to cum” I stood up, Jayne knelt and sucked me a few more times, I finish the last few strokes by hand.
Now I’m a heavy cummer, and with her open mouth waiting I fired the first load at her face, it hit her nose and side of her face before dripping onto her breast, the second load got her on the forehead and dribbled down into her left eye, the last load went in her mouth as I pushed my cock onto her tongue. She slurped it down whilst I rubbed my cum all over her face with my cock.
“Your turn, lie down and spread your legs, let me suck you off” As we 69’d she started to suck me clean again, I played with her clitty and licked her just the way she liked it. I was soon rewarded with her jumping beneath me as I brought her to a full orgasm, her loud moans had brought out the guy out from the bushes, along with his camera and we were now openly being snapped.
She pushed me off her, “come on I really need to ride your cock badly”
I sat up the against the car, my cock vertical and hard waiting for her.
“Well he’s out in the open now taking our pics, outdoor nude fucking, we will be on websites soon”
“I don’t care I want to be fucked hard so get some cock in me now”
“great then sit facing him so I can play with your tits and clitty”
Jayne knelt astride my legs looking out to the bushes, I guided my manhood up her wet pussy, whilst pulling her back onto my chest so I could play with her tits and give her more movement to slide me up her pussy. Squeezing her breasts and nipples I whispered into her ear.
“This is so horny being photographed fucking like this, I’m going to call him over to get better ones and close ups, maybe we can both suck him off if he is gay..lol… or you could let him join in as well?
I got a “mmm fine” a kind of not really bothered what you said reply.
I waved to the guy to come over, to my surprise he did! He was about the same age as we were mid 20’s, tall and slim but well built like a swimmer, in blue shorts, green top and Nike trainers. His fly was open and he looked to have a good-sized cock.
“We’re ok if you want some more pics, we just want copies of what you post online ok?.”
“Yes, Yes thanks, give me your email and I will send you links”
“No problem, take what photos you like, be part of the action, get right in there on some close ups and arty shots, tell us what you want to take”
“Really,” he replied surprised, “you don’t mind me taking part, and posting you online?” he looked at Jayne, sliding up and down on me, I tickled her clitty to add to her fun. Jayne stopped and looked at him “its fine, join in, what else is there to see!”
“Ok, Great” He slipped off his Nike’s and lay barefoot in front of Jayne to get a full body shot of her and snapped away as we kissed.
“Did you put all your clothes and your shoes in the car?”…..
”Yes” I replied.
I heard a few more snaps fire off, this was great, we had never been this adventurous before with our sex.

Now in hindsight, maybe we used the wrong words when we said “join in, be part of the action” as I looked to my left he walked to the side of Jayne, slipped his top off and pulled his shorts off and together with his Nike’s dropped them in the car standing stark bollock naked he snapped a few with her head by his cock, patted her face with it and to my surprise Jayne took him in and sucked on his rod, it was clear he had a smaller cock than me, maybe 5” but with girth as it grew in her mouth.

“Can we doing doggy, maybe away from the car so I can get better rear shots of you sucking him off” he asked.
Jayne repositioned herself and slid into my shaft with her mouth, mmm she was wet, and clearly enjoying this, as she parted her legs he slipped between them. A few snaps then he slipped into her wet love hole fully to moans from Jayne, with very short movements he started to fuck her, the camera went to the floor and with hands on Jaynes hips really started to bang her, and bang her.
“OH FUCK” he called out, and quickly withdrew, “Fuck I’m so sorry, really sorry, I never meant to do that”
Jayne fell to the floor shattered, “Its ok, …honest” I looked as a thick blob of his cum dribbled out of her pussy
“You best lick me clean now then Ian”
I fell between her legs and slurped on his man juice, Jayne jumping in pleasure as I kept hitting the right spot.
We spent another 15 mins playing before the drone of the quad could be heard heading our way.
He was in a mad rush to get in the car and find his clothes before he ran off into the bushes and watched.
We were unsure of what to do, but in the end simply turned onto our bellies and waited as the quad rounded the back of the car.

“Hello again, I see you like the sun then, practising to get a nice all over tan? room for another?”
“Sure, come and join us, it’s not just the all over tan we like practicing at in the open either” I replied
“REALLY tell me more” as he got off the quad bike, off came the shirt, then he pulled off the shoes and socks in one go and the shorts and pants came off in one movement and he was naked, and lay on the ground by Jayne.
“ We love to have open air sex, full on sex, in fact we have just had a session, but I hear you have to watch out for that Park Ranger he can mess it up for you if your not careful”
“ Your right the old Ranger is a real pain in the ass, but the younger guy, the fit blond guy, he loves to strip off and swim and work as nature intended naked, and he’s open to all suggestions where it’s agreeable”
“REALLY, well there’s a thing, cos I think my wife, by the way, kinda fancies that young ranger and would like to have some sexy fun with him, and would love to ride his large cock”
“ Well that would be most agreeable to me” he turned over onto his back.
“Well go on then,” I said.

Jayne rolled over to him her left breast on this shoulder, rubbing a running a finger gently round his face they turned and kissed, just a short one then another, then a full on tongue in mouth kiss. He pulled her onto his chest swinging her leg across him and pulled her down for another full on kiss. His cock rose and filled with blood swelling as I watched, it was soon touching her ass, a massive 8 inches but the girth on it, it was so fat. He fingered her pussy to see how excited she was.

“ Well miss skinny dipping you ready to take a park ranger in your sweet love hole? mind I’m fully loaded”
She kissed him again. He turned to me smiling “ well guide me in then cuckold or I might go in the wrong hole, come on you know you want to see it happens and feel how big a mans cock is”
He was of course correct I did want to see this massive cock up Jayne love hole and yes I did want to feel how strong it was. I bent it back to Jaynes pussy hole and pushed her back onto it.
He was not going to hold back I could see, as soon as he was sure he was in her fully he planted a kiss and pushed 8” of steel like cock up her in one swift movement, she rose up off his chest and let out an almost moan. He was now going in and out oh her like a piston and in seconds she had her orgasm. He held her firm and carried on past her moans. The veins in her neck stood out like motorways on a map as her second orgasm flowed through her, still he did not stop, moments later another deep moan as she was now pissing herself with no control, all the time moaning more and more.

He was now going at a tremendous pace, his toes started to curl and Jayne lay still on his body.
Panting he lifted her up, “ Here comes the big one you want it in or out”, he held her bending her back which appeared to find the sweet spot again ,second later with sweat running down both of them they both have low moans as he fired his hot seed into her, and again, and again ,and again.
“right when I lay her back down be ready to lick her fanny back to life, and don’t forget to slurp up my love juice you know you want to and Jayne will love it“
I was intrigued by the idea and not being a prude I preceded to do as I was told, my god did he fill her with cum it was gushing out.

I wanted to add to it He tasted a little salty, but creamy not what I expected.
“Cuckold get your lips round this, suck me clean and get me hard I might fuck your ass then” why I slipped onto his cock I’m not sure but I did and started to suck him off. His hand grabbed my head and slowly and firmly he slowed down my sucking but pushed me deeper with each movement getting me used to his size. A few minutes followed and I could feel him getting more excited, holding me down just a little longer each time. I was slobbering all down his balls when he pulled me firmly deep onto his cock, I tried to pull up but could not, he pulled harder and I felt him slip past my cracker, I wanted to puke but felt a strong gush down my throat then he released me. As I shot up and off his cock he fired another hot load at me, some in the mouth but mainly over the face.
I sat up gasping for air but not mad at him. Nothing was said for a few minutes.

“Creearr” went his radio, he stood up and answered it, and started pissing on the ground as he stood not holding his cock.
“yep ok, no just catching some rays, back in 20”
He turned to us smiling, “skinny dipping time then?”

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