we had to spank.

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we had to spank.
total fiction
As the 2 of us cruised around we came to a place every one called fuck point it is where couples go to go dogging, my mate brought all his victims there and he could whittle a piece of wood away with all the knotches he had. we turned the lights off and came to a hault you could see cars bumping up and down couples fucking on rear seats.

My mate said lets go and sneak a peak,we crept up to a car to see a couple fucking like mad she was totaly naked screaming for all her might, we carried on to the next car we saw a girl sucking a blokes cock, we heard a couple fucking in the bushes.

As we crept behind the bush we saw this bird totaly naked bouncing up and down on this guys cock her moaning as his cock slid in her tits bouncing up and down,he moaned and said he was cumming, she tried to get off but he shot his load in her. She screamed at him saying she wasnt on the pill and he had no protection and he knew that she started to hit him. he pushed her off and struck her in the face, the 2 of us raced to her rescue kicking the guy in the balls as he run off.

We went to see if the girl was ok and gave her a coat to cover up, we sat by the fire and my mate went to see if this guy was about to give him another pasteing, he came back saying he had driven off, she said all her clothes where in his car as she had wanted to walk naked and fuck in the woods.

We confessed we had watched them fucking and found her fit, she took the coat off and said well I better reward my knghts in shinning armour, I got my cock out as she rubbed it and sucked it she said it tasted nice as I held her tits, my mate got behind and started to fuck her spanking her ass as he fucked her.

She was hungry for cock and had 2 big cocks to feed her. she lay on a blanket by the fire as she beckond my mate to fuck her pussy, he stripped of as his cock stood out like a piece of wood, he slowly fucked her shooting his huge load into her pussy she said she didnt care now as she wanted a good fucking after seing 2 huge cocks.

After my mate had finished she said she would have to have me later, we offered her a lift home and went back to the car, I waskissing her and feeling her tits as we walked, by the time we got to the car she said she was gagging for a cock again, so my mate drove as I got in the back and fucked this women, we didnt even know her name. As I pounded her pussy she begged me to cum in her as I powered my cock in and exploded in her.

We arrived back at her house she asked us both in and we duly excepted, we sat down with a glass of beer, we found out her name was candy and had often gone to fuck point to go dogging. We also found out she was married but hubby was inside for GBH but had a high sex drive and a huge appitite for cock.

she asked if we would stay the night and would not be dissapointed if we did, we agreed and went upstairs, as we lay on the bed she started to rub both cocks at the same time sucking one then the other, she straddled me and lowered herself onto me telling my mate to fuck her ass,I grabbed her as I moved in and out, I felt my mate push his cock into her ass, she said she felt full and only needed a cock in her mouth to fill the gap.

As I started to move faster she moaned louder and louder until she was screaming to be fucked like a dirty whore.I shook and shot my load this triggered her to cum making my mate cum as well. The following morning my mate and I woke and candy was down stairs doing breakfast as we walked down stairs we heard voices, Candy had a friend visit and had told her all about last nights little orgy.

candy said that we had treated her like a dirty whore and loved it, her mate said well I hope they can do the same to her. Her mane was ellie and lived next door,she was gorgous and loved to be dominated. As she came up to me she grabbed my trousers feeling the buldge that was growing, my mate had his hands up her dress taking her panties off before getting his cock out and sliding it in her slit. I helped her out of her clothes as I sat on a stool whilst she sucked my cock, candy started to feel ellies tits as I rubbed candys pussy.

All of a sudden my mate cum in ellie shouting his cum in her, she climaxed as he did this as she pulled my cock out rubbing it fast before a huge stream of cum hit her tits as Candy licked it off. Ellie said candy was right about us having huge cocks. She took Candy by the hand and led her to the sofa were she pushed Candy onto it and started to lick her pussy the site of Ellie and candy doing a lebo scene was maing us guys horny as we rubbed our cocks trying to get them hard again.

My mate was hard first and got behind Ellie ramming his cock up her ass I sat on the sofa Candy was sucking my cock Ellie cum as my mate didnt last very long nor did I pumping my cum into Candy. We left that day but carried on going to fuck point hoping to catch Candy again but sadly it never happened

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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