Wednesday 23 September

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Wednesday 23 September
Wednesday 23 September will live long in the memory of Michael Jenkins.

It started as a typical day, he went to work at the bank, as usual, he had his lunch at the Metro Café as usual, finished work just after five pm as normal, and headed to the local adult education centre which was not normal. Wednesday evening was generally spent at number fifty-two Walton Terrace with Mr Smith. Not tonight, tonight he was heading for classroom fifteen, still to see Mr Smith though.

Michael had been to his usual Tuesday house maintenance class, yes he started another course two weeks ago. Mr Smith told him one Wednesday in August that it might be a good idea for him to have a refresher course, well he actually told Michelle to pass the message on after he gave out his usual punishment at Wednesday detention. Michelle seemed to spend more time there than Michael these days. Not that there was any undue complaining, apart from having to wash and dry the underwear every week. Apparently, Mr Smith had to take an afternoon class this Wednesday so detention was to be at the centre in lieu of Walton Terrace. Then came the bombshell, it was to be Michelle’s detention for persistent poor behaviour.

Michael arrived early, thankfully there were not too many people about. He quickly and very nervously changed into the uniform in the restroom. This was a whole new game to him. The thought of being caught wearing women’s clothes was bad enough but caught wearing a schoolgirl uniform was terrifying. Flashes of being in court, sacked by the bank and kicked out of his home had preyed on his mind all day. Michelle checked her appearance in the tall mirror. It still shocked to see how feminine it made him look dressed like this.

She waited until it was definitely quiet and made her way to the class to see Mr Smith. He was not there, so she leant against the wall to wait for everyone to arrive. It was a little puzzling as she looked at her watch for the fifth or sixth time, it was nearly six, and Mr Smith had not yet arrived, he was always punctual. Michelle began to wonder if it was the right classroom, she was sure because Mr Smith repeated it more than once.

Just then a tall, middle-aged well-built man in a track suit came around the corner.

“You girl, why are you waiting outside that classroom?” he said walking briskly towards Michelle still leant against the wall. “Stand up straight and take your hands out of your pockets.” He added quite sternly this time. Michelle jumped to attention immediately just as the man stopped in front of her.


“Michelle Jenkins sir.”

The man stood with hands on his hips which made him look even more imposing, especially against the diminutive figure of Michelle.

“Right girl, follow me.”

Off they went down the corridor at a brisk pace. Michelle was walking double quick just to keep up, as they made their way deeper into the building. They stopped at the end of a corridor, right by a fire exit door. It was an office, quite a small one, and by the look, it needed a coat of paint. The door was closed behind Michelle who stood wondering what was happening. The tutor, if that is what he was, sat on the chair behind the ancient looking desk, and those were the only two items in the room apart from a stack of old plastic chairs in the corner behind the door.

“Why were you in the building this evening waiting outside classroom fifteen?” he asked after putting his elbows on the desk and studying a nervous Michelle for a moment or two.

“I was told to meet Mr Smith there at six o’clock.”

“You will address me as Mr Jones or sir you impertinent girl.”

“Yes sir, sorry sir.”

“Well Jenkins, I believe that is a lie as Mr Smith does not have a class on Wednesday. Now, why were inside the building when you do not have permission to be here?”

“Honestly sir, Mr Smith told me last night in class to see him tonight,” Michelle said almost in a panic now, unsure of what exactly was happening. She was not so naive to realise that it had been set up by Mr Smith and Mr Jones, but that did not make it any easier to understand.

“Jenkins, you are in enough trouble already, do not compound it by persisting with this cock and bull story.”

Michelle didn’t know what to say. It was all true, but this man did not want to believe her. There was silence in the room for a minute before it was broken by the scr****g of the chair as Mr Jones stood up.

“Well, Jenkins I gather by your silence that you cannot or will not tell the truth. I, therefore, concluded that you, and possibly others were up to no good. You were going to be punished for being inside the building, but now I am going to trash you for lying as well.”

Michelle’s heart skipped a beat, and the got the usual tingle she would get when waiting for the punishment from Mr Smith.

“Get over the desk and let us see if my slipper can loosen that tongue.”

The top drawer opened and out came a white plimsoll. Michelle almost gasped at the size of it as she lowered herself on to the desktop. Mr Smith’s slipper seemed big, but this was twice as big and twice as wide. It was a size fifteen extra wide and actually belonged to Mr Jones who if Michelle had looked carefully would have noticed his extra-large feet.

“Jenkins, straightened yourself up, legs apart and hold the far edge. Move from there, and I will begin again. Do you understand girl?”

“Yes, eh, yes sir.” Came the stammered reply.

The first whack made Michelle wince at the sheer pain. It seemed a lot harder than anything Mr Smith had ever given her, even on the bare. If the first seemed hard, it was nothing compared to two and three. Each one made Michelle twist and yelp rather loudly, not realising someone could hear them outside in the corridor. Four, five and six were delivered with just as much vigour by Mr Jones, and although Michelle tried hard not to be so loud, it was impossible as the sixth one landed and almost catapulted her over the desk.

There was to be no allowance for her to come to terms with the stinging, hot pain now throbbing from her bottom as she was hauled up from the desk.

“Stand up straight. Now I will give you one last chance, to tell the truth. If you do, then I will give you the next six over your skirt if not then it will be six on the bare.”

Michelle was caught in a no-win situation. She had told the truth and been called a liar, now if she said a lie Mr Jones would know it was a lie. Either way, it was six on the bare. The little companion between her legs had come to life now despite the pain she was feeling in her bum and was so desperate to rub.

“So I take from the silence that you persist in covering your real intention up. Right get your skirt and undies off and then back across the desk. And woe betides you if you are not in the position I told you five minutes ago.”

Michelle chocked a little at the prospect of taking off the lower garments. Mr Smith just made Michelle lower her knickers down by her knees or ankles.

“Put them on the desk by the wall, and fold them neatly you slovenly creature.” Michelle was told looking around for a place to put the discarded garments.

Her bum felt like a warm hot water bottle as she quickly slipped the navy blue knickers down and slipped them under the skirt. She stood half-naked in front of a total stranger for a moment before realising she was supposed to be over the desk. She did remember what had been said and with her legs slightly part she reached for the far edge.

Mr Jones stood behind Michelle and allowed himself a little congratulatory smile as he saw the bright red slender pair of cheeks offered up to him for the next whacks of his trusty plimsoll. He admired it for a moment as recalled it was a few years old now but still in good working order despite the many times he used it. Not that it had ever been anywhere near his feet in all those years of loyal service.

Six quick hard and immensely painful whacks soon followed. Just like Mr Smith did to Michelle on Wednesday evenings, only these felt much worse, and each one had her calling out ouch that got progressively louder.

There was at least a moments respite for Michelle as Mr Jones put away the plimsoll in the drawer before she was told to stand up. Slowly eased herself up, and gently put her hands on the sore cheeks. They were as expected very hot now indeed.

“Stand up straight, arms at your side. You really are a slovenly girl Jenkins.”

In the desperate need to ease her throbbing bum Michelle had forgotten about the hard-on that had come on during the second six, not that it was much softer after the first six. She saw Mr Jones looking down at the front of the blouse, while it hide the actual evidence it was not difficult to imagine what was making the bulge in it.

“Lift up your shirt.”

Michelle was not sure if the shiver was excitement or shock. Looking at Mr Jones the whole time she slowly lifted it up until it was clear of the throbbing manhood, the tutor never took his eyes of the offending article which was pointing directly at her.

“Come here, girl.”

Michelle had not expected that. She expected to be bent over again for yet another whacking. Shuffling sheepishly forward the four or five feet she stopped by Mr Jones who was perched on the edge of the desk.

“So Jenkins you disgusting girl, it would seem that you must enjoy having your backside walloped because you have something pointing in my direction that needs taking care of.”

With that and before Michelle knew what was happening the right hand took hold of it. Her face registered a mixture of shock and excitement at the same time. The thick fingers and thumb held it gently without moving, the only thing that did move was the twitching between said fingers and thumb. Michelle could not believe it, all these months she had taken a well whacked bottom and excited friend home every Wednesday, gone straight to her room where she relived the pleasure of earlier and other fantasies while bringing herself to a much-needed climax. The tissues in the box never lasted very long these days.

The fingers moved slowly up and down the length as Michelle’s eyes were glued to each stroke. She was fascinated as the foreskin slipped back and forth over the bulbous pink head, each time seeing the slit for a brief second before it disappeared. The only sound in the room was Michelle exhaling breath with each manipulation of the over-excited muscle.

In the end, she was surprised she managed to hold on for so long, mind Mr Jones seemed to sense when it was close and stopped rubbing for a moment. Not the last time though, the fingers almost like a piston went up and down getting quicker with each motion as her face contorted like she was in agony, not the extreme pleasure she was feeling throughout her whole body. Then it came shooting out, the first two white thick globs did anyway as they landed on the floor by the wall. Mr Jones continued to milk every last drop on to the floor by Michelle’s feet as he gently massaged it before finally letting it go. It was still hard and pointing upwards as Michelle felt her legs wobble and reached for the desk to steady herself.

She soon came back to earth when seeing Mr Jones open the drawer once more and out came the dreaded plimsoll. The tutor dragged his chair around to the side before turning to Michelle and with a big smile said in a gentle calm voice that was so different to everything else he had spoken this evening. “It would seem, Jenkins, that you are a filthy girl. Why don’t you bend over the back of the chair and let us what we can do about this matter.”

Her bum already throbbed from the pain of twelve whacks. The heat could still be felt now as she gently massaged the bruised cheeks, so god knows what six more would do. She sometimes felt uncomfortable on a Thursday sitting at the desk in the Bank, now it would probably need a cushion.

Michelle bent over the old fashioned chair with its padded back and wooden arms and waited for Mr Jones, who stood with the slipper dangling in his left hand, to walk behind her. This was indeed a night that Michelle would remember for a long time, but it was not finished yet. She watched in amazement as Mr Jones, almost in slow motion, raised his hands to his waist and then pulled down the track suit bottoms. No underwear on so out popped something which Michelle thought was enormous, and it was only semi-hard at the moment. Then panic set in for a moment as realising she was bare bottomed and bent over, she had a shocking thought of where Mr Jones intended to put it.

No need to have worried on that score as the tall man took a step forward and rubbed the large hardening muscle across Michelle’s lips. She felt wetness on them and then a strange taste as it was rubbed back and forth a few times. It grew before her eyes that were seemingly mesmerised by it.

What was she supposed to do with it? She had no experience of oral sex. Even the last girlfriend who wanted sex constantly would never do that. She opened her mouth a fraction and watched the red smooth, shiny end push its way in between the lips that were soon stretched almost as wide as possible. The tongue touched it, not that it had much choice as there was not much room for both things inside. Just as slowly as it went it, so it was eased back out again. The lips caressing it as the process was repeated over. She heard Mr Jones breath lustfully, and this time she felt it pushed further in and the back out.

“Jenkins you dirty girl, lick it, lick the tip, I like that.”

The tongue very tentatively licked all the way around it as Michelle heard mewing and encouragement from above. She got a little bolder and sucked the tip with her lips at the same time.
Michelle was actually enjoying it, and she felt herself harden once more as it rubbed against the chair back.


Michelle’s cries were muffled as her mouth was almost full at the time the plimsoll hit the red backside. Another whack as she felt it thrusting back and forth, ever quicker between her lips. She too was rubbing herself ever faster against the chair, even she wanted to be where it was past the stage where there was no longer any control.

Mr Jones whacked the plimsoll hard against Michelle’s ever redder cheeks a couple of more times before stooping dead, his legs shuddered for a brief moment, and he let go right inside the mouth flooding it until it dribbled back out and down the chin. Michelle unable to contain the sheer joy felt a wetness on her belly as she too climaxed hard.

They tidied themselves and the room up in silence and then gathering their things made ready to leave.

“Oh, by the way, Jenkins you can do detention on Saturday for not wearing your tie.”

The door opened to let Michelle out.

“Ten o’clock and do not be late.”

Michelle looked at Mr Jones hoping for another sentence that said ‘I am only joking’, but it never came.

“Well girl.”

With resigned breath. “Yes, sir.” Then Michelle walked down the corridor and turned before a smile came across her face.

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