Workman, Chapter 1

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Workman, Chapter 1
“Looks like this is going to be an all-day job,” the plumber said with his head under the kitchen sink. His tight jeans showed off his strong thighs, and his t-shirt had pulled up to reveal his chiseled lower abs.

“Oh dear,” said the housewife leaning into the doorway. She was wearing jeans and a conservative button-down blouse. “Well, you’d better get started. Would you like some coffee?”

“No thanks,” he replied without looking up. She got a mug out of the cabinet, and just as she started pouring herself some coffee the doorbell rang. While she was out of the room, the plumber surrupticiously rose to a kneeling position and retrieved a packet from his pocket. He emptied its contents into the mug and returned to his work under the sink just as the front door closed.

The housewife returned muttering something about Mormons, and proceeded to fill the rest of her mug with coffee. She added cream and sugar, stirring thoroughly to mix and asked, “If you need anything I’ll be in the sitting room.”

The plumber looked out at her from his dark recess. “I’ll let you know.”

After half an hour he called her back into the room with a vague, “Actually, I did think of something you can do.” She appeared in a few moments, drowsily leaning against the doorframe. “Sure, what do you need?” she asked in a clear and direct voice.

“I didn’t interrupt anything, did I?” the plubmer asked, looking out at her with a devious twinkle in his eye. One hand lazily rested against her inner thigh and with a smile she matter-of-factly said, “No, I was just fingering myself a little. I suddenly got really horny about ten minutes ago.”

She looked surprised to hear the words she said, and set down her empty coffee cup to give herself something to do with her hands. “That’s ok, I’m just having trouble concentrating and I was hoping you could help.”

“Sure, whatever you need,” she said helpfully, standing flat-footed, square-shouldered, looking to the plumber for instructions.

“If you could kneel down here,” he said, spreading his knees to accommodate her as she did so, “I could really use a blowjob.”

“Of course!” she said, a bit flustered, “Where are my manners!” As she unzipped his fly her face was a mix of confusion at trying to determine if this was an odd request, and self chastisement for not having thought of it sooner. Her hands cupped his flacid dick and balls, gently pulling them out of his pants. She started stroking him hard with her fingernails, petting and rubbing his growing member.

“Is this ok?” she asked, wrapping her fingers gently around his shaft and starting to slide them easily up and down his cock.

“Yup, that’s great,” he replied, pausing his work to enjoy her ministrations. “Don’t forget the balls,” he added, watching her closely.

“Oh, right!” she said appologetically, “Sorry.” Her free hand moved to tickle his balls as she leaned forward and took the head of his cock into her mouth. He rolled his head back as her lips and tongue caressed his member, gently massaging every crevice and contour. He let out a moaning sigh, and she smiled to see she was doing a good job.

Her head started to bob up and down his shaft in long, smooth strokes, and she tried to remember if this was normal household etiquette. She had done this before to another man (was it her husband?) and she felt like that had gone well. Besides, this plumber had asked for this, and wasn’t that what courtesy was about after all?

She couldn’t remember anything specific, but it felt good to stop trying to remember. Sucking on the cock in her mouth felt good, too. In fact everything felt good, like it was the right thing to do. She smiled. It felt great not feeling like she was always doing something wrong. This cock was throbbing thick and strong now, so she was definitely doing something right.

A hand pushed her head back from the plumber’s crotch and she looked up inquisitively at him as she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. “That’s great,” he said, “You’re a big help.”

“Glad I could help!” she smiled back at him, feeling a tinge of self-consciousness at her word choice.

“Say, you look really pretty today,” he said, crawling out from under the sink.

“Thanks!” she said, standing up. “It’s nice of you to say so.”

“But those clothes cover so much of you,” he said plainly. “You should change into something better.” She looked at her clothes and had to admit that they did cover most of her body. “Maybe something your husband likes seeing you in,” he prompted.

“Ok,” she said and walked off to the bedroom. It didn’t feel right to be covered in so many clothes. I didn’t feel right not to change into something better. She picked out one of her less favorite outfits, but she knew it was her husband’s favorite and it certainly didn’t cover much of her body.

She returned in a few minutes to find him on a loveseat in the sitting room. “I thought I’d take a break from all that hard work,” he mentioned in explanation of his presence there.

“That’s fine, you deserve a good rest. And you were right,” she said conversationally. “Those other clothes covered so much of me,” as if he had shown her a time-saving household tip. “This is much better.” She felt like her husband must also have known this, since he liked to see her in this outfit as well, and she wondered if she should start wearing this outfit more often.

“Good,” he said, looking at her as she entered the room. His cock was mostly soft again, but jumped when he saw her. She walked in front of him and stood casually like she had all morning with her arms at her sides, completely unaware that anything was different from her usual day. The plumber started slowly stroking himself as his eyes took in the sight before him.

The housewife wore 4-inch stiletto ankle shoes, her smooth legs guiding his gaze up to her hips. She wore lacey crotchless panties that prominently exposed her hairless pussy lips, puffy and slightly wet, swelling between her thighs. Her torso was bare except for the cupless underbra that framed her breasts but left them completely open to the air and the plumber’s lustful gaze.

“Oh yes, that’s much better,” he agreed. He stood and started pulling at his belt buckle, dropping his trousers and letting his manhood bounce free.

“You have a strong, handsome penis,” she said with a smile, returning his compliment from earlier.

“Thanks,” he grinned as he stripped off his shirt and pushed his crumpled pile of clothes aside. Now that he was naked the housewife could see he was surprisingly lean, not your average plumber. Her eyes glanced over his muscles as he sat back down, not wanting to make it socially awkward by letting him see that she was enjoying the view.

Her pussy had been getting wetter and she shifted with a little embarassed cough, not understanding why she was so aroused. Seeing the plumber begin stroking his shaft again, she realized she was the only one in the room not masturbating and moved her hand between her legs. With her arousal and the inherent coolness of the air her nipples stood out like beacons, and she wondered if that meant it was going to rain or something.

“Your nipples look cold,” the plumber said and spread his legs wider. “Why don’t you come warm them up?”

“Thanks, that’s really nice of you,” she said cheerfully and knelt down between his legs. “They are kinda chilly.” She laid the shaft of his cock into her cleavage and pressed her nipples into his groin. “I hope you don’t mind if I rub them a little to warm up.”

“Not at all,” he replied as she gently leaned back and forth, pressing her breasts together with both hands as she warmed her nipples and simultaneously jacked him off with her tits. She rubbed her legs together in an attempt to quell the dampness that had started to slowly seep down her inner thighs.

“What is wrong with me?” she thought. “I never get horny like this in the middle of the day.”

The plumber saw her struggle and cupped her breasts, caressing them as she pressed against him. She smiled in thanks, spreading her knees wide and moving her now-free hands to ease the tension in her pussy. He focused on his breathing, trying to keep his dick from creaming too soon. She focused on keeping a straight face in front of him as her fingers built towards a climax. “I’ve never had an orgasm during a conversation with a stranger before! I’ve got to think about something else,” she thought without slowing down.

“What about this weather we’ve been having?” she finally managed to say breathlessly. “Think it will rain?”

“The rain always seem to come in spurts, donen’t it?” the plumber retorted, feeling his balls threatening to explode.

“That’s,” she said, trying to make polite conversation and quell her orgasm while her fingers furiously rubbed her clit, “true.”

“It is really damp, though, especially in here,” he teased, looking between her legs at the soaked, engorged pussy lips she was fingering.

“Oh God Yes!” she exclaimed, immediately regretting the force of her statement and hoped he wouldn’t pick up on how aroused she was. She followed up with, “I was just thinking the same thing,” but it was too late. Hearing herself say the orgasmic words was too much and her face turned beet red. She let out a deep breath slowly, with an audible wheeze at the back of her throat as she tried to hide one of the most powerful orgasms she had ever felt.

She looked sheepishly up at him, hoping he hadn’t noticed and inadvertently sending him over the edge of his own orgasm. His throbbing member spurted cum up onto her face and back across his abs. She looked surprised at the sudden eruption, but was also relieved that she wasn’t the only one to have an orgasm.

As he subsided she noticed the mess, said, “Oops, looks like you spilled a little there. Let me get something to clean it up.”

The plumber put a hand on her shoulder to delay her standing up. “Well, you know, it’s mostly protein,” he said, his tone becoming more direct while still maintaining his grinning smile. “Lap it up like a good little bitch. I don’t want to see any of it go to waste.”

“Ok,” she said cheerfully, and thought, “I do hate to let things go to waste. And my husband’s always saying I should eat a bigger breakfast.” Using her tongue she cleaned off his ballsack and softening cock, which started growing again as she ministered to it. She licked up his abs almost to his pects, doing her best impression of a dog and leaving long streaks of saliva as she eagerly cleaned off his body.

Once he was clean she stood up and wiped her hand across her face, smearing a residue of cum across her cheeks and licking her fingers as she went. She cupped her breasts and brought them up to her mouth, licking her own tits as much as she could before using her fingers to finish the job.

As she rubbed spit and cum around her naked breasts, she looked down at the plumber and noticed he was rock hard again. Making casual conversation she said, “You know, you’re the same size as my husband,” and smiled. “Your penis, I mean; you’re a little taller than he is.”

She went back to cleaning herself off, and the plumber said doubtfully, “You seem pretty confident. Why don’t you fuck yourself on my cock so you know for sure.”

“It’s true!” she said, looking at him like he didn’t know what he was talking about. “See?” She bent over and wrapped her fingers around his shaft. “That’s where my fingers come to on his cock, too.”

“But what about length? There’s no way he’s as long as I am,” he said, tauntingly.

“Here, I’ll prove it,” she said, and straddled him on the couch. She leaned forward, pressing her swaying breasts against his face as she used her free hand to line him up with her pussy lips. He held her upper ribs, stroking her sideboobs with his thumbs and nuzzling in her cleavage. “Thanks,” she said as he helped her lower herself onto his raging cock and lean back. She arched her back to take him deeper inside her, and gasped in surprise as the swollen head of his dick pressed against her cervix.

“Well,” she admitted breathlessly, “you might be a little bigger,” giving him the benefit of the doubt.

“I told you so! And you can cum on my dick faster than on your husbands,” the plumber gloated. “I bet he’s never even made you cum with his dick.” Then reaching up he grabbed her breasts and started to massage them. “Here, let me warm up your titties.”

“A few times,” she said as she started hopping up and down on his manhood, plunging him deep inside her with every each bouncing thrust. She leaned into his hands, pressing her painfully hard nipples against his palms. As they rubbed against him they did get warmer, feeding the raging fire in her loins, and between her breathy gasps of aroused exertion she managed a, “Thanks.”

“I knew you’d make a great whore,” the plumber said as she moved a hand down to finger herself as she rode him like a stallion.

“Do you,” she said, “really,” as her ass jiggled, “think so?” and her breasts bounced in his hands. She had never considered an occupation besides housewife or maybe teacher, and she was always happy to get advice. Her fingers were flying now, stimulating her clit as she quickly approached her climax.

“Oh sure,” he said as she threw her head back and gasped. Her orgasm exploded inside her like the bursting of a dam, and she let out a scream of ecstasy as she manhood his manhood to the hilt inside her. “You’re cumming on my dick like a natural cock-whore right now!” he said with a laugh.

Her body was frozen, completely locked up at the intensity of her climax. He laughted and pinched her nipples, grinning when her pussy spasmed all the more around his swollen member. He leaned her forward and sucked on her tender nipples until her bliss had subsided enough for her to say, “Oh, goodness,” and pull away.

Her nipples were red from the abuse and she thought it was better not to aggrivate them by touching them as she stood up again. He watched her breasts swaying freely as he lightly stroked himself and smiled. “There, wasn’t that better than your husband?”

“Well, you are longer,” she started, counting on her fingers has he got to his feet. “And I came a lot faster than I do with him,” she continued, unaware of how nicely her breasts were framed between her arms or how attentively the plumber was watching them. “But he goes a lot harder than you do, and I’ve always enjoyed that. So it’s tough to say,” she concluded with a smile of fairness.

“I haven’t had a chance to fuck your pussy as hard as I can,” he said, and she put her hands on her hips and looked at him like he was just being a sore loser. “Bend over this couch like a good little bitch and I’ll show you what a hard fuck means.”

“Well ok, if you think it’ll help.” She faced the couch and leaned forward until her hands rested on the backrest like a dog ascending to forbidden heights.

“Lower,” he commanded and she dipped her back down until it came straight out from her ass toward the wall. “Lower,” he said again. Now her head was lower than her ass and her swaying breasts brushed the cushions with their rock hard nipples. Her back curved to let her hands reach up and brace against the wall. She had seen dogs do this when they want to play, and she wagged her ass at him in playful mimicry.

“Just like that,” he said, placing his hands on her hips. She waited patiently as he caressed her ass and lined himself up, like he was carefully taking what she served him on a platter.

When the head of his cock slipped past her pussy lips, she started to say, “Oh, did you want…” and tried to get up, but it faded into a gasping cry of surprise as he pushed her back down and shoved himself balls-deep into her pussy. As soon as his overengorged fuckstick slammed into the back of her pussy, he pulled out to the head and reamed it into her again. She cried out in pain, pleasure, and surprise at the strength of his onslaught and the depths of her soul that he ploughed with each stroke. Over and over he slammed into her, his ballsack wildly spanking her clit as she tried with all her might to push against the wall.

The cry grew in her throat until it was a scream. Her third orgasm bore down on her with all the force of a freight train, but he never slackened his pace. Only when the grasping, clutching walls of her pussy gripped his manhood like a vice and began dousing him with spasms of her orgasmic juices did he climax. He held his throbbing member inside her as far as she could take him and erupted. Stream after stream of his spunk slammed into her cum catcher, triggering her waning orgasm to redouble its efforts as it wracked her body with intense pleasure.

Only after the girth of his swollen cock began to subside did he allow her body to collapse onto the loveseat. She moaned to herself, enjoying the endorphins coursing through her body as the mixture of her their cum dripped out of her well-fucked cunt.

“I bet you’ve never been fucked so hard in your whole life,” the plumber gloated, standing over her slowly writhing form.

“No, never,” she rejoined breathlessly.

“Looks like you spilled some on me, though,” he said, gesturing to the cum on his flacid cock.

“Oh, I’m so clumsy,” she said, sitting up on the couch. “Let me clean that for you.” Taking his hips in her hands she drew his dick toward her face and licked it into her mouth. She sat with knees together and shoulders square, her breasts freely rocking as she sucked their emissions off of his re-hardening manhood.

Once his shaft was clean she gripped his now swollen tip with two fingers and held it to the side as her mouth cleaned his hips and balls. “There,” she said, satisfied, “good as new.”

They shared a warm smile, and he said, “Why don’t you get cleaned up, too? And this couch could use some attention as well.”

She looked around, confirming the mess and said, “Oh no! How did this happen?” and scurried away to get the cleaning supplies.

He dressed quickly and returned to his station under the sink, pretending to work until mid-afternoon. When he finally sat up and put away his tools, he stepped back into the sitting room to give her the bad news. He found her asleep in an armchair, re-dressed in her jeans and conservative blouse. He called her name twice with no effect, then walked over and touched her on the shoulder. She awoke with a groggy jolt and sat up slowly trying to remember anything since her morning coffee. She remembered the plumber was working on something in the kitchen and looking up at him, she said, “Yes? Are you finished?”

“No, I got a lot in today but I think I need another guy to help me finish the job. We’ll have to reschedule. Are you available some time in the next few days?”

She was disappointed that the work was not done, but felt too groggy to say much else besides, “Sure, how about in two days?”

“I’ll be here bright and early,” he said with a smile that made her feel both uneasy and warm through her core.

She nodded and sank back into the chair, managing to say, “Here, let me show you to the door,” before falling fast asleep again.

“I’ll let myself out,” he chuckled to himself. “You get some rest. You’re gonna need it.”

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