You and me

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You and me
You’re stood in front of me, your 8” heels pushing your calves high, nyloned legs silky, smooth and shiny in front of me. Your cock straining as I work it with my hand and mouth. My cock hard with precum dripping off the swollen end. You rub your cock on my nyloned legs, up over my nipples and towards my mouth. You stand before me with your hard cock looking at me, longing to be kissed, licked and sucked. I take you in my mouth, slowly drawing you in, my fingers wrapped around your hardness, my reds lips sliding over you.

I push you back and you lie down, your legs open slightly. I lie down and we start to 69. I slide your cock into my mouth as you take me in yours. I can taste you, your precum tastes sweet. I want you to cum in me, hard. You work my cock into a frenzy with your mouth and your hand. I can feel you getting harder, wanting to cum but I won’t let you yet – too soon. I wank you slowly as you suck me. I run a finger around your ass, gently slipping into you.

I slide off you, roll you on your back and push your stockinged legs wide and high, holding your ankles. Your ass is glistening as I touch it with my hard cock. Gently I push into you, sliding in easily. You moan gently. I’m slow. Easing in. My wet cock slides into you, all the way. I hold it there as you feel me fully in you. Small rocking motions lead to gentle moans as you feel the length and width of me pushing your sweet ass and sending shivers through you. Slowly I begin to slide in and out, a little quicker, playing with your nipples as your legs rest on my shoulders.

I lean down and kiss you, fucking you, fucking you harder now. I kiss you harder, our lipsticks mingling together as we get more intense. I take one hand off your nipple and begin to play with your cock as my cock slams into you. The sound of my cock sliding in and out of you excites us both. I can feel your cock tense as mine tenses inside you. You can hold no longer. A thick, hot jet of lovely sweet cum flies out of your cock onto me as I feel my cock release inside you. Both of us moaning hard as we both experience one of the hardest orgasms we’ve ever had, cocks pulsing hard as we both cum together.

I slide out of you and bend to lick your gaping ass, tasting my cum as it flows from you. Taking your cum from my hand and mixing it with mine, licking it and tasting the gorgeous liquid we’ve produced mixed with the sexy taste of your ass. I rise and slide back into you as I kiss you again so that you can taste our cum and your own ass.

We lie there, kissing, licking each others cum from our lips and mouths. You lie there with my cock inside you, lips together, wanting more. I want and need fucking.

I can feel your cock beginning to harden again against my stockinged leg. I smile at you and nod my head for you to get behind me. You need no second invitation. As you move around me your cock brushes my face and you’re getting harder. As you move I drop onto all fours, bend my back to the floor and push my sweet, smooth ass high up for you. My ass is ready.

You get behind me, lean gently and drop your hard cock so that it lines up with my wet opening. I push my knees further apart and the tip of your hard cock touches my wet hole. I gasp. You push gently and your sweet head slides into me. You hold it there and I can feel your cock tense as your excitement grows. You hold my hips as you push forward and I push backwards. I want to feel the whole, hard length of you inside me, up to your straining balls.

I feel your legs touch mine as you enter me fully. Your big hard cock fully inside me, pushing me apart. I moan. You moan. My cock is in my hand as your ass moves quicker and quicker. My ass gets wetter as your thrusts get harder and faster. I can hear your breathing get faster even though my face is buried in the sheets. Your hand is sliding over my cock as your cock pounds into me.

I want to feel you cum. Now. Right now. Cum inside me. Fill my ass with your creamy thick spunk. I want to cum too. Wank me. Harder. Make me cum as you cum. Feel my hot cum on your hand as pull your hand to your mouth as I can feel your cock release inside me. The sensation is fucking unreal. It’s like we’re cumming and cumming. It’s intense, relentless. I can feel jet after jet of you splashing into me. I want to see it, your pulsing cock, taste you. I slide off your cock and turn quickly to take your cock in my mouth as the last few spasms release warm cum on my face and into my gaping mouth.

I lick every drop off your throbbing cock as I play with my cock, squeezing every drop onto my fingers. I put my fingers in your mouth as I taste your cock. Your breathing is hard. We are spent. The room smells of fucking and cum and it’s intoxicating.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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