You remind me…..

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You remind me…..
All day long your mind had been churning at what the hell I meant with the term “reminder”…..remind you of what???? Guess you’ll find out later, all you can do is struggle to get through work without slipping off to the bathroom to run your clit to ease your building tension.

Finally lunchtime comes around and you hurriedly drive to our meeting spot behind a building. Your pussy throbs a little at the sight of my car already parked there. I get out and walk over to your car, you notice that I have a small bag with me and a grin on my face.

“What is in the bag” You ask.
“Your reminder…..and a little help.” I respond.
“Reminder…of what???
I reach into the bag and pull out a medium sized butt plug along iwth a small bottle of lube. “Just a little something to remind you of who your ass belongs to….and maybe help you get through work a little easier.”
“I don’t need reminding….you left enough of your cum in me to remind me well enough.”

“Whatever….it’s been a long time since then and you need something a little more constant. I can’t get down here very often when you’re free. Assume the position Fuckslut….we don’t have a LOT of time.”

You stand up and move to the back seat, as you kneel down on the seat you drop your pants showing me how wet your pussy is and as you bend over you reach back to spread your ass cheek to show me your black cock loving asshole. “Are you really questioning if this is your ass or not?? Do YOU not remember me riding your cock in my ass bareback with my husband in the other room?”
“I do remember…that was the day we DP’ed you.” I spread a little lube on your asshole and then put a little more on the buttplug. “Told you…something more constant.”

You feel the tip of the buttplug toy with your asshole before finally slipping in…slowly I slide in more and more, fucking your ass with the buttplug until you feel your asshole snap over the tapered end, it’s snugly in place. You’re amazed the you could be so turned on by ah piece of rubber in your ass…. a little bit deeper and you could almost cum.

“Ohhhhh fuck”, you say.

“Want some cock before you go back to work??” As you hear my zipper go down to free my cock.

“You know I do… I love your cock.”

You feel the head of my cock slip into your pussy and then slip back out…”What did you just say?”

I said “I love…..”

You never get the chance to finish as I ram all of my cock into your pussy and you feel the head of it rub against your cervix giving you that pain/pleasure you missed for so long since the last time I fucked your pussy. Then I withdraw my cock completely….”What were you saying?”
“I was saying that I was just about to cum…..and that I love your cock.”

“Want more??”
“Please put it back….put my BBC back in there”

You feel my cock slide back in your pussy….all of it in one stroke….to the hilt.

I begin to pound you from behind… get close to cumming….then I grab your hips and begin to slam my cock into your pussy then you hear my say “Want some cum to take back with you??”
“Oh yeah….cum in my pussy…..breed me.”

You feel my cock swell and then…..the pulse… feel my cum flooding your pussy and washing over your cervix. Then suddenly you feel me pull out and say “turn around, let’s give you a quick test to see how much you REALLY love my cock.”

With your pussy full of cum you slide off the seat and turn around with your face at eye level with my cock. I lean down to give you a quick kiss then I milk the last bit of cum from my cock and rub it across your lips. “Don’t lick it off….pretend it’s lip gloss. Wear it back to work and only lick it off when you are spoken to…it’s your secret badge that you’re black owned.”

You feel the cum glide onto you lips and you feel a strange sense of naughty pride…..not only do you have a buttplug in your ass, my cum in your pussy but you have my cum on your lips…you’re a…..a…secret Fuckslut and proud of it. You smile and do not utter a word. I smile at you and walk back to my car. You squeeze your asshole around the buttplug and have a strange sense of satisfaction.

A few minutes later you walk back into your office and someone asks if you have a nice lunch. “Sure did.” But you don’t lick your lips yet… sit down’ in your chair and feel the buttplug slide just a little deeper in your ass, just enough to make your pussy plump up to the point of cumming but not quite.

Then you lick your lips, taste my cum, remember that the slippery stuff in your pussy is the same thing…..and quietly bite you bottom lip to keep quiet…..and cum sitting in your chair at work.

Maybe this “reminder” thing might not be so bad after all……the day is FLYING by now!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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