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Friday after our night out we were both tired and didn’t talk about the events of the previous night before going to work. That evening we settled down to dinner and it wasn’t till later after a couple of glasses of wine that I decided to broach the subject. We discussed the night’s events and apart from Alison being a bit ashamed of flashing in the pub she was okay with what happened at the car park. She said it had been on her mind all day and couldn’t believe how turned on she had become but glad that things hadn’t gone any further. That was a disappointment to my ears as all I could think of all day was how much it turned me on watching John playing with her pussy and Alison sucking his dick. In fact my thoughts had become more perverted and I had wished he had fucked her good and hard, I had imagined it several times through the day even noticing my cock hardened when I did, good job I had my own office.
I told Alison I had never been so turned on in my life and I couldn’t wait for next week’s outing to the pub. Ah about that she said, “Don’t tell me you want to stop”. No it’s not that I’m just not sure I want to go back to the pub in case those men are there again, I couldn’t look at them she said. I told her it would be fine and most likely they wouldn’t be there again anyway. (I knew they would though it’s their local and they take old Roger for a pint every Thursday). I told her it would be fine and if they were there we would make a quick exit. Alison took a drink of her wine and went a bit quite for a minute I was just about to say something when she asked do you think that car park has turned into a dogging spot. No I don’t think so that was just a one off, I looked at her thinking she hadn’t mentioned not going back there. In for a penny in for a pound I thought, look there’s something I need to tell you, Alison looked at me wide eyed, well the fact is we were followed from the pub. Oh My God who was it, I knew she wouldn’t like the idea of a man the age of her father like John so I told her it was Dave, she didn’t look to shocked I waited for her reaction. He must have really fancied me to follow us out there, who could blame him you where so sexy in that outfit. You didn’t ask him to follow us did you, No No I didn’t even speak to the guy.
I asked her if she would have liked to have fucked him, oh no I wouldn’t have gone that far what if you had known it was him. Alison turned the tables asking did you want him to fuck me, I looked into her eyes and it just came out, I told her I was so turned on I think I would have let him. Alison looked at me, you dirty sod I can’t believe you would let a stranger have sex with me, well you sucked his cock, and Alison went back to her drink. That night we had some great sex and I’m sure Alison’s thoughts were on next Thursday and secretly hoping Dave would be there, if only she knew.
Thursday seemed to take ages coming round and I hurried home from work, Alison was home already with dinner made, I poured her a large glass of wine to get her relaxed and topped it up through dinner. Straight after she went for a shower, she came down in an outfit I had bought for her from E bay for some bedroom fun some time back. She looked stunning in the short black flared skirt which had a red frill to the hem and a red lace pierced detail around the skirt. She had a black tight fit stretchy top with no bra which really showed off her big firm tits, it was low cut and laced with a string cord showing her ample cleavage. I ran my eyes down her long legs to a pair of 3” red strappy heels my favourite, lifting the hem I was greet by a sexy black lace thong. I wanted to jump her there and then. Alison complained she couldn’t let the neighbours see her dressed in this outfit, I told her it was okay we would leave from the garage. We left early not wanting to be home in the small hours with work the next day.
Arriving at the pub it was a bit busier than last week. The barman came through from the bar and as he served us I could see his eyes level on Alison’s cleavage. We sat in a corner out of the way but there were plenty of eyes checking her out but no sign of our friends I don’t know that was more disappointed me or Alison.
I was telling Alison how the bar man had scanned her tits and she had been checked out by a few guys. She said I thought you had me dress like this for you not to show me off to strangers, I’ll be honest the thought of showing you off gives me a thrill. I was talking dirty telling her how I was looking forward to fucking her in the car and that I had a few surprises in the glove box, when the guys came in with Roger. They sat a little away from us, I noticed Alison check Dave’s bum out, and she likes a nice bum. I seen the guys check Alison out and they must have been talking about her, as the old guy who must have been a bit deaf said “ yes she’s a bit of alright” loud enough for myself and Alison to hear. I just smiled across at them; Alison said did you hear that, I said yes he’s right I think you you’ve made his night. You don’t think Dave has told them about last week, no I’m sure he’d keep that to himself (not likely) Alison took a large gulp of her vodka and coke.
I was trying to get Alison to let her skirt ride up now that the wine and vodkas had taken affect but she wouldn’t. The three guys eyed her at every opportunity, I was really getting turned on by their voyeurism and wanted to leave when Alison said she was going to the toilet. No sooner had she left when John came over and asked if I was alright with last week and was I going to the car park again, I told him all was good and we were about to leave. He asked if it was okay for two of them to come along and watch, I was just about to say yes when Alison came back. John changed topic, it’s really nice to see you and your lovely wife again it’s a pity you can’t wait and have that drink.
Alison stayed standing and I got up and said bye and we headed off, outside Alison quizzed me about what he wanted. I said he just came over to say hello and offer us a drink but I said we were just leaving, I think she was suspicious but I had put her mind at rest.
Arriving at the car park it was 9.30 and still light, it was empty and we parked up at the far side away from the entrance near the picnic tables. I had been thinking about it all week and hoped to get Alison out of the car and onto the picnic table. If John turned up I was hoping Alison would let him fuck her, especially if she thought it was Dave. My cock was rock hard in anticipation; I started kissing Alison and nibbling her neck and feeling up her tits. I reclined her seat back and moved a hand down to rub her pussy through her thong, Alison moaned her approval and I made my way downstairs hooking her thong to one side I started to lick up and down her moist slit. I was pleasuring her clit and I looked up as I often do to see if she was biting her bottom lip, she always has her eyes closed and from experience when I’m in the right spot I know she bites her bottom lip. To my surprise I look up to see her biting her lip but eyes open looking out the window. I thought the Dirty bitch is looking out for Dave; I nearly shot a load in my pants.
I told Alison I wanted to fuck her on the picnic table, she looked around hesitantly it’s still light out there, what if someone comes. Relax no one comes out her this late, besides you won’t see anything. I took the blindfold and ties from the glove box and we made our way to the nearest table, Alison was nervous as I put it on her and lay her back tying each wrist to the table. I opened her thighs pushed her skirt up and started eating her pussy through her thong, Alison’s knees fell wide open as she relaxed in the pleasure. I hooked the thong aside and delved my tongue into her wet slit licking up and down pausing to suck and flick her clit, she was soaking wet and I had to feel her on my shaft. I slid her thong down her legs threading it over one of her sexy heels and left it entangled and dangling on the other. I dropped my pants and hooked her legs up; I stroked my stiff cock up and down her slit and slipped my length right into her. Alison was biting her lip again and I was pumping into her at a steady rhythm when I spotted John and Roger approaching from the tree line. I told Alison don’t worry but we have a visitor from the pub, she assumed it was Dave, I kept fucking her as I told her there was two of them. She seemed a bit alarmed but I told her it would be ok.
John wasted no time lifting her top and started playing with her tits, I noticed Alison’s nipples stiffen as John played with them and she was biting her lip again as he sucked on them. John took his stiff cock out and leaned over the table pushing it to Alison’s lips, they parted straight away and his cock head slipped in and out as he fucked her face. I pulled out of Alison as I didn’t want to cum as I did I looked over at old Roger, he had his cock out stroking it. I have never seen anything like it, it was disgusting to look at, and it looked grey and purple full of big and small veins but very big and fat with a massive purple head. He seen me staring and smiled, I wondered if he could still use it.
John seen I had vacated Alison’s pussy and moved down between her thighs, he was playing with her clit as I moved in and kissed her. I whispered in her ear he wants to fuck you tell him it’s okay, she was squirming under his touch and blurted Dave fuck me. John and roger looked at me, I put a finger to my lips and John held her legs open and plunged his dick in to a moan of satisfaction from Alison. His dick was a similar size to mine 6.5” but with a bit of an upward curve. He went at her with some gusto and I worried he would cum too soon. I moved where I could see his cock pistoning in and out of her glistening in her juices, I couldn’t believe how wet she was and Johns cock was making slurping noises as it squelched in and out. Alison was moaning loudly and Roger had moved to fondle her tits. I moved back to kiss her whispering in her ear does his cock feel good, do you want him to fill you with cum, just then she squealed out in orgasm much to roger and Johns delight. I knew John would come soon as his pace had gotten faster; I leant down to Alison’s ear and whispered you’re going to have to let John fuck you. I fully expected her to say no but with her body still trembling and John burying himself to the hilt and groaning as he released his load Alison shouted yes. Can he fuck you? Yes okay!
I looked down and John was holding himself buried deep in my wife’s pussy making sure he emptied every drop of cum into her. I looked at Roger positioned behind him, my balls ached and I could hardly breath as I took in the sight. Roger had dropped his pants to his ankles revealing two legs clad in white support bandages, his cock was fully hard and had to be 9” of fat ugly grey and purple cock knar led with veins protruding from a mass of white pubis hair, topped off with a huge hooded purple bell end. It was depraved I know but the thought of this old pensioner with a disgusting looking fat cock entering Alison’s pussy was giving me the biggest buzz of my life. I wanted him to make her squirm and fill her with his seed; I wanted to see her face as this monster invaded her. I was even contemplating removing her blindfold once he was deep inside her.
John vacated his position, and I leant down whispering in her ear mom it’s a nice big one are you ready for some big old cock. Alison said two big old cocks in one night, in her mind mine was a big cock, her first husbands was only 5”. Roger stumbled forward with a hand around his shaft and aimed the head at her wet partially open hole. I watched intently as his bell end touched her pussy, he rubbed up and down her open slit coating it in juices and cum. Alison’s head raised up wondering no doubt what was rubbing her slit. He pushed it down and pressed forward hid head stretching her whole Alison yelped as the head popped in, Roger waited for her to relax again and continued to push in to her. Oh my god, no it’s too big stop! Roger ignored her protests and continued stopping when he had all of 7” in her. He fucked her slowly not going any deeper; Alison moaned between deep breaths and yelps and roger went a bit quicker. John looked on grinning; he leaned over whispering in my ear, she’s going to know she was fucked tomorrow. I wanted to wank but barely dare in case I shot my load I was on such I high. Roger grunted with each stroke and Alison was moaning freely, oh yes yes she was loving it. Roger was breathing really heavy and I was worried he would keel over; he was a master at it. Alison came with an almighty orgasm and I watched on as she twitched from head to toe whilst biting her bottom lip. As it subsided Roger rested before going at her with more gusto, Alison was shouting out obscenities and I looked down to her pussy to see Roger buried to his full length with a nest of white hair covering Alison’s shaved mound. I was well impressed as he banged her with his full length. Alison was pulling against her bindings and I don’t know why but I pulled the slip knots and released her arms, I held my breath wondering if she would pull off the blindfold. It was an amazing sight as Roger drove in and out of her, she was yelling freely biting her bottom lip and she raised her legs wrapping her red heels behind him holding him to her as she had yet another orgasm. Her pussy must have been milking his cock as he let out a deep groan and prodded into her in short jerking movements filling her pussy, Alison’s shouted her approval yes yes. Then it happened, Roger flopped forward sucking on Alison’ right nipple covering her tit in his bushy beard, her hands came down to his head. There was no doubting she knew she’d just fucked a pensioner, I waited for a reaction but she just lay there letting him suckle on her breasts in turn.
Roger pulled himself up and looked down at Alison’s swollen pussy as his cock slipped out. I couldn’t believe what happened next, Roger knelt down and started devouring her pussy eating her out. I looked up for Alison’s reaction but she just lay there biting her lip, as I looked back she wrapped her thighs around him her red heels crossed down his back. I couldn’t stand it any longer and pulled her head to my cock and sunk it deep in her mouth, she sucked me with vigour as Roger cleaned and pleasured her.
Roger got up with Johns help and the both tidied themselves, Roger stroking at the mess on his beard as they headed off. Alison just laid there no attempt to remove her blindfold, I helped her to her feet and she nearly fell in her heels as her legs were wobbly. Pulling her to me I kissed her long and deep caressing her tits, Alison whispered in my ear that that was the best fuck of her life. I was delighted that she wasn’t mad at me, I turned her around to fuck her but she said not there my pussy’s too tender. She stayed bent over so I took it as sign that she wanted anal, she rarely allows that and then only with lube and a condom. I pressed against her star which was smeared with cum anyway and pushed in deep I couldn’t help myself and fucked her hard without any regard for her comfort. Alison yelped as I stretched her tunnel, I found myself calling her a dogging slut; an old man’s cock slut and she loved it. We both went home pleased with our night out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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