Im Big brother look after Young [ 18 old] sistr G

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Im Big brother look after Young [ 18 old] sistr G
MY FANTA”SIS” time comm now ”””””a You ready……Good ..have great time…

I left the block at the appointed time. I sat on a bench in a nearby park and watched our cage. After a short time, spotted Gaby with some guy coming in to her. I gave them twenty minutes, then I got up and walked towards the house. I opened the door quietly and walked into the apartment. I tiptoed to my sister’s room and heard the excited breathing and wheezing of the young boy. I looked through a keyhole prepared specially for this purpose and saw how he greedily grasp Gabby’s body. She was in the bra, panties and pantyhose, her skirt and shirt were lying on the floor. Her colleague was terribly horny until his youthful desire was striking. He caressed the warmth of my younger sister’s body with his hands, and she gave in to the caresses. They sat on the couch, her back to him, and he was babysitting her boobs over her bra. He put his hands under his tights, stroked her thighs, after some time he got to his pants and put his hand there. When he was rubbing Gaby pussy for some time, she also began to breathe quickly. She narrowed her eyes and it was clear she was fine. He took a belt from his pants and began to massage after it, still gripping Gaba. After a while he knelt down in front of her and began to lick her pantyhose in the crotch. She stretched her legs wide before him. When he got bored with the crotch, he licked her thighs, then he went down, on his calves, down to his feet. He licked them and sucked his fingers, while playing with his small dick. Finally, he slipped her tights together with her knee-length pants, and the beautiful, swollen scallop decorated with droplets of moisture looked out into the light of daylight. This view was the same for me as for him, until I sighed at the door, which was drowned out by his:….Fuck, Gaba, but you have a great pizzas.
He put his face on it and began licking the excitement juices. Together with my stiff friend in the pants, we decided it was time. I opened the door with impetus and entered Gaby room. She looked at me with mock amazement, her friend turned to me and froze.
Mark … She pronounced my name invented for the purposes of this show. – You were supposed to be later …
,,,,, But I’m already! What the fuck is going on here ?! – I asked with a successful rage. I thought that it worked quite well for me. I looked sharply at the young man kneeling in front of Gaby pussy. He stood up slowly and stammered:- I’m … I did not know … He could not think of nervousness. He was terribly afraid, he finally had something, if I wanted to, I could blow him out with one blow, I was older, taller and better built than he was.
Gaby stood up and pulled up her panties and then tights. The frightened boy stood in my direction, looked as if he was expecting a blow in the stomach or chin at any moment. I glanced at Gaby, who was standing behind him, letting out a knowing eye.
Mark, do not do anything to him, he did not know anything. It’s my fault – Gaby … voice was really audible, but she smiled at me saying it.
I know it’s your fault! – I shouted at her. – And you will regret it! And be calm, “I turned to the young man.” If you did not know anything, I would not do anything to you. Not only that, I’ll let you finish what you started. Take care of her – I pointed to my sister.
“No, sir, I’m probably going to go, I do not want to interrupt,” he said, humbly in his voice, a little calmed down, but not even looking at Gaby.
Cut the bitch with this beard! -….. I shouted at him. He jumped up. ….. This is loose! It’s not my girlfriend anymore, but if she likes to fuck so much, then we’ll make her together! ——— I have always been very calm and I was surprised to find out how easy it is to make a madman. I even liked it. The boy smiled at me and slowly turned to Gaby He grabbed her buttocks and pulled her crotch into his. I also approached them and stood behind my sister. I unbuttoned myself and pulled my pants down. I put the spear on the sensual ass and began to rub, with my hands riding Gabyi’s chest and belly. After a while, standing on the other side, my friend began to undress, so I did it too. We were naked and peeling on the sides of my beautiful sister’s body. My fingers slipped into her bra and I began to slide him slowly. On the top jumped two beautiful, pink balls, crowned with disproportionately large compared to them, budding nipples. The boy on the other hand immediately sucked on them, and I put my head on Gaby neck and licked her on it while I rode my hands along the sexy thighs. I felt the hands of the other boy who slip in between my sister’s ass and my crotch, so I pulled back to make room for him. He also wanted to grasp this firm ass. After a moment, we both put our hands under Gaby tights and began to slide them down. I along the way hooked on the lace panties and began to leave them together with the tights

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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