Young Bull Fucks My Wife

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Young Bull Fucks My Wife
My wife Jen had just turned 53, and we had been married for almost twenty five years. We are your typical middle class family with k**s off to college. Over the last few years we had talked about sharing Jen with another man, or at least I wanted to see her with another man. Jen was a bit hesitant at first, but after talking it out, and careful consideration did she finally agreed to try it on a one time basis. She wasn’t getting any younger, and I knew if we didn’t do something soon our window of opportunity would pass. We had been each other’s only sole partner in life, and that certainly added to the excitement of doing something so taboo.

I then began an online search looking for that perfect guy for her. I wanted a total stranger, someone who had some experience with wife sharing. I spent the better part of a week going through several candidates. I really didn’t know what I was looking for, and there were quite a few of interesting men to say the least out there.

After a week I still had no suitable person in mind. It had been a few days later when I ran across a new online personal. This was one was a bit different from the others. He claimed he was a young bull who was looking for older married women to fuck. I thought I had knew everything about wife sharing, but I knew very little about male domination, and cuckold side of it.

I decided to contact him anyway as I found myself very interested in what he had to offer. He told me his name was Matt, and that he was twenty four years old. He bragged how he had a nine inch cock and could cum multiple times, and that he had been with other couples in the past, but my wife Jen would be the oldest woman he had been with. In a way I think he liked the idea of dominating a woman of my wife’s age, while forcing me to watch him use her. He was right to the point, and gave me very little to work off. I felt an enormous amount of energy thinking about it, and after a few days I gave into my inner desires. This was all new to me, and I decided to contact him once again.

He was open to having my wife, but only under several strict settings. He gave me five things he wanted from me. One was I couldn’t have sex with my wife for more than a month before meeting up with him. The second one was that she had to be dress in one of my long dress shirts with nothing underneath it when they met. The third thing was that I couldn’t be involved in any way without his approval, and fourth was no condom’s. The last thing was that she was his for as long as he wanted her that night. They were some serious demands, but none of them were deal breakers. He also mentioned that my wife would never be the same once he was done fucking her. He wanted to know if I could handle it, and mentioned how the last husband couldn’t. These were his conditions with no exceptions, and I now had to make a decision whether to move forward with him or not.

I felt extremely horny as I read over his conditions once again. I couldn’t believe how aroused I had gotten especially the part about my wife never being the same woman ever again. That night I could hardly sleep thinking about him fucking her. I had a hard on all night long, and I never mention anything about it to Jen. The next morning I decided to go along with the conditions he had set out. I knew it was a huge risk to go along with a young stranger like this, but in my mind it was worth the risk.

Over the next thirty days my wife and I had no sexual contact at all. It was extremely hard not to touch her, as Jen is still a very attractive looking woman for being fifty three. She didn’t look anywhere near her age, and her 5’5 and 145 pound body still had men checking her out. Her tits were big and real, while her ass was nicely curved and rounded. I can’t tell you how excited I was, as the next thirty days couldn’t come soon enough.

As the thirty day period came to end I told Jen about how I had found a young man for her. Jen was a bit nervous, and this would be the first time in her life that she had been with another man other than myself. In a way it would be a new adventure for her, and deep down I think she was excited to try something new. After twenty five years of marriage, and having just the one partner I think we were both ready for this to happen. This could end being the thing that propels us to another twenty five years of marriage.

We met up with Matt one night at a quiet motel off the beaten path. I gave him the room number in advance, and told him to meet us at seven. We got there a bit earlier so Jen could get ready before Matt arrived. She had spent the better part of twenty minutes getting ready before she came out of the bathroom wearing one of my white dress shirts. The shirt hung down just enough to cover the cheeks of her gorgeous ass. She had left open the top few buttons, and I could see part of each of her breasts. She looked extremely hot, and my cock now throbbed hard inside my pants. She then sat quietly on the bed waiting for Matt to arrive. It felt like hours as we both waited, and I continued to tell her how hot she looked.

Then at the strike of seven we heard a knock at the door. My heart began to race, and I felt a huge adrenalin rush as I opened up the door. Matt was much taller and bigger than I had imagined. He stood around 6’2, and somewhere near two hundred pounds. He was more on the muscular side, and he wore a tight shirt to go along with a tight pair of pants. He quickly made his way into our room without anyone seeing him. Jen stood there in my white dress shirt, and Matt instantly told her, “You look hot baby!”

My wife gave him a half smile as she stood there nervously waiting for his next move. He then walked up to her seconds later, and grabbed her shirt and pulled it opened exposing her lovely tits. His hands roamed about each of her tits, as he groped and felt up each of them as I watched quietly from the corner of the room. He then told her, “Get on your knees!”

My wife slipped down onto her knees in front of him. She looked on as he forced open the front of his pants, and yanked them to the floor. He wore no underwear, and his cock suddenly sprung out in front of my wife’s face. It was quite large, larger than I had expected, and my wife had a look of fear on her face. There was no going back now, and she reached out with her hand and wrapped it tightly around the shaft of his cock.

She began to massage his cock, and several seconds later I heard Matt say to her, “I want you to suck on my cock!”

Jen slowly brought her mouth up to the head of his cock. He then forced it deep into her mouth. Jen took as much of it as she could, and minutes later she began to gag on his cock as she felt it being forced in and out of mouth at will. My cock was nowhere near the size of his, and it took Jen a good minute or two to adjust to the size of it. She suck on his cock for several minutes as he rammed several inches of it down Jen’s throat. He asked me if I like watching my wife take his cock deep down her throat, and I gave him my approval as I shook my head in a positive mannner.

A few minutes later Matt moved Jen onto the bed. He crawled up on top of her, and forced Jen’s legs wide apart. Seconds later I heard Jen cry out like never before. Matt had forced his big cock deep into her aroused pussy sending Jen’s head spinning. She had never experienced anything like this ever before, and Matt gave it to her good and hard for several minutes. It was then I heard Jen scream out for the first time into a powerful orgasm as I sat and watched. Her body shook hard, and her cries filled the small motel room. I can’t tell you how excited I was at that exact moment as my cock throbbed hard against my pants.

“You like watching her wife cum all over another man’s cock?” he asked me seconds later.

I told him I did, and a few minutes later he rolled off the top of her. He now told Jen, “I want you to ride my big fucking cock!”

Jen climbed on top of his cock, and slowly maneuvered herself down onto the shaft of it. She did her best to take on his cock, and minutes later she began to ram herself hard down onto it. Her moans and cries started to increase dramatically, and several minutes later Matt pulled her body down onto his. He reached back and placed each of his hands tightly onto her beautiful ass, and began to ram his cock hard up into her. This sent my wife into a tizzy, and just a short time later she cried out into another powerful orgasm in front of me. I now sat there in great excitement wanting to jerk off, but I did my best to hold off.

Matt then had Jen get on all fours on the bed. He said to her, “Oh god baby! I am going to fuck that pussy so hard from behind!”

Jen laid there with her ass in the air, while she rested down on each of her forearms. She stared down at the sheets as Matt climbed in behind her ass. He gave each of her cheeks a hard smack before forcing his cock back into her from behind. He fucked her like she was twenty one, and Jen screamed out intensely. She couldn’t take it, and several minutes later her body fell flat onto the bed. Matt continued to fuck her hard as he now sat on the back of her legs. Jen laid there helplessly on the bed, and Matt didn’t let up for one second. The sound of pounding flesh could be heard throughout the room, and Jen did her best to lay there and accept his cock. A short time later Matt grunted out loudly, and drove his cock even deeper and harder into Jen’s swollen pussy. She could only take so much, and she laid there crying out, “Oh god! Oh god!”

“That’s it baby! Take it! You are going to make me fucking cum!” Matt yelled out.

Several minutes later Jen cried out into another earth shattering orgasm right before my own eyes. This pushed Matt over the edge, and a few minutes later he pulled his big cock from her pussy, and began to cum hard all over her beautiful ass in front of me. I no longer could take it, and I began to cum extremely hard all over myself seconds later.

Matt then got up off Jen as she laid there in a trance. Her ass still trembled, and Matt ordered me to clean her off anyway I liked. I knew what he had meant, but I grabbed a towel and wipe away his cum from my wife’s ass. Matt was now ready to fuck Jen again, and I again sat back down in my chair in the corner of the room.

Matt had pulled Jen’s limp body over to the edge of the bed. He grabbed each of her legs and hoisted them over each of his shoulders. Jen lay there still trying to regain her composure from the fucking Matt had given her several minutes earlier. Matt then sunk his big cock back into her. Jen immediately began to cry out once again, and Matt began to fuck her hard again. I watched on as Jen’s tits moved in unison with every thrust of his cock. He showed why he was a bull in the bedroom, and he dominated Jen with his large cock for the next several minutes.

A short time later Jen screamed out again into another very intense orgasm. I had never seen her cum so hard or this many times ever before in a session. Matt then flipped her over onto her stomach. Her ass now hung over the side of the bed, and he positioned himself back behind it. He rammed his big cock back into her, and held her ass tightly down onto the bed. He fucked her hard as Jen cried out in one continuous moan.

A short time later Matt moved Jen onto the center of the bed. He had her lay on her side, and he began to fuck her once again. I had a perfect view of his big cock as it slid in and out of Jen’s pussy. Her pussy was red and swollen, and she laid there in a sexual trance. He had rammed almost every inch of his cock deeply into her, and Jen laid there unable to hardly speak. After several minutes of fucking her from the side Matt then said to her, “I want to fuck those big beautiful tits!”

Jen lay there on her back while Matt climbed on top of her chest. He forced his nine inch cock in between each of Jen’s tits. She held tightly onto each of them as she pressed them together. Matt loved the idea of fucking her tits, and he made several remarks about how great they were. He had fucked her tits for a good ten minutes before suddenly moaning out. His cock began to erupt, and he shot several waves of cum all over Jen’s neck and chest. I couldn’t believe what I had witnessed. I was so overwhelmed at that point that I sat there unable to speak.

Matt still wasn’t done with Jen. He took a small break, and wanted to take her one more time. He wanted it to be special and Jen tried to convince him that she couldn’t do it anymore, but that didn’t stop Matt. He showed the bull side of him, and before Jen knew it he had his big cock buried deep inside her once again. He began to fuck her hard again from behind, and Jen began to cry out once again. He had fucked her for a good twenty minutes before changing positions. He now had Jen lay on her back, and he quickly moved on top of her.

He held Jen tightly down onto the bed, and pounded her hard with his cock for the next several minutes. This pushed Jen over the edge once again, and she cried out into another intense orgasm while I watched. It had been several minutes later, and Matt wanted Jen to cum once again for him. He began to urge her on, and said, “I want you to cum again for me!”

“I already did!” Jen cried out as she pleaded with him.

“I can’t do it again!” Jen said as she was totally spent.

She began to plead her case with him, but that just incited him even more. Matt now began to fuck Jen even harder. Her cries began to increase, and she began to shout out, “Omg! Omg!”

Jen no longer could take it, and minutes later she screamed out with her last gasp of air into another extremely powerful orgasm. This pushed Matt over the edge, and just seconds later I heard him moan out, “Oh fuck baby! I am going to cum!”

I watched on as Matt gave Jen several hard thrust with his cock. He filled her pussy with his cum seconds later, and I felt a powerful wave of energy come over me like never before. I thought I could handle this, and so far I did, but watching him cum inside her had brought on mix emotions for me. He then rolled off her a few minutes later. Jen’s pussy was gaped wide open, and I watched as his cum oozed from it down onto the bed. There were no words to described what I had just witness.

Matt then got dressed and told me what a slut my wife was. He said it was one of the best fucks of his life, and wanted to know if we wanted to get together sometime soon. He said he loved to tie her up next time, and fuck her senseless while making me his cuckold. He had me in the palm of his hand when he left that night.

As I looked at my wife’s gaping pussy with his still oozing out I could not resist the urge to clean up my wife’s pussy.
My started to moan as my tongue licked her swollen pussy lips as she squeezed out my of his huge load into my mouth. She reached for my head pulling it deeper into her wet pussy as I sucked out every drop of his cum.

He was right about Jen being a different person. She had more confidence and swagger, and when we had sex I could see a difference in her. She wanted it harder and deeper, and her orgasms were much stronger than before all of this and eating her cream filled pussy became a regular part of our love making. When I ask her afterwards if she really like Matt’s big cock she tried to downplay it. She acted like it was no big deal, but I knew better. I mentioned his name a few times after that while making love. Jen practically acted like a slut in the bedroom, and she now could no longer control her inner feelings for him.

We had a deal that I wouldn’t bring the subject of sharing her ever again. Now a few months later I can’t get that night out of my head. I heard from Matt a number of times since wanting to fuck Jen again. He told me he had something specially planned for the both of us, and he wanted together as soon as possible.

I really did want to see Jen with him again, and I am now starting to know what it is like to be a true cuckold. The feeling is so intense that I wonder if it will ever subside. Every time I see her now I can’t get the thought of Matt fucking her hard in front of me. I get a huge adrenalin rush every time I think about it.

Lately I brought up Matt up more and more in the bedroom. Jen tried her best to ignore it, but after time she finally admitted one night while engaging in intense sex that she did miss Matt’s big cock. She came clean, and told me that she had never felt anything that intense and powerful ever before. The feeling of being a slut for a young dominant man like that had push her libido off the charts.

I now began to discuss the idea of meeting Matt once again with Jen. The thought of him taking her once again in a dominant way, while turning me into his own personal cuckold has my mind going into all kinds of directions.

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