Sodomizing Big Asian Women

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The name is David Stebbins and I’m a tall, good-looking black man living in the city of Ashland, Massachusetts. I’m currently a student at the Ashland Institute of Technology, better known as Ashland Tech. By day, I attend my classes and work out along with the other football players in the Athletic Complex. By night, I lead a life like no other with my favorite plump woman. Word up!

Presently, I’m under a lot of pressure. You see, my twelve inches are buried deep inside the asshole of a certain towering Asian plumper and she can’t seem to get enough of me. We’re banging on the king-sized bed in her dormitory. How did I get there? It’s a funny story, folks. When you get to hearing it, you are so going to laugh! It all started when this plump Asian chick named Miranda Chang came into the weight room and asked me to spot her. Little did I know that we’d end up doing a lot more than that.

I never thought I’d feel attracted to someone like Miranda, though. I’ve got nothing the big girls, please understand me. I stand six feet six inches tall and weigh two hundred and sixty pounds. I’m not exactly tiny. However, Miranda was huge. She was six feet two inches tall and weighed around three hundred and fifty pounds. She was the founder and co-captain of the Ashland Tech Women’s Sumo Wrestling Club. The chick was thick, with a chunky body, huge breasts, huge hips, huge legs and huge ass. If I had to guess, I’d say Miranda Chang had a sixty-inch booty. I could be wrong, but I don’t think so. I’m somewhat of an expert on fat asses.

The first time I saw Miranda Chang’s chubby Asian ass in a pair of sweatpants, I knew I had to have her. I ditched my usual girlfriend, a skinny black chick named Tyana Washington and hooked up with Miranda Chang, the towering Asian chick with the thick body and fat booty from hell. I usually wasn’t all that interested in female athletes. Most of them are skinny and muscular. This thick dame totally did erotik film izle it for me.

We became the king and queen of the Ashland Tech student-athletes, which made up nearly one third of the student population. Around thirty percent of Ashland Tech’s eleven thousand students took part in one varsity sport or another. Ashland Tech offers Men’s Varsity Archery, Baseball, Basketball, Cross Country, Soccer, Rugby, Swimming, Lacrosse, Golf, Tennis, Gymnastics, Rowing, Football, Ice Hockey, Track & Field, Wrestling, Alpine Skiing, Fencing, Rodeo, Lacrosse, Bowling, Rowing, Sailing and Rifle along with Women’s Varsity Archery, Softball, Golf, Basketball, Cross Country, Tennis, Soccer, Swimming, Track & Field, Gymnastics, Rugby, Rowing, Equestrian, Field Hockey, Ice Hockey, Wrestling, Alpine Skiing, Fencing, Rodeo, Bowling, Rowing, Sailing and Rifle. The school’s intercollegiate athletic teams competed in the NCAA Division One.

There were a variety of sports clubs such as the Men’s Boxing Club, the Women’s Sumo Wrestling Club, the Men’s Badminton Club, the Women’s Hiking Club, the Men’s Sumo Wrestling Club and the Men’s Arm Wrestling Club. The Ashland Institute of Technology was a young student-athlete’s paradise. The school offered more athletic scholarships than any division one college or university in New England. Our only rivals in that area were established athletic powerhouses like world-famous Harvard University and the sturdy Massachusetts Institute of Technology. No other schools even came close.

Miranda Chang and I had tons of wicked fun together. It turns out that I had a lot in common with this tall, voluptuous and very sexy Asian woman. Not the least of which proved to be a love of contact sports, and rough anal sex. Man, Miranda had a voracious appetite for everything. The gal loved her food. She also loved sex. I couldn’t get enough of her sexing. We did it in every way you could think of. I was particularly film izle thrilled to discover that this big beautiful Asian woman absolutely loved it in the ass. Isn’t that cool?

I loved giving Miranda Chang all the backdoor loving that she desperately seemed to crave. Yeah, I knew how to service my woman just the way she liked it. People would have trouble believing that about her but Miranda Chang, the big and tall Chinese woman is actually quite submissive in bed. She loves to be taken in hand. That’s more than okay by me because I absolutely love to dominate her. Make her my own living plaything. What guy wouldn’t want that? Only a submissive wimp would decline her offer. I made Miranda get on all fours and spread her plump golden butt cheeks wide open. Slowly, I rubbed my hand over my long and thick, uncircumcised black super cock. I was savoring the moment. It’s show time!

I pressed my cock against Miranda Chang’s tight asshole. Slowly, I pushed my cock inside her. Miranda had previously asked me to be careful and I intended to honor her request. This isn’t like the anal sex videos you pick up at your friendly neighborhood video store, folks. A lot of preparation goes into this. I fingered Miranda’s asshole for a time, letting her get used to my digits inside her. Then, I made sure both my cock and her asshole were very well lubricated. One of the most essential things in anal penetration is lubrication. Lubrication and patience are key to a happy anal sex experience. Ask any seasoned anal sex adventurer. He or she would tell you the same thing I just did. So, I was very careful as my cock slid deeper and deeper into Miranda Chang’s asshole. One fact that very few people in this world know is that the bigger the woman, the tighter her asshole. It’s the world’s best kept secret. Big women don’t want you to know this because they know anal sex cravers would constantly hound them and demand they give up the booty. They don’t want seks filmi izle that kind of attention, so they stay mum on the subject.

Well, today I share this secret with you. Miranda first shared it with me. I placed my hands on her wide hips, and pushed my cock deeper into her asshole. I absolutely love fucking a big woman in the ass. Their assholes are naturally tighter, warmer and juicier than those of other women. It makes them infinitely more fun to fuck. As Miranda got used to my girth inside her, she began to relax and enjoy. I began to thrust my cock hard and fast into her asshole. Miranda surprised me by demanding more. So I gave it to her. I slammed my cock up her ass like anal sex was about to become illegal. Grabbing her hips tightly, I buried my cock balls deep in her ass. Her asshole gripped my dick like a vise. Just the way I like it.

We established a nice, easy rhythm. I fucked her hard and fast, loving the feel of her asshole around my cock. Miranda’s asshole was stretching nice and easy to accommodate the bulk of my cock. Over the past few months, my dick has widened the big Asian woman’s tight butt hole considerably. We still had a lot of work to do together, though. Our aim is to finally someday reach the level that I consider to be perfection. When my twelve inches of hard black dick fit comfortably inside Miranda’s asshole, we will finally be one. A perfect fit. A wondrous union. Until then, there was much work to be done. We concluded today’s anal workout when I came, flooding her asshole with my manly cum. Miranda squealed happily, thanking me for this unexpected blessing. I hugged her tightly, and gently kissed her ear. She’s the best fuck I’ve ever had. No, I didn’t say that aloud. What are you, crazy?

Thus concluded one of our more romantic anal sex encounters. It was quite fun. Afterwards, Miranda and I lay in each other’s arms. I gave her fantastic plump Asian booty a gentle squeeze, then kissed her good night. I love her fat ass! We wear each other out all damn day. If we’re not in class or playing sports, we’re fucking. Just call it the beauty of the American college experience. Heaven bless America, and big booties!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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