Answering a Bi couples ad for sex. Part 2.

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Answering a Bi couples ad for sex. Part 2.
“Mmmm, that was nice!” she said as she leaned down, wiped her pussy juice from my mouth and kissed me gently on the lips. Looking down at her husband, his mouth still milking the last drop of cum from my cum, she then said, “Too bad you came already, I wanted to fuck you.”

“I hope we are just getting started!” I told her with a smile and purred, “Mmm, I hope so too!”

Her husband started kissing his way up my chest to join us, saying, “You can fuck me too, Stud!”

This had to be a dream! The hottest, horniest couple ever!

He moved his face towards mine and kissed my neck. I reached down and felt his cock, it was wet and sticky from his leaking pre cum. I felt him swell and get wonderfully hard in my hand. He moaned in my ear. She grabbed my still saliva and cum covered cock and stroked my softly. I turned to look at her, she was so beautiful, dark hair and tan skin. I pulled her towards me and kissed her. She opened her mouth and I dove my tongue inside. Our tongues touched and danced, I was getting hard again. She moaned in my mouth as she felt my cock stiffen in her hand.

She straddled me and positioned herself over my cock, with her hand, she guided me inside her. She cooed as her wet, tight pussy slid down my shaft. She felt incredible and as she moved herself up and down me, her husband took the opportunity to position himself over me and pushed his totally shaved cock and balls in my face. His big beautiful shaft throbbed before me and I licked the pre cum from his tip. He tasted sweet and I traced circles around his cock’s head with my mouth and tongue before wrapping my lips around him and sliding them down his hard shaft.

I could hear his wife’s moans as she rode me and he pulled his dick from my lips and turned around, then leaned over and stuck his ass in my face. I knew exactly what he wanted.

I reached out and held his hips. Bending him over, I pushed my face between his ass cheeks and tongued and ate his sweet little hole. I squeezed and caressed his ass with my hands as I licked him and he reached back and stroked the side of my head in appreciation. His wife moaned, “Yes, yes, yes!” she was cumming again! This time on my cock! She was incredible! She really got off on watching her husband with another man, I guess!

She collapsed down on the bed next to us and he took her place on my cock. Lowering himself down onto my pussy juice lubed shaft, I watched as he closed his eyes and bit his lower lip. He clearly loved to be fucked and filled his asshole with my dick.

His beautiful cock slapped and slid against my stomach as he rode me, leaving slick and sticky trails of clear pre cum. I began to stroke him and he froze in place. His body shook and he came in my hand. Warm, thick jizz spilled out of him and onto my stomach and I felt his tight little ass clench down on my cock. He trembled and moaned, lust in pleasure.

His wife had been laying back and with one hand rubbing her tits and the other rubbing her pussy, she watched me fucking her husband. “Cum inside him” she said.

Her husband moved to all fours and I shoved my cock straight back into him, making him shutter and moan. I held his hips, I gripped into them hard and pounded my hard cock into his asshole. I watched her as she rubbed her clit furiously and felt his tight ass caress my cock. He felt sooo good and she looked soooo beautiful, I came so hard and yelled out as I filled his asshole deep with sperm. They both yelled out, “Yes! Yes!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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