Changing Jane (pt. 1)

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Changing Jane (pt. 1)
Jane is a middle-aged woman, in her mid-40s, with remarkable eyes, wavy honey hair, and a few freckles on her sweet face. She’s always been a preppy lady, dressing nice and stylish, like a fashionista, and has been an amazing career woman, focusing on the company she’s working for and doing long hours. This took a toll on her personal life, and she’s been alone ever since she’s finished her MBA. She has had the occasional boyfriend and a handful of relationships that went sour because of her long hours at work, but she’s never been married or had any c***dren.

It’s Monday, the alarm bell rings at 04:00 exactly, the time Jane has set it up, so that she can wake up, get ready to go to the gym, and come home for some breakfast and a quick shower before she leaves for work at 07:00. As always, she’s up within 2 minutes of the alarm ringing, and promptly changes into her gym clothes, which are quite revealing of her toned silhouette and curves. She’s wearing a nice top, which covers her nicely shaped breasts, and is up to her tummy, while her pants are really tight, revealing her meticulously toned thighs and ass.

Being a bit of an exhibitionist, Jane rarely wears underwear or bra when she goes to the gym, as she believes they don’t allow her to perform the exercises correctly and get in her way. Usually, when Jane’s at the gym there are rarely more than 3-4 people around, whom she knows on a first name basis, but today, there was another man, who caught her eye. He was tall, looked like an ancient Greek sculpture, with clearly defined muscles, who could easily overpower her petite figure, or lift her up with one hand if he wanted to. When she saw him, her legs started to wobble and her pussy started to get wet, as she hadn’t been with a man for roughly a year, since the last time her now ex-boyfriend stopped having sex with her. George saw her staring at him, as she took little precautions to not be noticed, and moved up to her, as he was returning a few weights back to the rack, and smiled, while saying good morning to her. She smiled back, but her pussy had a different mind, and got even more wet, making a small nice spot on her pants, revealing to George that she wasn’t wearing any underwear, as if he couldn’t tell by the way her nipples were showing through her top.

They started talking a bit while they were resting from in-between their workouts, and arranged to have dinner later, after their workday had finished, now Jane was completely lost! How could she let a man, let alone THAT man, arrange for dinner with her on the first day they met? Did he have a magical aura around him that made him irresistible? How could he ask her so easily to go out? Did he know her age? What about her secret fetishes? The questions passed quickly again and again from Jane’s head while she was getting ready for work, and she remembered how easily she gave him her phone number… This George guy must have been something else she thought.

The hours passed quickly as Jane was at work, but her pussy was freakishly wet with anxiety and horniness, after all, it didn’t have a cock inside it for so long, and it was craving for George’s cock. It was causing her issues all day, as it was demanding attention, and she hated it for that, as she had to go to the bathroom multiple times to make it relax and dry herself up. The hours passed quickly, and she was soon home getting ready for her date. She put on a sexy black dress, with a long, revealing back, no bra, and no panties, and left for the restaurant. George waited for her there, and she quickly found him and sat on their table, which was elegantly decorated, like any fine dining restaurant would be. They talked for some time, enjoyed some wonderful dishes, and sipped some excellent wine. Before leaving, George suggested she accompanied him to his place, for some slow music and wine, and Jane said yes, as she was mesmerized by his mind and body. She would soon find out though, that there was more than that, way more than that.

Reaching George’s apartment, Jane was awed by the neighborhood and the place George was staying, the infamous 740 Park Avenue, where most billionaires call home. Who was this guy? Why did he stay here? Was he THAT rich? Thoughts quickly passed her mind, as they were going up the elevator and into George’s lavish apartment. There was art everywhere, not the cheap art you find in IKEA, but real art, like a Van Gogh painting. George noticed Jane’s discomfort and settled her down, by reassuring her that everything’s fine. He went on to pour some nice wine, while Jane was dumbfounded by what she was seeing, could she really be so lucky, or was she another trophy on this man’s list? She didn’t care now, her pussy was pulsating and she wanted to be fucked like no tomorrow…

George came in with the wine, and as they were sipping their first sip, he grabbed her by the waist and brought her really close to him, where she just leaned on and kissed him passionately, surprising George a bit, though he knew she was hungry for more. Once she was done with the kiss, he whispered in her ear that if she’s a good girl, the two will have an amazing time together.

That was it, her pussy got out of control, and her brain stopped functioning, she kissed him again, with even more passion, and told him she’d be the best girl he’s ever seen, while grabbing his cock with her other hand, stroking it fiercely. Once it was hard, she unzipped his pants, and took it in her mouth, much to George’s pleasant surprise, sucking it, licking it, and even biting it lightly to play with it a bit. George told her that he knew she was a good girl, but he didn’t know that she was such a good slut, so he’d treat her now as his own little slut. Her pussy went into overdrive and she changed her rhythm to bring him to orgasm even faster, chocking herself from time to time, much to George’s pleasure, and ultimately, to his first big orgasm for the night. As soon as his first orgasm was done by her excellent sucking skills, he lift her up, and undressed her, then moved to a closet and brought a nice little collar and a leash.

George: “Let’s put these on slut, I bet you’ll look even hotter in just your collar and leash”

Jane: “Mmmmmm… Now you’re talking, are you sure you want to go down this road?”

George: “Haha, you really ask me that question? After acting up like that on me?”

Jane: “Yeap, I want to know, are you sure? Can you control me? Can you handle me? I’m not easy, I have some really dark needs George…”

George: “In that case slut, you can just call me Sir from now on, and know that I’m your owner until I’m bored of you, or until you’re bored of me, is that understood?”

Jane: “Yes Sir!”

George: “Good slut, now tidy up your clothes and let’s proceed with that interesting night.”

Jane: “Yes Sir!”

She quickly hastened to tidy up her clothes from the floor onto a chair, and followed him into the living room, all naked, horny, and with a pussy pulsating and needing pleasure more than anything else.

George: “Good slut, you see you’re not the only one with dark needs, I’ve got my own, and I love controlling little fucktoys like yourself, breeding them from time to time, and transforming them into my own personal a****ls”

Jane: “Mmmmmm… I love being a fucktoy Sir, and I love it even more when I’m a good a****l, who will make my owner proud by any means necessary, however, Sir should know that I’m living a normal life as well, as a lawyer at a prestigious legal firm, so caution and care with what Sir has in mind, ok?”

George: “Don’t worry slut, I won’t leave any permanent marks on your body, your mind however will want more and more…”

Jane: “Ok Sir, in that case, let’s play and see where it leads us”

Jane couldn’t believe the words she was saying, how could she comply that easily? She just met the guy! Her pussy was on overdrive and she wanted to be used and abused by that guy so much!

George: “Come here slut, I want to see those holes of yours, while I’m deciding between fucking you with a condom or going bareback on you”

Jane: “Yes Sir, though you should know that I prefer bareback, as long as you can provide me with a recent d**g and Disease free paper, within the last couple of days”

George: “Sure slut, open the upper top drawer of my desk, you’ll find it on the top of the bunch of papers ”

Jane: “Mmmmmm… Nice, now we can finally fuck ourselves crazy, and Sir, please cum deep inside my pussy, I want to feel your cock pulsating when it’s cumming inside me.”

George: “I’ll try slut, though I can’t promise anything, now come here and spread your pussy and cheeks, I want to see what I am getting.”

Jane: “Yes Sir!”

Jane quickly got on the couch, got on all 4s and spread her pussy and ass cheeks wide apart, showing her tight holes and her soaking wet pussy…

George: “My my, someone’s seriously wet I see, mmmmm… Nice…” He ran a finger up her pussy and deep inside her cunt. “you taste amazing slut, did you know that?”

Jane’s face blushed, “mmmm, thank you Sir!” she replied, “I’m glad you like this toy’s taste!”

“Well, it’s pretty obvious that this slut needs some attention in her pussy, but what about her ass?” He replied, “Let’s see if it’s as tight as it looks…” George quickly inserted a finger in her pussy, lubed it up with her cunt juices, and proceeded to insert it on her asshole, which was resisting insertion, until he spat on it and slowly started to make his way back in. “Mmmmmm… it’s tight, I like it…”

“thank you Sir! ” she replied, “does Sir like what he sees?”

“Yes slut, I do, now that pleasantries are over, it’s time for you to get what you’re begging for since you came inside…” and with one move he unzipped his pants, took them off, and let his cock wild into the open, in full erection. “Let’s start by breeding this pussy, until it’s oozing nothing but cum from its hole. I suppose you don’t mind becoming my cum dumpster, are you now?”

“No Sir! This cum dumpster would like to be fucked by her owner, and do what her owner wishes when they’re together!” She replied, much to her surprise. How could he do that? How could he know all her dirty thoughts so fast?

“Good”, he replied, thrusting his hard cock deep inside her pussy, without caring if she’s wet or not, which she was, coming completely out, and then back in, again and again, until she started to moan like a bitch “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, please Sir, can this whore cum?” she asked, “not yet whore, you will cum when your owner allows you to!” he replied, “mmmmmmmm, but Sir, I can’t hold this any longer… please, may I cum???” she replied with eyes in ecstasy and agony, waiting for his reply, “then cum slut, but know that from now on, your orgasms belong to me!” he replied. Jane came on the spot, squirting her owner, and wetting the floor and the sofa…

“Good slut, now, you can be bred easier…” he replied, and after a few more thrusts, George also came deep inside her pussy, which brought another strong orgasm with Jane. “Now, slut, lick up your mess like a good little whore, and be prepared for examination!” George said, as he put on some black latex gloves, “I want to see how my slut’s body responds to various stimuli and some really nice words I have in mind for you.”

Jane quickly licked her juices from the floor and sat where she came, waiting for her owner to come back with the tools of examination. George came in with a nice leather bag, that had his initials, opened it, and took out a speculum, a hose, and a marker. “First of all, let’s imprint a few words on your body, and on your mind slut, so that you never forget what you are:

• Cum dumpster
• Whore
• Slut
• Fucktoy
• Hole
• Bitch
• Slave

He wrote these words in Jane’s horror on her body, hole was written right above her pussy, cum dumpster was written on her breasts, slut on her forehead, bitch on her tummy, as was fucktoy, and slave on her upper chest, near the collar bones. As he was writing these words, her pussy was getting wetter and wetter, and George noticed it. “So the bitch likes humiliation eh? Now we get to play more with that later…”

Jane froze a bit, “what did he mean by that? Play with humiliation? How could he humiliate her more?” she wondered… “Don’t worry cunt, you’ll enjoy the humiliation process, I’m sure” he replied. “I’m thinking of inviting a few friends over tomorrow and having you as our main entertainment, using you and abusing you, fucking you, breeding you, and having you as our main fucktoy and pleasure hole, would you like that slave?” He asked… “You mean that you want to expose me like this?” She replied… “Yes cunt, that’s exactly what I mean!” He responded… “But that’s … ummm… not right Sir, I, I, I don’t want to” she said, “well, if you want me to be your owner, you’ll trust my judgement, besides, what’s wrong in entertaining a few of my friends like this? Worst case scenario they’ll fuck you, best case scenario, you’ll enjoy it, and you’ll please your owner a lot!” Jane froze, having a gangbang was one of her fantasies, but how could he know that? How could he know that she loved being a slut?

George: “Don’t worry slut, tonight you’ll go home as you are, but I want you here tomorrow evening, with those exact words written on your body, and you’ll entertain me and my friends the way I say so, is that crystal clear? If you don’t come, I will be pretty disappointed…”

Jane: “Yes Sir! I’ll be there for you tomorrow, and for your friends, but please, don’t make me service them… I beg you!”

George: “We will see tomorrow slut, now, you need to rest, let me drive you home, and we’ll talk more tomorrow…”

Jane: “Thank you Sir! I can’t wait to see you tomorrow again” her mind was off, how could she say that? How could she beg him not to be used? How could she not resist him and tell him to fuck off? She knew that she was captured now, that her submissive self had finally took over, and she loved it.

Jane enjoyed the way back home, as she was right next to her owner, who was fondling with her clitty along the ride, holding her right on the edge, and stopped caressing her right before they arrived at Jane’s building. “that’s me she said”, “good”, he replied,

George: “now, be a nice lady and wait for tomorrow my slut, I want you tomorrow to be at your horniest, so no touching when you’re alone, ok?”

Jane: “yes Sir!”

George: “ok, I’ll pick you up at 21:00, and make sure you have the night off from work, I don’t want work to ruin our time together…”

Jane: “yes Sir! I’ll try to!”

Jane’s mind was buzzing with emotions, hormones, and thoughts as she laid in her bed that night, how could she do all that? Be used like a fucktoy by a bunch of men tomorrow? She fell asleep with her thoughts and woke up to her alarm clock next morning for her morning routine, as she waited for the time to pass by…

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