Humiliated Whoresextoy -Diary of a Public Faggy

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Humiliated Whoresextoy -Diary of a Public Faggy
Again, straight from the cheap whore’s hands, this time he gets to serve a dominant married male that knows how to put fags where they belong to.
This story is real, you may wonder how he gets to this kind of situations so easily, I will post how it all begun on the next story post!

“…His other buddy told him about me, and he got really curious about me so he went to look for me in my cellphone booth. Then he quietly asked “So my buddy told me that you sucked him off and all that… is it true? ” so I smirked and said that I was indeed doing it all and that I would gladly do it for him, for his friends and any other males he can find within the store.
He liked the idea and asked if I can give him a blowjob with no charge and I said that I don’t need payment, only if you think I deserve it, but it’ll be a tip.
Then we both went into the dressing room, and then on the shower (to hide, not to shower), and well…
He was a recommendation from a guy I gave a blowjob. my approach was always stare at the bulges…. n///n;;
Sometimes my muzzle be open while staring at them, or sometimes shower and sometimes peek at the other shower cubes
Well, I was servicing him like the other males. He asked why I do that and I told him that I was doing this because of guilty pleasure and because I wanted to be a slut.
His dick was brown, cut, and was musky, his dick was 7inches long, normal size balls, the taste was a bit bitter but I dealt with it because it was a dick~ He was a bit thick too which made it more appealing~ ! X3
Then I started to give him some soft suckings, licks and laps around his dick, rubbing his leg and sometimes nuzzling his balls. Then he said that he wanted me to entertain him more with my muzzle which I did. I started to deepthroat him (gagging a lot too, he liked that) though he never fucked my muzzle, I did all the work. Got a lot of saliva on his dick, gave him a few throat humps and suckle hard sometimes , followed by a paw job. Then he wanted me to look up to him which I did and then he spit on my face and called me a good bitch and that I was making him cheat on his wife but didn’t care because nobody would ever know about this~
Then I offered him my bum, I grinded his dick against my bum and my tail star and I could feel him grind against it and wanting to hump it but I wanted to tease him more so I sandwiched his dick between my cheeks and started to stroke his dick with my bum while he was holding my bumcheeks. Then he couldn’t hold it anymore and pressed it against me, then he grabbed my neck, pulled me against him and spit on my face again calling me a cheap sexwhoretoy. He started to hump me harder and deeper and he was really eager to do me harder. He pushed me against the wall and started to hump me and press his body against my own while my own body was against the wall, unable to move , just take his dick like a good gurl.
Then he picked me up from the floor (he was a strong person too), pressed my back against the wall, lowered my body a little and started to hump me against the wall , while I was hugging his neck while getting those rough thrusts <3 Few minutes later, he came in the condom, so I grabbed it and eagerly drinnk his cum, he spit on my face again and called me a sex-slave. He grabbed the condom and smeared the cum around my face, took his clothes and left. "

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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