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She is 5’6″ tall and 36C-30-32 vivacious, and attractive, a divorcee and lives over 100 miles away from me here in Stoke.
She is right, handed. Her sex has no hair is waxed with small lips
She believes she deserve pain because she is a flirty tart who can’t say no to her next orgasm she has had cane once and had crop a few times, and I miss her sorely as ladies of this calibre don’t grow on trees in my area.

We will call her Ann for this transcript to save her any embarrassment if she ever reads this
It happened in 2015 and was not the first time.

Hi sweety why you not chatting
Ann I haven’t checked emails yet, been watching lots of videos today, been very close to climax several times but haven’t let myself finish, not been chatting to anyone lol I have 22 unanswered messages!!!

Alibodge really my dear step into my parlour,
what video types have we been at then my sweet,
Ann Some bdms ones
Alibodge been wishing you were the victim?
Ann oh god I wish 🙂
Alibodge and me been here all day wondering what you were doing, what can we do together then, perhaps you can tell me exactly what your wearing to start with
Ann teasing myself in just skirt and blouse
Alibodge I will do the teasing miss, I think I can manage…no undies?
Ann I have undies on!
Alibodge And me thinking you would tell an old codger like me how you have been exciting yourself
Ann I am wearing a black bra, black panties, black satin suspender belt, black seamed stockings and 4″court shoes I have been teasing myself with my fingertips down my panties and in my blouse
Alibodge god girl my imagination is running wild, last time together you wore 14 pegs for me, what shall we try today?
Ann I don’t have the pegs here
Alibodge well then what shall we do then
Alibodge do you have your dildo?
Ann If you want pegs I will get them but yes I have my dildo, it’s usually close!
Alibodge: do you want a little pegging then?
Ann you decide!
Alibodge the question is what YOU want; do you want pleasure or pain?
Ann then I want to be pegged, heavily pegged
Alibodge I was hoping you would have been, fetch the peg bag
Anne If you were here I’d take both
Alibodge but I am not am I, so fetch the peg bag
Ann I will,
[There is a pause]
Ann I have the peg bag
Alibodge first we will play a little
Alibodge this time though as you hate being undressed you may choose which items of underclothing you wish to retain, however I will decide each move for you
Ann I would like to retain my stockings and suspender belt please… bra optional
Alibodge I am waiting to supply you with an orgasm so I got that, we will start this time by you taking out a number of pegs and lay them on the top to hand, as many as YOU decide Ann oh gods do I have to choose?
Alibodge yes its part of the job
Ann damn
Alibodge mind games
Ann I’m so turned on
Alibodge pegs….
Ann I choose 25
3Alibodge add 4 pegs and lye the bag out of the way
Ann 29?
Alibodge true that`s the number
Ann oh Christ I was joking at 25!
Alibodge you chose…lol, remove the blouse
Ann yes sir
Alibodge where would you least like pegs
Ann I don’t know
Alibodge just answer the questions
Ann on my lips
Alibodge; oh yes, facial or sexual?
Ann gods, facial would look stupid.
Alibodge stand up…you only need answer yes,
Alibodge; So what? I can`t see you can I …is the bra a peephole or a full or platform?
Ann full bra
Alibodge OK slide the panties off completely, but leave the skirt
Ann ok
Ann done
Alibodge spit the pegs in two unequal halves, a left pile and a right
Ann ok
Alibodge now tell me how many in the right
4alibodge now we have 29 pegs if we take a line across the navel how many will we put above and how many below, the left is for the top
Alibodge ok this will hurt sweety and its time to begin…..ready?
Ann yes, sir please

Ann god my eyes are watering already
Alibodge if that`s what you want then 17 below the waist and 12 above
take the first peg, and lift the skirt attach the peg to the inside of the right leg
Ann I want
Alibodge do the same on the left
Ann yes
Alibodge that`s 2, we will leave the bra on
Ann thank you sir
Alibodge one slightly to the left of a nipple
Ann yes
Alibodge now the other side of the same nipple
Ann yes
Alibodge that`s 4, do the same to the other breast
Ann yes…done
Alibodge 6, a second beside the first on the each breast
Ann ah, yes
Alibodge 10 your half way, flip the skirt up again and add two pegs next to the first pair
Ann; Yes sir, above or below?
Alibodge above and in a line towards your lovely sex thats14 now the next will have beaten your record now tell me what each area is like
Ann I have two pegs other side of my nipples and two on each t each thigh,
Alibodge I know that, now explain the feeling
Ann tingling ache, pinching me but exciting, like I`m on fire in places
Alibodge the next pair is for the nipples left then right
Ann gods …done
Alibodge now sit down open the legs and flip the skirt up
Ann yes, gods I look a sight
Alibodge take you index finger and place it on your clitorise gently stir it round that little bud
Alibodge now take another peg
Ann god I am so close how do you do this to me?
Alibodge this one goes outside the outer lips between the leg and the count, go on now one on the other side
Ann ah Jesus, yes, sir …done

Alibodge now miss if you can stand the next one for a few moments I will let you off the rest, if not we will do the remainder
Alibodge place one on your clit
Ann no gods no please I’ll come!
Alibodge count to five slowly
Alibodge is it on
Ann panting
Alibodge wait
[Count of 5]
Alibodge take it off and rub it to enjoy
Ann god I’ll come
Alibodge have you not yet?
Ann mmm
Alibodge that`s the idea
Ann on the edge
Alibodge gently finger that clit then
Alibodge gently I said
Ann ohhhgods!
Alibodge now you may remove the leg pegs, the crutch ones and all bar the nipple ones
Ann yes, gods yes, thank you
Alibodge have you come down yet
Ann trembling
Alibodge now take a drink, your dry, next we will open the story each second paragraph still with the nipple pegs flip back to here and I wish you to comment so I can gauge the reaction
[this is one of the stories on my profile written for her and up the day before]
Ann gods, ok
Alibodge one day as soon as I can I want to peg you for real miss
Alibodge we begin at chapter 3
Ann gray bra and knickers and I’m lying face down on the bed
Ann He’s gagged me
Alibodge oh you`r that far on ok go on then
Ann camera on timed shots
Alibodge; and what effect has it?
Ann oh fucking Jesus I’m wet again
Alibodge 1 to 10 ten being an orgasm 1 mildly interested
Ann tied with him teasing me? 7 maybe 8
Alibodge ah good
Ann fuck, he’s just given me the collar
Alibodge ok
Ann may I use my dildo?
Alibodge Of course! Sorry I forgot it!
Ann thank you
Alibodge keep reading and telling me how things are
Ann oh god he’s in me
Alibodge talk it into you then
Ann Jesus can`t type surf and read as use this [I can`t type and use this]
Alibodge then leave the thing in deep and read…lol
Alibodge we will use that at the end
Ann o god, a wind chime!
Alibodge yes
Ann ah Jesus you are so good at this~!
Alibodge you must read it again slowly tomorrow, now take hold of our big black friend
Ann; Thank you
Alibodge gently…ease it to the door of the hole…now slide it all the way in…right till its fully in…YOU CAN DO IT YOU HAVE PRACTISED!
Ann yessss
Alibodge can you feel the end right inside,
Ann oh god yes
Alibodge wriggle it
Alibodge now slowly ease it out to the mouth again
Alibodge just the end in the mouth and finger that clit for me
Alibodge ok?
Alibodge remove the right peg and don`t stop strumming that clit
Alibodge; ok?
Ann oh my god yes
Alibodge now the other peg, still strumming
Alibodge pull the black cock right out and kiss the end
Alibodge still keep strumming
Ann damn oh damn I wish you were here…

Alibodge put it back in, in one swift stroke all the way
Alibodge I wish I was there girl
Ann oh god, are you going to make me come twice?
Alibodge at least
Alibodge is it all the way in
Ann in
Alibodge you`d better be still strumming girl,
Alibodge slowly fetch it to the mouth again
Alibodge all the way in
Ann yes
Alibodge now leave it and run the finger from your clit down through the lips
Alibodge keep it going till your rosebud
Ann fuck
Alibodge rosebud finger into the ring
Alibodge rotate it
Alibodge count to five still strumming and revolving
Alibodge strumming hand now to nipple
Alibodge and pinch
Ann godimgoing to cum
Alibodge ring finger to clit
Alibodge squeeze that nipple hard
Alibodge HARDER
Alibodge now release and stop, time to rest my sweet
Alibodge I didn`t say remove our black friend we may need him more yet
Ann ohfucking christ
Alibodge now tell me what was that like
Ann crazy, felt amazing, really rushed up on me, felt like I was being controlled, like a puppet
Alibodge beats videos don`t it
Ann god you’re good
Ann that`s the finest compliment I can ever remember in this context my sweet, you are pretty fantastic yourself and you read a lot faster than I can type…lol
Ann good content makes me eager you touch something inside me that I need to have touched occasionally
Alibodge or is it just that your high now and will think different tomorrow…lol
Ann that’s possible too lol I`m wet n so weak when you added the extra peg`s, I thought I was being outrageous with 25!

She came down slowly then, but a month after she left me, having so many other admirers, she was finding life hard and exhausting and she needed to work.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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