18 Today

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18 Today
Julie had just turned 18 and was looking forward to graduation. She had just 10 more days of school and she would be going off to collage in the fall. She had a full summer planned for herself, which included a large amount of time with her older sister Kathy. Kathy was already in collage and they were going to be roommates again. Just like when they had been growing up. Their parents had never figured out why they did not mind sharing the room that had been their bedroom since they had both been old enough to sleep in their own room. Moreover, it was probably a good thing that they had not figured it out too. Because if they had been paying attention to their daughters they would have realized that, their two young daughters were in fact sisters that shared everything including their own bodies and boyfriends, with each other.

The guys that they dated didn’t seem to mind that if he had sex with one of the girls that he had to in turn do the same with the other sister. In fact, they had both lost their innocence on the same night to the same guy. He was 19 when it happened, his name was Adam, and he was a senior at the time. Julie was only 15, which made Kathy 16. He was Kathy’s boyfriend at the time and Julie had gone with them on a date under the pretense that she was going on a blind date with Adams younger brother.

However, the plans had already been made for the three of them to have sex. Therefore, the brother was just a cover that Adam had helped to perpetuate so that he could have two virgins in one night. By the time it was over both girls knew that sex with a guy was fun but not as much fun as with a girl, especially with a girl that was your sister.

Julie slipped out of bed and began to get everything ready for her morning shower. She would need a really hot outfit for today because she was meeting Sylvia this morning before school, and she wanted to make sure that she was ready for the gift that Sylvia was sure to give her. Sylvia was a mom from down the street that she had been having an affair with since Julie was 14. Sylvia had two young c***dren that Julie babysat for when ever Sylvia wanted to go out on a weekend night. Moreover, after Sylvia got home she would pay Julie and then tip her by giving her a really hot session in bed. It had all started out innocent enough. Sylvia was a friend of the family and asked if Julie would like to make some money from time to time on the weekend. Julie had not realized at the time that Sylvia was bi-sexual. It was not until about two months later when Sylvia had come home with a woman that Julie had figured it out. After that, it was a simple matter to get into bed with Sylvia and convince her to have sex with a very well developed 14yr old girl.

As Julie looked through her drawer of sexy lingerie, she realized that she knew exactly what she was going to wear. She had just gotten a new bra and panty set that had a garter belt and stockings that was part of the set. In addition, she would match it with the pink mini that she had gotten from her sister for Christmas this year. She knew it would be perfect because it was just short enough to show everything if she wanted to but also made in such a way that she could easily cover the fact of what she was wearing while she was at school. She pulled everything out that she would need to get ready and headed to the bathroom across the hall to take her shower.

She did not even consider putting on her robe for the quick trip across the hall because she enjoyed the idea of her father seeing her naked. She loved to show off for him and did so as often as she could. Though the thought of her father seeing her did not compare to the excitement that she felt when her mom got to see her naked body. After Julie discovered the ecstasy of sex with other women, she had started to become increasingly attracted to the idea of sex with her mom. However, she had never done anything about it and probably never would. It was a good way to get satisfaction when there was no one else for her to enjoy.

As Julie entered the bathroom, she put her things on the counter and sat down for her morning ritual. She would pee and then bring herself to orgasm before she got into the shower. She finished peeing and reached between her legs to insert two fingers into her still piss-wet hole. She knew she didn’t need to worry about lube because she was already wet enough from thinking about what was going to happen when she got to Sylvia’s house this morning. She started to work her fingers in and out of her hole and it was not long before she could feel the familiar tingle in her upper thighs that signaled the start of her orgasm. Then she felt her muscles tighten around her fingers and the rush of pee as she lost control of her body in the orgasm. After she had calmed down a bit she pulled her sticky fingers from herself and gingerly cleaned each one by licking her juice off them.

Julie then got up and climbed into the tub for a nice hot shower. As she washed herself, she thought about how she would do her hair and what color of makeup she would use. She had already decided on everything by the time she finished her shower and climbed out onto the bath mate to dry herself off. However, she did not realize until she turned to pick up her panties to put the on that her mom was in the room with her. Alice was standing in front of the counter where Julie had placed her clothes and she was wearing a really sexy nightly, with a look on her face that immediately told Julie that her mother was determined to fuck her little girls brains right out of her head.

Julie felt an immediate stir between her legs and knew that she would have to shower again before she could go to see Sylvia because if she didn’t she would have her own cream on her thighs, as well as what ever her mom put there.

Alice broke the silence by asking Julie how she looked. And, without a second thought, she blurted out that she looked good enough to eat. It did not even register until after she had said it that she was talking to her mother and that she had just given herself away as a bi-sexual. However, by then it was too late. Alice then took a step closer to Julie and pulled her daughter into her arms for their first of many passionate embarrasses of that morning. Without a second thought, Julie began to let her hands roam over her mother’s soft sexy body and right down her back to her firm sexy ass. Julie knew then without a doubt that that she would get her chance to taste the one woman that she had been dreaming of since she was 12 and her sister had showed her how it felt to have a girl like the nectar from between her puffy hairless lips.

She had, on several occasions, tasted her mother’s juice, but it was always second hand, by way of her mom’s sex soaked panties. She would slip into their bedroom in the morning after she knew that her parents had made love the night before and she would get the panties that were lying close to the bed. That is where mom always left them when they had sex. Almost as if to let her know that, this pair was the ones that she wanted to get. Moreover, she was always rewarded with a pair that was usually still wet and occasionally even had evidence of her father having left a little on the panties himself.

However, this time it would be different. Julie knew that they had made love the night before. She had heard her mother moaning and begging her father to fill her full of his man juice. So there was no doubt in Julie’s mind that she would get to taste her father as well as her mother.

She began to kiss her way down the length of her mother’s neck to the peeks of her firm size 36c breasts. As she got close to her mothers nipples she pulled the cups of the outfit down to expose her mothers erect nipples. Julie knew that this was starting to really get to her mom because her mother had slid a hand t the back of Julie’s head as if to guide her to the nipple that she wanted Julie to start with.

Julie still had one hand on her mom’s ass and began to rub and squeeze it as she worked her hand between her mom’s legs toward the pussy that was her goal. As her fingers moved closer to their goal, Julie felt the snaps that held the outfit closed between her moms legs, and began to pull on them. At the same time, she had begun to suck on her mom’s nipple as if there were nothing else that mattered to her in the whole world. Moreover, Alice was moaning louder than Julie had ever heard her mother get before. Julie knew then that she was doing the right thing and, as the crotch of the outfit came open, Julie pushed two fingers immediately into her mothers dripping wet hole. Alice instantly stiffened her whole body and let out a sigh. Then she spread her legs to give Julie greater access to the hole that Julie was so intent on filling with her soft young fingers.

It didn’t take long for Alice to orgasm for the first time, and Julie slide her fingers out of her mother and straight into her own mouth to taste for the first time her mothers fresh sex juice. Julie then pulled her mother to the floor so that she could taste her mother directly. And, with that in mind pushed, Alice’s legs open and buried her face in the pussy that had given her life.

After another 10 minutes, Alice had her second orgasm and decided to turn the tables on Julie. She gently pulled her daughter up so that they could kiss and Alice tasted for the first time her sex juice from her daughter’s lips. Alice then rolled them over and began to kiss her way down her daughter’s smooth, tan body to taste the pussy that she had been waiting for 6 years to taste.

Without either of her daughters knowing it, she had been watching them have sex with each other since the beginning. Alice had been watching when they had first tasted each other and had been waiting for the day that Julie turned 18 so that she could live out her fantasy. Alice had known for a while that Julie was using her dirty panties to masturbate with, because she had found a pair of her own panties in Julie’s laundry hamper, and the panties looked as if they were clean, but she knew that they couldn’t be because she did all the laundry. In addition, she had not washed this pair since the last time she and her husband had made love. After that discovery she had started to leave her panties on during sex and would make sure that when she slipped out of them in the morning that they were still wet from the night’s activities.

As Alice slipped her tongue between her daughter’s wet inner lips to entice her clit, she knew that she would never be able to stop giving herself to her daughter, anytime that Julie wanted it. Even if it meant letting her husband know that she was having an i****tuous affair with their youngest daughter. It was at that moment that Alice pushed her tongue into her daughter’s love canal for the first time and began to draw Julie’s juice out and into her own mouth. Julie began to moan and writhe on the floor and beg for more.

Alice could tell that Julie was getting close to orgasm and she wanted to know what Julie felt like on the inside as she hit her peek. So, without warning Alice plunged two fingers as deep into Julie as she could and was immediately rewarded by Julie tightening her muscles and letting out a moan of satisfaction. In addition, as Julie hit her peek she surprised her mother by letting go of a gush of sex juice and pee the likes of which she had never felt. It was not long and Alice had her mouth back over her daughter’s sweet pussy for another round of tongue-lashing and a second orgasm that was enough to fill her mother’s mouth with fluid. Which her mother greedily drank to the last drop.

Alice then kissed her way back up Julie’s body to her mouth for another wet tongue kiss so that she could share the taste she had still in her mouth with her new lover. After a long kiss, the two rose from the floor and climbed back into the shower together for the first of many mother-daughter showers that they would share. They took their time washing each other and even took the time to give each other one last orgasm before they had to get out and get on with their respective days.

After the lovemaking and shower with her mom was done, Julie began to get dressed. She looked at the time and realized that in order for her to make her date with Sylvia she would have to miss at least her first two classes, and decided that it would be worth it just to get the birthday present that she knew was waiting for her.

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