19 Yo Marcus’s First White Ass

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19 Yo Marcus’s First White Ass
My phone rang one evening it was Marcus a hot black young 19 yo college stud packing a nice 8 inches…..Hey what you up to later tonight …..Nothing much I said you need some relief I asked him…..Yeah looking to get out about 10 tonight after I do some homework he said….Sure I said would love to take care of you ….Ok see you later he said….Hey hey he said before hanging up….Yeah what I asked….Hey looking to do that butt tonight if you want me to ….Ok up to you then …..

Now I had met Marcus at the grocery store where I shop a few months earlier. He lived with his mom up the main street in an apt complex and He came over a few times when he needed his cock sucked. He liked watching the porn while I sucked his cock and balls while dressed in the panties and garters and other girl attire stuff I have. He loved the way I sucked his cock and took his sweet big load of cum. He said one day he was gonna try out some anal he had never done it before…..

So it seemed to me like Marcus was ready to try it out from what he said on the phone….

I was all excited thinking about his cock it had been 3 weeks since I seen him anyway and looked forward to having his up my butt finally….So I cleaned up good and showered and put on some Panties and garters and stuff as he always likes and got ready for him…The last time he was here I did manage to slip one of my fingers up his virgin asshole while I was blowing him ,He liked it somewhat and said it felt intense when he blew his load last time and even managed to give his smooth black ass a lil rimming he liked it…..

He rang the side bell and I opened the door …..hey babe I said…..whats up ……Nu much studying and work and shit he said….Well you need a lil drink yeah he said gonna go take a shower, ok ….sure I said….He had showered here a few times at my house…..I made his a rum and Coke and sat it on the counter…..

He came out of the shower with a towel wrap and got his drink and sat on the sofa….Whew man that felt good he said…Well I’am glad you feeling good then I said…..Moving his towel wrap and playing with his cock while he sipped his drink…

Put on one of them movies ….Ok I said….So I put on a dvd and He started watching and I sat back down and layed my head in his lap moving the towel wrap away rubbing his balls and massaging his cock while he worked the remote control for the dvd player…..He was soon good and hard and I began sucking the head of his black 19 yo 8 in cock again working on it slowly and savoring the tasty flavor of his cock going down deeper and deeper he was in his usual soft moaning sound making as I pleasured his rod up and down with my mouth…..oh suck it suck it suck it good he said…oh yeah…..

After about 10 min or so his dick was getting even harder and I thought he might blow…Is that feeling good baby I asked him….Yeah want me to try out that ass I’am about ready he said….Ok if you are I said……yeah I’am ready he said….

I got up went to the bathroom got a sheet and towel and the lube and laid it out on the floor….He got up and layed on side of me on the floor …..How you want me to do it he asked? ……..You want me doggy style ? I said …..Yeah ok that’s good he said . He got the ky and applied some on my asshole with his finger……Yeah work it in baby with your finger I told him…..as he was lubing my asshole as he watched the porn movie on the muted tv……I was in the garter and stockings as he had my panties off and I reared my ass in the air as he fingered my anus…I was getting hot thinking about his young prick about to enter my asshole….Oh YEAH ! I said feels good baby do me like that guy in the movie is doing that girl….Marcus got behind me and and give a lil squirt of the lube to his dick….Here we go he said pressing his head against my asshole with a lil force as he parted my asscheeks with his hands….His 8 in rod was slim at first but as he went in more his cock was a lot wider …..Ohhhhhhhhhhh ooooooohhhhh I let out shit your dick is fat I said….aaaaaauuuuuuu He finally got it in and started giving me some in and out strokes ……go a lil slow at first I told him….Ok I will he said ……..Damn that dick in your ass now he said…..you like it baby does it feel good I asked him….Shit yeah gonna get that ass awhile he said…..He was giving me some short and long strokes and would buck it in hard a few times…..Oh shit get that white ass I told him ……He was turning me out good as my rectum gripped his black dong and I was oozing precum from my cock……

What seemed like an eternity Marcus was still doing the in and out of my asshole and and making his sexy noises of his dick feeling good as he fucked my ass. How’s that cock in your ass you like it huh ? he said….Yeah get it baby get it as that ass is all your’s I told him…..Your first white ass was mine I said….Lay all the way down get flat he said…. I got on my stomach as I felt his weight on top of me digging his black prick in and out of me he started going in harder and deeper …….fuck my ass baby I told him……I’am cumming he said I’am about to cum…give it to me baby! give it to me ! I said out loud !!!….Give me that black baby I yelled out !!!!…..Oh shit damn here it cums he said as he bucked into to me and held it there while I felt his hot seed spew into my asshole…. Oh shit whewwww he said laying on top of me….Oh that was great ass fucking baby I said….. As he pulled out and got up on his knees I felt his seed coming out of my asshole….That was a big load I said you all better now baby I asked him…Shit man I’am wore out he said….getting up and heading for the shower he said…Two minutes later I blew my load on the floor and my balls were drained also thinking about the lil number Marcus had just did on my asshole…

He came out of the shower dressed and said gotta get home see ya later …I said ok hope you had a good time and got up and cleaned up and turned off the tv . I was a lil sleepy now so I went to bed hoping Marcus would want some more white ass……………………

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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