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Kay sent me this in her own words, a memory from her lurid past!
Personally, I don’t approve of d**gs, but in this case, it fits the occasion…it being a true story!
It was school holidays, I’d just turned 15 it was hot and humid, I was waiting at the bus stop 2 streets from my home, waiting for my boyfriend Billy Martin. Billy was older than me, being 19, we had been going steady for exactly 3 weeks, I think the only reason we were together was because I’d let him fuck me on our 1st date, my naive trust in the pill having been like opening a door to me, I mean what could go wrong… S.T.D`s? I had never given a them a thought…!
Billy had a car, but had already lost his license, so we were going to catch a couple of buses to get to the beach. I had a white crop top on, with frangipani flowers on it, my lime bikini straps tied behind my neck, I wore sandals on my feet and a short denim skirt. The bus arrived, I got on knowing he would have got on it already a way back, I found him sat halfway down the half empty single decker, as always was he was dressed in jeans and white ‘t’ shirt. I sat next to him, we tongue kissed, and his hand straight away slid under my short denim skirt and rubbed my slit through my bikini bottom.
We got off to change buses at the station, but got sick of waiting, so we decided to walk out of town and hitch hike. we walked for about 20 mins before a panel van, with surfboards on the roof racks stopped for us, there were 3 guys in the front, and 2 in the back all in about their 20`s. They offered a ride and we piled into the back with the 2 guys. Where we found a tatty mattress covering the floor, we sat on it chatting as we drove towards the beach. I was laying against Billy, watching as these guys checked me out! They asked if we wanted to smoke some pot, we both said sure! By now we were heading through an area of bushland that no longer exists today, swallowed by a sprawling township, when they turned off onto a bush track, travelling along for a couples of miles before stopping in the middle of nowhere. The 3 guys from the front climbed over the seat into the back, making it kind of crowded, but friendly, everyone was sitting cross legged! I knew they could see under my skirt I also knew that in this position my pubes were probably poking out the sides of my bikini, and to my joy, they were enjoying looking at them!
Billy was sitting next to me to my right and couldn’t see, so I didn’t bother pushing my skirt down or trying to cover myself, they soon were passing two joints around, the pot was really strong, the van quickly filling with the thick smoke, after they were finished two more joints were lit and soon everyone was super stoned, giggling and in no pain.
I felt the guy to the left next to me, slide his hand up my inner thigh, then onto my bikini bottom, his fingers stroking my quickly dampening slit, I looked at Billy who had nearly passed out, then I lay back slightly, so the fingers could slip under the leg band and between my tender lips. The guy directly opposite me had lit another joint, “wanna try something”, he asked me, “sure” I answered.
“I’ll take a big hit, then blow it into your mouth while you suck it into your lungs” he said. I looked and saw Billy was too stoned to know what was going on, then the guy took three big pulls on the joint, leaned across and planted his lips on mine then blowing, I pushed my own tongue against it, then sucked on it, he kissed me deeply, exploring my mouth, as his friends fingers found my hole and another slipped inside me, it felt so hot being kissed and fingered by two different guys at once, I saw the one fingering me wink and nod at his friends, then the one kissing me pulled the strap undoing my bikini top from around my neck, I looked down and saw Billy looking up at me with a stoned smile on his face, the guy stopped kissing me, and pushed my top down, then him and yet another guy started playing with my tits, everything they were doing felt good, in fact fantastic. “do you want to have some fun with us” the guy opposite asked. ” all of you?” I said. “yes” he answered, I looked at Billy who I was supposed to be with and who just shrugged.
They, were all kind of cute, not threatening, and the guy sitting next to me had already worked a second finger into my now dripping wet cunt, I was feeling relaxed and super horny, so I said “Okay, sure”. There was a chorus of “yes’s”, and “cools”.
They quickly undid the back strap of my bikini and pulled it and my top up and off over my head, handing them to Billy who happily said, “go for it guys, I’ll have my fun with her later, eh babe!”. Grinning, I nodded and lifted my butt so they could slide my skirt and bikini bottoms off as well, grinning and laughing, they threw them at Billy to hold! “fuckin yum” I heard one of them say as he dived between my legs licking at my juices, they all had their own clothes off in no time, I noticed all their cocks were hard, which I thought a compliment, three were average, and one of them was uncut, but two were quite big, so as I laid down in between them, my legs facing back, I grabbed at the uncut one it being different and pulled it towards my mouth sucking it between my lips, my tongue pushing under the foreskin, twirling around the head, I grabbed his wrists and put them onto the back of my head, he rapidly took the hint, holding my head while fucking my mouth. as he pushed deeper and I relaxed my throat, I felt someone between my legs, another cock began rubbing along my slit, then pushing forward and up into me, I felt a weight on my body as it pushed deep inside my cunt. Many hands were squeezing at my tits, rubbing my body it was magic… young I might have been but this was brilliant and I knew what I liked! Then the guy in my mouth was grunting, spurting warm cum deep into my mouth, I sucked hard on his cock, “show me” he gasped, and I opened my mouth showing the puddle of cum inside it, then swallowed it smacking my lips and smiling, “FUCKING WOW ” was all he could say. the cock in my cunt was pounding me, fucking me hard, I was close to cumming and dug my nails into the owners back, this set him off, and he was splashing cum inside me big time, causing my own orgasm to explode, he pulled out of me rolled off and straight away, while I was still shaking, another guy slid his cock inside me, and started to fuck me, I was in heaven, it was a warm day in a crowded van, sweat had broken out on me all over, it was wall to wall sex, and I loved it !
As I thrust my hips up to meet this one, as I became aware of some shifting round in the crowd and the the guy who’d just finished fucking me appeared kneeling at the side of my head offering me still his slimy cock, I lifted my head and sucked it greedily between my lips, tasting the mixture of his spunk and my own cunt juice, he was smiling down at me “you like that?” he asked, I smiled around his cock, sucked it deeper and just moaned.
The cock pounding me was one of the bigger ones and was hitting places deep inside me that the first hadn’t reached and that had me climbing the mountain again. The guy in my mouth pulled his cock out “suck my balls” he said, pushing them onto my lips, I sucked them into my mouth, one at a time, tonguing them wetly while they were in there, this second guy was taking ages cumming, fucking my cunt with long, rhythmic strokes, occasionally squeezing my little tits! I came a second time my cunt automatically contracting and releasing around his shaft, my body arched, gasping and moaning around the first guys balls still in my mouth, my rider fucked me harder, faster, grinding his pubic bone against my clit as I orgasmed, the first guys pulled his balls from my mouth, probably relieved I hadn’t bitten him in my spasm, the guy fucking me then kissing me hard, I felt him jerk, then he was shooting, buried deep up me, his cockhead pressed hard against my cervix, I felt every spurt as he emptied his balls into me, before rolling off exhausted!
I lay there, my legs wide apart, my loosened and filled cunt gaping, ” Fuck!! look at that” one of them gasped watching the cum pouring out of me and trickling down my arse-crack. “my turn” another one said, and I felt another body’s weight on me, though by then I didn`t care who … a hand down between us as he guided his stiff cock into my sloppy hole. I moaned as it entered me, the feeling squishy and wonderful, the second guy was close to my head now, I could see his cock and balls coated with white frothy juices, thickly around the base, he wiped it across my lips, and I licked it, and I kept licking, savouring the taste as the guy between my legs fucked at me furiously. I kept on licking, cleaning this cock that had been further up me than any to date, all the while he was pulling on my nipples, stretching them, twisting them, which added to the feelings magically, while the guy between my legs was going for it hard, my cunt making sloshing sloppy wet noises with each stroke, I was so open and slick he was gliding in so fast his balls were slapping wetly against my arse, someone, grabbed at handful of my pubes, their hand deep between us, pulling on them as he fucked me, the pain was sublime and added just another layer to the whole package! I started licking the froth of the second guys balls, they were big, and he too was forcing them into my mouth, while I was still being fucked, I felt a finger push into my arsehole, forcing it’s way deep, then twisting, my arse slick from all the cum leaking out of me made the finger slide in easily, it was soon joined by a second and though I knew it was stretching me for some reason my d**gged body was overwhelmed with sensations!
Those big balls stuffed into my mouth, tasting of cum, both theirs and mine, my nipples feeling like they were being twisted off, my pubic hair feeling like it was being ripped out, a cock pistoning in my cunt, ramming those loads of cum deeper, cum splattering out of my overflowing cunt, my arsehole stretched as the fingers twisted and pumped inside it, it was a mental overdose of sensation, and my slippery, sweaty body, began once again to convulse in orgasmic pleasure, as I exploded the balls were taken from my mouth, and I let out a scream, and squirted as I lost all control, drenching the guy fucking me, my cunt gripping his cock, my arse squeezing the fingers deep inside it, as the contractions just overtook me, sweat dripping from me in the hot and smoke filled van. 30 seconds pass and then as I slump back to the mattress, I feel the cock shooting even more hot cum inside me, my nipples twisted painfully one more time, as then I feel the cock plop out of my sloppy used cunt. a big glob of spunk dropped out of me onto the last guys hand, his fingers still working on my arsehole.
he pulls the fingers out and starts trying to push the cum into my arse, saying ” I’m not fucking that mess”. Billy tells him, ” well fuck her in the arse then… she likes that too”. the guy look down at me, though exhausted, I manage to nod. he smiles, grabs me behind the knees and folds them back onto my tits, this rolls me up, lifting my back off the mattress, my arse spread, my back-hole open. it’s then I realise this guy has the biggest cock of them all, it looks about 9″, its thick, with a big purple mushroom head. he sees me looking at it wide eyed, chuckles and say`s “it’s too late to back out now, honey.” I look around and see everyone, including Billy watching me intently, each of them wondering how or if I’ll take it. `Fuck them’, I think, I reach back with both hands, and drag my cheeks even wider opening my brown star up even more, defiantly daring him to take me, I look up into the guys eyes, smile, lick the remnants of some cum off my lips and challenge him to” fuck me with that big cock then, right up the arse, go on, fuck it, fuck me, as hard as you can then!”
He laughed as he rubs the big head against my arse, getting it slick with the dribbling juices. “Oh, I will missy, I will, are you ready?” I giggle and euphoria has me I nod, he holds his cockhead in place, raises up, and drives it with all his weight deep into my ring, I scream as pain shoots through my whole lower body from the explosive stretching of my sphincter, he’s buried balls deep inside me, held in place by his own weight, my legs are instinctively thrashing with the pain. He yells “quick, hold her down”, and I feel willing hands pinning me back to the mattress, many hands, everyone, including Billy’s, the sharp pain throbbing through my body, he says, “soak it up baby” and flexes his big cock, I scream again and then again “hold her tight and cover her fucking mouth or they will hear her in china.” he yells at them, “you asked for this, you little slut.” I feel the hands tighten their grips, and Billy has his hand over my mouth, saying “shush” and then the cock draws painfully halfway out, and hesitates before thrusting back in, once-more, and then again, and again… the strokes become longer, my cunt is gushing cum out and its being spread by his jerking body up onto my belly, running down to pool between my tits and dripping onto the mattress. he’s soon rhythmically fucking me, full length strokes, I’m still screaming into Billy’s hand, the guy fucking me has a hard look in his eyes, I know he’s not going to stop until he`s cum, now his strokes are so long that they occasionally plop from my hole before driving full length back into it, each stroke hurting a little less as my body adjusts, my back and legs aching now as well, from my bent over position. I’m sweating both from the heat, but now from the pain too, this guy fucking me is also dripping sweat onto my face, long minutes pass, thrusting and grunting, 10, 20, 30 thrusts, although my arse still aches, the thrusts no longer cause me that vivid pain, 40, thrusts, I squeeze my sphincter muscles, 50 thrust and he’s jerking, now thrusting is irregular, I feel more pain again as his big cock swells, and then he’s squirting it into me, hot thick cum, spurt after spurt, filling my guts with it, 6,or 7 long spurts, and I feel It pumping into my bowels. Billy’s hand comes off my mouth, and I gasp for air, but can say nothing, feeling drained and exhausted. I feel him withdraw, cum bubbles from my arsehole, the hands that held me retreated and I’m allowed to unfold my body, I lay there gasping like a fish out of water, holes hanging open, dripping, the guy says “WOW, just fuckin wow”, I am past comment, I smile, then start to giggle. someone has lit a couple more joints, I’m handed one and puff on it deeply, no one tries to take it from me, as they pass the other one around. pretty soon everyone is giggling again!
I notice the guy with the foreskin, the one I sucked off first, is rock hard again, I smile at him as I scoop a handful of cum from between my legs and put it in my mouth, sucking my fingers clean, “you haven’t fucked me yet” I say to him, ” do you want to?” ” wow, yeah, sure” he says, moving between my legs, ” you can even choose where you want to put it” I say, grinning, and grabbing my own legs behind the knees. he pushes his cock into my swollen cunt, and I moan softly as he fucks me steadily, I notice a couple of the other guys semi hard, ” how about letting me suck on those” I ask them, the guy is fucking me good, it feels great, it must be the pot, but I’m very turned on again, and the taste of the cocks I am soon alternately sucking, added to the squishy sound of my cunt, and the smooth sliding sensation of this uncut cock soon has me building to another giant orgasm. I’m fucked for well over 5 minutes, cumming again twice, another load fills me…He rolls off, by then the guys I am sucking are rock hard again, I get one to lay on his back and I mount him, lowering my sloppy dripping cunt onto his cock, the second biggest one! Then the other guy, a Mr average, enters my now stretched and already well stretched and prepared arsehole, they double fuck me, while I suck Mr foreskin clean once again, it takes them longer to cum this time, having already cum once, and my holes are not near so tight anymore, I cum again myself before they do, my cunt a little raw swollen, and super sensitive. Finally, they explode almost simultaneously, overflowing both holes.
After they finish, we all dress, and smoke one more joint together, then they drive us right onto the beach, and as Billy and I jump out of the back of the van, I get a little round of applause from them, and a cheer, as we head down the sand for a badly needed swim, I’m already leaking through my bikini, and dripping cum onto the sand.
We hear a toot and turn to see them drive out of the carpark and head off down the road, the driver and someone from the back to this day I have no idea of their names, were waving out the driver’s window, we wave back. Billy shakes his head mutters “WOW” then we hit the cool cleansing water.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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