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As you all know by now kay loves to be used, and has recently had a first visit to the masterful Jack, details of which are in my story’s (385/6 and7) and are 99% true only small details have been changed to protect ID and locations which will be the same in any story you read of this lady.
I personally am her scribe, I get nothing from it except the excitement as you do and as a bonus, her friendship and odd pictures of the lady which confirm the validity of her stories, and NO I am not going to share any unless she specifically asks me too and then it will only be added in the stories.
So, a couple of weeks have now passed, luckily Kay heals well, the bruises had long gone and even the welts had slowly vanished. Though one, on her softest lips had persisted quite a while.
She is a divorcee and lives with two men in what we in England would call a “house of multiple occupancy,” sharing some aspects with, two others, both men and who again, to protect the innocent, I have nicknamed Bill, (the owner ) and Ben, (the other lodger.) Both men are single and straight, and both covet Kay`s body though only Ben has so far been successful, but its early days. In fact she sent me an account of it, by e mail saying;
I didn’t plan on letting Ben between my legs. we went to [a club], he bought me dinner and drinks. later he was playing poker machines, I was bored so I started flirting with a couple of his mates, I was tipsy, because I don’t drink much, touching them, spreading my legs a little too wide, I was wearing a brown suede skirt, and stay up black stockings, and pumps. I could see he was getting pissed off, so first chance I got, I grabbed his cock, stroked it through his jeans, gave it a little squeeze, and whispered in his ear, that I couldn’t wait to get home and suck it. we left pretty quick after that. lol. but not before I got his friends number, and yes, I asked him for it, even pressed my tit against his forearm as he wrote it down for me.
When we got home, sucking turned into fingering, licking, and finally fucking. he fucked me most of that night, even when I fell asleep, I think, he’s average dick size, about 6″, but he has a lot of stamina.
I’m pretty sure Bill knew what happened, as he was a bit stand offish next day, when I finally woke up. I’ll fix him up soon. 🙂 🙂
Jack however is a different kettle of fish, he lives a couple of hours away, and owns his own personal dungeon, Kay has now promised her body to him, as she enjoyed that first weekend so much, being used and humiliated had her in seventh heaven coming home well marked and totally exhausted. He has been in touch regularly, though normally a busy man, with his own business. This week he has given her instructions of when to be at his place, (Friday 26th July) and what to wear and even more specifically what to do, she explained to me what his instructions where, and that in first the 48 hrs before, she was not wash or comb her hair and not to dry herself after urinating, and in the final 24 hours she was told not to wash or trim her pubes or arm pits, to masturbate every four hours, day and night, but not to wash or clean herself afterwards or at all in fact, and to do three long jogging sessions, to get up a sweat, again unshowered or washed afterwards, before setting out to him, and driving to him smelling strongly of her “sensual odour” why…for her humiliation, and apprehension, mixed with a tad of fear, and excitement.
She then said she was leaving, before she drove herself to him for another weekend of…pain, humiliation and the best orgasms she has ever experienced although, in reality, she has no idea, it`s definitely up to Jack what happens to her as she gives herself to him completely! Personally, it leaves me like some distant cuckold waiting for her return, thinking of her and wondering what was happening too her, and imagining…waiting and … well you know of the excitement factor, I can`t wait till Monday to find out.
Your guess is as good as mine what happens to her from the arrival on Friday to getting home late on Sunday or early Monday… it’s a long weekend for me, but longer for her I suspect, and bless her she always sends me a short “I`m home, sore and tired, but ok,” message, then chapter and verse usually in the next 24 hours!
She was instructed this time to wear heels, stockings, no underwear, her black dress, and carry a coat as she would be going out and its fairly cold at night at the moment [it`s not here we`ve been having a ruddy heat wave, but this is Australia were talking about and it`s their winter] I personally suggested not to use the car heater till the last ten minutes or so, as she wouldn’t be able to stand her own smell on the journey, lol…
She had complied to the letter when she sent me her last e mail, on the Friday afternoon, saying she was off, her smelly cunt was dripping with anticipation and she was excited, nervy, and a tad apprehensive all at the same time, and for me to wish her luck…
Ooh, I did, though a bit of me wants to hear of her pain and humiliation too…roll on Monday!!!or better still Tuesday…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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