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Sherri had been off visiting her sister for a week, more duty than love, up there in Delta up in Utah, she was happy, fairly tired and hot, glad of the draft from the open topped Oldsmobile as she cruised along not a care in the world she would be home in Vegas by the end of the day home with her husband Jason.
She was a sensuous 30 year old, a size 12, about 5ft 3” 38d chest and still growing, filling her tee shirt in a provocative way. Hair, well more of a deep chestnut brown trailing in the breeze, sun glasses, jeans, sandals, and a fine tan. She drank a soda from the small icebox on the backseat sipping at it through a straw.
Miles from any sign of human habitation she suddenly saw a light blinking on the dashboard, it was not a good sign. She pulled over and up with the hood open was greeted by a cloud of steam, she stepped back and regarded the motor as if it was the greatest let down since the titanic sank.
A glance north and the long road lay hot, dusty and more to the point, empty, she turned south and there too was a long and empty ribbon of tar shimmering in the heat. Dejected she leant on the defective machine. Now the car was still, the heat, oppressive; she had two cold drinks left, no shelter and no food save a single Hershey bar in the ice box.
She erected the roof for shade and opened both doors for ventilation. An hour past, sweat dripped from her nose, the sunhat she had got from her bag kept her a little cooler but the rim stuck to her head in a most irritating way. Way south a tiny dust cloud appeared in the distance, it increased in size and her hopes soared, but it was short lived as the cause of the cloud turned away onto a side road. Another hour passed, and southbound a tractor appeared driven by an old chap chewing a straw, a trailer loaded with pigs snorting and smelling behind it, it could have been a chauffeur driven Rolls-Royce the way she greeted the old chap having waved him down.
He listened to her tale of woe asking if he would take her to a telephone as her mobile had drained. He then poked a finger at the tractor and grunted “gerrup, I can drop you near the next homestead” not the brightest she surmised but any port in a storm and a ride on this smelly rig was a better option than a slow roast in the hot and very dead motor.
The pigs stank so they were both happy to be moving again and the smell drifting behind them.
The old boy said not a word, and it took 40 long minutes till at a crossroads he stopped, pointed a grubby claw and grunted it was “just a mile to the fletchers place,” she climbed down, thanked him, and without another word he grunted again and took off, the smell drifting and lingering over her as she set off walking.
It was a country mile, blisters forming long before the homestead came into view, the sun now lowering itself and her thirst raging having forgotten to empty the ice box before locking and abandoning the car.
The place was a large, sprawling log built single story home, junk s**ttered around, a rusting tractor, a glassless and wheeless Buick pickup, hog`s in a pen, a pony in a sparsely grassed paddock, two or three small buildings and a big old barn. Along with the few scratching hens, and the hogs, the indifferent pony was the only signs of life.
She approached the veranda and called out
The silence deafened, beside the swing seat hung motionless in the fetid air of the veranda, there stood a couple of cans of beer, it was just too tempting to her dried out throat. Popping the clip, the can hardly touched the tongue, bitter and cool. She sat, getting back her strength, waiting, for what she didn`t know.
After a while not wishing to trespass inside she rose and walked around the building, looking for any inhabitants, turning the back corner she suddenly found herself face to face with a scene she could hardly believe, it was a shock to both her and the naked woman who was on her knees in the yard, the large dog on her back locked in a sexual liaison.
The dog snarled at her, perhaps thinking it was a rival for his bitch and trying to tear it ‘self free to deal with this intruder, the woman screamed and a large dark skinned man appeared from the shadowy rear veranda startled and at the run rubbing sleep from his eyes.
She stood mesmerised at the sight; the big fellow aggressively asked “who the hell was she, wandering about Poking her nose into other folk`s lives?”
It was just too much, what the hell was it to him, Sheri `s dam broke, the breakdown, the useless phone, the remoteness, having to abandon the motor, walking, blisters and now this miserable aggressive bastard; it was all just too much and she turned to him screaming through her tears for him to “shut the fuck up,” and asking loudly “was he was a useless piece of shit who just didn’t have any manners, or was this how folk were round here?” her voice rising to hysterical levels as she ranted at this large dark target, letting all the frustrations of the day fall on the head of this poor sap.
His reaction was as sudden as it was unexpected; he snatched up a bucket of water stood near the step, throwing the content full pelt at the screaming woman. The effect was as instant, as it was effective, drenched now in cold water she stood speechlessly for just a second before sitting down with a bump in the mud patch gasping shocked and tearful.
Both combatants’ had ignored the coupled woman and the dog, which well excited now, was dragging his bitch about in the dirt yard still painfully attached, her screaming blue murder.
The man grabbed the dog cursing it, the intruder and the poor woman who was now weeping and screeching about the pain.
The a****l shook itself free and he soon had it on a chain attached to its kennel, cowering and cleaning its sore lipstick. It`s erstwhile partner, moaning loudly and cursing the world all the time while rolling about holding her soft under-parts’ as if to ease the pain.
The man ignored her stepping forward and helping the crestfallen muddy drenched visitor to her feet, and taking her to another swing chair on the veranda.
She sat and he gave her a long cool drink from a pitcher, judging from his glass he had obviously been sitting enjoying the spectacle of the dog and the woman, while enjoying a cool drink after the long hot day. Perhaps, she mused, it passed as a sport here in this wilderness. The man ignoring his woman`s obvious distress with callous indifference, the embarrassed and injured woman raising herself and hobbling indoors, still crying.
“Now misses, try again and explain yourself coming round here uninvited and losing your cool!”
Calmer now, though still visibly distressed she apologised, explained the breakdown, the tractor ride the lack of a reply to her call and her need for a phone to call a mechanic and contact her husband back in Vegas.
He grunted and went off into the house, she heard him on the horn speaking to someone.
“Yeh its Hank, Hank Fletcher, yeh Crew, oh, she`s ok still a whining bitch. You want her for Saturday still, ok but, look, Pal out on the big highway about 5 or ten clicks north is an abandoned motor it needs fetching in and fixing Pete,” there was a pause, then “who, old Tim the pig man, silly old git why didn’t he bring her to you, yeh that`s fine anyway let me know when you know the score an’ I will bring the woman in to you to pay and collect, thanks Pete wishes to Monika”
He returned, “Car’s sorted, there`s a garage about 5 miles south Tim the pig man, dropped in Tim told them you asked for the nearest phone, he wasn`t bright enough to have taken you to the garage with him!”
Anyway Pete`s already fetched the car and knowing how he works it will be a couple a’ days!” he passed her his mobile and said she had “better phone yer old man an` say your here for a while”
She did just that dialling and finding a flood of relief as she heard his familiar voice. He was at work, late shift and couldn’t get away, however he would ring when he got off though not having a car meant he could do little except wait. She reassured him and said she would call as soon as the garage released the car. They blew kisses to close, to the obvious enjoyment of Hank who regarded her with a smile like some retarded c***d.
“Have you eaten?” He grunted, not waiting an answer and bawling “Edna fetch some food for our guest” a grunted reply then a clatter of a disgruntled woman battering round a kitchen as only a woman embarrassed and annoyed can.
Shortly after the woman appeared she was walking with a little obvious discomfort, dressed now and with a distinct red face to serve her guest with sandwiches and a most welcome pot of coffee.
She stood to the side as he instructed her to make up a bed for herself in the spare room. The inference was not lost on Sheri.
“Yes” he said “you will be shareing that will pay for your keep, nothing comes for nothing” he had read her like an open book!
Now let`s tell you a little more about our heroine, she at this time had been married near 12 years, her and her hubby had become shall we say close but distant, sleeping with whoever they each wished, the arrangement being that they each reported every tryst to the other, thus not feeling they were cheating on one another. Shall we class them as adventurous? sleeping with another man was nothing new over the last 4 or 5 years and she had had some real adventures, trying many variation`s, being dominant, being sub, bondage, pain, threesomes, and even a 5 man gang bang. So she was not over fazed by the thought of sharing the bed of this rough mannered Hill-Billy, however what she was unhappy with was being taken for granted.
She said nothing though, hungrily munching on the home baked bread and home cured ham with hungry relish.
While the meal was consumed Sheri took a moment to look over the woman, she stood about five and a half feet tall, even willowy, big of breast, butt like a bubble, nice legs, dressed in a tatty old red dress, hair in need of a comb, but blonde and a good looking women under the tatty working clothes.
The woman was hovering, perhaps wishing to excuse herself for the earlier b********y.
She said her name was Crew, it was short for Crewella, and she haltingly began to excuse her earlier behaviour, though Sheri raised her hand stopping her mid sentence and saying “it was no matter or business of hers what they did for kicks, that she was sorry she startled the a****l and that the sandwiches were delicious as was the coffee!
That raised a smile of relief on Crew`s face and she scuttled away no doubt to make up the fresh bed.
He drawled that she may as well call him hank and asked her name, she told him “Sheri” and he said the dog was ‘Butch’ telling her he and Crew had been married “a coons age” they couldn’t have k**s but they did have a healthy sex business, Crew doing a service for some of the neighbours (for a price of course,) hence the pony as she was no driver and he “wasn’t going to drive her and sit waiting each time like a pimp his time being precious.”
Sheri`s jaw began to drop as he went on that “she” (indicating Crew with a jerk of his thumb) “had a hole like a wizards sleeve nowadays so as she wouldn’t feel it anyway, Butch does the business and saves him wasting his time!” He went on that he “got his jollies in Crew`s mouth or hand, and occasionally at Miss Kitties as a favour to her!” saying she “ran the next homestead and was in her 70`s but still went like a train!”
Seeing her feet were blistered he filled the bucket at the pump then placed it for her to bathe her hot blisters. It was balm!
Dusk rapidly enveloped their world, Crew had joined them and under the soft glow of an oil lamp, and over a bottle or more of local hooch, they chatted about all sorts of things, the lamebrain off centre dummies running the country, the president, local politicians, the state of the world, anything but sex and the k9 scene that she had witnessed earlier, or the sleeping arrangements he had told and not asked her about. As the alcohol took its toll the chatter became more riskay, and she found herself telling them her life story and more to the point her sexual history.
Smells wafted from the kitchen crew occasionally trotting off to stir whatever it was then when it was ready dishing up a fine stew.
Hank explaining they always ate late when the heat had dropped off. Sheri thought that if Crew fucked like she cooked she must make a fortune in fees, the food being superb.
The meal over they went indoors, to Sherri`s amazement the kitchen was ultra modern, immaculate and all electric, the backwoods effect of the oil lamp outside was dispelled instantly, Crew explaining that they just liked the effect.
The drink and the day had her exhausted and Hank turned out to have a real funny sense of humour, the extra bed being for her and she was loaned night clothes and some jeans, knickers and tea shirt for the next day by Crew who collected the discarded ones and put them in an overnight wash.
She was soon asleep and soundly, not awakening till midday, the events of yesterday being just too exhausting.
There was a note saying Hank was out working and Crew was in the barn and to help herself to anything she fancied.
She did make a little breakfast and then made coffee, taking a cup for herself and one for Crew and wandering over to the barn.
The side door squeaked just a little as she entered the great gloomy building, the sweet warm smell of hay assailed her nostrils and her eyes took a moment to accustom to the gloom.
Stood under a shaft of light in the centre of this great cathedral of a barn hung Crew, tied and naked except for her now wet shorts, her hands fast behind her, a ball gag in her mouth and her feet planted firmly on a bale of hay, the suspending rope round her wrapped breasts, she was unable to move.
Sheri stood mesmerised for a second, then dropping the coffee Sheri stepped forward to removed the gag slippery with slobber and Crew began to work her stiff jaws, asking who had done this to her overnight friend, thinking of perhaps some passing r****t or even a client She went to unleash the woman and But to her surprise Crew shook her head, smiled and said Hank had “left me for you to use,” explaining that the thought turned them both on and having talked last night, they had set this up but underestimated her oversleeping so she had been here since breakfast! She had been desperate to pee hence the wet shorts.
Hank she went on was a very sexual soul in reality, loved her being used by others and of course the dog, and was out on the tractor for the day ploughing the far field and no doubt fantasising about what “us girls are getting up to”.
Crew pointed out that Sherri`s nipples were saying she was up for some fun and to use her as she would but to get her a drink first.
Not having on a bra her own being in the wash and Crew`s being way too big she had left things to swing and the tee shirt now was straining with the two nipples stiff against the thin blue materiel.
Without hesitation their lips met, the trussed woman`s breasts, tinged with the blueness of overlong bondage, finding gentle hands fondling the engorged nipples.
The hands soon released the bound breasts, gently massaging the tender sac`s as the blood returned, pain rippling through Crews body.
She was helped from the bail, and still with her wrists secured she was led by a nipple back towards the house blinking in the unaccustomed light. As they walked they passed the pony that snickered a greeting to his mistress, she spoke to him with a gentle comment, and quietened the a****l, then continued to the house, Sherri noticing the long male appendage swinging below the a****l. “Have you?” She asked, the reply a gentle smile and nod told her a lot.
In the kitchen she held a drink to her willing victim`s lips. The look of thanks told it all, the drinks over they retired to a bedroom it was both time to talk and time to fuck, and perhaps not in that order. Crew lay back on the bed, nodding at the bedside cupboard, Sherri opened it and there was a positive landslide of toys; rabbit, vibrators, clamps, dildoe’s, ropes, straps, candles, whips, canes, crops, tawse and paddles, each slithering to the floor on top of this flood there was a strap on, not your ordinary strap on but a huge black double size strap-on, it shouted USE ME.
It took but a few moments for Sherri to be stripped and rigged, a little lube and bingo Crew was impaled, no easing in, no foreplay just straight in and a scream of a luckily a wet woman being savaged. The sex was savage no quarter given or expected, tears fell for crew it was needed and urgent painful and oh so sexual all in equal measures.
For Sherri it was dominance, sending a message, putting her in the driving seat, put it how you will it was power dominance and deep joy in one.
The session lasted a good ten minutes before Crew, like a rag doll, climaxed, ten long minutes of heavy dominant thrusting and shear pain, when it arrived it was like all her birthdays at once, Vesuvius erupting and a tsunami all rolled together. The woman`s obvious joy at being used and her massive reaction fetched her aggressor to her own peak, and together they lay exhausted Crew still wrist-bound, neither knew how long they had laid until the tractor was heard arriving in the yard.

Hank having finished early, strode into the house, grubby from a day ploughing, dust caked, and thirsty to be greeted by one woman in handcuffs and one wearing a huge strap-on both lounging on a bed half asleep, and nothing done around the house. He was not best pleased.
Sherri tore off the strap-on perhaps a little embarrassed at the episode , or being caught wearing it and having used it so savagely on this angry man`s wife.
She stood like a naughty schoolgirl caught in the act before a headmaster, her victim standing too now, sore and uncomfortable from her recent using arms still secure behind her as he had left her that morning. Her head bowed in deference to her masterful husband.
Suddenly he began to smile, I am going to shower, you can wash me down and you; he said to his wife, roughly turning her and releasing her wrists, can get me a coffee.
He took Sherri by the wrist and dragged her to the big bathroom rather than the one she used last evening.
It was surprisingly a wet room, all gold taps and marble, Sherri removed the dust covered mans clothing, she did not need to be told, slowly the body of this fit, if a little sun blackened man came into sight, the contrast of sunburnt skin and the white of the normally hidden bits stark in the lights, his tool exaggerated as it swang lazily from a thatch of brown hair, un-cut with a long foreskin, and a pair of big balls Sherri noted, her eyes glued to the thing.
He noted it but said nothing, the coffee appeared, and to the women`s surprise he sat down with a ‘plonk’ on the cold floor, took the cup and drank it not quite in one.
He gave his wife the cup then lay back telling her to “fetch another”, she scuttled away and the process was repeated the cup this time being discarded then he lay back again.
Saying “shower me”
Sherri went to reach the shower head but he stopped her saying “not with that!” Looks were exchanged, then dawn broke and she straddled the dusty form fingers opened the sexual butterfly and her stream soon hit him mid chest, she leant back a little and the spray tracked up his neck and directly onto his face.
He revelled in the perversity of the act, his tongue occasionally snaking into the stream, savouring the bitter taste, trails and rivulets of wet dusty wetness running from the point of the impacting stream. It was soon over, his tongue lashing at the damp source before she stepped aside, Crew replacing her and repeating the process as Sherri stood fascinatedly watching him lying and loving the whole procedure, she knew instinctively that this was their normal evening ritual.
The second stream dried and he kissed the source, and then stood. Without a single word said first Crew and then Sherri took their places, he kneeling at their heads facing their feet as they lay in front of him. Crews hand took the still limp tool in her hand and he began to stream. Her aim quickly corrected, the point of impact alternating from one face to another as the two targets began to kiss, eyes closed perhaps as defence perhaps in ecstatic joy.
Laughing now he stood helping them up and running the shower, together they slowly and gently showered, warm water cleansing and revitalising. Willing hands gently slithering over smooth skin, each exploring one another taking turns under the main jet, soaping, stroking, enjoying.

Drying again a mutual sport, then Hank called a halt, after a meal babe`s he cried we have all night!
Reluctantly they knew he had done a man`s day`s work so naked as jay birds they were soon all in the kitchen together cooking up a quick meal, brewing fresh coffee, each aware of the next naked form, and each managing a touch here a touch there, as they passed one another.
They sat on the veranda, eating the hasty meal, Bruno tethered still at the end of his chain nose twitching and perhaps not just for food. Between mouthfuls Sherri asked of the dog thing she witnessed the evening before.
Crow, laughing and asking, if ‘she’ wanted to try it?
Sherri answering that she would consider it before she left, as she was learning new tricks fast here and she was intrigued by the whole thing! The couple smiled at one another, knowingly.
The phone rang, it was the garage the part was here and with a following wind her motor would be ready at breakfast the day after next and to her surprise the price was quite reasonable.
She thanked them then rang her hubby explaining she was ok, being looked after well, and would be home and when. They finished as usual with a long distance kiss, and she sat happily now, relieved to know the score.
“We will schedule Bruno for tomorrow night then,” Crew chuckled, and they all began to laugh.
After feeding dog and hens, they began again, I won`t bore you all with the very warm details,
We , well I say we , 90% of us anyway, know enough of vanilla sex , even threesomes and lesbianic couples and so on to know a determined bunch like these can screw all night!
One combination after another and taking turns to sleep, well doze, meant by dawn there was three tired souls with a farm to run, fortunately with few a****ls it doesn’t get quite so urgent, but there are still some jobs to be done.
By dinner those jobs were well and truly nailed, so when the three sat for a snack at the hottest part of the day, it was a cool salad and a big pitcher of cool lemonade with quantities of ice. Each in his or her own way pretty well jiggered, so they swapped stories, the couple as they had said had a pretty fair sex business, she on pony back would share herself for her income, men for a tidy distance having paid for her services some for a year or two.
Hank too had a client or two amongst the ladies of the county, and both hosted the odd BDSM bash now and again. Each had a fund of stories, all they swore to be true.
Sherri herself had a “friend” in the UK, who she visited when on holiday, her hubby not holidaying with her and knowing nothing of the arrangement. She told of the last visit, and her experiment with BDSM and being the sub not being her particular bag.
Crew offered to let her try Buster the dog, but she asked if she could do that on another visit if they didn’t mind, Hank welcomed that, saying “it would be better as that old dog opens a lady up and it would alert her hubby if she got home with a fanny like a wizards sleeve !”
They laughed, then hank said “is there anything you fancy doing, as it`s your last night?”
Sherri thought then said that,”she fancied another night like last just to enjoy one another”
Well that was the decision and another perhaps a little gentler night of assorted passion ensued, though taking the previous night into account by the early hours they were all well asleep. Hank however woke as the cock crowed and determined as ever took Sherri hard and fast, it was a headboard trembler rousing Crew. Another three way ensued, breakfast, then by 9 the three were crammed into the tractor cab, the mile to the main road passed in mere moments, they turned south and a mile or so saw them at the garage. If the old pig man had taken her to the garage she could have stayed in the motel alongside, she was glad he had not.
She collected the car, and sadly kissing them goodbye resumed her journey, she knew she would be back!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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