74 First blow to Avril!

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74 First blow to Avril!
74 First blow to Avril!

Just a line to tell you of my first time as a slut and cocksucker,
I didn’t have much experience as a girl and being around a new school, I normally hooking up with my best friend Rita. Over hear we would be known as freshmen!
We made our way though our new classes, noting a lot of the older seniors who once in a while looked our way.
I had at that time a nice slim body with what can be described as ‘perky’ tits and rather pronounced nipples. I kept getting some looks and noticed one guy in particular who caught my eye. Deciding to be daring, I came to school one day wearing a tight fitting blouse, short skirt and low cut heels with no bra. The looks were rather obvious as I knew my nipples stood out rather well.
When I noticed the guy I had hoped was looking hard at me, I smiled at him and he came over. “You’re new aren’t you?” he asked. “Yes, I just started this term” my reply. “Nice” he then added. “How about you and me after classes?” he asked. “Sure” I said fast. “Meet you out front” he said and headed back to his friends. My excitement level must have gone through the roof as the day just seemed to drag on until the final bell sounded.

His name was Bill and was one of the more popular seniors. I rushed out at the end of class and there he was, waiting as he had promised. “Which way you headed?'” he asked and so I told him where I lived. He said that was the way he went home as well and so off we went. Small talk dominated our conversation as he wanted to know more about me. “Let’s take a shortcut” he said suddenly and I agreed, not wanting to end this walk too soon. We eventually came to an open field and I noticed an old farmhouse off to one side.
By now I was feeling very anxious, wondering what he had in his mind. We walked over to the house, “Ever been here before?” he asked. “No’ was all I could say.
“Come on then” and he led me into a side door that had been opened and had me go into into a large room filled with old trash. Before I could do anything, he moved up behind me, took hold of my arms and turned me around to facie him. “You look so hot” he said and still holding me tightly, he bent down and kissed my lips.
Stunned, I could only stand there, not really kissing him back. He moved slightly, “Relax” he whispered, “Kiss me” he added and bent back to me and kissed me again. This time I gave in and returned his kiss and in a moment, felt his tongue moving inside my open mouth. The sensation was electrifying, his soft lips pressed against mine, our tongues lapping at each other, we stood there for a minute or so. I was slowly losing track of time, when I felt his hand slowly lower and come to rest on my one tit.
I stiffened a bit and he pulled back from our kiss, “Relax” he again said as he kept his hand on my now erect nipple. He kissed me more as he now started to caress and squeeze my breast, then moved to my other and fondled that as well.
I could feel my whole body just exploding at his gentle touch; a warm sensation flowing through me when he backed off a bit, reached down and unbuttoned my blouse without missing a beat.
He bent down and cupping my left tit, began licking my nipple, moving his tongue all around my stiff nipple and areola before taking it in his mouth and sucking on it.
It was my first ever experience with a strange lad and I felt I was about to faint, the indescribable feeling I was experiencing as he sucked on my tits. He stopped a bit, took hold of my hand and what came next would change my life for good.

Bill slowly moved my hand down his chest to his crotch when I suddenly felt a bulge in his pants. Looking down, I could see the outline of his cock on his pants as he moved my hand up and down his bulge. “Want to see?” he whispered. I couldn’t reply, I was so mesmerized by that bulge, he let go of my hand reached for his zipper, undid it and reaching in his pants, took hold of his cock and brought it out.
To say I was in shock was an understatement. I had never seen a cock for either for real or so big before. He took hold of my hand again, “Touch it” he said and placed my hand on his cock. Curling my hand around his stiffness, he helped he move my hand up and down his cock. “Feel good?” he asked. I looked at him, “OOHH my” was all I could say. He then added “You want to taste it?”
Looking almost terrified he added “Go ahead” and without waiting for a reply, slowly started to push me down on my knees. “Lick it” he now ordered and a little overawed very slowly I moved up and began licking his hard cock. His cock tasted oh so very good, as I ran my tongue around it, I noticed a kind of musky smell as I moved my tongue to the base of his cock, a smell I would soon come to love even more. I still love it and it takes me straight back.
“Suck it slut” he now demanded in a harder tone, this being the first time and not the last I was to hear the word ‘slut’ being used to describe me, I gently took his cock into my mouth it went in easier this time a more welcome visitor.
That feeling was nothing I could really describe. Here was a man`s hard cock in my mouth for the first time, his soft flesh and round cock head passing over my lips and deep into my mouth. Bill put his hands on the back of my head and I heard his voice say, “Suck me you fucking slut” as he now began a pumping motion with his cock, fucking my mouth so hard at times I thought I would gag, but for some reason filling me with a great desire to have him do it to me ever harder.
He then pulled his cock out, “Suck my balls” he now demanded and without thinking now, I reached for his balls and took one half in my mouth, it was oh so natural.
As I sucked his balls, Bill began rubbing his cock over my cheek since my head was tilted enough for him and I lavished at the feel of his cock`s caress of my cheek. After a minute or so of sucking his balls, “Suck my cock again slut” he again ordered and back into my mouth it went; this time I was really eager to feel it fuck my mouth hard, pounding me again, giving me a most satisfying feeling of pleasure at what I was doing.
I don’t know how long I sucked his cock, but the sheer delight I was feeling throughout my whole body was one I didn’t want to stop. I now heard him moan loudly and before I could react, a stream of cum began filling my mouth as Bill’s cock jerked with a huge explosion which I swallowed as best I could. I nearly gagging and let a lot drip out of my mouth, down onto my tits. Once he stopped, I moved back a bit and watched as his cock kept bouncing a bit. “Did you like that?” he asked.
I was in heaven and looked up at him; “Oh wow” was all I could say. “Clean my cock off” he ordered I looked back down at his cock, took hold of it and began licking his cum off his cock. “You like the taste of cum?” he asked. “OOH! Yeah” I replied, did I ever.
After a bit He stood me up, kissed me again, “You did great baby” he said as he put his cock back and I started to button my blouse. “You like sucking my cock?” he added. “Yes Bill” I said, “I love it”. “Good” he said, “You can be my little slut from now on”. I looked at him, “I’m your little slut” I answered back softly and from then on, when he wanted to be sucked off, he turned to me his little slut.

Ed, I hope this pleased you. Not much to it, but I was only young and it was a while ago. Take care, Avril

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