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“So, Avis, Jon your husband has sent you to us for some much needed correction!”
She stood erect, defiant even; well dressed, I am not good at sizes but 5ft 6 or so not a young woman it is true but tidy, Her shape was still feminine for her age which I suspect was very late 40s early 50`s, fairly good looking, though her features said that she had seen life and not always from the best side, she had something about her. breasts well defined, though I had as yet not seen them I expected they would sag without support, but she was not overweight, at about 9 stone and sizes around 35 top and bottom with perhaps a waist say 10 inches less, fair legs and a backside that begged to be caned slapped or whipped.
However folk regarded her as a whore, not an on the street take your money wham bam thank you mam whore, but a woman who was not in any way averse to sex and in nearly any form imaginable.
Before she came to us she had been made to fill out a sexual preference form, we government officials love forms, and here at the department for compliance, we are no exception.
I am not allowed to give you her surname its department policy to retain such details, so her`s came back as Avis her partner and complainee being Jon.
His form 18 complaint, being that; she had had a number of covert lesbian experiences, and a number of swapping , and BDSM adventures, which he had not been fully involved in if at all. He wanted her disciplined and brought to book publicly for her crimes as a lesson to her and others.
Our penal system nowadays being such, that she was in reality instantly found guilty as soon as her husband sent in the form 18, though we had to make it official, hence she was here. She had been made to fill out our form 77, giving her sexual preferences and dislikes and then she had been fetched before me, to be interviewed, found officially guilty and for sentencing today.
We began by me looking at her form 77,”you say you are averse to insects on your skin, a****l sex or the probability of being stung?”
She replied that she all those aversions, and when was asked of her preferences, she said “She loved to be used and abused in private by both men and women, finding pain a real turn on!” I raised my eyebrows at that, as it meant she would probably enjoy our sentence we being limited as to what we could order.
“And when did all this begin madam?” I asked, she replied that “she had been used by her father in her mother`s presence, as a young girl and had become to love the whole ‘being used’ scenario regardless of her married status.”
“Well ‘Avis’ I find your case proven and I will sentence you after lunch… Hearing adjourned back here at 3 pm.
The lunch in house was great hence my early adjournment. Over coffee I spoke with her husband, explaining about her enjoying being used, and my dilemma. I could sentence her to be used and even flogged senseless if I wished, but she would enjoy all of that as she admitted.
Now this Jon fellow was a wise chap, he suggested that as she liking to be used and abused but always in private, she be used in as public a place as we could legally manage….brilliant! I would take advice and that is what we should do if it`s legal.
Back in my office I rang some of my peers, they were all in favour of the exposure so I rang my senator, and explained what we had spoken about. Now he is an out and out sadist and the thought was enough to have him take the afternoon off with a dose of sexual excitement. He rang someone else and came back with the advice that it was legal to have a pillory erected in a public place and perhaps a stocks too, where we could carry out sentences partly to entertain the folks and partly to chastise women such as Avis, then of course the treasury might be interested so I was to leave it with him.
Ok that then would mean a deferment of sentence of one whole month, while the pillory seats etc were erected and congress sanctioned it all but that was a small price to pay.
An hour passed then he rang. He sounded excited and said it was on!
I reconvened the court apologised for the late return then addressed the woman. “Avis Mary [———-] you are sentenced by this hearing to be whipped 40 times in public and before being publicly used by members of the public continuously for a further 6 1hour sessions, then exposed overnight, then after which a final hard flogging you will be released to your husband`s care. It is to be hoped that this court will not have to deal with you again.
This Sentence will be carried out on the first day of September this year, in a public place to be designated, you will report to this office weekly on Mondays until then and will report here at 0800 hours on that day dressed appropriately for this sentence.” “Do you understand?” A shocked Avis said she understood and she was allowed to return home in Jon`s custody.
It was a week later when she appeared in the office, she signed the book as all punished women were expected to do, and was about to leave when I arrived myself.
She asked me why she was to be punished in public and where it was to happen. My answer was that “It was to be the way of things now, it had been decided that a public spectacle was the best way of punishing a wayward woman, and that it would be of entertainment value as it used to be years ago. It just so happened, that she was to be the first, and as I was still waiting for the venue to be confirmed so I couldn’t tell her the location! The department of revenue would be taking a dollar entrance fee, to watch, plus the bids, and the bids to use her body, as they felt of course the entrance fee would keep a control on the age of the youngsters attending and it would be a money spinner.
She looked a little pale, but gulped and asked what she should wear, as I had said appropriate clothing.
She looked even paler when I told her she should wear a suit, but expect to lose it at the transport and that she would be led the last mile on foot and in her underclothing so to choose it carefully, she would be naked while under punishment and would be in underclothing again to be exposed but clothed when returned on foot to her husband.
Mouth agape now, she stared at me like I had 2 heads, then asked who would do the flogging and whipping, I explained I would do some and my lady assistant would be doing some, the last 10 would by two highest bidders.
She turned abruptly and left face white. The following week she reappeared, signed the book and left in silence, as she did the week after. The last week however she found a note in the book to see me, so she signed and waited. I arrived and handed her an envelope for Jon, it was his gold pass to attend, and two silver passes for two of her c***dren to come and watch the punishment if they so wished. With it was his instructions He was to supply collar and lead, and ensure she was in matching underclothes and stockings and he was to be reminded that this being the first such punishment the press would be attending you could be sure.
Well the venue was soon sorted, it`s surprising what can be done if finance can smell a few dollars in the offing!
I went the day before to the location collected by the senator`s car and was surprised at the smart location right in the midst of central park. There was a porta-cabin box office, a changing room, a small dining room/ kitchen and a toilet with a shower. Outside the box office was a couple of women`s lib protesters marching about with placards saying inhuman practises and the like which the senator said would be excellent publicity!
On that front, posters advertised the event; it was to be a historic happening.
Central to the seating stood a pillory under a spotlight, and a little nearer the changing room a low pillory with a bench the victim could be laid on with her head and wrists secure while either kneeling on the floor or laid flat on her back for breeding purposes. The whole lot under a huge light roofed area, to preclude overflying.
I returned to my office satisfied that all was in order, and praying for a dry day, it would bring in the crowds.
Delivered to the office Hazel my pretty blond assistant had received a pair of leather floggers and a cat of nine-tails the tips of which she was now busy knotting for maximum effect.
The next morning I arrived early, donned my official uniform of office and awaited the arrival of my assistant and the husband with the victim.
Hazel arrived and went off to change, and check the equipment once again, and finally a pale but determined Avis complete with husband Jon arrived. She was told to toilet herself, then Hazel loaded them both into the prison van and with us aboard as well we headed for the gate of the park car park where a crowd had gathered, including press and protesters against this new and barbaric practise.
I heard hazel tell Avis to disrobe, then Jon fitted the collar and hazel handcuffed the woman`s hands behind her. Sharp to 9 am they emerged from the van Hazel first, then Jon holding the lead, and finally Avis in a set of matching purple underclothes, and dark tan stockings with flat shoes. Immediately she appeared flash bulbs started to pop. She glowered at these invaders of her privacy and descended the steps, where I read the sentence again, then Jon passed me the lead ritualistically and we began the long walk through the park to the jeers of protesters (at me) and the jeers of those who agreed with the sentence (at Avis) walking defiantly with as much dignity as she could muster and lead like a dancing bear on the lead.
At the box office we lost the crowd, though inside the arena there were some already seated one or two with flasks and sandwiches.
Avis stood trembling, and then she was told to remove both bra and knickers. Which she did to the delight of the senator sat conspicuously in the front row, again cameras flashed, missing nothing.
She was led by Hazel to the pillory and her wrists released so head and wrist could be secured facing the senator.
By now the place was full to bursting; mostly men come to watch the spectacle for a cheap thrill. Avis was now told to count the strokes; uncalled strokes would not be counted and would be taken again.
First I showed Avis the cat then I took my place and with the cat in hand, the first stroke fell, whap, the knots stinging the pale skin, and her legs twitching with the pain.
One! I quickly reminder her who she was talking to, whap ….two Sir, whap three sir, she counted to ten without faltering and I could see she was beginning to revel in the pain. Not so her butt, which was red and showing tiny blood spots. Hazel and I changed places, she presented herself in front of Avis then positioned herself and the count started again whap one mam, whap two mam my assistant laid it on hard, by the eighth the call was weakening but defiant whap nine mam, whap groan ten mam, tears falling now. The next 5 were mine but we took our time swapping to allow her to recover a little, and by the time I had shown her who was about to whip her she had regained some composure Whap one sir…. Whap, groan two sir, whap grunt three sir…. By the fifth again tears and it was barely audible. The senator was on his feet, he had outbid the others by far, he smiled at her tearstained face, then he snatched the cat and immediately began his 5, he laid into her heavily and as rapidly as she called the stroke, one whap, two whap three, wham, four wham; five wham, she began to scream Hazel took the cat and took her time, by now the lovely round arse was a maze of tiny red droplets, and a maze of tiny red lines.
My assistant now took it on herself to shift the target, the higher shoulders being the new target, whap one mam, through the sobs her voice sounded grateful that the hits were elsewhere now Whap two mam, whap three mam, in quick succession the last two of the strokes struck, relief sounded in her voice, five mam.
A short man appeared; he took the cat from hazel and began again. Ragged strokes now some on her back some on her backside and others to her shoulders, I belive she climaxed during these strokes, and at the call of five sir I took the cat from the bidder, and declared that section of the punishment completed.
Hazel released the now staggering woman and led her to the dining room. She now had an hour to recover; she showered, drank coffee and attempted to regain her composure.
On the hour she stood, Hazel led her to the bench and she lay back to allow herself to be secured in the clamp once more, her legs dangled over the end of the short bench and the queue formed, each man clutching a ticket, each thrusting himself into the secured woman, to fill her with his seed, then leaving the arena. Each man egged on by the next, the treasurers had allowed 10 per hour, some took just seconds, some, took long moments, one didn`t even get into the saddle, after a few she began to moan, occasionally an exceptional sized one caused her to groan but most were just standard and just filled her flooded body. An hour past she was released and taken to empty her overfull body, toilet break, coffee,
At the half hour she was returned, this time face down onto the bench, a small man was first and he mounted her analy, she screamed, he loved it, raking about in the tight orifice, then leaving his deposit with a broad smile.
Another struck home with the same target her screams eased; slowly she was stretching to accommodate these anal invaders.
The third man was a giant, a coloured man with a horse cock, he slammed into her cunt to her great relief, she was soon flooded in both channels, a lad of about 17 appeared, he rammed himself into her mouth, as the next man started again on her arse, at the end of the hour again she was released for rest and re-cooperation.
After 8 hours (6 working the others in ½ hour breaks) and a huge number of men, she was exhausted, as she was walked to the rest room, her feet hardly capable of taking steps, she staggered into the room and was showered and fed. She was near asleep as we dressed her in her knickers and bra, then walked her to the gate where she was secured to a vertical post her arms behind her round the post and a rope preventing her from sitting down. Here with our night men to watch over her she would stand till dawn, passing folks would be allowed to pet her, play with her body, her breasts or through her knickers feel her body. A placard explaining that; before she was to be allowed home, she was to be flogged at 10 am the next day.
Personally I and hazel went home to our beds, though CCTV keeping me in touch with the post and the passing folk.
By 8am the next day we were back at the site, the first editions showing her walking to the pillory, being whipped, and being at the head of the long sexual queue! We did not show her, her first moment of fame. The two guards returned the casualty to the rest room, for coffee and a restorative shower. She ate a little, and then slept soundly for over an hour before we woke her to be ready for her 10 am date with the leather strop.
She rose resignedly and removed her clothing completely this time. She stood resignedly naked and as handsome as a tired woman could be, before us, hazel fitted the cuffs and at precisely ten we marched her under the pulley, her wrists were attached and she was soon stood secured. The final act began we began to swipe at her body with the leather strops, Hazel concentrating on her breasts and myself at her backside and legs, she began again to moan, then we saw her twitch and begin again to climax, gasping for more, and her eyes rolling round her head. Overnight the guards had reported a number of climaxes, yesterday she had had a number and now she had had one last massive final climax. Finally collapsing u*********s we removed her to the shower yet again. cold water revived her she was dressed by Hazel and finally she was collared, before returning her lead to Jon`s care we watched her proudly if tiredly walk away through the crowd of pressmen and we marvelled at her composure. We knew they would pay well for her story the press always do. While they were following her to the taxi rank, Hazel and I quietly slipped away. There would be plenty more Avis`s the treasury boys would see to that, but would the women conduct themselves so well, or enjoy the experience so much, we shall see.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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