A black guy at the men’s store

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A black guy at the men’s store
Friday afternoon I went to the mall, as my nice hubby was at work.

After getting a few purchases, I sat down at a coffee shop. I was sipping a nice cup of coffee, when I made eye contact with a handsome young black guy. He smiled at me and finally he dared to walk over to me, asking if he could take a seat close by my side.

I offered him the chair across from me and we started chatting.
He was very young and he told me he did not have a girlfriend now.
He also said that he was there at the mall just killing time.
His name was Jack…

After a chat, I offered him to come with me and give his opinion on some sexy lingerie. He looked like I had slapped him in the face.

I thought the poor guy was going to fall out dead right there. He smiled though and tried to recover quickly. He murmured that he could go with me everywhere… He had a car at the parking lot.

Then I just leaned over and kissed him. I slid my hands up to his cock and rammed my tongue into his hot mouth. He returned the kiss and I pulled away. I stood and motioned for him to follow me.

We headed out to the parking lot. He smiled at me and we got to my car. I told him I had just taken a good look around the mall and then we would go to another place to get some lingerie.

We reached a nice store and walked in.
I knew the owner, a fine lady called Greta. She was there behind the counter and she smiled when she saw me coming down with a black guy. I led Jack back to the lingerie section and proceeded to pick out the skimpiest thing I could find.
I grabbed a little black lace see-through thong that tied all the way down the front…definitely made for someone with not tits.
I told Jack to come with me to the dressing room area and went in.
Closing the door I quickly took off the clothes I was wearing.
Then I stood back and leaned against the dressing room’s wall.

I called Jack, saying I was ready. He opened the door and looked shocked. I grabbed his arm and quickly pulled him into the small cabin, shutting again the door. The black guy reached out for my hard nipples and pinched them gently.
I told him that I was ready…for his huge black cock…

Wasting no more time, I just dropped down to my knees in front of him and unfastened his jeans, sliding them down to his ankles.
Jack stepped out of them and I took his hard cock out of his slip.

He had a pretty good sized cock. It was about eight inches long and had a very thick head. I looked up at him and began to take that wonderful piece of ebony meat into my mouth, deep throating it…

I bobbed my head up and down his shaft all the way to the base.
Jack moaned and dropped a hand down to the back of my head pushing me into his black cock harder. I starting moving my head faster and faster until I figured he was about to come in my mouth.

I stopped sucking his cock and stood back up. I looked up at him, asking if he wanted to fuck me. Jack nodded and I smiled at him, saying he could ram his huge black cock deep inside of my slutty wet married cunt.

Jack lifted me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist. He reached down between us and rammed his cock straight into my sloppy wet cunt hard and fast. I almost came right then but instead just moaned and told him to pound my pussy harder.

Then he started pumping me harder and harder not saying a word but just grunting and ravishing my wet cunt. I moaned and he bit my shoulder as he pumped into my juicy swollen snatch. He leaned his head down and sucked my nipples while he fucked me so hard.
He was not soft or gentle about it.

I was moaning into his ear and suddenly I started coming onto his nice thick black cock. My muscles were clenching his shaft hard.
Jack screamed into my shoulder and before I knew it he was shooting loads of that warm semen deep into my juicy sloppy cunt.

I moaned one more time and came all over the head of his cock while he was pulling out. I dropped my legs and licked my red lips.

Jack stood against the wall out of breath and I dropped again to my knees, taking his semi hard black cock into my mouth. I sucked him and licked his cock clean with my naughty tongue.

The black guy was crazy. His dick was again in attention, pointing up to the ceiling. He wanted more; but I was in a hurry now.
I had enjoyed a nice hard black dick in my cunt; but now I needed to rush and pick up my beloved Victor from his office…

Jack was sad when I told him I was leaving; but he smiled when I gave him my card, saying he could call me anytime he wanted to have a good slut married white bitch…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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