A Dancer’s Journal

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A Dancer’s Journal
A Dancers World Tour Journal
I just got the news that I will be auditioning for a spot on Shakira’s next tour, this has me so excited and uplifted. If I get this gig, I will know for sure that the dream I have been chasing is that much closer to coming true. I must focus all my efforts from here on out to making sure I am at my peak best when I audition in three days: hydrate, meditate, no sex, don’t masturbate, liberate, annihilate. If all goes well, I’ll be rocking and dancing all over the world for the next year.

Shakira’s audition felt like I stepped into a Fellini film, the haze and adrenaline: to come right out and say—this will be the most X-rated pop music show ever. The audition ended hours ago but I am still worked up about it so much, but I have to write about the experience so I never forget.
After I had passed the preliminary audition, I was lead into a smaller studio with other dancers who has earned their way to the next stage. A generous and glorious mix of individuals, we stood waiting for our next cue as what to do. That’s when Shakira came through to door, the temperature of the room instantly rose along with my penis—I had to cover it with my hands because the pants I was wearing was extremely thin, and I wasn’t wearing underwear. Shakira was wearing a loose tank-top with no bra, displaying her pert breast and perky nipples, along with the shortest skirt imaginable. She joyfully bounced over to her choreographer, Tracy, and they embraced lifting one leg behind her as she went in for the hug and that’s when I saw a clear shot of her pubic mound through her white panties. I would have been happy with just this image for the rest of my life but just as soon as they had embraced they began kissing like the way lovers do. Shakira’s hand groping the breast of Tracy, ending when Shakira coy fully pulled away and walked towards one of the dancers.
Still amazed at the sight of Shak making out with Tracy my bewilderment continued when I witnessed the next set of hand-to-cock events. Standing as close as you can to someone, Shak was asking questions of the man, all-the-while running her hands across his chest and slowly down his waist, with her left hand she pulled his waistband and with her right hand pulled his cock and balls out, letting them rest on his waistband. She moved on to the next man to repeat the events as before, no sooner had she pulled a man’s pecker out she was on to the next. The gents whose dicks were out looked confused and slightly embarrassed not sure what they should do. The women in the room began whispering to each other, I can only assume they were commenting on the various dick sizes they were looking at. It would be my turn eventually and the thought of what I should do to let her know that I was someone to keep an eye on for the remainder of the audition, but how? What to do? She could pick me next. I need to be quick or else the moment will be lost. I then feel a hand on my shoulder, glancing over I see Shakira looking me up and down like a cat toying with wounded prey. The feel of her fingers between the fabric and my skin caused the hairs on my entire body stand on end as she pulled my pants, then as her opposite hand began searching for my manhood; one last pulse and twinge, my nutsack tightened and my cock was perfectly chubbed. She began to draw it out when I placed my hand gently on hers when she looked up at me.
“I never said anyone could touch.”
“That’s the same thing I thought.”
In that moment I felt her hand begin to stroke my cock ever so subtle. I reminded myself to keep calm and in control of my sexual euphoria. She gave me the most coy and come-hither stare I have ever been thrown, enough to make legs go weak.
“I want all the men to stand against the back wall.” She ordered. “And the women to come to the center of the room.”
We did as she commanded, walking towards the mirrored I caught a glimpse of Shakira’s entourage were busy grinding and starting what I was beginning to suspect was the precursor to an orgy. Music came through the speakers, as the girls and Shaky improvising to it. Peeling clothing from their bodies the women would strike beautiful poses, and I, along with several other of the men were pulling and stroking our pricks. Shakira was wearing only those white panties that I had sneaked a peek of earlier, they were wet from the sweat and juices, sticking to her labia. Seeing her swollen pussy wobble when she would swing her hips, her breast were small and delicate and her nipples were hard. I decided to make my presence finally known. Moving my body in time with Shak’s and mirroring her movements we drew closer and closer, from here I could see the licking and sucking that was going on within the fold of women. Reaching Shakira her smell was enough to let me know that whatever could happen would happen. Grabbing her hips I pulled her close, my cock pressed against her stomach and she smiled.
“I never said you could touch.” She spoke as she raised one leg and wrapped it around my hips.
“You never said I couldn’t either.” I replied.
She moaned out loud grinding her cunt on my leg, then bending herself backwards I looked down and stared at my cock rubbing against her panty covered pussy, watching as the head followed by the shaft moved up and down and in between Shak’s engorged twat. As she returned to make eye contact, I lifted her tight tiny frame; kissing and licking her breast then her naval on the way up to her having her knees on my shoulders and those beautiful white panties pressed up against my mouth. I darted my tongue into her covered hole, she tasted like sweet nectar from a flower. I started spinning in place and to my delight Shakira started singing along with the music that had been playing while she humped my face almost suffocating me.
“Le ro lo le lo, le ro lo le lo leeeee.” Singing with ecstasy. She ripped her white panties from her body exposing her perfectly primped pussy, I lapped the sweet, sticky nectar oozing from her snatch, then I latched on extending my curious tongue, exploring the candy walls of her inner most sanctum, but I wanted to dive deeper and by the orgasmic siren song she was singing I could tell– so did she. Lowering her delicate frame back down leaving a trail of moist pussy secretions on my chest and stomach– I stopped just as head of my tool began to be inserted her to her warm love hole. For a moment everything drifted away, thoughts meant nothing, the warmth of her pussy on the tip of my cock, I looked into her eyes for the first time and what I saw was a women possessed, but then again so was I. She grinned a Cheshire grin, closed her eyes, tilted her head back and started to move and undulate her hips; lowering her cunt down on my throbbing cock. With each rotation of her waist she went down on my prick, I was completely inside her now and completely turgid. Grabbing and pulling her close I turned the pistons on and began pumping, thrusting; I felt her vagina dripping onto my balls. I kept my pace going. She was as tight as one would imagine, it felt like velvet, each time I entered her was wetter, tighter, smoother then the last. After a time of fucking Shak vocalized her pleasure with me by grunting, even howling like she did on her She Wolf song. “Awooooo”. Everyone in the room joined in howling. For the first time I turned my attention to the others and to my enchantment they were enjoying one another’s flesh. Turning my attention back to Shakira, I thought we could use a new position. Letting my cock slip out of her creamy cunt I tuned her around and bent her over, and there it was—Shakira’s voluptuous ass. I gazed in appreciation. She reach her hands back grabbing her ass spreading her cheeks, I tugged my stiff love-pole thinking to myself to not get to excited for fear I might blow my wad to soon disappointing Shakira, so I did the most reasonable thing a man could do in that moment, I dropped to my knees to eat her out from behind. Licking her…tasting her…smelling her, plunging my tongue into her cute anus as her moans became louder and more intense. I massaged her clit and her body began to jerk and spasm, and with my middle two fingers I placed them at the entrance to her treasure box.
“Do you like to be finger fucked?” I muttered.
“Yes.” Growling showing her teeth as she nipped at the air.
Steadily I pushed forward feeling the soft spongy canal of her damp pussy, then back and forward again in a slow and deliberate manner. Quickening the pace until the sound of my hand was making a “clopping” noise, she clamped down on my fingers on each aft motion, tighter and tighter with each stroke. With my free hand I slid it towards her B-Cup breast, the nipples were swollen and sensitive and when I pinched her tit she roared and her pussy started to gush; spraying those within a five foot radius. I knew now was the time for the finale, before Shak could recover from her pussy explosion I mounted her from behind to give her pussy and ass a pounding. I let tip of my cock rest on her asshole, pressing into her enough just at the point of insertion she look back at me with surprise at the anticipation of anal, but I was playing with her and moved my cock back down and started fucking her twat, thrusting myself into her I looked down at my prick going in and out of her cunt; watching as her pussy lips moved in and out with my shlong as if they did not want it to stop. I pulled her close, my chest against her back with her silky fragrant hair in between, pounding my cock deeper and deeper. Whispering in her ear.
“You want my cock in ass.” I commanded.
“I want your cock in my ass.” She replied, trembling with delight
Withdrawing my dick from her, it was covered in her precious juices, slick and well lube for her asshole, but to be sure I worked up some saliva in mouth. Letting it slowing drip from my lips I aimed and landed it directly on her anus, now primed for me to start butt-fucking her. The tightness felt magnificent with each passing inch, from this time forward I don’t think Shakira’s eyes never stopped rolling back in her head, my balls slapping against her pussy with each thrust.
“Don’t…stop…fucking…my…ass.” She spoke with each breath.
The room was now at a fever pitch of debauchery, I could see in the eyes of the men as they creeped closer to Shakira with their cocks in hand that the thought of getting in on the action was evident. A pressure began building in my stomach, a fire that I have never known made itself audible as I growled at the men loudly shaking the room; the subordinates turned face and relieved themselves on the closest person, man or women it didn’t matter. The force of my scream was powerful, I could now feel the beginnings Shakira’s orgasm, her ass start to contract and my balls were ready to release my load. Pulling out.
“Do you want my cum now?”
“Yes…all over!” she screamed.
Shakira turned and dropped to her knees pulling and sucking on my, with one last tug of her hand as it hit the base of my dick I felt all the years of training and discipline and not to mention the past few weeks sans masturbation flow out of me. The first thick creamy shot out hitting Shak’s open mouth and chin, the second flew over Shakira’s head and landed on Tracy’s stomach; who was lying on the ground having her pussy lick by one of the dancers. Without missing a beat Tracy spooned it up with her finger and licked it like frosting in a spatula. Continuing to spill my load on Shakira’s smiling face, taking each shot like a pro, unflinching as one rope hit her in the back of the throat and another hitting her directly between the eyes. She squeezed the last drop onto her extended tongue, and her face was a masterpiece of jism. I lead her closer to the mirrored wall to show her work to her. Standing behind her as she examined her face I wiped the largest of cum from her chin onto my fingers and held them at a close distance from her, wanting to suck the cum from my fingers I stopped her and in her bewilderment I slid the swab of splooge into her still moist cunt making her cum on my fingers one last time.

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