A dirty weekend away

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A dirty weekend away
Story 2- Trip to Melbourne with Amy, Part 1.
All my stories are true experiences!
After our night with Jim Amy was hooked and we watched the video all the time, I had a weekend in Melbourne booked for a little get away a few weeks later and Amy wanted to make the most of our trip and spent the next couple of weeks online chatting to people who would be interested in showing us a good time while there.
We arrived in Melbourne Friday afternoon and booked into our room in the city. Amy and I really got into Dom/Sub play and she loved being tied up, blindfolded and light bdsm fun.We spent all Friday night in our room as Amy wanted to push our boundaries exploring new kinky ideas and had a thing for dressing up in sexy outfits and lingerie. She walks out of the bedroom and as I look over my jaw hits the floor. Amy stands there wearing this tiny black latex one piece dress, strapless and a zipper on the front from top to bottom. To finish it off black fish net stockings and collar, I was hard in seconds.
Amy got down onto her knees and held up a chain leash that was attached to the collar around her neck, I walked over and stood in front of her taking the leash in my hand. I lead Amy in front of the lounge and look down as I tell her to undress me,I then sit down and lean back get comfortable and ask her to go and open all the curtains and the sliding door to balcony then come back on her knees in front of me.
Now that whole side of our unit was glass from floor to the roof facing out to the city and buildings across from us.
I pull her towards me leaning over and say to lick and suck my balls and cock while keeping her eyes looking up at me,she keeps her hands behind her back just using her mouth and tongue Amy works her way up my shaft slowly till she wraps her lips around my cock and slides down taking every inch of me into her mouth.
She is amazing at deep throat and at that time was the best I have ever had, Amy slow and deep sucks my throbbing cock keeping her eyes on mine the whole time.I enjoy myself for 5 minutes and tell her to stand as I let the leash go and go lean up against the glass window facing out.I go and get our bag of toys and get out the restraints and put the leather cuffs around each wrist and then the straps up over the brackets for the curtain rod and pull her arms up high and wide tied tightly so she cant move.
Amy stands up straight in full view of the whole city as I reach under her dress gently rubbing her wet pussy.
I tease her with a gentle touch in till she begs crying out for more, with bit of lube I ready her vibrating butt plug and pull the back of her dress up. I kneel down and with one hand I spread her bum cheeks as the other presses the tip of the plug against her tight ass, with it vibrating Amy doesn’t take long to beg for it to be inside her as she trys to push down onto it so I push it up twisting it as it works deeper till pops in place.
Once Amy gets her favorite toy I grab mine which is a remote vibrating egg and slide it up into her dripping wet pussy but don’t turn it on just yet, I grab the curtains and pull them closed around Amy leaving her for the cities viewers and call room services for more drinks. Little over 5 minutes pass as I put my pants on and relax hearing the moans from behind the curtains, then theres a knock on the door and I yell out to come in and with the remote I turn the egg on and hear a thud on the glass as Amy’s legs shake. Knowing that only meters away is a stranger Amy trys to stay quiet so I turn it on high and another thud on the glass along with moans this time as she just cant hold it back
He looks at me with a confused expression asking what that noise was and I tell him my girlfriend, looking worried with whats going on I tell him she was naked when he knocked and ran behind the curtains and I walked over grabbing the bottom of curtain and pull it up just above Amy’s waste flashing him her naked ass. He has a good look not rushing to leave then nervously walks out, soon as the door closes I laugh and turn off the egg as Amy just turns her head and says very funny.
Opening the curtains again letting the lights make Amy visible to anyone watching I turn egg on again and with my drink I stand outside on the balcony and have a smoke, looking through the window I notice just how clearly she can be seen and get hard with excitement. Turning egg on and off teasing Amy as I get her to the edge of an orgasm then stop keeping this going till I go back inside, I stand behind Amy reach down pulling out the egg with only the plug still buzzing inside her ass.
I point out to her the units and windows I saw people looking over then waved high and clear making sure whoever still looking will pay attention, stripping my pants off I reach around and unzip Amy’s dress and in one go it opens and falls to the floor leaving my sexy girl completely nude.
With one hand I reach down and rub her clit as the other goes up and holds Amy’s throat and I move in pushing my throbbing hard cock up sliding deep inside and with hard thrusts I begin to fuck her with every inch. Pressed up against the glass with my cock pumping Amy hard I just look and talk dirty to her about her being fucked for all to watch and I know she loves it.
Without slowing or stopping I pound her non stop up till I feel her legs shake and all the normal signs of her about to cum so I just pull straight out moving down and sliding out the plug as well and Amy cry’s out begging and pleading for more like cock hungry slut.
I move a chair facing the window and sit telling Amy to stand with legs over mine looking out and ride my cock, I hold her leash with firm grip keeping her head up straight for any views to see. Once again I wait and stop Amy before she has an orgasm driving her crazy begging to let her have it.
I lay her down pulling her legs up and wide telling her to hold them open, I get the vibrator place it on her belly then with ass wide open I kneel down sliding my cock in feeling the tightness of it as she tenses around my meat.
I hold one leg for her and tell Amy to fuck her pussy with it fast and hard till she gets the orgasm she pleaded for, horny as hell within seconds Amy starts pumping that vibe like no tomorrow pounding it as I pound her ass.
Desperate for her orgasm Amy goes hard nonstop crying out loud and in no time at all I watch as Amy’s legs shake and she screams out “ Ooh yes “ over and over loud enough for everyone in hotel to hear till with one long scream Amy has her orgasm. Her legs kicking around uncontrollably hips pulsing up and down back arched and her head tilting back for the first time ever Amy experiences her first squirt and was something I never seen before either, it was only a little bit but still a new to us and Amy once finally finished just laid there breathing heavy with a shocked look on her face as she looked up at me.
Giving Amy few minutes to recover from such a long intents orgasm I grab the vibrating egg and put it back in her soaking wet pussy then I walk her outside on balcony and stand her right up against the glass railing, I lean her forward bending Amy over the railing and slide my throbbing hard cock back inside her little ass.
We hear people whistling cheering from other balconies which something that really turned us on and I speed up and grab Amy by the waste with one hand as other hand has leash pulling her in as I thrust forward.
After we get a good rhythm I reach over to the little plastic table grabbing the remote turning on the egg and I feel it through her as my cock pumps deep right over it inside Amy’s pussy.
The excitement of everything just to much to last any longer especially with the egg vibrating so I reach up with both hands grabbing Amy by the shoulders to pull her back against me and with a few hard thrusts I pound deep then I hold myself deep as possible forcing her back pressing hard up on my groin I cum and with what felt like huge load I pump it deep up her ass with every thrust of my cock.
We go straight into the shower and clean up before crashing out to get some rest before the night ahead.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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