A Dream

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A Dream
*** Note: This is my story from another site. Enjoy! ***

I had a dream this morning that was so intense and vivid. It was also nasty, depraved, and twisted.

My dream starts with me finding myself in a house. Its dark, all the shades are drawn. I quickly come to realize that I’m in a tweaker house. Its not overly crowded with people, but there are quite a few people around, males and females, all ages, sizes, and races. The constant is they’re all naked, sexing, and very, very high. I can smell the meth. I see points, many points, on the ground, on what little furniture there is.

As I walk through the house, in and out of the various rooms, people are enjoying all kinds of sex, in all kinds of variations and combinations. It seems that everyone is fucking everyone. Needless to say, my cock was rock hard, and I soon realized I was naked as well.

I opened the door to another room. It was small, but there were at least four people in there. I noticed a woman, and three men. As I stepped inside the room, it became clear that the men were black, well built, and very well hung. The woman was lying on her back, with one of the black men under her with the head of his cock in her ass, the head of another bull cock in her mouth, and the third black man slamming her arm. In the dim light, I was able to see the flash, then the plunger went it. While he was administering the slam, he was positioned with his cock head in her shaved cunt. After the point was removed all three men simultaneously shoved their enormous cocks into their respective holes, balls deep. It was obvious she was flying, and the sounds she made also telegraphed the intense pleasure she was feeling.

I moved into the room further, as this scene made me even hornier than I’ve ever been. I came closer to the group. The men all glanced at me, but paid me no attention. It was clear they had slammed themselves as well.

I came even closer, finally getting close enough to see the woman’s face. And my jaw dropped to the floor. There, slammed and flying, with three huge cocks pummeling her holes in unison, was my wife, enjoying sex as she never let on to me. A mix of emotions came over me, anger, jealousy, shock. But above it all, I felt desire, and a level of horniness I have never felt before. My cock, like a rock now, and surprisingly, my ass hole, quivering with desire, were telltale signs that I was enjoying the sight before me.

I watched for what seemed like hours, all the positions my wife was put in and fucked, the three horse-hung cocks changing holes and continuing the pounding, her moans of pain and extasy. She was a no-holes-barred chem slut. These three cocks rotated between her holes without concern. I almost shot a load, without touching my cock, when I saw, for the first time, a big black cock pull out of her ass, and plunge right into her pussy, balls deep in a single stroke. It was a nastiness I had never expected from any woman, let alone my wife.

I was astonished. Never in our many years of marriage had there been any hint that this was the kind of sexual action my wife enjoyed. She was always straight-up proper and conservative in our sexual life. I was truly disappointed in this revelation, yet intensely turned-on at the same time.

As the scene continued to play out before me, again, it seemed like hours had passed, the pounding my wife was receiving from the three bull cocks began to intensify. It was obvious that all three were near to unloading into my wife’s holes. I was hoping that these men were going to flood her holes. When the time came, the cock in her throat pulled out briefly, allowing her to take a deep breath, then all three pushed in balls deep and let out intense grunts, indicating that their cocks were indeed spasming and shooting their loads deep in my wife’s holes. I was surprised at how adept she was at letting the cock in her throat shoot its load directly into her stomach, not a single gag reflex to be seen. I admired her level of skill.

When the spasming stopped, all three men pulled their cocks out. I was clear that all participants slams were beginning to wear off, as there was a slight increase in coherence. I was amazed at how much cum flowed out of my wife’s pussy and ass. I can only imagine that her throat also took a load that was similar in size. Needless to say, I was impressed. She lapped the cum from her holes with her hands, and moved them frequently to her mouth. She then got onto all fours, and licked and swallowed all the cum that had flooded out of her holes and onto the bed. Fuck! This was hot!

After a few minutes of resting in a pile of intertwined human flesh, the group began to disassemble itself. My wife dutifully knelt at the edge of the bed, and lovingly sucked and cleaned off every cock. Even flacid, it was clear these black studs were packing, as their cocks easily hung 10-12 inches below their balls. Not a drop of cum was left. After, the men left, entering other rooms to relax and check out the action. No one was in a hurry to leave the house, and it looked like they were intending to stay a while, recharge, and enjoy some more uninhibited sex.

It was at this time that my wife looked over and finally noticed me standing there in the room. She looked tired, still very high, but content and satisfied. Her eyes widened a little as she recognized me, but a slight grin formed on her lips, as she seemed to realize her true nature and secret activities had finally been learned by her husband, the man she supposedly loved. Even after seeing all this, for all this time, my cock had not gone soft, still as hard as when I first found myself in this house.

She sat at the edge of the bed, crossed her legs, fixed her hair, and wiped the sweat from her body with her hands. Her body reeked, a mix of sweat, fresh and long dried, mixed with meth, lube, cum and piss. I found this intoxicating. When she was finished, she looked at me and smiled. She didn’t try to convince me that my eyes didn’t see what they saw. She simply told me that she loved me, deeply, and began to tell me how she came to this part of her life.

We were married in our mid twenties, and like all newlyweds, those first several years were bliss. Our personal and professional lives kept us busy, but we always found time daily to enjoy each other’s bodies. We were always satisfied sexually. Even when we were away from each other, usually through work related travel, we spent those times through intense phone sex.

On the first night of a multi-day trip many years ago, she was sitting in the hotel lobby bar after a long day, getting a drink before turning in, when a charming gentleman came to her table. One drink, and light conversation, she told herself. Then she’ll turn in. What can it hurt. They talked about each other’s families, work, the usual stuff.

She turned to reach for her purse to pull out some pictures of “us”. The charming gentleman used the moment to put something in her drink. After some additional conversation, and several sips from her drink, she began to feel bad, and excused herself to go back to her room. After she put in her key card, a hand covered her mouth, and she was led inside her room. She was so out of it, she doesn’t remember much of what happened, but when she began to focus, she realized she was lying on the bed, naked, and her wrists and ankles were bound to the bed in spread eagle fashion. She looked around the room, and saw four men, one white, two black, and one hispanic. They were all naked and stroking their cocks.

She began to struggle and scream, but realized quickly that her mouth was stuffed with a wash cloth, so her screams were muffled. The white guy, who was the “charming gentleman” she was talking to earlier at the bar, came over to her with a needle filled with some clear liquid. He told her not to squirm, and the other three men held her body and arm firm. The needle was inserted, a flash was registered, and its contents administered. My wife had her first slam.

After an intense cough, she was quickly flying, feeling like she had never felt before. Surprising for her, she admitted to me that she became intensely horny. Her pussy became dripping wet, and even her asshole twitched and began to feel needy. As she rubbed and probed her fingers into her holes and mouth, she looked over and saw the men administer slams to themselves, just like they had done to her. Each of their cocks got immediately hard, and much, much larger and thicker than before. Even though she knew she should be frightened and wanting to flee, her body and state of mind told her that this is going to be something enjoyable. Her restraints were untied, and she became a willing participant.

Over the course of the next three days, she was fucked in all her holes, not just by these four men, but by many others that were called to join the fun. And she admitted that she enjoyed it all: enjoyed being a real slut, enjoyed the many slams, even booty bumps, enjoyed taking any and all cock and cum from the many anonymous men she’d fucked that trip. She even called and canceled her meetings, so she could continue to enjoy her new found role as a tweaker slut. She called to check in with me between slams, even having phone sex with me at night “before bed”. Little did I know she was high and enjoying every moment, and as soon as we hung up, she’d be slammed again, and getting fucked by the next batch of men. She told me that on that trip, she could not recall how many men she fucked, or how many loads she took and swallowed, but she said that it was over thirty different men, and their loads went in every hole. She astonished herself at how much she craved cum.

The day before she was to leave for home, the men thanked her and left. This gave her time to recuperate before returning home and facing me. She was told that anytime she was in town, just let them know and she could repeat her experience. They asked where else she traveled for work, and told her that they could arrange similar experiences for her there as well. This excited her immensely, and she quickly agreed to their suggestion.

When she returned home, she felt ashamed to see me, knowing what had happened, and how much she enjoyed it. But she never let on to me who she had become. Her travel schedule over the next year or two increased, and her trips went from three to five or six days. Her income never decreased, so she was able to accomplish her job. But all the while, every location she traveled to, arrangements were made for her to spend many days and nights being a tweaker slut.

She said that after returning home the “first time”, she quickly began to seek out this kind of action near home, and it wasn’t hard to find. Her “girls nights out” or “girls weekends” always led her to the nearest tweaker house, where she would be satisfied in ways I never knew about. She also never let me experience her new skills, as she felt it would give away her alter ego. So our love life remained the same as it always had been. I was always satisfied. She said she was too, but after hearing her story, I wasn’t convinced of the truthfulness of her words.

Finally, after many years of this, I found myself in this house, with my wife, witnessing her true nature. Yes, my emotions were a jumble, but overwhelmingly, I felt much admiration for her, as well as intense lust to enjoy her before, during, and after one of her sessions. That is, if she agreed. I have always had a desire to explore more sexually. This revelation gave me the kick I needed to begin that journey.

I sat next to my wife on the bed, put my arm around her, and told her that, although I was initially shocked by what I saw, I still loved her, very much, and that I quickly began to feel that, I too, wanted to branch out sexually. She looked at me with a wide eyed happy smile, and told me that she could help me get there. I told her that walking around this house, seeing the mix of different people and their sexual actions, and finding this all intriguing, I wanted to participate as well.

She told me that here, in this house, there are no rules. Everyone can fuck anybody: man-on-man, girl-on-girl, man-girl, groups, and even orgies, although one can argue that the whole house is one big chem-fueled orgy. She asked me what I wanted. I confessed that I not only wanted to fuck as many women, in every hole, as possible, but seeing her with those three horse-hung black studs got me interested in man-on-man action.

She surprised me by telling me that these guys are here at this house frequently, and usually stay for many days at a time, that they are bi, and love to fuck men. She could arrange for them to give me some attention if I wanted. I told her to set it up.

She also said that chems are a given here, and that you could have anything, any amount, any time, just ask. She said that in the time she was with these black men, she was slammed three times, and received two booty bumps. Yes, I was watching her for several hours. Not having experienced any of this before, I asked her about it. She said that, based on what I told her, I will definitely want to have myself slammed, as well as a bootybump or two. She said that my asshole will feel unlike it has ever been before, and that my experience getting fucked and bred will be insanely pleasurable.

She also said that, in this place, you will get fucked by cocks that have been in many, many holes, most of the time without the benefit of being cleaned off first. There will be pussy juice on that cock, there will be ass juice on that cock, there will be cum and chempiss on that cock, there may even be shit on that cock. The bottom line here is that you will be fucked by a nasty cock, or eat a nasty pussy or ass, and you’ll be okay with that. That’s just the culture at this tweaker house. Just her describing that possibility made me insanely horny. I can become just as big a chemslut as my wife.

I told her to arrange it, and she got up and went into another room. A few moments later she returned and said that she talked to the black men she’d fucked earlier, and they agreed, so long as they can do us both side by side after doing me alone. She said they would attend to me in an hour or two, and that I should enjoy some of the fine pussy in this place until then. I agreed, and my wife got up and fetched a pipe and lighter. She told me that we would smoke some meth to get me in the mood, and that she would show me how.

She pulled the pipe to her lips. It was obvious that it was full of small rocks of what I assume was meth. I asked her where she got that, and she reminded me of what she said earlier, that you could have anything, any amount, any time, just for the asking. She lit the pipe and I saw the bulb fill with white smoke. A little came out a small hole at the top. She inhaled deeply, till the bulb was empty, and held it in for a long time. I did not know she could hold her breath for so long. It should have been obvious, considering the throat fucking I saw her receive earlier. When she exhaled, her head was surrounded by a thick white cloud. She heated the bulb again, inhaled, except this time, she waved her arm and hand for me to come closer. I did, and she grabbed the back of my head and gave me a kiss unlike any she’s given me before, exhaling into my mouth and lungs the smoke she had just inhaled. I inhaled deeply. Her lips were still on mine hard, and as I began to exhale, she immediately began to inhale again. She pulled off her lips, held in the smoke a bit longer, and exhaled what remained of the white cloud. I had been “shotgunned”, she told me.

Next, she handed me the pipe and lighter, after checking to make sure there was sufficient T. She told me to hold the lighter underneath the bulb until it fills with the white smoke. That’s the time to inhale, and hold it in as long as I could. I did as told, and was surprised how easy this was. The smoke filled my lungs, and I could feel its effects. In short, I felt really, really good, and definitely began to feel horny. My cock began to harden, and even my ass hole started to twitch. We did this till the bowl was empty, and she refilled it, and we finished that bowl as well. With that second bowl, she encouraged me to finish most of it, which I did. By the way, my cock is still hard, and hasn’t been soft since before my dream began. She told me to get on my hands and knees, and to continue smoking the pipe. I did as she ordered, my ass in the air. As I inhaled lungful after lungful, she spread my ass cheeks, and planted her tongue deeply in my ass hole. This was my first time, but I knew right away this would be a favorite activity of mine. It felt so good.

She took he pipe and lighter from me, grabbed my hands, and lifted me off the bed. Staggering a little, we walked hand in hand out the door of the room and began to walk around the house together, exploring each room to see what was going on. While on this little journey, she told me that she would spend days here, having sex with as many people, male or female, as she fancied, her holes completely filled with cum and chempiss. She would be well spun, as she put it, her inhibitions completely gone. I would enjoy that too.

We came across a room with a guy, well hung, and three women, all slim in build, nice tits, and all completely shaven smooth. My wife asked if we could join in, and the women readily agreed. The guy excused himself, saying he’d been fucking the women for the last couple of hours and needed to relax a bit. My wife led me to the bed, where I was to take his place.

Feeling as good as I did, I had no problem laying on my back, extending my arms around all four women, and enjoying the naked flesh. My wife got up, went to a table against the wall, and returned with a needle. Noticing the look of alarm in my eyes, she calmly said that the needle contained a mixture called Tri-Mix, and its purpose is to keep men hard for extended periods of parTy sex. She said that the needle will be injected into my cock, and that it may feel a little painful at first, but that my cock would remain hard for hours. All the women who visit here are trained to administer this to men. All the men must accept this. Calmly, she grabbed my cock, extended it, inserted the needle, and slowly pressed the plunger. Yes, there was the initial prick of my cock’s skin, and yes, the slight pain continued until she withdrew the needle, but it wasn’t as bad as I had thought beforehand. Although my cock was hard to begin with, a very short time later, my cock was rock hard, and remained that way for several hours.

One by one, the four women mounted my cock or my face, with their pussy or ass, it really didn’t matter. I fucked all four in all their holes, really enjoying the shear nastiness of ass-to-pussy fucking. When I finally shot my load, they all tried to get some by quickly taking turns on my spasming cock. The feeling was incredible, my wife sharing my cock with all these strangers (at least to me). I think, to this day, that I was able to place my sperm in every hole offered.

We relaxed a bit, with each woman mounting my face, and grinding her ass and pussy on my mouth. I relished their flavors. They each kissed me deeply, then left the room. I felt spent, having shot the biggest cum load of my life, spun as high as I’ve ever been, and still flabbergasted that my wife is teaching me all of this.

We lay there, my wife and I, for what seemed like hours. In this tweaker house, she said, anyone can do anything, with anyone else. There are no limits here. You can be as vanilla as you want, or as nasty, twisted, and depraved as you want. There will always be someone available to indulge your sexual tastes. She admitted to me that she’s done quite a lot here. More than she had ever thought she would, or even knew about, and that one day, she’d share those experiences with me. The one constant, she said, was the d**gs. Being a tweaker house, everyone understands that the high is always there. No refusals.

We got up, finally, and strolled around the house, into the other rooms, witnessing the hot debauchery unfolding in front of us. I was amazed, and very turned on. Naked bodies everywhere. No clothing to be seen anywhere. Pipes, lighters, baggies, and needles to be seen everywhere. And not a condom to be found, anywhere. I could see myself, with my wife’s acceptance, becoming a regular here, with or without her accompanying me, but preferably with her there as well.

After touring the entire house, all three floors and basement (which was set up as a dungeon playroom, with an impressive collection of toys), she took me back to the room where this all began. It had been a few hours since we began this walk. Time flew by here. In the time we were here, I had just finished watching her get used in all her holes by three very well hung black men, as well as seeing her and her three cock studs slammed with meth beforehand. She had explained to me her journey to this place, and I had experience my first pnp and group fuck with four women, including my wife.

She led me to the bed, sat me down. She turned around, and returned with a pipe and lighter. Clearly, the pipe was already full of meth. Its always available. She lit the pipe, watched for the telltale sign of white smoke filling the bulb, then took a deep, long draw. She tilted her head back as the chems in the smoke replenished her already good feelings. Before letting out the smoke, she leaned over and planted a deep, wet kiss, exhaling the smoke into my lung. I breathed deeply, and held it there as long as I could. We remained lip-locked for some time, passing the smoke back and forth. After emptying the bowl, she told me that finally, it was time for what I’ve been waiting for.

She left me for a moment, and upon returning, she was accompanied by the three black bulls that ravaged her at the beginning of this dream. She told me that the five of us would be playing together, that both my holes and cock would be worked simultaneously, and constantly, and that her role in this group fuck, would be to fill in any gaps in my experience. Complete sensory overload. And if one of the guys needs a hole to fuck, she’d make any of hers available.

I nodded yes, with enthusiasm, and, as I lay on the bed, the other four, including my wife, got up, and moved to a table along the wall. They returned with five needles, or points, as they were repeatedly called, one for each of us. I could begin to see why my wife really got into this. The anticipation was overwhelming.

She would be the one administering my first slam, two of the three black men would administer themselves, with the third administering to my wife, who would then administer himself, till we were all slammed with enough meth to last hours. I was amazed at her skills as she calmly, and confidently found my vein, inserted the needle, returned the flash, and pressed the plunger in.

Wow!!! What a feeling. I coughed, hard, a few times and uncontrollably, then I felt my rush. Smoking meth was a new thing for me, and as intense as it was, nothing compared to this. I can definitely get used to this. Wow!!!

Once we were all slammed, the fun began. I’ve never had a cock in my mouth before, but it was soon after that my first was to enter my mouth. It was big. I marveled at its size, and mentally commended my wife for her skills at dealing with such a monster. Much bigger than my own cock, bigger, thicker, longer. The T in my veins was commending my wife on her skills at working such a cock well.

I was flipped over onto my stomach. I felt my ass cheeks spread wide, and what felt like a tongue probing around my asshole. I was in heaven. After the rimming I received before by my wife, I knew that I wanted to really get into this. So I pushed my ass back hard onto the probing tongue, and pushed my ass lips out. I was jealous of my wife for having experienced this long before me.

I was feeing good, very good. I could not admit otherwise. Cock in my mouth, tongue in my ass. Soon after, I felt my cock being stroked. I look down and saw my wife stroking my cock, hardening it, sucking it deeply, balls deep. After a while of this, she straddled me, my cock just touching her wet pussy. At this time, the cock in my mouth withdrew until just the head was in my mouth. And the tongue in my ass withdrew, and was replaced my the head of a cock. It pushed in until just he head was in my hole.

Never have I felt this before. I was euphoric. A cock in my ass felt beyond belief. So here I was: a cock in my mouth, a cock in my ass, and my wife hovering her pussy over my cock. I raised my head and saw the last black cock positioning itself in my wife’s ass. It had been a couple hours since our last slam. So, before anyone penetrated anyone, points were presented, and all participants were slammed again.

Once the rush hit me, I felt both cocks in my holes begin to penetrate deeper. My wife’s cunt slowly lowered itself onto my cock, and her anal lover (banger, really!) began to work himself into her ass. I was loving this!!

Soon, we were balls deep into our respective holes. A rhythm developed, such that each hole could enjoy a deep and thorough fucking. This went on for some time, cocks were repositioned into alternate holes, holes were repositioned for maximum depth. Breaks were taken to smoke some T, and I received 2 bootybumps, my first. I could not believe how hungry my hole became. Every part of my erogenous zones were flying, and I loved it. I understood how my wife so easily succumbed to this lifestyle.

I could not believe how great it felt to get two hugely hung cocks into my mouth and ass. Balls deep. I quickly learned how to control my breath, as the cock in my throat probed deeply into me. I was surprised how easily that went. Maybe the T helped a bunch.

We went like this for a couple of hours, cock changing positions and holes to get some variety. I loved the nastiness of the any cock, any hole, any time paradigm. Maybe its the T talking here.

Eventually, the three black studs began to fuck faster, a sure sign that cum explosions were soon to be enjoyed. My goal was to get as much cum in my holes as possible,, and that meant that my wife would not be receiving any loads this time around. With wonton eyes, I looked at my wife’s eyes deeply, and she seemed to understand. She pulled off both my cock in her pussy, and the bull cock in her ass, and, with her hand, directed the free bull cock into my hole, alongside the the cock already there, double penetrating my asshole. At first, I could not believe how painful this was, but soon, felt wonderful. Both cocks went at it for several minutes until they both began to shoot their loads. I couldn’t believe how full my hole felt.

So, to summarize, I got two loads in my ass, and one down my throat. Pretty good for a newbie. My wife rode my cock, but pulled off before I could shoot my load. Received two slams, and two bootybumps. Everything here is a first for me. I should be upset, considering, but I was loving it, and my wife for introducing me to the lifestyle.

After the black men pulled out, and before I was able to suck their cocks clean, my legs were thrown over my head, and my wife’s hands spread my ass wide open. She buried her face and tongue deep in my hole. She ordered me to push, while she ate all the cum from my hole, kissing me intermittently to let me taste it all. Finally, I was let up to position myself to suck the cocks clean. God!!! How I loved the taste to cum and my ass on their cocks. My wife helped by kissing me when I switched cocks to suck.

After the guys left. it was just me and my wife in the room, alone in the darkness. A little more kissing, and she got up, grabbed two points, and administered them to each of our arms. Before pushing the plungers, however, she got hold of two good sized rocks of tina, and pushed them into each of our assholes. Then she pushed the plungers after getting the flash.

As the rush hit, she found my hard cock and shoved it into her asshole, balls deep. Our lips met, kissing deeply, as the bootybumps began to make their presence known. We fucked for hours, my cock in her every hole. I must have shot multiple loads, I was so spun I really don’t remember. She fed me her pussy and ass for what seemed like hours to eat, kissing me occasionally to savor the flavors of her body. Just the two of us, alone, in that room, for what seemed like an eternity.

We woke up and disentangled from our embrace. I looked at my phone. My God!!! It was Wednesday already. My dream started on the previous Thursday. Six days!!! Fuck!!! I love my wife.

And then I woke up. Reality came slowly as my grogginess wore off and my eyes began to focus more clearly. My mind slammed to the last thought I had of my dream, and a sudden, slight wave of panic raced over my body. I turned my head quickly … and saw my wife, sleeping peacefully next to me. The clock became visible on the nightstand next to her. It was 5:30 am, nearly time for me to get up and begin my day. I slid my arm under her, she moved over to meet me as we cuddled and I kissed her forehead. We lay like that for the next hour.

It was just a dream. A vivid, full color dream that I remember as clearly as if I had actually been there. And my wife! Wow! What a dream.

I looked down toward my cock. It was definitely pitching a tent. I began to wonder ………

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