A fourth part

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A fourth part
I awoke and noticed that Lily was not in bed with me.
I turned and squinted at the alarm clock on the night stand beside the bed and saw that it was three thirty. The moon still partially illuminated the room and I rose and stumbled wearily out into the hallway.
I approached my mother’s room and peeked inside and half expected to see Nick giving my mother an early morning fuck, but the room was dark and empty. I went to Nick’s room which was also unoccupied.
Where was everyone?
I went downstairs. I was still shaking off the effects of sleep and my head felt very light and my body moved with the grace of a drunk pushed out after closing time.
It was in living room where I found them all together, naked, and sweating profusely. I stood rooted to the spot for a long time and watched them. Lily was busily alternating her attention between Nick’s enormous cock and my mother’s cunt, lapping it joyfully like an obedient pet. She must have been in heaven at the moment.
As I was watching this all transpire before my blurry eyes I suddenly felt a strange sensation in my panties. Wait, hadn’t I went to sleep naked a few hours ago. But I was now weraing panties and now saw something bulging within. I ripped them fearfully down to my knees and saw this long slender and partially erect cock spring free. It had to be about eight inches in length and tapered to tip. I was revulsed and fascinated by this organ that I had aquired within the period of time since going to bed and upon waking.
But then I was spotted by the three who abruptly ceased their fucking and approached me and examined my new cock. It was Lily who touched it first. It was very sensative and provoked a flurry of electrical fire flies to disperse throughout my body. Soon the other two were running their curious fingers tentatively along the shaft which brought it now to a full erection.
Nick brushed aside the two girls and began sucking it, getting more than three quaters of it into his warm mouth. I moan softly and begin to gently pump my hips and felt his saliva coating it.
“I want to fuck you,” I said to Nick.
He smiles up at me and positions himself so that his ass is poised up. I position myself behind him and shove the cock deep into his anal cavity. He lets out long deep and satisfied cry. My hips pump with an ever quickening fury as I rapidly approach an orgasm. I empty my entire load deep up inside him with such a force that when I finally dislodge myself the come erupts forth before forming a steady stream running down his inner thighs. He is grunting and panting and shaking violently but he seems all right.
Nearby, an eraptured Lily and Mom suddenly burst into applauds and immediately begin to argue who was next to get fucked by my magical cock. I wonder how I will explain it to any of the girls in gym class when it was time to shower. Would I get an erection? Panic and delerious happiness mingled in my mind as I was beginning to grow very fond of this new organ of mysterious origins.

I awoke abruptly and was rudely ripped from this beautiful dream by Lily shaking me gently. I looked up at that lovely face and smiled, my initial anger fading quickly.
“You were thrashing around,” she said and stroking my face.
“I had the strangest dream,” I said.
“I’ll bet you kept saying My cock..my cock…over and over.”
I laughed and told her about the dream. It was early morning and the sun was just illuminating the room in a soft dreamy light. Lily listened intently with a big grin fixed on her face.
“That’s really beautiful,” she said once I was finished and kissed me.
I half thought that we were going to fuck but Lily wa still exhausted and we added up in one another’s arms. I slept deep and dreamless.

We were awakened by my mother calling us down for breakfast. We dressed and ent down into the kitchen which was filled with various scents that made our mouths water.
“Your mom seems very energetic this morning,” Lily whispered in my ear, giving my earlobe a quick kiss.
Lily would get a great morning surprise when the night shirt that mom wore hitched up when she was reaching for something on a high shelf and gave all present an ample view of her ass. I looked quickly away but saw Lily’s face light up. Nick came in and ben over and gave the exposed buttocks a loving kiss on each white cheek. Mom laughed and playfully swatted him away. There seemed to be no attempt at all to cover up what had happened last night.
Lily was rubbing my crotch under the table and smiling dreamily to herself.
I could not help stealing glimpses of Nick. The pajama pants that he wore accentuated the sizeable cock lurking beneath. It shifted side to side whenever he walked. I had the impulse to pull the pants down and suck him off right there and then in kitchen while all present watched. But I quickly repressed that thought and instead sat quietly and eat breakfast. Mom was happier than I’d seen her in a long time. She stole quick nervous glances over at Nick.
I nudged a spoon onto the floor and bent over to retrieve it. I saw mom’s hand rubbing Nick’s cock under the table. It was fully erect and straining against the thin material of the pajama pants. All I could do at the moment was let out a little sigh. His cock was still a fixation foremost in my mind. I would not allow the summer vaction to pass without knowing what it felt like to have it rammed up my cunt.
Unbeknownst to Lily I was acquainting myself with anal sex by introducing various objects up my ass of increasing size. I began with the handle of a antique hair brush, easing it gently up my virginal asshole. Next were cuccumbers of increasing size and volume. With a generous portion of lube I got the object of the moment in, but I was nsure if I was ready for an actual male cock to be shoved up there.
Not yet. But I will be. I will give my ass willing and lovingly to Nick sometime in the forseeable future.
My love. All orfices ache for you.

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