A Frantic Fuck In The Driveway

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A Frantic Fuck In The Driveway
I was invited to dinner with Jenny, a good looking chick about 40 who had just moved into town with her teenage daughter. We had met through mutual friends over coffee and got along quite nicely. A dinner date had led to some interesting preliminaries sadly curtailed by the usual monthly women’s problem. Tonight was a return invite with daughter in tow.

The evening was a qualified success, with Jenny looking particularly stunning in an embroidered white sleeveless blouse with the buttons left undone just enough to display her full smooth bust to great advantage, her bra pushing soft, ample bosoms up and against each other to form a deep cleavage crevasse. Her red knee length skirt displayed her magnificent bare tanned calves and flashed her shapely thighs when it swirled. After dinner, daughter retired and we sat cuddling for a bit, stirring the passions for what might have been the other night. She was just getting interested, with my hand inside her bra stroking her soft breast and teasing her nipple to hardness, when a question called out from the hidden bedroom. My hand was roughly brushed away as she replied loudly. The romantic mood had been successfully killed instantaneously. Frustrated, we walked to the door to say our fond farewells.

“Oh, bother, I forgot to put the car away,” she said, picking up the keys from the table next to the door and flicked the outside light switch, but nothing happened.

“Bother, the light’s gone again,” she said, and opened the door.

She took my hand as we walked out across the small patio and onto the darkened driveway to the car parked in the shadows against the tall overhanging bushes, which offered some privacy from the quiet street about ten metres to the rear of the car. A kink in the boundary fence left a small patch of lawn for about a car length and a meter wide, while the overhanging bushes along the fence line had been trimmed near the house to facilitate car access, but still provided some visual barrier to the suburban street.

I followed Jenny around to the driver’s door and spun her around, sweeping her into my arms in an embrace charged with the frustrated passion of the evening. She eagerly responded, her soft full mouth matching my pressure while her tongue eagerly pushed against mine, seeking to pass it and fill my mouth. We continued like this for what seemed a lifetime, her full bosoms pushed firmly into my chest as she rolled herself against me, her knee working its way between my legs as her body arched into me and her crotch slowly rubbed against my thigh. This lady was hot and keen.

We came up for air, catching our breath for a moment before returning to our lustful pursuits, each longing for a double bed and wanting more than the present location appeared to offer.

I gently pulled her blouse out of the waistband of her skirt and let my hand stroke her bare back. Slowly, in a circular stroking motion, my hand worked its way up to her shoulder blades and across her bra strap. She arched her back and clung around my neck, her hot lips passionately glued to my mouth while firm nipples pressed into my chest. I slipped my fingers under the bra strap, undoing the two clasps and letting her boobs swing free. She gave a quiet sigh and gently took my head in both hands, steadying it as her tongue flicked in and out of my mouth, diving almost full depth down my throat before sweeping under my inner lips like a curious snake. Quickly my hand swept under her blouse pulling it out of her skirt as I moved to caress her magnificent mammeries, feeling their soft pliant form and squeezing her nipples to rock hardness.

She moaned down in her throat as she deep tongued me, sending my mind into turmoil, as my other hand fumbled blindly with her blouse buttons, working down from her cleavage, one button at a time until all were released. Looking across her shoulder and out of the shadows I saw the flickering reflection of the television on the open doorway, the fly wire screen door being the only barrier to the house interior. All the time her mons was rubbing sensuously against my thigh, as if saying Fuck me, fuck me.
I moved around to one side to better squeeze her beautiful boobs, and glanced across the car roof down the driveway to the darkened street with its weak glimmer of a distant streetlight. My balls were nearly bursting with desire and my cock was hardening fast when I made a snap decision I had to have this woman NOW!!!

I pulled slowly away from her luscious hot mouth and let my lips slide down to her throat and neck, licking, nibbling and gently nipping her neck from under her chin and slowly up to her ear. One hand moved up and gently touched my cheek as my lip covered teeth nipped down her neck, centimeter at a time, to the crook of her shoulder. She sighed again and relaxed while I kept going down, licking across her chest and down between her cleavage, then with a very wet tongue, under her voluptuous breast and lapping up to clamp my mouth over her hard nipple. She gave a little cry of delight and arched her back, pushing her boob onto my mouth and nearly smothering me with her desire. I sucked hard, letting my tongue roll her nipple around, pushing it back into her and grazing the end with my teeth. This last trick really turned her on and she pulled my head down hard to increase her carnal pleasure. She rolled her upper body in delight and I stripped away her blouse and bra before turning my attention to her other nipple. Well, you can’t have unbalanced sexual tension, can you? I mean, both nipples deserve to be pleasured equally, and her other nipple sprang to hardness under my attentive tongue. She moaned quietly and pushed my hand towards her wanting crotch.

My eager fingers rubbed through her skirt pressing against her mons, seeking her clit without success. So my hand slipped down further, under her skirt and up her smooth thigh to her satin panties taut against her wanting sex. She sighed and arched her spine away with delight, leaning back over the bonnet of the car, spreading her legs wide to give me unfettered access to her wet, waiting pleasure pit hidden by those satin panties. My fingers brushed lightly over her protruding love lips, a feather touch to tease her into wanting more, which she did. Somehow it seemed so natural to slide my hand inside the waistband and down to feel the juicy wetness between her legs, to play gently with her bulging clit and hear her gasp in delight as her body convulsed forward in a stifled spasm of erotic pleasure. I kept my fingers on her clit, gently massaging it around as she caught her breath and clung statute like to me, a pleasure wave engulfing her in another spasm of rapture.

It was only a flex of the wrist and a quick move around to the front to slip her panties down around her ankles and expose her lovely furry fanny to the cool night air. The wetness could only just be seen in the shadowy light as I squatted down in front of her, on one knee, my face pushed hard against her mons and my tongue licking for all its worth. She arched her hips outwards and pushed my head onto her, wanting my willing tongue to caress her hot hole. This was a delicious delight, repeatedly plunging my tongue into her and feeling the sticky juices flowing freely around it. A slow, repeated lick up to her clit brought a gasping response while gently nibbling her clit caused a squeal of ecstasy. I maintained this pleasurable position, working my tongue around her hard pleasure button, nipping occasionally, until she bucked her hips, and with a string of panting gasps, pushed me away despite my urgent desire to remain.

“Too much, too much, all at once,” she gasped, her eyes flashing with lust and confusion simultaneously. Her skirt fell down covering her luscious quim.

I stood up and held her, cuddling her to me, assuring her until she became more composed. Now we could continue. I kissed her lips face and neck, nibbling down to her bare, buxom breasts and onto her nipples, stirring her to sensuality again.

My hand slipped down her back to undo the waistband clip and slide down the zip. Her protecting skirt was balanced on her hips and would slip down at the slightest movement, exposing her aroused sensuality. It only took a flex of the wrist under the waistband to make the skirt fall to the ground, and once again I could admire her wet wanting pleasure pit. Naked, she stepped out of her skirt and I scooped up the unwanted garments and threw them onto the open car window. She pulled away from me with a wild, wicked glint in her eye.
“Now it’s you’re turn,” she said mysteriously, and pushed her naked flat belly against me, engulfing me in a passionate kiss, holding my head firmly in place with one hand as she fumbled clumsily with my belt and fly. With a little help these came open and she unceremoniously stripped my trousers and undies down around my ankles. I kicked off my shoes and stepped out of my fallen trousers as she stripped off my now unbuttoned shirt, before I leaned back against the car as she squatted in front of me, knees spread wide apart, her hot pussy out in the cool night air. She took my hard cock in her hand, stroking and squeezing it then licking the end with the tip of her tongue.

I gulped with the exquisite gratification as her tongue slowly slipped up and down in the groove, putting me on the razor blade edge balanced between pleasure and pain. Oh, god, this is delicious! Her mouth came over my knob, a hot breath escaping as her wet lips and cheeks engulfed it whole, clamping on and sucking like a vacuum cleaner as she slid back to the knob. Oh, the pleasure!! Then the variants, lick, suck, lick, suck, all the while her wet mouth was around me. Suddenly without any warning she plunged her face onto my pubic bone, taking my whole tool down her throat, rolling her head around like a dog shaking a bone then returned to demurely lick the groove. Oh, do it again, do it again!!! The second deep throat was slower, a gradual head bobbing progress, centimeter at a time, as she slowly took more cock into her mouth, breathing out with each ingress and sucking gently with each egress as her educated tongue moved back to the tease the groove or flick the rim. Simultaneously, her free hand moved between my legs and feather stroked my balls as she toyed with my tool. Oh, what ecstatic delight!!!!

When she had a full throat she shook her head around, bringing my balls to the boil. She must have tasted the passion building because she stood up, letting my cock spring lustily away from my body and gave me a long passionate kiss. Then she pulled away, holding my head in one hand, her sparkling eyes looking straight into my soul, and said, “Well, you’d better put that away in a safe place.”

She rolled around me and against the front fender, spreading her legs wide apart and pulling me onto her. I rubbed my eager rock hard cock against her crotch and slipped into her waiting, wet, wanting passion pit. Oh god, I was keen, thrusting vigorously as she quietly sobbed with the pleasure of each stroke. In, out, in, out, and so it went for an eternity until her sobs became gasps and she came in a torrent of delight and emotion, her body shaking and quivering in erotic spasms. She clung to me, catching her breath, her hands stroking my face, shoulders and sides until I started again. Slowly at first, with short shallow thrusts, rolling it around the rim of her sweet snatch and then suddenly thrusting in to the full depth, driving my cock in until I felt it hit her cervix. She shuddered with delight and waited for the next thrilling thrust, which followed after a short play around her rim. Oh, the rapture she felt and she moaned with sensual rapture.

The chatter of a group of passing evening walkers wafted up the drive as we pursued our carnal gratification, not caring about anything else in the world. Here I was, naked, between car and fence, fucking a naked sensuous woman and the neighbors were just strolling past at the end of the driveway.

In, out, in, out I thrust, feeling her pleasure increasing to an enormous explosion of sexual excitement, which shook her body relentlessly as she came buckets. Still I kept thrusting, wanting to fill her with my white sticky love sauce.

“No more, no more, let me rest for a while,” she whispered, gently pushing me away, leaving me with a rock hard cock and nowhere to put it. She reached down and squeezed the rod, admiring its hardness and strength. After a little while she began to wank it, gently sliding her hand up and down the solid shaft, the ring of her grip riding on the tight skin.

“Let’s do it doggy,” I said, twisting her around and over the bonnet. Her daughter flashed past in the hallway, and then back again, without once looking out the screen door, her young firm body covered by a shapeless cotton nightie.

I didn’t care, I was randy as hell and wanted to unload a huge wad of jism into her hot holes from behind. Again she obligingly spread her legs and rolled her smooth round buttocks into the air giving me best access to her sopping slit. Oh, it was a dream, sliding into that tight, wet, slippery hole, pumping fiercely and hearing her low growls of pleasure with each thrust. Ram it in hard, hear her moan and catch her breath, pull back to the knob and plunge in remorselessly again as she rolled her hips upwards. We kept this up for some time, my free hand sliding down between her smooth buttocks to massage her anal ring with my thumb lubricated with her overflowing juices. As I pulled back my cock I rubbed her ring with my wet thumb, and was surprised to find that it was relaxed, pliant and popped open to take my whole slippery thumb inside. She enjoyed the double reciprocating action of thumb and cock. Really, the feeling of stroking your cock with your thumb through a woman’s bum is just sensational, and she became even more excited with the double thrill. Finally, she quivered and squealed, cumming in a hip rolling frenzy that nearly bucked me out of her.

The double thrill combined with her last orgasm really made the pressure build in my cock, and I felt the sexual tension slowly and inevitably building. She started to roll her hips again as I maintained my thrusting, and was building up to another orgasm, when, with a stifled cry of ecstasy I shot my load into her love canal with a series of huge frantic hip thrusts. She moaned softly with each pump and I felt her vaginal muscles squeeze the last drop of spunk out of my softening love pole. Completely drained, we slid down onto the grass our naked bums not feeling the roughness, our sweaty backs against the cold body panels, gasping to catch our breath and enraptured by our daring tryst.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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