A Girl Who Knows

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A Girl Who Knows
Julie was always a girl who knew what she wanted and exactly how to get it. When she was young and wanted a toy that another c***d had she would get it. Whether it is by coercing them into giving it up, begging her parents or just flat out stealing it. Last year when she wanted to be freshman class president she worked hard and bribed some of the other High School classmates that were running into dropping out of the race. Of course she won. Frankly, when something was in her sights nothing, and I mean nothing could keep her from it. For the past week she had been concentrating on only one thing. Having sex with a girl. She didn’t care if anyone found out, her family, her boyfriend, her classmates they could all go fuck themselves. All she wanted was to lick a girl’s wet juicy pussy.

This latest desire of hers started last Friday when her parents went out on a date and left her older brother Jake and her home alone. As always was the case Jake had his girlfriend Nicole waiting down the street so that as soon as his parents left she could come right over and they could have sex. Julie didn’t mind when this happened, she would sometimes have her boyfriend over too but she saw sex more as a tool than a pleasure (after all how do you think she got those boys to drop out of the running for class president). To her sexual pleasure was why god had given her a hand and an imagination.

For some reason Julie was super horny tonight, while she wasn’t in the mood to have her boyfriend come over and show he good he was at prematurely ejaculating, she knew she needed something more than just her hand and her mind to get off.

As she sat downstairs in the living room slowly rubbing her pussy through her shorts and wondering if maybe she wanted to turn on the computer and watch some porn she heard something that she must have been tuning out for the past 15 minutes. The sounds of moaning from upstairs. No wonder she was so fucking horny usually as soon as her brother’s girlfriend came over she would turn on the TV or listen to music really loud to drown out the noise but today she must have totally forgot.

Like a moth to a flame she stopped rubbing herself and got up from the couch and made her way to the stairs. At the base she could hear a little better the mmmmm’s and ooooo’s but it still left her wanting more. So she slowly made her way up the stairs at about the third step there was a huge creek that scared the shit out of her and left her standing there with her heart pounding. She thought to herself, “What the fuck am I doing! That’s my Goddamn brother up there fucking. This is fucking gross!!!!” With that Julie regained her senses and continued upstairs and instead of making a left to her brothers room she made a right to her own. Just as she was turning the knob to go into her room she heard her brother scream out “FUUUUUUUCCCKKKKK!!!! EAT MY CUM!!!!” At this Julies pussy gushed and sent shivers through her body. She walked into her room as fast as possible locked the door and turned on her stereo.

She couldn’t believe what she just heard and how turned on it made her. Worst of all she couldn’t get the mental image of her brother with a huge fat cock jizzing all over Nicole’s face. As Julie sat on the edge of her bed with music blasting she found that she was rubbing her pussy through her shorts again and that the crotch of her shorts were soaked from what she had heard in the hall. With this Julie got up and took of her clothes so she could take a nice cold shower and get the thoughts of her brothers dick and Nicole’s cum covered face out of her mind. She wrapped her naked body in a towel and put her hair up in a bun. Just as she was about to leave her room for the bathroom she caught a glimpse of herself in the full length mirror hanging from the back of her door. Julie loved the way she looked and she knew she was gorgeous. She had blonde hair that went just a little past her shoulders and had an hour glass shape that would put Marilyn Monroe to shame. The only problem was her tits. They were small with puffy nipples and hardly an A cup size, but what she lacked in breasts she made up for with her ass and she knew it. She loved to thin tight stretch pants that made it obvious that she only wore things. This way even when a guy checked out her small breasts in passing when they turned around to get a look at her ass their mouths would always drop.

After removing her towel and checking out her body she laid down on the floor in front of the mirror spread her legs to show herself her gushing wet pussy. It turned her on so much to see herself masturbate that she just had to have a go right now. She put two of her fingers in her mouth and swirled her tongue around them getting them good and gooey with her saliva then she went straight down to her pussy and shoved them inside. She was taken aback at how good it felt and had to regain her senses before she could start thrusting her fingers in some more. She loved the sounds that her pussy made when she fucked it with her fingers, it sounded so wet and juicy that it drove her nuts. After a few minutes of watching herself in the mirror pinching her nipples and thrusting her fingers into her pussy she was coming so close to orgasm but just wasn’t able to get there. She slowly got up on her hands and knees so she could get a view of her ass and went right back to work shoving her hand between her legs and rubbing her clit. Only a few seconds after she started working her clit and looking at her ass she felt that wonderful feeling of an orgasm about to wash over her. Then out of nowhere the mental image of her brothers hard cock blowing a load on Nicole’s face popped in her mind and she screamed out “Noooo.” and smashed her fist on the ground in frustration. With this the feeling of approaching an orgasm began to subside. “Why do I have to think of his dick when I am going to cum. This is so fucked up!” she muttered to herself. With that she stood up and wrapped the towel back around her and made her way out into the hallway to take that cold shower.

While she was walking down the hallway she was so angry and so filled with sexual tension that she couldn’t help but listen for her brother and Nicole having sex again. This time the hallway was silent except for some hushed talking coming from her brother’s room. She made her way to the bathroom, locked the door and turned on the shower. Before she took a shower she always spent a few minutes looking over her self in the mirror admiring her body and looking for any blemishes. But the wet heat in her vagina was so intense that she couldn’t be bothered with the mirror and just needed to get in the shower and cool herself down. As soon as the shower was on she jumped in she didn’t wait and test the temperature she just jumped in, the cooler the better. It was such a relief that she smiled and let out a sigh and closed her eyes. All Julie did was stand there and feel the cool water fall on her skin occasionally turning and letting it hit another part of her. She didn’t use any soap or shampoo, she just enjoyed.

Having felt that she had calmed that desire for sex down she got out of the shower dried off and wrapped the towel around her to make her way to her room. As soon she opened the door from the bathroom she heard it. Nicole was moaning again and saying dirty things. Since her brother’s room was right next to the bathroom she could make out every word.
Nicole said in a low sexy voice, “You like it when I stroke your hard dick like this? Huh?”

Jake replied with an “MMMMmmmmm”.

Nicole went on saying, ” I love how your dick fits in my mouth, its so big I can barely take it all the way in.”

A few seconds later you could hear a juicy pop as Nicole took his dick out of her mouth. With the sound of that pop Julie’s pussy got all wet again and she could feel her knees begin to buckle as her body sent shivers through her. “That’s it.” she thought to herself, ” I don’t care how sick it is I need to hear more of this.” With that Julie slowly got down to her hands and knees and crawled over to the wall right next to her brothers door. She sat down with her back leaning against the wall and her legs spread and immediately put her hand between her legs as she listened to every word said and sound made in her brothers room.

“When you shot your load in my mouth before I felt like a real slut, do you want to do that to me again? hmmmmm? Do you want to make me your little cum slut?” said Nicole in a hushed voice.

“Ohh baby I am going to cum in your mouth and on your face at least 2 more times tonight. Now shut up and keep sucking on my hard dick,” said Jake.

“MMMmmmm MMMmmmmm.” Said Nicole in a way that sounded like her mouth was full.

Julie just sat on the floor rubbing and fingering her pussy slowly listening to the wet slurping sounds Nicole was making on her brothers dick.

“Uhhhhhh, Nicole you better stop or I am going to cum real soon and I really want to fuck your wet pussy some more. Now sit on the edge of the bed and let me have my turn.” Jake said with urgency.

Julie heard the bed squeak and someone walking in the room. She began to freak out and stand up thinking her brother or his girlfriend may come out in the hallway and catch her masturbating just outside the door. Then she heard her brother say, “I am going to eat your pussy till you cum in my mouth.” Now Julie has had guys eat her out before but never once did she orgasm from it. She always thought it was kind of gross and couldn’t imagine it tasting good at all. She thought to herself, ” How can a girl even get off from a tongue? I need a big hard dick, or my hand to cum?” With all of these questions running through her head she had found that she had put her hand back to her pussy and was fingering herself lightly and stroking her clit. Then she heard the sounds that got her in the position that she was in today that made her obsessed with eating pussy that made her want to eat pussy more than anything else. She heard a sloppy wet smacking sound, the sound of her brother eating his girlfriend out. She could hear how wet Nicole was from the hallway. Julie found herself so turned on by this sound that her pussy began to drip with juices. She began to finger herself furiously listening to the sound. Julie could feel her own juices gushing out of her pussy and sliding down to her ass. She was so close to orgasm then she heard “Ohhhh God your gonna make me cum, Keep eating it, Keep eating it. Uuuunnnnnhhhhhh!!!!”

Julie had to get a closer look. She crawled her way over to the door and looked in through the keyhole. She could see Nicole laying on her back with her hips all the way up to the edge of the bed. Her hand was outstretched on the back of Jakes head. Her hips were moving furiously up and down while Jake’s mouth was moving back and forth. The glorious slurping wet sound was so loud and beautiful Julie couldn’t stop watching. Then she positioned herself to look down a little and saw her brothers stroking his own cock. My god was it huge at least 7 inches and so thick! Her jaw dropped in amazement and any sense of wrong she ever felt about looking at her brother’s dick was gone. Looking through the keyhole still wasn’t enough she had to get a better view; she had to see the whole thing. She was so fucking horny.

As quietly as she could she turned the doorknob. It made some small clicking noises but she was sure it was nothing that either of them could hear over Nicole’s moaning and dirty talking. Then she silently cracked the door open about 4 inches. It sounded like Julie had just opened the floodgates as that wet slurping sound filled the air. She was so happy she could see the entire show. Her brother’s hard cock, Nicole’s gyrating hips. It was exactly what she needed. She moved back over across the hall and put her back on the opposite wall watching everything unfold in front of her through the crack in the door. Julie slowly took off the towel she had wrapped around her and began rubbing her naked body. She didn’t care if her brother saw her. She almost hoped he would so she could get a better look at that huge cock of his. She wanted Nicole to see her in hopes she could join in the fun and maybe eat her pussy too. It looked that delicious. As Julie rubbed her body she played with her puffy hard nipples until she let out a little moan. She could feel her pussy get wetter and wetter. She had to do this; she finally had to get off. She heard her brother still sloshing around in his girlfriend’s pussy and the sound was soo good, it was so sloppy and amazing. It reminded Julie of the sound her own pussy made when she was really into fucking herself. She watched as Nicole messed up her brother’s hair rubbing it in ecstasy and her back arching and twisting as pangs of pleasure enfolded her. Julie had never once in her life been so turned on by a girl. She never knew it could be this hot and sexy. Then Nicole screamed out, “I’m gonna cuuuuuummmmm!!!!!” Julie saw her brother stroke his cock harder and pull his head away from his girlfriend’s pussy. Nicole’s hand had left her brother’s head and had quickly rubbed her clit. Her hips flew in the air as she orgasmed and streams of fluid squirted from her pussy all over Jakes face. At this Jake screamed out, “Uuuuggghhhhh me too!!!” He stood up and stroked his thick hard cock a few more times and blew his load out past Nicole’s pussy and right onto her chest. Nicole immediately brought her hand up to her tits and began scooping up all the cum she could and putting it in her mouth. IT seemed like hand full after handful had landed on Nicole’s massive tits and stomach and she was sure not to miss a drop of it. When her mouth was finally full she grabbed Jakes head and pulled him in for a kiss. Nicole was obviously pushing all of jakes cum into his own mouth then he would spit it back into hers. Sloppy gooey cum dripped down from both of their mouths and it was too much for Julie to take.

Julie sat there still naked in the hallway watching her brothers cum drip from his own mouth while she fingered her self hard. The fingers going in and out of her cunt was loud and sloppy sounding just like her brother eating his girlfriend’s pussy. Julie listened to this and watched her brother still swapping cum with his girlfriend when she began to orgasm. It was finally here that orgasm she had been building up to all night. She grabbed tight onto her nipple and moved her hand up to her clit, as she felt the first wave of pleasure rush over her body. She writhed in pleasure as her breath was taken away by the orgasm. She couldn’t make a sound for what seemed like eternity as she moved out of control. The only thing she could think of for the entire time was Nicole’s wet squirting pussy being eaten out. As she started to come down from her high she let out a loud sigh of relief. Instantly seeing her mistake she looked up to see Jake and Nicole staring right at her with cum still dripping from their lips.

Julie felt her face get red in embarrassment. She grabbed her towel while keeping her eyes averted from the gaze she knew she was receiving from her brother and his girlfriend and bolted for her room. When she had finally made the dash and gotten inside she locked the door behind her and collapsed on her bed and cried in embarrassment for what she had done. As the tears dripped down her face she knew one thing. That she needs to eat a girl out just like her brother did and that she would stop at nothing to get that.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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