A Girl’s Night Out

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A Girl’s Night Out
Lisa was especially anxious to have another getaway with her mother. Lisa had discovered that Laurie’s and my relationship was not the normal one she’d thought it was before last New Year’s Eve. Then when they were together in New York last Spring, Lisa happened to walk in on Laurie and a masseur she had hired. Since then, mother and daughter had emailed each other occasionally, wondering what it might be like if they went out together to find a new friend or two.

When Lisa had received the email from her aunt, Laurie’s youngest sister, suggesting a “girls’ night” at the casino in Milwaukee with Lisa, Laurie and both aunts, it looked like they had the perfect opportunity.

Laurie made the arrangements at the hotel; the two rooms she reserved were on different floors and different sides of the hotel so there would be little chance of Laurie and Lisa meeting up with her sisters after they had ‘called it a night’ at the casino. The four of them met at the hotel about 6:00pm, checked into their rooms and changed for the evening. They met in the lobby and drove directly to the casino, thinking they would register for seats at a poker table and the grab a little dinner. When they got there and checked their coats, the aunts saw mother and daughter in a whole new light.

They had stopped on their way to Milwaukee at a large outlet mall on the way. They both walked away with outfits for the evening. Lisa’s long, dark curly hair fell on bare shoulders. A soft, gray ‘peasant-style’ sweater, pulled low over the top of her breasts, outlined the fullness and the shape of her bra-less figure. She had on a navy miniskirt over sheer black hose and strappy black high heeled sandals.

Laurie’s much shorter red hair was highlighted brilliantly by her diamond drop earrings and solitaire necklace. Also in a dove gray sweater, Laurie’s was more the classic ‘V-neck pullover’ in soft cashmere. The wool was so fine; you could make out the bumps on her aureoles that surrounded her swollen nipples. She also had a navy skirt, not quite as short as Lisa’s, but still inches above her knees. She completed her outfit with sparkly gray thigh-high hose and navy heels.

Barb said she thought they looked great – Linda was a little scandalized. Laurie said she and Lisa ignored most of the comments through dinner and by the time they were at the slots (still waiting for the poker table to open up) the comments had stopped – at least from the aunts.

Laurie and Lisa sat down next to each other in front of two slot machines based on the Monopoly board game. The seats in front of the machines were bar stools, and as they climbed up, they noticed each other’s skirts riding high on their shapely thighs. Lisa had her hand on her mother’s leg when a cocktail waitress came by for drink orders. As they ordered glasses of Merlot, Lisa kissed Laurie on her cheek and told her how hot she looked. The waitress left and Laurie returned her daughter’s kiss – this time a quick peck on her lips and told her she looked great, too.

Laurie swiveled herself around to the machine and started to load it with quarters. She explained to Lisa that Barb had told her about this game and Laurie had won some money on it last summer, at a different casino, when she came along with Mark (my workmate) and me on a 4-day golfing trip around northern Michigan. Laughing and drinking her wine, she explained that she didn’t really know how the game was played, she just kept putting in money and eventually she won about $150.

Both girls continued drinking, laughing and feeding the machines. Almost two hours had passed when suddenly, Lisa’s game seemed to jump her to a different level. At the same time, Barb and Linda came by to tell them that the poker table had opened up. Laurie decided this was a good chance to separate themselves for the rest of the evening, and she told her sisters that she and Lisa were going to ride the Monopoly machines for a while and then probably go to bed. Mother and daughter watched as the two aunts walked away until they disappeared inside the poker room.

When they were out of sight, Lisa leaned into her mother and gave her another kiss, this one lingering just a second longer as she congratulated her on her quick thinking. When she turned back to her game, she bumped into the hip of a man standing very close to her stool. She poked Laurie to get her attention and the two of them gave him the once-over. Laurie told me later he was my age, but taller and very trim. He was smiling down at Lisa, enjoying the small gap in the front of her sweater, when he told her she had to continue the game before the timer shut it down. She had to make a move to try to go from $60 to $250. He introduced himself as Robert and said he worked as a crew chief for a power company who was doing work in the area. Then he pointed out a choice of buttons for her to push and Lisa just looked up at him, her eyes smiling as she asked him to do it.

He moved closer to her and d****d an arm around her shoulder. She was impressed by the strength in his arm as he held her and explained the buttons. She was far more interested in his handsome, sunburnt face and his lean physique than in his gaming instructions. When she pulled the lever at his bidding, the game cranked and whirled and lights started flashing.

His strategy seemed to have paid off as Lisa was given another set of choices to make. This time, though, the payoff would go from $250 to $1000. He leaned down to her and whispered in her ear, asking what she wanted him to do. As he waited for her answer, looking deep into her sweater to see the firm, rounded tops of her breasts, he kissed her lightly on the neck. Laurie had moved around to see what was going on and heard Lisa tell Robert she wanted him to make the choice again and then give her a proper good-luck kiss before she pulled the lever.

As Robert pulled back to study the game, he saw Laurie sitting very close on Lisa’s other side. He asked Lisa what her sister’s name was and was very pleasantly surprised (or so he made it seem) when she introduced Laurie as her mother. As Laurie shifted to take his hand, the V-neck of her sweater gaped open, exposing most of her left breast. His eyes moved to it immediately and Lisa felt him start to get hard as he leaned against her shoulder. Lisa told him to give her mother a good-luck kiss, too. He complied happily, bending across Lisa to kiss Laurie long and softly on her barely open mouth. He pulled away as the counter was clicking down on Lisa’s game. As he pulled her hand up to the lever, his erect organ pushed even harder into her side. She told me she could hardly concentrate on the game, he felt so long and hard against her. She pulled down and the machine started whirling again.

This time when it stopped, lights on top of the machine started to dance on and off and just a few seconds later, a casino attendant was by their side. He asked to see Lisa’s ID (you have to be 21 to gamble) and then asked her if she would like the winnings in cash or in credit. With one arm around Laurie and the other around Robert’s trim waist, Lisa told the attendant she wanted the cash, alternating kissing her mother and her new friend, laughing and drinking more of her wine. When the young man told her she had to come back to the cashier’s desk to sign and collect, Lisa urged her mother to take Robert to the bar and wait for her so she could buy a round of drinks to celebrate.

By the time Lisa found them, sitting close together at the bar, Robert and Laurie were already getting more intimately acquainted. Lisa grinned to herself as she sat down on his right side, doing nothing to stop her short skirt from riding up and exposing the lace tops of her thigh-high stockings. She dropped one hand over his hard, muscled thigh as she reached for her wine with the other. And as she turned to her left, her sweated gaped open almost as much as Laurie’s. Robert had to be in heaven, surrounded by these two hot and seemingly available women. He was only hoping he wouldn’t have to choose between them.

Several drinks and an hour later found the threesome in a small circular booth towards the dimly-lit back of the bar, Robert again surrounded by mother and daughter. They had exhausted the small talk and jokes and had lost the giddiness of the big win at the slot machine. Robert leaned back in the booth, one arm around each of my girls. He asked them softly how they came to be dressed in such hot, complimentary outfits. When Laurie giggled and asked him if really thought they looked hot, he took his right arm from Lisa and pulled Laurie to him. As he kissed her hard and deep, he moved his free hand gently to her cleavage and started to caress the top of her breast with his fingertips. Laurie moaned into his mouth as he barely grazed her hardened nipple. Lisa’s eyes glazed over as she watched her mother kissing this handsome stranger. She asked Laurie what he felt like. Laurie slowly disengaged as Robert kept circling her nipple with the callused pad of his thumb.

Laurie could hardly speak as she tried to describe how good it felt, the softness of his touch combined with the hardness of his fingertips. Laurie told Lisa he was a great kisser, too. Robert removed his hand from Laurie’s sweater and d****d it around Lisa’s shoulder again. He said again he thought they both looked extremely hot, but he was still wondering why they were out together this way. Laurie, still breathless from his kiss, told Lisa to tell him. This time, he took his arm from Laurie and turned half-way towards Lisa. As she started to tell him about finding out about her parent’s ‘open marriage’ and their trip last Spring to New York, Robert drew her closer, kissing her neck softly as she spoke.

He put his left hand on Lisa’s thigh, gently rubbing his thumb across the lace stocking top and her exposed flesh. She never mentioned the family party last New Year, and she only said she had ‘walked in’ on Laurie while she was having a massage, but didn’t mention staying and participating in the hot, uninhibited sex at the end of the backrub.

When she told him they had been emailing each other, wondering what it might be like to go out together, she picked his hand up off of her thigh. With her other hand, she guided his face away from her neck until he was looking into her eyes. She noticed her mother looking at her from across Robert’s lean form. She told Laurie later that she almost climaxed, right there in the bar when she saw her mother’s next expression. That came a moment later when Lisa moved Robert’s left hand onto her bare shoulder. As she told him softly that he had brought her such good luck, she dragged his palm downward, not stopping when his hand covered the round, upper half of her breast.

Laurie gasped softly, drawing Lisa’s gaze to her mother’s expression of awe, shock and lust. Lisa kept speaking softly to Robert, telling him he deserved to share in their good fortune. As her hand brought his further down across her breast, she used her own fingers to drag the top of her soft, gray sweater down below her breast, now covered completely by his hand. They drew close and kissed, tongues dueling, hungering for each other. When Lisa broke the kiss, she whispered across to her mother. She said Laurie was right…he was a great kisser…and what his fingers were doing to her nipple was too good to be true. Then she told her mother to feel his cock. Robert groaned as Laurie moved her hand to his lap, tracing his hardness through his slacks. Lisa asked her mother if she thought he was hard enough and long enough to satisfy both of them. Laurie moaned her reply.

Lisa asked them both if they felt like continuing their celebration back at the hotel. Laurie said she was ready. Robert squeezed Lisa’s swollen nipple one last time before he covered her up. Lisa looked at him and asked him directly if he wanted them both, together, that night. He kissed daughter and then mother and said it would be his honor and his pleasure. They straightened up as they left the booth and walked up to the bar to settle their check.

As Robert called the bartender over to get the bill, Lisa reminded him that it was to be her treat for his help earlier. He wouldn’t let her pay and they started to argue, in fun, but their voices got a little loud. A moment later, they were surprised by a voice behind them, calling Robert’s name. They turned to see a thirty-something man, a perfect specimen of the young, fit, outdoorsman. Robert introduced him as Jimmy, one of the men on a crew he supervised. The blond six-footer looked at Laurie and Lisa, his eyes resting where their nipples seemed to be fighting through their sweaters. Robert quickly told the young man how they all had met and that they were just off to continue the celebration. Neither Lisa nor Laurie missed the growing bulge in the young man’s jeans. They looked at each other and grinned. Laurie had moved close to Jimmy as Robert finished his description of the night thus far. She slipped her arm around his waist and ducked under his arm, pressing herself against his rock-hard body. They could all see down the V of her sweater as she asked Robert if he thought it would be okay if Jimmy joined them to help celebrate. Jimmy was begging with his eyes as Robert seemed to think it over. When he said he thought Jimmy might add something special, it was decided.

Laurie laughed as Robert deftly handed Jimmy the bar bill, put his arm around Lisa and walked her out of the bar. Laurie waited for the good-looking young man as he settled the bill. When he turned to her, he put his arms around her and drew her into a kiss. They smiled at each other and arm-in-arm they walked out of the bar. As arranged earlier, they walked over to the customer service desk. There they found a note from Laurie’s sisters, saying they wound up about even and were going to take a cab back to the hotel. They would meet for breakfast in the morning as arranged. Both Robert and Jimmy had gotten rides to the casino, so they collected their coats and the four of them drove back to the hotel together in Laurie’s car.

They walked through the hotel lobby, arms looped around each others’ waists. Laughing and kissing their way into the elevator, they moved to the back as another middle-aged couple got in. As the woman caught Laurie’s eye in the mirrored wall, Laurie took Jimmy’s hand and put it firmly on her breast. She watched, shocked, as Jimmy slipped his hand into Laurie’s sweater and started to massage her swollen tit. When the door opened, her husband had to pull her out of the car.

The door closed and the four of them started laughing as the car moved upwards towards their floor.

The elevator opened again and the four of them fell out, laughing and kissing, and marched down the hall arm-in-arm on the way to the girls’ room. Though together, Laurie was closer to Jimmy and Lisa was very close to the older man. As they got nearer to their door, they were passed by a middle-aged couple walking together holding an ice bucket. They all smiled and said polite hello’s and good evening’s. When the couple passed them, Lisa took Robert’s hand and dropped it on her ass. She knew at the very least, the man had seen; she found that to be quite exciting.

When the reached their door, Laurie looked for her keycard in her purse, Jimmy standing close behind, his arms around her waist. Robert had pulled Lisa against the wall next to the door and leaned close to give her a deep kiss. Lisa knees started to shake…he was really good! She pushed him back just enough to see the same couple returning down the hall.

They approached slowly, not wanting to miss any of the action. When they were in earshot, Lisa turned to her mother and loud enough for everyone to hear, she moaned “Oh, Mother, you were right. He is such an excellent kisser.” The strangers slowed almost to a crawl. Lisa grabbed Robert’s firm ass in her hand a gave him a squeeze. He started kissing Lisa again.

As the older man and the much younger girl were occupied, Jimmy decided to keep the dialogue going. He leaned in to Laurie, pulling her back into his very hard front. Again, just loud enough to be heard, he stage-whispered in her ear, “Oh, Mother…I think you’ll enjoy the kiss of your young man tonight.” And then he planted a loud kiss on her neck to the audible surprise of the couple just several feet away.

Laurie couldn’t resist. As soon as she heard them gasp, she turned in Jimmy’s arms and slipped a hand around his neck. Pulling him down, she whispered back, “Oh yes, my handsome young man…give Mother a kiss.” He did. A really good kiss.

The couple were both trying to get each other to walk away, but they were resisting each other’s efforts. Laurie turned again and slid the keycard through the lock and opened the door. Lisa, Robert and Jimmy moved passed her into the room and as she started to step inside, she took one last look at the shocked and confused couple. She smiled at them and just couldn’t help but giggle a little as she asked them “Don’t you just love family vacations?”

She ducked into the room and closed the door behind her. Robert was chuckling and Jimmy was laughing out loud. Lisa looked a little stunned by her mother’s comments – her brother had told them not to talk about their family activities in any detail before they had left. Laurie told her to lighten up, it was all in fun, and besides, Lisa had started it. Lisa was grinning and then laughing again as she congratulated Jimmy on his picking up the action. He stopped laughing as he took Laurie in his arms again. He looked at her, then over at Lisa and his boss. “You make a very cute couple, my new Dad and my new sister.” Then he turned back to Laurie and said softly, “But this lady is the hottest MILF I’ve had my hands on in a long time.” He kissed her lightly. “So if you two don’t mind, Mother’s young man is going to give her what she deserves right now.”

Laurie leaned into Jimmy’s side and kissed him with meaning. Then she pulled away and told Jimmy he would find a bottle of Merlot on the dresser with a corkscrew. If the men wanted something else, they should feel free to call room service. Robert did just that, ordering a bottle of scotch and a bucket of ice. And while it called a temporary halt to their playing around, as they waited Jimmy did manage to open the wine and pour a glass each for mother and daughter.

After arranging the lighting to everyone’s comfort, Robert sat next to Lisa on one of the beds and Laurie and Jimmy occupied the other. The girls drank wine and the men asked them questions – lots of questions. Most of them were about how they came to be there that night…and what they thought might happen.

Did they plan on picking someone up?

– Yes.


– Yes, they hoped so.

Have they ever had sex together before? Either alone or with someone else?

– No. Never. (They knew it would be more exciting if their new friends thought they were the first to see mother and daughter together later on.)

Why now? Why them?

– (Lisa gave a short recap telling how she learned of her parents’ open marriage, and told how she and Laurie wanted to explore it together.)

Why them?

– (Laurie spoke) “Well,” she giggled, “it never hurts when a charming and ruggedly handsome, slightly older man helps you win a thousand dollars! And I’m sure it didn’t matter to Lisa at all that Robert bears a strong resemblance to someone she loves very much.”

Lisa gasped at Laurie’s implication. But before she could respond, there was a knock on the door. Robert jumped up and opened it. The waiter brought in a tray and set it on the small table. Robert took the check and slipped some cash in the leather folder and handed it back, pushing the young man out of the room. Meanwhile, Lisa took note of the way her mother was looking at her, with love and understanding and her warmest smile. “She gonna say something,” Lisa thought to herself, “and its okay!”

– (Lisa spoke) “It’s true, Robert…you do look a lot like my father. He doesn’t have quite as much hair as you do,” both mother and daughter giggled at that, “but in the summer he’s always so tan…so handsome, like you.” She kissed him lightly on his lips and then turned towards the other bed. With what Laurie described as a ‘killer smile’, Lisa said, “And I think it didn’t matter much at all to my mother, Jimmy, that you resemble another young man that we both know and love.”

It was Laurie’s turn to gasp. The joking in the hallway was one thing, but bringing Matt into it was…well, she thought…well, maybe, in the back of her mind…she knew she could bring herself to climax just thinking about her son’s glorious cock…no, she thought again, Lisa’s just playing with me. Finally, she smiled back at her daughter and laughed along with her.

It was Robert who started pushing the envelope with Lisa. He was leaning back against the headboard, his right side snuggled up against her left. He reached across her to put his scotch down on the nightstand between the two beds. As he leaned across her, he started kissing her bare neck and shoulders. He put his left hand on her sweater over her right breast, palming her stiff little nipple. He took his hand away at it looked like a bullet pointing straight through her sweater. As he nibbled on her neck, he asked her if her handsome father had ever seen her like this.

Lisa was having a hard time breathing, so her mother answered for her. “Yes,” her voice was getting low and throaty, “he’s seen her like that.” Wide-eyed, Lisa gawked at her mother. “It’s true, baby,” Laurie’s voice was a bit more normal, “I remember, last summer you were wearing a yellow halter…you came into the kitchen and, I don’t know…maybe it was the air-conditioning, but you were pushing right through that thin little top. After you’d left, and we heard your door close, we both just started laughing so hard…”

“Oh my God,” Lisa groaned in what had to be a combination of shame, embarrassment, and some kind of wicked excitement. Robert had moved his attentions to the other side of her neck so mother and daughter could look directly at each other.

Laughing softly, Laurie told Lisa how sorry she was. “I really didn’t mean to embarrass you, honey. I will tell you that your little exposure caused a major problem for your dad.”

Meanwhile, none of this was lost on Jimmy. He could feel Laurie’s temperature rise as she talked to her daughter. He slid his left arm around her waist and brought his hand up under her soft sweater. He cupped her full, heavy breast in his hand as he rolled her nipple with his fingertips. “What kind of problem?” he asked.

Laurie said that I had felt uneasy…excited but embarrassed that I had been turned on by seeing my daughter like that.

Lisa perked up; the wicked little smile was back. “Daddy got turned on by seeing my nipples? Really?” Laurie nodded and smiled back. Then Lisa quickly asked, “Is that okay, Mom? Did you mind?”

“Oh no, honey.” Laurie was starting to feel the effect of Jimmy’s little kisses and his long, magical fingers working under her sweater. “Not at all. We both thought you looked so beautiful…so hot.” She giggled again as Jimmy pulled on her fat, pink nipple. “Your dad got so hard, baby…he really gave it to me good that night!” Lisa gasped and Laurie must have realized what she said and flushed with embarrassment. Jimmy and Robert were both laughing softly.

Laurie calmed down after a moment and looked at her three companions. Slowly she joined in their smiles and laughter. She looked at her daughter, holding Lisa’s eyes with hers. “You know how much he loves you, baby. He would never, ever do anything…”

Lisa slipped out of Robert’s embrace and moved to the other bed. She put her arms around Laurie and drew her close. “I know that, Mommy. I love both of you so much – I would never do anything you…” Laurie stopped her daughter with a kiss. And when it continued just a little too long, Lisa pulled away, smiling again. “It’s okay, Mom? You don’t mind if Daddy sees a little bit of his baby girl?” Laurie just moaned as Jimmy’s hand found the soft flesh between her stocking top and her tiny panties.

Lisa fell back onto the bed next to Robert. They kissed again, heating up from the pictures the two women were painting. They all broke apart about the same time, each reaching for their glass. As Lisa held her wine to her lips, her good-luck charm took a sip of his scotch and then put his glass back down. This time, as he brought his hand back across, he pulled her sweater down, slowly exposing her pert, young breast topped by a diamond-hard nipple. His face was buried in her neck, kissing and licking her hot skin. Lisa looked up to see her mother and Jimmy staring at her chest.

Robert lifted himself up and kissed Lisa softly on the mouth. Then he started pulling gently on her, making both daughter and mother moan together. Softly, he asked Laurie, “Would you mind if he…saw her…like this?” Once again, the two women moaned in response. Then he asked Lisa, “What about you, gorgeous? Would you like your daddy to see you…like this?”

Both were on the verge of their first big climax of the night. As their new friends ran their hands and tongues over them, they looked at each other. They came so close to letting the truth out, but with a silent look, agreed to keep quiet about it. Lisa spoke first, her mouth dry. “Would you mind? Would you be mad at me, Mom?”

“You really want to, baby?” Laurie’s eyes were wide with that same look of shock, awe and lust. Lisa just nodded shyly. “Oh my God, baby…you know you’ll kill him!” All four started to laugh. “Really, baby? You want your daddy to look at you…see you…naked?” Lisa stared at her mother long and hard; the men had fallen silent. Finally, Lisa nodded again, her long dark curls falling around her face. Laurie, accepting her daughter’s answer, said, “Baby, you know he loves you…” Lisa nodded again. “You know, honey, looking at each other will be as far as it would ever go. He’ll never let himself go, baby… he would never…touch you…you know?”

“I know, Mother.”

“You can’t touch him, either, Lisa. I mean it…” Lisa gasped at her mother’s suggestive tone. “He’s only a man, you know. He could only resist so long.” Lisa nodded again, knowing how true that was. “If you promise me no touching, and let me tell him that it might happen sometime – so you don’t give him a heart attack – then, I guess it would be…okay.”

Lisa squealed as Robert lifted her sweater up over her breasts and over her head, leaving her naked from the waist up. He alternated pinching and licking her sweet tits. “Does that make you hot, little girl? Showing Daddy your naked tits?” Lisa moaned as she crawled over his lean torso. She unbuttoned his shirt and spread it open so she could drag her pointed nipples down his hard chest. She kissed her way down his flat stomach as her fingers worked his belt buckle and then the button and zipper of his jeans. When she had the top spread open, she put her hand into his boxers and took hold of his erection.

She looked at Laurie with lust in her eyes. “Are we ready, Mom? Are we gonna do this…for real…right now?” This time it was Laurie who moaned and nodded her head. Lisa grinned back. “God, I love you Mommy…you are so fucking hot!” Laurie looked down to see Jimmy had lifted her sweater up above her breasts; he was massaging her for Lisa and Robert to see. Lisa fished Robert’s cock through the fly in his boxers. She licked the tip and then stood up off of the bed. She leaned across and kissed Laurie. She gently held her mother’s breast in her hand. “You really do have great tits, Mom.” She left her hand there as she moved again and kissed Jimmy, sucking his tongue into her mouth. She took his hand and put it on her breast. He moaned into her mouth as he started moving his fingers all over her chest. “I know they’re not as big as Mother’s…” The all laughed softly. “But do you like them anyway, Jimmy?” He moaned again as she slipped away from her mother’s bed.

She turned back to Robert who was leaning against the pillows piled up in front of the headboard. “I hope you guys aren’t shy,” she giggled as she slid his jeans down his well-defined, muscular thighs and then off his legs. She peeled his socks off and then slowly drew his boxers down until he was naked on the bed. Lisa stepped back and looked at her newest lover. “Mom, isn’t he beautiful?” Laurie agreed. “We need some music, okay?” Jimmy leaned across and tuned the radio to a soft jazz station and turned the volume up a little. Lisa redid the lighting so it was more indirect and then returned to the foot of her bed.

Topless, dressed in her little navy miniskirt, thigh-high hose and a sheer, little black thong, Lisa started dancing to the Latin beat coming from the radio. She tossed her hair and caressed her breasts as she lost herself in the music. Her eyes were closed, but she could feel three other pairs staring at her as she danced. Her hands slipped down and she deftly unfastened her skirt, dropped it to the floor and danced out of it. She opened her eyes and her skin started to vibrate with incredible excitement as she saw all three of them staring at her. She noticed Jimmy had removed Laurie’ sweater and his shirt. They looked so good together, her firm breasts and hard dusky nipples and his broad shoulders and wash-board stomach, touching each other on the bed.

She turned to Robert, smiling as she saw his cock starting to thicken. She danced to the nightstand and put her right foot on the bed. Robert peeled her stocking down her thigh and then over her smooth calf and off her foot. He kissed her softly on the inside of her thigh. Lisa put her foot back on the floor. Still moving to the hot beat, she turned towards her mother and Jimmy and put her left foot on their bed. Together, they took her stocking off, leaving her in just her tiny panties. Even in the dim, indirect light, her mother and these two nice, handsome strangers could see her swollen lips and the thin strip of hair just above her slit. They all expressed their admiration for her hot little body as she danced her way up onto her bed, standing over Robert, straddling his narrow hips. Swaying to the sexy Latin beat, she hooked her thumbs into the sides of her thong. She pulled them down slowly, peeling them away from her moist, swollen lips.

Completely naked, her perfect little pussy moist with her mounting excitement, Lisa swayed a minute more before she lowered herself to the bed. She positioned herself on her knees between Robert’s legs. She took his cock in her right hand and held it up. With her left hand, she moved her hair to her right side so no one’s view would be blocked. Her eyes were like slits and her voice was just a harsh whisper. “This is it, Mother…we’re really doing it, aren’t we?” Laurie could only gasp as she watched Lisa bend over and lick Robert’s shaft from his balls to the crown.

Laurie had tried to explain to all of this to her daughter during their time in New York, and then later on the phone and through emails. Lisa said she understood what her mother was talking about – the thrill of exhibitionism, the outrageous pleasure of pleasing and being pleased by more than one.

Lisa realized that she didn’t know anything before now. Fucking the family was the all-time best, of course, but the thrill that coursed through her body, the electric buzz that comes from being naked in front of strangers was un-fucking-believable! She loved Robert’s cock; it was a perfect size for her. Long enough and thick enough to be really hot, it wasn’t too large to fit in all the places she planned on putting it that night.

She loved watching Jimmy kiss and lick her mother’s tits while Laurie kissed the young man and stroked his erection through his jeans – all the time staring at her daughter sucking cock. When Lisa drew her mouth off of the big, mushroom-shaped head and let a mouthful of her spit coat the hot, smooth flesh of his cock, she heard her mother moaning, encouraging her to take it all the way into her throat. She looked at Laurie to find her skirt and sweater had disappeared. She looked so hot lying on her side dressed only in her thigh-high hose and tiny panties.

Lisa discovered the rush that performing for others could bring. She plunged her mouth down over Robert’s stiff shaft until her lips were buried in his short hair. She started breathing through her nose, letting her throat get accustomed to the hot intruder. When she was relaxed, she started lifting her head two or three inches and then swallowing him hard and deep, driving him further down her throat. As Robert started thrusting his hips upward, Lisa’s stuffed mouth made every ‘porn movie’ blowjob sound she’d ever heard. God, she’d never had this much fun before – and the night was just getting started!

On the other bed, Lisa’s audience was couldn’t help reacting to the scene just a few feet away. Jimmy was plunging his fingers in and out of Laurie’s wet hole as he sucked her stiff nipple between his teeth. Laurie moaned – she wanted to taste him. “Please, baby…I need you in my mouth.” Jimmy backed off the bed, and standing behind Laurie, he dropped his jeans and shorts and pulled off his socks.

As he walked around the foot of the bed, Robert nodded towards his young friend. “I told you Jimmy brings something special to the celebration, ladies.”

Lisa couldn’t resist looking and she slid up Robert’s cock until it plopped out from between her lips. “Oh my God,” she hissed as she took in the young man’s enormous love muscle. “Mommy, how are we ever going to get that inside us?” Laurie swung around so she was sitting up on the side of the bed, her stockings still highlighting her perfect legs and her sheer little panties snug against her bare mound. Her eyes were like slits as he took the young stranger’s massive fuck pole in both hands.

“Like this, baby,” she hissed back at her daughter, “first we make it really wet.” She relaxed her jaws and started breathing slowly through her nose. She pulled the thick, plum-shaped head to her lips as her tongue snuck out, covering the head with her saliva. Then opening wide, she sucked it past her lips, letting him lay on her tongue. Laurie was transported by her feelings as her daughter looked at her, so closely, examining her diamond-hard nipples, then shifting her gaze to her moistening pussy.

Mother worked her tongue around Jimmy’s cock-head and then the two inches of his thick shaft that she let slip inside her hot mouth. Daughter reached over and cupped his swollen sac gently in her palm. She massaged his balls as Laurie’s lips slid back up over the crown and off of his beautiful cock. “God, Jimmy,” she moaned to him, “you taste so sweet.” Laurie pulled her legs back up onto the bed and rolled over on her back. Her head was hanging just off the edge, inches from Jimmy’s throbbing dick. She looked at Lisa. “When they’re this big, baby, there’s only one way to really go deep. Go ahead, honey, feed me his big cock.”

Lisa’s heart was pounding and her breath very shallow as she brought Jimmy’s mammoth organ to her mother’s mouth. She had heard about this technique (more than once from her boyfriend), but had never seen it for real. Robert moved to the side of the bed, his rough, calloused hands massaging my baby girl’s ass and inner thigh, feeling the heat from her flesh. Lisa brought Jimmy’s thick pole towards Laurie’s open mouth.

With her head dropped down over the side of the thick mattress, Laurie’s throat opened and straightened out; upside down, her jaw was so much more relaxed. Her hot, swollen lips were just the sweet beginning for his sensitive cock-head. Jimmy gasped with surprise as he felt her tongue move around him – from the wrong side! Lisa groaned as she watched her slutty mother swallowing Jimmy’s huge cock with such ease. Robert’s lips on her hard nipple and his finger sliding through her hot, wet groove turned her groan into a low moan.

Jimmy’s huge, pulsing cock was buried deep inside of Laurie’s throat; his hands kneading her flushed breasts, fingers rolling her nipples. Lisa moaned again, “Jesus, Mommy…you look so fucking hot!” Laurie took Lisa’s hand and held her daughter’s fingertips against her throat. “Oh fuck…Robert, feel this…” She took his finger from her wet little pussy and held it against Laurie’s throat. “She’s swallowing him, Robert…can you even imagine?”

Laurie loved her daughter’s commentary on her deep-throat technique. Doing Jimmy this way was fun; she knew it was really making the young stud very happy. But, unfortunately, he was just a little too large for her to be really comfortable. She just seemed to know that Robert would be the right size. She stopped the swallowing motion in her throat, slowly pushing Jimmy away and out of her mouth. Laurie half-turned onto her side and looked at her daughter. Her eyes were burning slits as she took in her daughter’s hot little body.

Her voice was a harsh whisper. “He doesn’t have to imagine, baby.” She motioned with a shake of her head. “Lean back against the headboard, sweetie.” As Lisa arranged a few pillows and got into position, Laurie pushed Jimmy onto Lisa’s bed. They both jumped and giggled as the boy just missed landing across Lisa’s legs. Laurie’s voice stopped their semi-nervous laughter. “Just watch your mommy, baby…” Lisa hadn’t heard her mother sound that way since last New Year’s Eve. She knew she was in for something special. “Let your new brother lick your pussy while you watch me.” She looked at Jimmy with a dirty little grin. “Go ahead, young man…eat your sister’s fresh young cunt…I bet it’s just delicious.”

Jimmy moved between Lisa’s spread thighs and slowly licked his way up to her plump, moist lips. Laurie turned over onto her back again, drawing Robert close with her hands around his hips. His firm organ was standing straight out. He rubbed his hardness against Laurie’s lips and her tongue, letting her wet his shaft in preparation. At the same time, Jimmy’s fingers were massaging Lisa’s sex. Pressing her lips together and then pulling them gently apart, blowing softly over her exposed clit. As his tongue finally came in contact with her clit, Robert’s cock was sliding past Laurie’s lips and down into her welcoming throat.

Lisa was moaning in delight as Jimmy’s tongue proved to be in proportion to his love muscle. “Mmmm, oh, Mommy…his tongue is so long…God, Mother…he’s pushed it all the way up inside…unngg…”

Robert was groaning as well as he looked down to see Laurie’s lips holding firmly around the base of his hard-on. He’d slid smoothly in and out of her throat several times until she locked her lips around him and held him firmly in place. She rolled her tongue around him as her throat massaged his thick shaft. His rough hands found her breasts one more time and his fingers worked her nipples as they had earlier. Laurie’s cunt was on fire; every time he rolled her between his fingers, a spark shot right through her from her tits to her bare, swollen lips.

Lisa’s moans had gotten louder as Jimmy’s strong hands lifted her firm, tanned legs over his shoulders and his fabulous tongue moved from her hot, slick pussy to her little puckered hole. “Oh fuck, Mommy…his tongue is all the way up my ass…God, Jimmy… don’t stop…unngggh…don’t stop.” Lisa reached out as her cunt started to vibrate, her hand finding Robert’s swollen sac. As she played with his balls, he reached across to rub her clit as Jimmy continued to tongue-fuck her asshole.

Laurie loved the taste of Robert’s pre-cum as it leaked out the tip of his thick, hard cock. She knew that if she really applied her talents, she could have him shooting in no time flat. But, she realized, her daughter was going to need Robert first before she had a prayer at getting Jimmy’s sausage in her little box. And her jaw was starting to really ache!

As Robert became more excited watching Lisa’s ass held high off the bed and starting to shake in orgasm, Laurie let him slide out of her mouth. She turned over and Robert bent down to kiss her gently on her lips. “My God, Laurie…I’ve never…you are too much, darling.”

Laurie giggled and thanked him for his delicious contribution to the act. Lisa’s short scream interrupted them and they turned to see her shaking in Jimmy’s big hands as his thick tongue swiped her slowly from her little pucker up to her clit and back again. He slowed down as Lisa’s screams turned to groans and then to low moans as she fell back to the bed. Jimmy looked up with a big grin on his wet face. “Oh my God, Bob! My new little sister (Laurie told me later that Jimmy really seemed to get off on the i****t thing) has the sweetest tasting pussy and ass of all time!” Lisa threw her arms around Jimmy’s shoulders and drew him up so they were face to face.

“Baby,” Lisa said, “nobody’s ever eaten me as good as my brother!” Jimmy was still grinning as Lisa locked her lips on his. She heard her mother gasp at the hidden mention of her younger brother. They drew apart and Lisa smiled at the young man. “Why don’t you show Mother what her young man can do?”

Robert caught on pretty quickly as to how much the whole family thing was affecting both of these hot women. He thought he would heighten their pleasure. He put his hand on Jimmy’s shoulder and gently pulled him away from Lisa. “Get off your sister, boy.” He saw Lisa’s eyes snap open at the same time Laurie gasped behind him. Jimmy let the older man pull him away and he moved back to Laurie’s bed. Robert climbed on to the bed, right between Lisa’s spread thighs.

Laurie was lying on her stomach, her head resting on a pillow as she watched the good-looking man prepare to mount her daughter. Jimmy was sitting across her thighs, massaging her shoulders and neck. ‘Mmmm…that feels good, honey.” She smiled as she felt his hard cock rubbing up and back between her ass cheeks.

Lisa was unable to speak as she stared at Robert. He looked as good as a man his age could possibly be. Fit and trim, his broad chest narrowed to his flat stomach. A soft brush of brownish-grey hair topped his hard cock. He was on his knees, sitting back on his heels. He bent towards her and took a long lick of her hot little box. “You are right, boy,” he said to Jimmy, “she does have the sweetest little pussy I’ve tasted in a long time.”

Lisa was trembling with anticipation as Robert sat back up and wrapped a big hand around each of her thighs. He pulled her closer until her firm ass was lodged between his powerful legs, her hot, juicy cunt tilted up at him. He held her there with one hand, bringing his other back to his swollen shaft. He started tapping his cock on Lisa’s labia; occasionally letting his thick, soft head hit her clit. They could all smell her excitement waft through the room.

Laurie watched closely as her daughter’s pussy started to swell with excitement. Robert’s cock was starting to get slick with her juices and he was holding himself angled down. He pushed his cock-head just an inch into Lisa making mother and daughter groan together. He leaned down, driving another solid inch into her. “What do you want, little girl?” he whispered to her.

Lisa could barely speak, her mouth was so dry. “Please, Robert…” her voice was hoarse, “fuck me…I want you in me, please?”

He pulled back, leaving just the tip to tease her. “Who do you want to fuck you, little girl?”

Lisa just moaned as she tried to thrust herself upwards. “God, c’mon…unngggh…” her frustration was all too clear. Laurie knew what he wanted to hear and she urged her daughter to comply.

“Tell him, baby. Tell him you want your daddy to fuck your pussy so good.” Laurie felt Jimmy shifting around behind her. He pulled her hips up until she was on her knees and then he spread her legs wide enough to accommodate his hips.

Lisa looked over at her mother. “I do want that, Mommy…I want my daddy to fuck me.”

“Then tell him, sweetie. He’s waiting to give you what you want, baby.” Laurie stared at Lisa, spellbound by the curve of her breast and the perfect rising nipple.

Lisa’s voice was dark and dirty, turning everyone on even more. “You like my tits, Mom? Wanna suck them?” Laurie groaned in response, remembering that long New Year’s night. “Wanna lick my tits while my daddy fucks me, Mommy?” Laurie moaned again; this time it was more Jimmy’s cock-head sliding through her moist slit. Lisa reached out and grabbed Laurie’s hand. She brought it to her breast, holding it there. “Tell your son to fuck you, Mother…and I’ll tell Daddy to fuck me, okay?”

Knowing that her daughter enjoyed a little pain sometimes, she discreetly pinched Lisa’s nipple before she withdrew her hand. Staring at her daughter’s dark brown eyes, Laurie spoke to the young stud behind her. “Am I the MILF of your dreams…son?” Her cunt started to flood as he pressed tighter against her.

Lisa hissed at her, “Not son, Mother…call him Matt…tell my brother to fuck you!”

Laurie looked at her lust-filled daughter, wanting nothing more than her happiness. She smiled at her daughter and then turned her head around to face the incredible hunk behind her. “Your cock is so big, Matt…is that for your mother?” She grunted as he pushed into her hot tunnel, his thickness stretching her so perfectly.

“It’s all for you, Mother…every inch.”

“Fuck me, Matt…fuck your mother hard and deep, Matty.” And with that invitation, Jimmy sunk the full length of his steel pole into Laurie’s hot cunt. “Good Lord, Matt!” Laurie groaned as she felt his massive head right up against her cervical ring. “I haven’t felt this full since…”

“New Year’s Eve…right, Mother?” Lisa finished her mother’s forbidden thought. As Laurie gushed around Jimmy’s thrusting pole, remembering the way her son filled her so completely on that special night, she heard her daughter once again. “Now, Daddy,” she growled at Robert. “Fuck me while you watch my brother fuck his mother.” She felt Robert guide his stiff shaft through the moisture covering her slit, lubricating himself for her. And then, finally, she felt him pushing into her eager cunt, stretching her walls with his throbbing prick. “God, that feels so good, Daddy…fuck me hard…yesss!”

Robert couldn’t remember the last time he was that hard. He couldn’t remember ever being with a mother-daughter combo like these two! Holding her young, firm ass in his hand, he pulled her up the length of his rock-hard cock. He bent down to her and whispered “What does your father call you, Lisa?”

She opened her eyes wide; her voice cracked as she replied “Baby Girl.”

Robert moved to cover her mouth with his, kissing her with true passion. “Your daddy loves you, baby girl…you are such a hot little fuck.” He started pounding his meat into her, unable to control himself after the unmercifully long build-up to this. And this was totally fucking great!

“Fuck me, Daddy…unngggh…harder, Daddy…” Lisa was moaning as she was rocked back and forth under Robert’s powerful fucking motion. “Mommy, Daddy’s fucking me so good…oh, God, Daddy, don’t stop!” She turned her head to look at her mother. Jimmy was laying over Laurie’s back, his hands kneading her breasts as he kept up a steady rhythm fucking her so deep his balls slapped against her thighs. Lisa was too carried away – caught in the moment – to remember her earlier discussion with her mother. “Mommy, you look so hot like that…” Laurie’s face was twisted with passion; her eyes had turned to slits of ice-blue fire as Jimmy continued stroking his massive meat into her hungry cunt. She moaned as her daughter stared into her eyes. Lisa’s dark brown eyes, as narrow with lust as her mother’s, burned into Laurie as she spoke to the handsome stranger who was fucking her so well. “Isn’t my mother beautiful, Daddy?” she asked, her voice raspy and low.

“Very beautiful, baby girl,” Robert replied. “Very hot. Just like you, baby girl.”

Her eyes still locked on her mother, Lisa kept pushing the envelope. “Do you like watching her getting fucked, Robert?” Laurie moaned as Jimmy’s cock pressed through her cervix and his pubic bone ground against her gushing lips. “My real daddy loves to watch her with other men. Doesn’t he, Mother?”

Laurie felt the blood rushing to her face. Her daughter was un-masking her in front of these two strangers. She knew that if she didn’t stop Lisa now, her lust-driven daughter would expose all of their darkest secrets. But try as she might, she could only moan in response to Lisa’s comments – she couldn’t stop her.

Robert was quickly approaching climax; he could feel the pressure building as he stroked deeper and harder into the gorgeous little girl lying under him. He hadn’t felt the heat and the clenching pull of a twenty-one year-old pussy in a long time. He hadn’t sucked tits this firm since he was as young as Jimmy. And best of all, the little vixen and her mother were both totally into this scene. “You feel too good, baby girl,” he groaned as he thrust deeply into her, “you’re gonna make me cum, darling.”

“Fuck me deep, Daddy,” Lisa hissed at Robert while she stared at her mother. “Cum in me, Robert…ohhh…unngg…” She was right on the edge as she felt Robert’s cock start to swell inside her, throbbing with his release. He painted the walls of her cunt with his seed, bringing her to her own climax as she felt jet after jet of liquid heat blast into her. “Oh God, Mommy…I’m cumming!!!!…Daddy’s making me cum…fuck me….it feels so good….FUCK MEEE, DADDDDDYYYYYY!!!!” Lisa’s body jerked up sharply, forcing Robert’s cock through her cervix; she could feel his last spurts filling her womb.

Between Lisa’s screams and Laurie’s cunt muscles, Jimmy was fast approaching his own orgasm. Riding Laurie’s back, he ground away inside her hot, wet canal. Leaning into her, he kissed her shoulder and then her neck. When his mouth was close to her ear, he whispered loud enough for all to hear, “Has she really fucked her father? I mean… really?” Laurie groaned an unintelligible reply.

Robert slid out of Lisa and was lying at her side, his hand grazing across her lightly, feeling the heat from her flushed skin. “Tell him, baby girl,” Robert urged her on. “Have you? Did you really fuck your daddy?”

Once again, Lisa locked eyes with her mother. “Yes,” she mumbled, “I did. Tell them, Mommy…tell them it was New Year…” Robert was sucking her nipple between his lips. He could feel his cock start to harden as he realized that Lisa was telling the truth.

Over her shoulder, Laurie heard Jimmy say, “God, that must have been so hot! Did you watch them?” Again, Laurie could only groan. Jimmy’s cock felt like perfection as it occupied every cubic millimeter of her cunt. And Lisa was pushing her over the edge.

“She watched us, Jimmy,” Lisa’s voice dropped as they all strained to hear the taboo tale. “She watched me suck my daddy’s cock…didn’t you, Mommy?” Laurie, her face down in her pillow, moaned in reply. The huge pole shoved all the way up her cunt was bringing her over the edge. Laurie rarely has vaginal orgasms, and she didn’t want to let this one go. She knew that Lisa’s story would bring both she and Jimmy to their impending climaxes.

Laurie lifted her head to look at her hot little girl on the other bed. Lisa was stroking Robert’s renewed erection as he suckled at her tit. Still moaning, Laurie said to her daughter, “Tell them, baby…of fuck, Jimmy…you’re so big in me…you’re gonna make me cum…unnnggghhh…tell them everything, baby.”

“Tell me, little sister…tell me everything while I fuck your mother!” Jimmy was staring at Lisa as he pounded his full length in and out of Laurie’s squeeze-box of a cunt, his voice a harsh whisper of desire and lust.

Lisa turned on her side, displaying herself as Jimmy’s hungry eyes devoured her perfect young form. She followed his eyes as she moved her hand over her diamond-hard nipples and down to her swollen and leaking pussy. He watched her closely, still fucking in and out of her mother, as Lisa scooped up a glob of Robert’s cum on her fingertip and brought it to her sweet lips. She stuck her finger in her mouth and sucked the pearly drop off the tip. “You taste just like my father, Robert. It tastes so good.” She moved her hand back down and slid a finger into her wet hole.

“Fuck, Lisa…tell me now!” Jimmy was so close to loosing it; he could feel Laurie contracting around him, her cunt muscles starting to spasm.

Lisa’s eyes turned to slits once again and her voice dropped. “I think what she wants you to know, Jimmy…” Lisa paused to look at her mother for just an instant – time enough for Laurie to nod her approval. She looked back up at the excited young man. “While my mother was watching me…watching her daughter fuck and suck her father…your hot MILF …my mother…oh, God…she was fucking her son.”

“Fuck me. Jimmy…I’m cummmiiinnnngg! Aiehhhh!” Laurie was lost as her climax rolled through every nerve and muscle of her well-fucked body.

Jimmy pulled Laurie’s face back so he could look into her eyes. “You did it, didn’t you?”

“Yes…it was wonderful,” Laurie mumbled back, still quivering from her climax. “His cock is as big and hard as yours, baby.”

“Oh fuck!!! I’m cumming, Mother!!!” With one final thrust, Jimmy shoved his massive meat deep into the hot, i****tuous cunt that kept gripping around him. When Laurie felt him spray his thick seed directly into her womb, she climaxed again. Her cunt worked his shaft until there was nothing left in his balls. As Laurie fell back down on the bed, Jimmy slowly extricated his softening cock from Laurie’s flooded canal. He sat on the edge of the bed, gently rubbing her back and lightly kissing her neck and shoulders. “That’s so fucking hot, Laurie. Did you do it again? Are you still fucking him?” He looked at Lisa, lying on her side with one leg raised, still overwhelmed by the incredibly cute twenty-one year old and her unbelievable mother. “What else haven’t you told us?”

Lisa cocked her finger at the hot stud, drawing him over to her bed. Jimmy stood in front of her, his cock only semi-hard but still quite long and thick. It reminded her of Matt’s huge organ and she took him in hand and drew him closer. She could smell her mother’s fragrant juices coating the beautiful, thick shaft. Lisa brought him to her soft, pink lips and she let her tongue slide up and down, feeling the swollen veins as she licked her mother’s essence off of him. Jimmy grew harder and longer at the tender ministrations of the beautiful young girl. Finally, she took him into her mouth, covering half of his growing cock. She licked around the ridge of his crown, and then opening his tiny hole with the tip of her tongue, she sucked the remaining drops of his sweet, thick cum into her mouth.

Lisa pulled away, much to Jimmy’s dismay. She hopped off the bed and without saying a word, she pushed the hunk back down to where she was a moment before. She leaned over him and kissed Robert, driving her tongue into his mouth, giving him a taste of Jimmy’s crème. She jumped back off and kissed Jimmy. With a wicked little grin, she asked, “You wanna know what else happened that night?” Jimmy said he did with great enthusiasm. Lisa cocked her head and grinned again. “Or…maybe you’d rather see what else happened.” Laurie groaned from behind her, causing Lisa’s smile to widen and her nipples to grow.

She moved over to the other bed and crawled up next to her mother. Laurie was still lying on her stomach, her head and arms resting on her pillow. Lisa sat back on her heels and lightly stroked Laurie’s back with her fingertips. She leaned down and kissed both of the round, firm cheeks in front of her and then sat up again. Laurie turned around to face her daughter. “I love you, baby. Sure you want to do this? Now?”

Lisa nodded slowly at her mother. “I do, Mom” she whispered breathlessly. “You keep telling me how hot you get when someone is watching you.” Laurie grinned at her little girl and nodded her agreement. “I want them to watch us…okay?” Lisa asked, almost shyly, as her hand wandered in light circles around Laurie’s back and bottom. She looked across at the two men stretched out naked on the other bed. Jimmy was lying on his back. He was closest to the girls and just turning his head gave him a perfect view. His long, thick cock was resting across his thigh and Lisa gave it a little tug. “You think you want to see me and my mom together, Jimmy…I mean little brother?”

“As Jimmy,” said Jimmy, “I say ‘Yes, I really want to see you guys together…I can’t imagine hot fucking hot it would be.’ As your little brother, I say ‘Duh-uhhh!'” All four of them started laughing.

Robert said he needed a drink. He was on the far side of the bed, and had to lean across Jimmy to reach his glass on the night-stand. As he stretched across the bed, his cock dragged over Jimmy’s hip until it rested along side the larger organ.

“Oh, baby,” Laurie moaned, “now that is something to watch!” She sat up next to Lisa on the edge of the bed. She reached across the small divide and wrapped her fingers around them, holding their swelling members tightly against each other. She giggled as she rubbed them together. “Looks like they like this, too, baby.”

Robert, more than a little embarrassed at his reaction, took his glass and wriggled out of Laurie’s grasp and got off the bed. As he emptied the watery drink into the sink and started to make a fresh one he said, “Listen, Jimmy…I’m sorry, but I’ve never…uhm, you know…done anything gay or anything…”

Jimmy was trying not to laugh at his good friend (and great boss.) “No sweat, Bob. I know you’re not gay…neither am I…but this whole night is just way too hot. Chill… enjoy it, Boss…that’s what I’m doing.”

Lisa hopped off the bed and took the wine glasses to Robert for him to refill. Facing him, she put the glasses down and dropped to her knees. Talking his swollen sac in her hand, she looked up at the handsome man and smiled at him. “C’mon, Daddy…you’re with family tonight…we know you’re not gay.” She sucked the spongy head of his cock into her mouth and swirled her tongue around the pronounced ridge. She could feel him start to harden immediately. She pulled back until his stiff pole plopped out of her mouth. “Now finish making our drinks, Daddy, and get comfortable next to my brother.”

Lisa stood up and walked back to where Laurie was lying on the bed. She took the glasses from Robert and gave one to her mother. They both took long drinks, savoring the taste, enjoying the moment. Lisa took Laurie’s glass with hers and put them on the bed-side table. Robert had settled in again next to Jimmy, lying on his side and sipping his scotch. Both men were idly stroking their hard-ons as they watched Lisa walk around the bedroom to dim the lights just a little more. She stopped in front of Jimmy and let her fingers caress his balls. When he moaned, she bent down and put her nipple on his lips, silencing him.

Her voice was deep and throaty, she was on fire as she remembered that first time. “First, Daddy and I watched Mom and Matt. It was so hot…” She climbed on to the bed, her knees straddling Jimmy’s thigh. Leaning to her right, she started showing some attention to Robert’s hard cock. Jimmy’s thick tube was starting to grow in front of her as her pussy hunched against his muscular thigh. “Look at Jimmy’s cock, Robert. Isn’t it beautiful?” She stroked it softly from bottom to top with her fingertips. “So big and hard…it’s almost as long, but not as thick as my brother’s.” Lisa bent over and took the head of Jimmy’s cock into her mouth. It plopped out as she sat up and then leaned over Robert, taking his full length past her lips until he was lodged in her throat. She massaged his stalk wit her tongue, and then slowly sat back up one more time. She grinned at Robert, her eyes still slits of lust. “Sometimes, not quite so big is nice, too.”

Lisa got up off of Jimmy and returned to her mother’s bed. Sitting on the edge, she took another drink of her wine. As she put her glass back down, Lisa bent down over Laurie and kissed her on her lips, her wine-flavored tongue playing lightly over her mother’s. When the kiss ended, Lisa trailed her tongue slowly down Laurie’s throat and across her chest until she had her mother’s swollen nipple between her lips. She sucked it in and then let it out with the same plop! of Jimmy’s cock-head. Laurie groaned as she grabbed Lisa’s long, dark hair. “Later,” Lisa continued, her head still at her mother’s breast, she looked across at the men and their hard pricks, “after Matt fucked Mommy again, and Daddy fucked me…God, he fucked me sooo good; remember, Mom? Anyway, it was all so hot and Matt’s cock was so beautiful…we couldn’t refuse him anything. So just like now, with my pussy full of my Daddy’s cum, and Mother’s naked cunt leaking her young man’s crème, my brother wanted to see us…” Lisa stood and put her left knee on the bed next to Laurie’s shoulder. Then in one fluid motion, she lifted her right leg up and across her mother until that knee was resting next to her mother’s other shoulder. Sitting up on her knees, she twisted her lithe torso towards the men watching them, stroking themselves next to each other on the other bed. “He wanted to see us do this…”

Lisa lowered herself back on her heels, bringing her young, succulent cunt closer and closer to her mother’s waiting mouth. When she was close enough to feel Laurie’s panting breaths on her hot pussy lips, she growled at her mother. “Eat me, Mother…suck all of your husband’s cum out of my cunt.”

Laurie could take no more and pulled her daughter down to her hungry mouth. She snaked her tongue half-way into her daughter’s well-fucked hole and was rewarded with a thick glob of Robert’s cum. “Ohhh, Mommy…that felt so good! Please keep doing that, Mom, okay?” As Lisa luxuriated in her mother’s oral ministrations, she leaned forward and down in to the classic 69 they both loved so well. Laurie instinctively moved her legs, creating a welcoming V that spread her naked pussy lips and exposed the inner pink of her cuntal walls.

Lisa was more of a tease than her mother. Remembering what her father had told her that night, she started slowly by licking the crease where Laurie’s thighs met her mound. She could taste her mother’s sweat mixed with Jimmy’s. It was heavenly. She repeated her long licks, gradually moving closer to the moist, swollen lips. She knew she was driving her mother crazy.

Laurie’s pussy started to pulsate as she felt her daughter’s teasing little tongue licking her slick folds. She loved sucking the juices out of Lisa’s fresh, young cunt. Her husband was so right…she was delicious. Better yet, she was learning to eat pussy like a pro!

Lisa sat up, grinding her pussy down on her mother’s hungry mouth. “Mmmmhhhmm… Mother, you do that so well…” She swiveled towards her audience. “Oh, Mom…” her voice was low and harsh, “I think the boys like it, too.” Lisa moved off of her mother and then pushed Laurie up so she could take her place on the bed. Laurie was kneeling on the bed, mesmerized by the sight of Robert’s stiff cock rolling across Jimmy’s hip as the older man softly stroked the large swollen shaft of the younger man’s cock.

Lisa looked at Robert, catching his eye. “Try it, Robert…I can’t tell you how hot it was when Daddy sucked my brother’s cock…right, Mom?”

Laurie moved across the bed until she was straddling her daughter’s shoulders. Holding on to the headboard, she lowered her smooth cunt lips to her daughter’s sweet mouth. She moaned “Eat mommy’s pussy, baby, and I’ll tell them…that’s right, baby…right there.” Laurie turned her body towards the other bed and gasped as she saw Jimmy’s hand caressing Robert’s cock as Robert was spreading the pre-cum leaking out of the young man’s cock all around the spongy head with his thumb. Lisa was doing an excellent job of cleaning her mother’s well-traveled canal. Laurie knew what her daughter wanted; she hoped she could give it to her. She took her right hand off of the headboard and moved it to her breast. She pulled on her nipple as she stared at the two men only a few feet away. “It was so exciting to see him do that,” she moaned as Lisa tongued her sensitive sex. “My little girl made him…didn’t you, baby?” Laurie lifted her breast and lowered her head so she could lick her distended nipple. “Fuck, baby…your tongue feels so good in Mommy’s pussy!” She looked again at the two men. Robert’s hand was moving all over Jimmy’s cock and balls and he was lying on his side with his face close to Jimmy’s hip.

“Lisa told her daddy that he could fuck her…after he did two things for her. First, he had to make her brother’s cock hard and wet enough to get that massive pole all the way up her tight, young pussy.” Laurie gasped as Lisa started circling her mother’s clit with her tongue. “Ohhh…baby…please stop, honey…it’s too sensitive.” She moved herself off of her daughter’s face and slid down until she was lying between Lisa’s outstretched legs, her cheek resting on Lisa’s flushed mound.

Jimmy’s hand was cradled around Robert’s neck, drawing him closer to the rock-hard muscle sticking out from his groin. They were both watching the women on the other bed.

Lisa sat up against the pile of pillows as mother swiped her tongue lazily through daughter’s moist groove. She caught Robert’s eye as he moved closer to Jimmy. “You don’t think Mom and I are gay, do you?” Robert and Jimmy moaned together as Laurie’s hand snaked up to Lisa’s breast and started to pinch her puffy, pink nipple. “My daddy and my brother aren’t gay, either…but they did what I asked.” Lisa spoke in just the sexiest little girl pouty voice. “Don’t you want to make Jimmy’s big, beautiful cock ready to fuck me, Daddy?” Her voice changed to a hot, dirty whisper. “Don’t you want to watch him fuck my little pussy with that huge prick?” Lisa was burning with the image of her real brother’s cock sliding in and out of her tight, wet cunt.

Laurie’s fingers were making Lisa crazy, alternately pulling and pinching her poor, abused nipple. Her tongue was circling her hard clit, adding to Lisa’s hyper state. She couldn’t take her eyes away from Robert’s. “Do it, Daddy,” she hissed at the older man. “Make him wet…suck his cock, Daddy…here, let me help you.” Lisa extricated herself from her mother’s loving embrace and moved to the other bed. Kneeling on the floor, she put her hand over Robert’s, helping him stroke Jimmy’s massive fuck-pole.

She smiled at the older man, her eyes fiery slits showing all of her lust. She leaned forward and licked Robert’s lips. Then she licked up and down the length of the awesome cock before her. “He tastes so good, Daddy…please make him wet for me…” she continued to kiss the thick shaft as she spoke. “I want to climb on top of him and slide down this thick pole, Daddy…then…when I press my little tits into his chest…I want you…I want…I want you to fuck my ass, Daddy!” Lisa took Jimmy in hand and dropped her open mouth half-way down his stalk. She raised her head slowly, dragging her lips around the pronounced ridge of his head until he slid out from between her lips. “Do you think I have a sexy ass, Daddy?” Lisa twisted herself until her tight, little butt was sticking out towards the wide-eyed man. “Wanna tell your friends how you fucked a hot little twenty-one year old…and then how she begged you to fuck her in her ass?” She spread her cheeks with her little fingers, showing him the promised land.

Robert lost all control; he had to have her – had to have every single part of this cute little girl’s insanely hot body.

Lisa raised herself enough to cover Robert’s mouth with hers. “Kiss me, Daddy,” she whispered to him. She licked his lips with the tip of her tongue. His lips pressed tightly against hers, his tongue licking up the traces of Jimmy’s pre-cum.

She drew him downward towards the swollen cock and then slowly pulled her lips away from his. “Do it, Daddy…” she hissed at Robert, “make him wet for me…then you can fuck my ass, Daddy!”

Robert’s heart was beating so hard and so fast he thought it would explode. He looked quickly over at his young charge. Jimmy was smiling as he nodded his head at his boss. Lisa’s hand brought his face back to the business at hand and before he could think about it any more, Robert opened his mouth wide and dropped his head down over the thick, purple helmet and let his tongue swirl around the pronounced ridge, just the way he liked it himself!

Lisa and Laurie moaned together as the older man took more and more of Jimmy’s cock down his virgin throat. Robert heard “Oh yeah, boss…that feels so good” from the young man beneath him.

Lisa came closer, coaching Robert as he raised and lowered his lips over the thick love muscle. When he tried to take too much, Lisa brought him back up, telling him to use just his tongue to make Jimmy wet and ready for her. He gave Jimmy long, wet licks all over until the thick shaft and purple crown were dripping with his saliva and pre-cum dribbling from the slit at the top.

“God, Daddy…that’s so hot…but it’s my turn now.” Lisa got on the bed and put her knees astride Jimmy’s hips. “Put him in me, Daddy…stick my brother’s cock into my little pussy…please?”

Robert gripped the strong, thick shaft and rubbed the swollen head back and forth between Lisa’s moist, pink lips until she was begging him to stop teasing and stick it in. He spread her lips apart and stuck Jimmy into her. “Unnnggghhh…fuck, Mommy…he’s so thick.” Lisa moaned as she forced her hips down, driving that sledgehammer further up her tight cunt. “Only Matt stretches me like this, Mother.” Lisa started trembling as Jimmy’s huge prick drove up inside her even more. She had a small climax, releasing enough of her fluid to bathe the massive staff invading her. With help from the extra lubrication, Lisa completed her slide down Jimmy’s heavenly cock.

“Fuck me, little sister…you’re so friggin’ tight.” Jimmy moaned as Lisa sat down over him. He started to thrust his hips off the bed, but Lisa settled him back down quickly.

“You’re so big, Jimmy…you’re stretching me out so much. Just give me a minute, baby…let my little pussy get used to you for a minute. Oh, Mommy…I feel him pushing through my cervix.” Lisa started rocking back and forth on his pole, her moist cunt walls spreading slowly to accommodate his girth. She felt every pulsing vein along his thick, meaty shaft as she started to slowly raise and lower herself. She was fucking him sooo good; she was squeezing his cock with her strong young muscles.

Jimmy was moaning and groaning as he felt her tight little pussy walls rippling against his firm, hot flesh. “Jesus Christ, Bob! Is this the hottest little cunt of all time or what?” He turned to Laurie, stared at her as she was working several fingers in and out of her slick, bare cunt. “You were great, Laurie,” he was barely able to speak as Lisa slid up and down, taking his fully lubricated pole all the way in, “absolutely the all-time fantasy fuck of my life.” He held out a hand to her. “Join us, Mother..” he pulled her towards the bed, “let’s have a full family fuck, okay?”

Lisa looked at her mother, both of their eyes were bright slits; their lust was heavy, the smell of their sex filling the room. “Make Daddy wet for me, Mother. I want him in me now.” Laurie moved to Robert and took his stiff prick into her mouth. She slurped on his shaft and coated his dark red cock-head with her saliva. She took his cock in hand, smearing his pre-cum around the head with her thumb as she leaned back to her daughter. With her other hand she spread Lisa’s ass, exposing the small puckered hole.

Laurie’s voice was deep and husky. “You want him here, baby?” She bent down and circled her daughter’s crinkled anus with her tongue. Lisa shivered at her touch, causing Jimmy to moan in a chain reaction. Robert was groaning as well, mumbling about how he needed to fuck her now. Laurie stiffened her tongue and slid it past Lisa’s sphincter and into her ass. This time Lisa’s reaction almost caused Jimmy to lose his load.

Lisa whispered in Jimmy’s ear, “Not yet, lover…please…stay still while…fuck, Mother, unnnggghhh…slowly…” Laurie had replaced her tongue with Robert’s cock, sliding the swollen head past the muscular ring of her daughter’s ass. Lisa slid up Jimmy’s cock, giving Robert more space to fill in her backside. Slowly, her rectum was stretched wide enough for Robert to slide his dick deep into her bowels. Lisa squeezed her hot, tight anal muscles around him, making Robert groan and his knees shake.

Laurie took control of the action, pulling Robert back out as Lisa slid back down Jimmy’s cock. Then keeping her daughter’s hips still, she pulled Jimmy out and pushed Robert back in until they found the proper rhythm on their own. As the two men fucked our hot little girl, Laurie moved to the front of the bed. She kissed Jimmy’s open mouth and then swung her left knee over his head. When she lifted her right knee up, her cunt was just above the lips she had just kissed. “Eat me, baby,” she growled at Jimmy, “suck your mama’s pussy.” She lowered herself the final inch and felt his lips and tongue against her slit. She lifted Lisa up and her hands found her daughter’s firm young tits and her diamond-hard nipples between her fingers. Mother and daughter kissed – their tongues exploring each others lips and mouths with unbridled passion and hunger.

All four were moaning and groaning as their combined lust energized the room. Lisa’s hands moved to her mother’s firm breasts, pulling and tugging at her distended nipples as they continued their torrid, i****tuous kiss. Jimmy was thrusting his enormous tool in and out of her tight pussy in a contrapuntal rhythm, his lips and tongue never losing their place in Laurie’s cunt, as Robert fucked my daughter’s burning asshole.

The men were stroking faster and deeper as they all neared climax. Lisa mumbled into her mother’s mouth, “They’re so deep, Mama…it feels so fucking fantastic!” She turned her head back to Robert and pulled his face closer so she could kiss him. “Cum in me, Daddy,” she whispered to the older man. “Please cum in my ass!”

Robert couldn’t control himself any longer and started pumping her as hard as he could. Lisa was pushed forward by the pounding of his hips against her firm ass cheeks, her mouth landing against her mother’s swollen nipple. She felt Robert’s cock expand even more as he lunged deep into her anal canal. Right on the brink, she felt the heat of her orgasm building from the center of her cunt and spreading throughout her hard young body. Then, as Robert plunged as deeply as he could, Lisa felt the warmth of his seed spraying the insides of her bowels, bringing her over the edge as well.

Jimmy’s cock was the beneficiary of Lisa’s climax as her cunt spasmed around his huge fuck-pole. Just a few minutes and a few deep thrusts later, the younger man’s cock filled her with his large, creamy load. When Lisa felt his twitch and release, she climaxed a second time. This time, she bit down on Laurie’s nipple as Jimmy finished spurting his crème inside her. The sharp pain from her breast combined with Jimmy’s frantic tongue brought Laurie over the top as well, her spasming cunt flooding Jimmy’s face with their combined juices.

With the accompanying grunts, groans and loving obscenities filling the air, the four entwined lovers collapsed together on the bed. “Mom,” Lisa said with a satisfied grin, “I think we chose wisely…don’t you?”

Laurie giggled back, “Well, baby, if it can’t be Matt and your daddy, then these two…” Laurie shifted to find Robert’s face and kissed him deeply, “strong, handsome…” she turned and kissed Jimmy, ” young men are certainly the very best next thing.”

Lisa sat up against the headboard and drew Robert to her. She kissed him deeply, her tongue saying a proper thank you. “That was so much fun, Robert. I hope you enjoyed the evening as much as I did.” She smiled at her mother. “Is gambling always this rewarding?” The all laughed, then Lisa turned to the older man again. “Robert, will you tell your friends?”

“What, baby girl?” She was happy he’d remembered her father’s name for her.

“About me…Mom…everything that happened tonight?” She got a dirty little smile on her face. “How a hot little twenty-one year old sucked your dick…and fucked you…and then begged you to fuck her up her ass?” She bent down and swiped his cock with her tongue. “And then you fucked her mother in the very next bed?” She gripped his cock in her hand, feeling it start to swell.

“And how about you, young man?” Lisa turned her attention to Jimmy. “Are you going to tell your friends that you fucked the MILF of your dreams?” When she bent down this time, she took his cock-head and three more inches into her mouth, swirling her tongue all around him. She popped him out of her mouth as she sat up again. Laurie took his cock in her hand and gently stroked it as she listened to her daughter. “Will you tell them that after you had the mother, her hot little daughter begged you to fuck her with your huge cock?”

With the same sad sigh, both answered, “No…of course not…” Robert continued, “Who’d believe us, anyway?”

Lisa untangled her legs and hopped off the bed. She grabbed her camera-phone out of her purse and flipped the top open. She snapped a picture of her mother and their lovers stretched out nude on the bed, Laurie holding a cock in both hands. She hopped back up onto the bed and showed them the picture on the little screen. “We could give you some proof, you know?” The men were all excited again at the possibilities. Then Lisa started to pout. “But you know…there’s still one thing that hasn’t happened…guys…” She bent over Laurie and gave her a deep tongue kiss. “I know Mother wants to see it, too.”

Robert, floating away with the touch of Laurie’s fingers through his short hair and around his sac, stroking his hardening shaft, asked “What, baby girl? What do you want to see for the pictures…the proof we need?”

Laurie answered, still stroking both their cocks. “We watched you make Jimmy hard and wet…” her voice was low and husky, “now, we want to see him return the favor…don’t we, baby?” Lisa moaned her reply.

For Jimmy, the entire night had been one big, erotic Disneyland…he had no objection to going on one last ride. “Besides,” he thought to himself, “the old man can really suck…if I do him, maybe he’ll do it again sometime…”

Laurie sat up against the headboard next to her daughter. The girls kissed and nibbled and licked each other as Jimmy slid down the bed. From somewhere in the back recesses of his brain, Robert felt compelled to tell Jimmy, “You don’t have to do this…you don’t have to do anything…” as Laurie and Lisa pulled him up between them, his head resting in the crease where their hips met.

Robert groaned as Jimmy grasped his thick shaft with his warm fingers. “No problem here, boss.” Jimmy licked slowly upwards from Robert’s balls to the ridge around the crown of his cock. “Really, Bob…it’s not like I haven’t thought about it before.” And before the older man could reply, Jimmy dropped his mouth over Robert’s dick, taking him all the way down his throat. Robert moaned as he felt the warmth of Jimmy’s mouth envelope him.

Lisa giggled as she watched the show in front of her. “Oooh, Mother! I bet that’s not the first hard prick that’s been between those lips! What do you think?” She bent over to take a nipple between her lips.

“Oh, baby…careful, sweetie…I don’t know if you realize it, but you bit me right there just a little while ago…it’s still a little tender, baby.” Laurie giggled. “But it felt so good, sweetheart!” She moved her gaze down to where Jimmy was bobbing his head up and down over Robert’s glistening shaft. “You’re right, baby. Look at him work that prick. It isn’t his first one, that’s for sure.” Laurie was massaging her daughter’s breast as she spoke. “But after hearing about your brother and Shane…” she took Lisa’s face in her other hand and kissed her, not like a mother but like a lover would do, “and knowing my past and your father’s…now knowing you like a taste of pussy now and then…well, I think the whole fucking world’s Bi and just a very tiny few every admit it, let alone act on it.” The girls kissed again as Robert moaned, his head twisting from side to side, kissing and licking the two lovely pussies on either side.

He started groaning, mumbling that he was going to cum soon. Jimmy lifted his head up and started jerking his boss’ cock with his hand. “Let it go, boss…cum for us, Robert.” He felt the hot shaft start to pulse in his hand and as the first spurt of hot, white crème erupted from Robert’s swollen, dark red crown, Jimmy swallowed him again, sealing his lips around the veiny stalk and sucking all he could through the thick flesh straw.

Robert’s hands and his mouth moved from breast to breast, pussy to pussy as he felt himself explode in Jimmy’s hungry mouth. The boy’s lips and tongue were making him crazy as they drew every last drop of semen out of him.

Robert finally stopped convulsing on top of the mattress as Jimmy let his super-sensitive cock slide gently out of his mouth. The two men eyed each other for the longest moment. At the same time they grinned at each other and started to laugh. Robert said, “Jimmy…I never knew…have you really thought about…”

Jimmy looked up, slightly embarrassed, and interrupted his boss. “Yeah, chief…kinda, I guess. I don’t know why…the girls were right about you not being my first, but that was years ago…in school.”

“Listen, Jimmy,” Robert spoke softly to the young man, “you don’t have to tell us anything…really.”

“No, it’s okay…we all seem to be pretty close tonight.” He motioned to Laurie and Lisa, french kissing and playing with each others breasts. “Anyway, it was no big deal. About a year after you took over our crew, I was alone at home one night; I hadn’t had a date in a while and I started to release the pressure that had been building for several weeks. “So I started to jerk off, thinking of past girlfriends and stuff…then, like out of nowhere, I was thinking about my buddy from school – the guy I did before you – and then, boss, it was…umh…you.” Jimmy looked up with a sheepish expression, looking for some kind of reaction from Robert. He found a wide smile on his supervisor’s face, and saw that the girls had stopped making out to listen as well. He continued with a new-found confidence in his voice.

“Then, every once in a while when I had to relieve the pressure, I thought about you… sometimes making me stay at the site after everyone had gone home…telling me to go into the office…you make me suck your cock and swallow your whole load.” Jimmy’s breath was getting ragged as he exposed more of himself to the two women and his boss then he ever would have believed. Lisa got off the bed and grabbed her cell phone. “Jimmy,” she said in her director voice, Lean back against the headboard…there…now put you feet on the floor…good. Mom, sit on Jimmy’s left leg…that’s right, turn towards him…hold his cock in your hand. Jimmy, play with her tit. Mom, lean into him and turn your head away…like you’re nuzzling his neck. Good.” She snapped the picture. Then she gave the phone to Laurie while she and Robert recreated the same pose on the other bed. Laurie composed the picture in the view screen and snapped.

Lisa asked if both of their cameras could receive pictures and when they said yes, she sent them to the numbers they provided.

Robert got off the bed and started to get dressed. He looked fondly at his young charge. “Boy, I think it’s time we left these lovely ladies on their own for the night.” He looked at Laurie and Lisa, locked in a passionate ’69’ as they lay facing each other on their sides. “Get dressed…I’ll give you a ride back…we can discuss your poor performance and what kind of discipline you should get.”

As Jimmy dressed, his face covered with a huge grin, Robert interrupted the girls to thank them both again for a most interesting evening. They all kissed and then repeated the process with Jimmy. As they got to the door, Lisa asked Jimmy who was better – mother or daughter?

“Ooof,” Robert exclaimed with a chuckle. “Glad she asked you, sonny boy! I thought we were gonna escape before one of them asked.”

Jimmy was bright red as he looked at Lisa. “Well, for one thing, you are, no doubt, the cutest, hottest girl I’ve ever had the pleasure of having…really, Lisa…it’s true. Your body is so tight, so perfect. And you have the tightest pussy I’ve ever fucked – you were totally fantastic.” Then he looked at Laurie. “And you, Mommy dearest, fuck…God, everything about you is a dream come true. Your are the MILF to end all MILF’s. Soft skin…great tits…delicious cunt…and nobody’s ever sucked my cock as good as you did.”

Robert grabbed Jimmy and the bottle of scotch. As he pulled them out of the room, he declared the evening a tie between mother and daughter. As the door closed, Lisa was laying in her mother’s arms. They kissed softly. “I love you, Mom,” Lisa whispered, “when can we do this again?”

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