A good bf

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A good bf
My ass is small and feminine, i mean, i know it is because i cant count how many guy pinch it thinking i was a girl or how many time i got told by my ex gf has she shove her dildo in me that night after the bar , watching me tied up ass up moaning my cute little ass fuck by her

I hated her for a week after she had done it….fucking dishes not done wasnt worth getting my ass fuck like she did

I tried to argue i didnt like it but she woud only laught saying i had moan and cum her toy in me, i must like it somehow

but she seemed to have like it so much i endup admitting one night both i the shower it was maybe just too big but i liked it because it was with her

next thing i knew she wanted to shave my ass and tried to please me better, slower , more lube

her cute eyes glowing asking me to let her fuck me again
i coudnt beloeve it, in my arm her nice titties on my chest , water running on us

mouth near my ears
”plz let me fuck your cute ass again , plz plz you were so cute being the docile one for once”

seriously, she had me , i coudnt say no
i let her get my razor and she shaved me , it felt akward but she kept giggling and making it fun, so i let her

there is something very sexual about getting walk doggy on a bed to be fuck
i was hard , so hard she kept teasing my cock in my boxer telling me i look happy waiting to get played with

she said the cuff where just making her more horny, like i was hers totally

i let her arrange a pillow under me , on my stomach ass up , hands on the bed frame

and it was then , when she move her jeans down, i saw the cock toy she was hidding

i look up and it was in my mouth
”suck it , omg suck its moving in me too”

taking it out of my mouth to see clearly the strapless strapon cock side , in her keeping the cock up for me to suck and moce it in her with my mouth

”omg omg this is so fucking good , i love to watch you suck on my cock , mmmm baby feels so good , suck good it moves in me so hot”

i felt crazy getting my mouth pump clearly helping herself to have fun

”you suck so good i love when you listen like this, makes me so horny”

my gf taking the lube bottle before helping my ass get lube her small gentle hand making me feel so good i kept sucking her cock my ass lube up teased , making me start to moan her finger teasing me, making sure lubed poured into me taking her in my wet hole

”this is better , you stay relax like this and let me finger that cute girl ass”

my eyes open at her looking up listening to her call me girly

taking one finger in me sliding effortless in , deep down as i moan of pleasure , not believing how she made me feel slutty but good about it

”omg yes moan thats it, its getting in , oh yes baby, look at you , taking 2 finger in like a slut ”

”this is going in and out so easy, you look like you wanna get fuck tonight”

and i nod, she smile
”tell me, tell me”

cock out of the mouth, her getting in the bed

”fuck me bobby , please fuck me”

”move back on it , i want to see you fuck on my cock”

i went backward taking it in until she slap my ass gently , pumping in me moaning with me, both getting fuck on our side of that toy

”this is crazy i love it”

”you like getting ass fuck, you do it so good baby”

i never replied i let her do what she wanted, being cuffed didn’t really let me a choice
she got out and smiled

”i wasnt sure youd like it,when i bought this, want me to continue…”

i nod yes feeling ashame i wanted cock in my ass

but she kept making me love , pounding deep in me having fun making my girly ass bounce on her cock moaning cuming another time , laughting this was hust too fun

crashing on me moaning pounding in me
putting both hands on my mouth stopping me from moaning

”my little boyfriend is a real cock slut just like me”

giggling calling me name finishing herself before beting her side of the toy out

”omg this was insinane, i love that cute girly ass so much”

putting her panty she had on me

”here, omg so perfect, you little boy pussy”

”my panty so cute on you with the toy in, i bet you feel good ”

closing the light leaving me face down exhausted

sleeping trying to get the toy out by contracting my ass, but her panty had it set in for good

falling asleep not whining about it

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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