A Great Cathartic Act

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A Great Cathartic Act
Ricky had had the day off, and with his parents away for a good portion of the day, he’d devoted himself to watching his favorite porn videos, and slowly teasing his cock till he was practically squirming with built up, and as yet unrelieved, lust of doing so.

He’d come very, very close to ejaculating his sperm on numerous occasions that morning, but, so far, he’d been surprisingly successful in thwarting it; and he felt that curious pride that accompanied these long, teasing sessions.

He’d lost track of just how many interracial cuckold videos he’d sat and watched, while stroking his pale, and considerably smaller, (and white) cock. It was the only porn he watched. Sometimes, as he sat staring fixedly at some enormously well endowed black guy as he drove it deep inside of a young, very attractive white females pussy, he felt just a twinge of jealousy. Why had Caucasians made such a big fuss over being the superior race, when it was really just not true? Before him on the lap top screen, there was more than ample proof that he was most definitely not as superior as his fellow Caucasians seemed so intent on asserting!

So, setting there alone, as the images of huge black cocks fucking beautiful white pussy bombarded his senses, he was starting to feel the strain of not ejaculating building stronger and stronger. How long HAD it been sincee he began edging, he wondered suddenly? It was 4:03 in the afternoon. As he noticed the time, he was also aware that his parents would be arriving home soon; and so, if he was to relieve himself of the afternoons long agony of self-denial (that, though agonizing in one way, was also quite heavenly, in another), he’d need to come pretty soon.

Of course, he wanted to come! But he’d found it incredibly more enjoyable to tease and frustrate his need to have an orgasm before doing so! That was the very essence of ‘edging’, and he absolutely LOVED edging! He loved it more than fucking, in fact! There was something undeniably exhilarating in remaining in that highly aroused state of arousal WITHOUT coming!

It was now 4:08. Thinking back to when he began all this, he remembered that it had been 2:15! Two hours and twenty two minuets of unrelieved edging!

‘Oh fuck!’ He thought. ‘ can’t take any more of this! I really, really need to come!’

He glanced back at the lap top screen, and there, again, another big black cock was driving deep inside of yet another white pussy! As his eyes took in the scene, he sat forwards in his chair, and suddenly, he began to frantically stroke his slender white cock shaft with an intensity that meant only one thing—an impending orgasm at long last!

He kept watching the video, and he was hoping to time his ejaculation with that of the hugely endowed black guy in the video. That was something he always at least tried to coincide with.

Then, as the seconds ticked by swiftly, he heard the grunt of the black guy as he began unloading his cum into the white females pussy; and, at precisely the very same moment, he, too, unloaded HIS load!

As his sperm exploded out of him, he felt that warm, rapturous pleasure of ejaculation washing over him like a wave; and he sat there watching as he emptied every last remain drop of his cum across the bare wooden floor between his feet!

The pleasure was always incredible! He never grew tired of it. He was deliberately throwing away his own sperm, as he watched the large, well-muscled black guy unloading his where he knew that he’d never; and that knowledge filled him with a strange, hard to categorize, pleasure.

He sat on the edge of his chair for a moment, gazing down at his sperm laying there on the floor, and he didn’t regret it. Not really. In fact, seeing it there like that, made him feel pleased that he had wasted it’s potential like that. He knew his parents wouldn’t have shared that feeling, but if they were holding out for him to make them grandparents…they’d be waiting forever; because he had no intentions of ever bringing about another baby, another Caucasian baby especially! Not him. Not ever!

That was why he enjoyed these interracial videos so much, though his parents knew nothing of their son’s predilections in that regard; nor would they have been thrilled had they known it!

He shut his lap top down (he didn’t want his mother snooping around, as she sometimes had done in the past), and as he did that, he got several large handfuls of toilet paper, and began wiping up his sperm from off the floor.

When he’d cleaned up every last trace to his satisfaction, he duly flushed it all down the toilet. He stood there and silently watched as the wads swirled around and around, and then, with a final flourish, they disappeared down, leaving not a trace! He found himself smiling at that for a moment.

“Good riddance,” he said out loud. Then he added, to himself: “There’s going to be NO pussy for you. Not now. Not ever.” 

Ricky felt happy with that resolution. It was his mission in life—to never, ever, pass his Caucasian genes on into the future! Then, thinking that as he came out of the bathroom, he heard his mother coming in through the front door.

“What have you been up to today on your day off!?” She said with a friendly, inquiring smile of motherly interest.

“Not much, really!” Ricky replied.

His mother seemed a little skeptical, but this time she didn’t pry any further.

Ricky knew that, one day, and probably not that far off in the future, he was going to have to break the news to his parents that HE was NOT going to carry the family (sperm) torch into the future…but, not yet. Not quite yet.

He offered to help his mother in the kitchen, and as he did, his balls had that nice ache to them, from not just the orgasm he’d just had, but from the long, LONG time of edging that had preceded it! But that ache was something he enjoyed feeling. He’d ‘earned’ that orgasm, and he appreciated it more because he hadn’t let it occur without that curious struggle! Yes, he thought, smiling inwardly, less could certainly be more. MUCH more! Quality, rather than quantity! That was the rules he now lived by.

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