A hike in the woods

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A hike in the woods
What would you do if you looked up and realized another man
was watching you fucking your wife? It happened to us and
the rest of what happened is something neither of us have
ever been able to explain all these years later.

Looking up and seeing a man watching me fucking Lisa is exactly
the situation that happened to us. It happened when my wife
and I were spending a late summer day hiking. The state park
we were at was a large, very large and after a few hours of
following the paths, we decide to go off on our own and explore.

We were both in our early thirties and in quite good shape.
My wife had worn her hiking boots, shorts and a cool top since
it was a rather hot day and climbing does make a person sweat.
“Honey. You can take off your top. We haven’t seen anyone
for the past hour, ” I recall telling her when we stopped
to have a drink. We had been married for four years and although
we had been talking our c***dren, it was not something we
wanted to take serious just yet.

Lisa was an elementary school teacher so c***dren were
a daily part of her life for most of the year. She had expressed
some desire in starting our family but was so wrapped up
in finishing her Master’s Degree; a family was definitely
on her back burner

“Never hiked in my bra before, ” she said while giggling
and looking at me while I took my shirt off. I smiled at her
and watched as she reached under her top and yanked it over
her head. She had worn one of those sports bras holding her
wonderfully soft breasts in place. My wife has a sexy lean
type of body with strong muscles and feminine curves all
creating an incredible view. Her brown hair was pulled
back in a pony tail and just looking at her began to give me
an erection.

She tucked her top in her back pack as we continued up a hill
before reaching the top and stopping to admire the fabulous
view below us. And the best part was that I let her lead the
way so I could stare at her round ass wiggling back and forth
in front of me. By the time we reached the summit, my dick
was half hard with only one thought on my mind.

“Is it fucking hot today or is it just me, ” I asked as
Lisa turned her head and saw the bulge in the front of my shorts.
I guess being out in nature, feeling its affect was turning
me on way more than I thought it would. And staring at my wife
in her bra didn’t help either. Immediately Lisa grinned
and replied, “Well it does appear you are hot. But then
so am I.” Chuckling I looked at my wife’s sparkling
eyes and pressed my lips to hers for a warm soft kiss.

After pulling back from our delicious kiss she told me we
had better slow things down since we were out in the woods
without a blanket. And even though I heard her words my hormones
were raging as some sort of a****l primitive kind of instinct
had seized me. “People have been doing it in the woods
forever, “I said to her, causing her to give me this odd

“Well I am sure you are right. Settlers didn’t exactly
have a Holiday Inn along their way, “Lisa said while pondering
my suggestion. But she decided we should continue on for
a while explain we were right out in the open for the time
being. Before she turned to lead us down the hill, I pulled
her into my arms one more time and pressed my hot lips to hers.
I felt her respond as soon as our chests crushed together
for that brief second.

“Now you have to behave, ” she said while pulling back
and off we went down the hill. “Maybe there is a creek at
the bottom where we could cool off, ” I said to her while
we continued on our way. Walking under giant trees while
feeling the crunching sounds under our boots made Mother
Nature feel as close as she had ever been.

Another hour passed as my dick finally began to soften the
long we walked and chatted while enjoying the great outdoors.
The warmth of the afternoon sun did not feel as intense now
that we had shade under the trees. Yet it remained hot as
we stopped often for a drink to prevent dehydration. And
when Lisa and I would stop and chat, her breasts looked even
more appealing. But it was the wonderful curve to her hips
that had my attention.

My brain kept telling me under those shorts and panties
was her warm juicy pussy just made for my cock. We had accidently
discovered a few years earlier when we were fooling around
in our bed, that my wife was a squirted. Not to suggest she
had not climaxed normally because she came quite quickly.
But this one night in particular I was playing with her pussy,
finger fucking her very hard and suddenly she sprayed like
a cat in heat which shocked both of us. Her juice flew out
of her a few feet up in the air before landing on the sheets
near the end of our bed.

From then on it was something we did quite often but not every
time we made love. Lisa and I had developed two very different
kinds of sex lives. One was the typical romantic, tender
love making. But the other was more on the wilder side when
our minds and moods were nasty and filled with lust. It was
during those times when we were in our naughty mood that
I helped her squirt.

From the time she took off her top and was hiking in her bra,
the nasty side of my sexuality was surfacing. In fact as
we hiked along I kept looking to my right and my left hoping
to find a place where we could stop and fuck like a****ls
in the woods. There just wasn’t’ a lot of ground cover
so I didn’t suggest it and risk a final no from her. If she
had the same thoughts I had then her nasty side would surface
but if she was in her school teacher mood, then it was never
going to happen.

We finally reached the bottom and soon discovered a small
stream weaving its way around the rocks down into the valley.
“Very cold water, ” she said as she bent down and cupped
her hand to take a drink. “Great we can fill up our thermoses
and rest for a while, ” I replied. I knelt down alongside
her and splashed some of the wonderfully refreshing water
on my face as it brought me back to life.

Our eyes met briefly as she smiled at me knowing what was
on my mind but giving me no clue as to her thoughts. We sat
on two rocks facing each other listening to the creek moving
below our feet while nature surrounding us with her other
sounds. To this day I cannot understand how such a peaceful
setting also seemed to sexual.

“This is just gorgeous, ” Lisa said once. “Yes it
is, ” I replied while staring at her bra. “There is
no one else around for miles, ” I said softly wondering
if she would get my drift. My wife blushed a little but did
not comment at first. Then after a few more peaceful moments
she looked up at me and said, “Your right. We haven’t’
seen anyone for an hour or more.” Turning her head from
side to side one more time, she then reached for her bra and
pulled it over her head. “I’m going to soak it in the
cold water and put it back on to cool off, ” she explained
as I stared at her dark areolas and pink nipples.

My wife has average breasts full enough to get any man’s
attention but not so large that they made her look like a
busty stupid bimbo. And they way they laid n her chest like
delicate oval pairs was inspiring to see. I sat silently
watching her swirl her bra in the stream for a few seconds
before ringing it out. “It should feel good, ” I commented
as she pulled back over her head. Within seconds her nipples
were sticking out like little darts feeling the effects
of the cold water.

Of course all of this was doing nothing to help calm me down
as my cock was nearly rock hard. Lisa gave me one of her famous
smiles as she was sending the signal she was thinking the
same thing I was thinking. There were no real hiding places
I could find but then we were so far from everyone else, what
were the chances anybody would pass by in the middle of nowhere.

“Over there would work, ” my wife said pointing to
a soft shaded place under a massive oak tree. I nodded yes
as we both got up and walked under the tree. “We should
clean ourselves up a little, ” she said softy after one
brief kiss. I put my back pack down and began to unzip my shorts
as my shaft had been throbbing for an hour. Lisa watched
me and smiled while she took off her bra and shorts quickly.
Leaving our hiking boots on seemed necessary as we slipped
out underwear off in front of each other.

Her dark thick hair looked marvelous surrounded my nature
as my wife walked to the stream and splashed some cold water
on her breasts and pussy. “Watch out. The water is going
to give you a real jolt, ” she told me as she stood up quickly.
It had an effect on her as I noticed her pink pussy lips swollen
between her dark bush. It looked like a plow had just made
a pass and opened up the ground for planting time.

The water indeed shocked me as my cock throbbed even more
as the icy cold water did a number on it. Turning to rejoin
my wife I turned and saw her already on the ground with her
ass on our clothing with her legs spread. Walking back to
her she had fire in her eyes as her fingers were beginning
to play with her ripe needy pussy. There were enough leaves
on the ground as I quickly pushed a pile next to her before
lying next to her. Being on the dirt, under a huge old tree
made things seemed oddly natural the way nature intended
it to be.

Lisa was already moaning and whimpered when I pushed her
had out of the way and began to finger fuck my wife even harder.
As rigid as her body was becoming and from the sounds she
was making from deep within her chest, I knew she was going
to squirt for sure. “That’s ok honey. Let it go, ”
I said softly to her as my fingers ground in her cunt even

And then Lisa let out a scream that could have been heard
for miles right before a stream of her juices shot out more
than a foot or two. I was amazed at the power of her orgasm
which I was still working on. My wife was lost, in a daze,
floating on a cloud without any sense of where she was as
if it mattered any longer. She was a female out amongst nature
ready to be bred.

I watched her calm slightly as I pulled my fingers out of
her pussy and climbed on top of her eager to start our fuck.
The round head of my shaft pressed against her incredible
heat as I held it at her entrance while enjoying the agonizing
expression she had on her face. I would have to say it was
sheer bliss and sexual torture all rolled up into one. Her
face was a rosy color while her eyes had rolled back in her

Holding my shaft with one hand I waited for her to open her
big brown eyes. The head of my shaft was already wet and slippery
from her juices still leaking out of her crack. Lisa looked
up briefly as I pressed forward feeling her inner muscles
grip around my thickness. Her mouth opened as I pushed more
cock into her warmth. It was the most perfect union we had
ever shared.

We were just two people together in the woods doing the same
act every other a****l did. There were no more cars, schedules,
classrooms or meeting to take away our focus. The pressure
I felt in my cock was beyond words as I buried my shaft in her
body causing the air to leave her lungs. It was the most pure
act either of us had ever experienced.

But I wanted it to last for as long as it could and moved very
slowly and other times hardly moving at times while savoring
her womanhood. Lisa wrapped her arms around my neck as I
leaned forward and shared a kiss with her during our union.
I had been in her about a minute of the most wonderful torture
I had ever felt when she whispered to me, “Don’t stop
no matter what.” It was an odd thing for her to say but I
didn’t know what she was actually trying to tell me.

Her pussy was so tight and so slippery I couldn’t imagine
what could have ever made me stop. In fact I doubt anything
in the entire world could have made me stop fucking my wife
under that tree. Our bodies were working together in perfect
harmony almost like a machine would function at top performance
levels. My balls were so full and in need of exploding I pumped
into her with even more intensity than before. I thought
she had all of my focus and attention but suddenly I heard
leaves crunching to my right and looked up for a split second.

I stopped moving immediately when I saw a man, about our
age standing five feet away watching my wife and I on the
ground. My wife had her head turned to the side while knowing
he was watching her being fucked. No one said a word as I laid
frozen on top of my wife unsure of what to do. A few seconds
turned into what felt like a minute. He remained silent;
Lisa continued looking at him while I remained on top of

But her inner lining was quivering around my throbbing
hard thick shaft as I fought the urges to continue my fuck.
But nature had a hold of us and all three of us knew it. Slowly
I pulled my cock half way out of her pussy and pushed it back
in as she went back to whimpering her delight. The man, whoever
he was didn’t make a sound as I fucked my wife in front of

And then Lisa shifted gears and began to buck her hips upward
to meet my thrusts even if the man was watching her really
getting into with me. I had thought I knew the meaning of
the word, primal but that experience was taking it to an
all new level. The strong desires of my wife and I to perform
the breeding act even if someone else was watching us were
too strong to fight any longer.

My cock was bumping against the end of her tunnel the harder
I rammed my shaft in and out of her. It was as if the two of us
were in a mission nothing could have stopped us short of
shooting us. I heard the leaves crunch to our side and knew
the man was walking around looking at us performing the
act from all angles. Lisa held me tight as her breasts ground
against my hard chest with even more passion than before.

She lifted herself up with her lips close to my ear and whispered,
“Come on baby. Fuck me hard right in front of him.” Her
swollen slippery lips had my shaft wedged between them
and there was no way I was going to get away even if I had wanted
to. But then the last thing in the world I wanted to do was
pull my cock out of her before I filled her with my hot sticky

“Is he still there, ” I asked her quietly between her
moans and groans. “Yes, ” she managed to gasp out to
me as my shaft began to ream out nearing my end. The pressure
intensified even more as my balls prepared to pop. Lisa
had wrapped her legs around my waist to give me the clearest
path to her pussy as she moaned under me during my final assault.

As if the heavens had opened and welcomed me inside I felt
the first thick glob of hot cum squeeze down the tube in my
shaft and fire out into her warm womb. “Oh fuck baby, ”
I muttered when I felt the second glob follow seconds later.
Then a third and a fourth as I felt the strongest climax of
my entire life. It was one wave after another as if my entire
body was centered in my cock which was planted inside her
body. Lisa held on gasping while I drained myself in her
pussy in front of the stranger who had accidently found

And then the waves began to slow down as I sucked for air crushing
my wife under me. I realized I had two hand full’s of leaves
while I had braced myself over her during our union. Lisa
kept kissing me on my neck and holding me tight to her after
my finish. It took me at least two minutes to regain some
sense of the situation although my body and mind still lingered
in the afterglow of what we had done.

I pressed my lips to her warm lips as my shaft finally began
to soften still deep inside her pussy. Whispering to her
I said softly, “What are we going to do?” Lisa looked
in his direction which was telling me the man was still watching
on us the ground. “I don’t know, ” she whispered
back in my ear. She held me tight knowing when I got off her;
the man was going to be able to see all of her womanly charms.
There was just way of hiding her body from him. And being
completely naked except for my hiking boots was not the
best situation if I wanted to start a fight. He had not said
a word or interfered with us other than remaining close
during the act.

“He has seen everything already, ” she whispered
to me. Before I could answer she went on to say, “Does it
really matter?> I mean at this point nothing makes sense
to me” and then she quickly added “I still feel very
horny.” I smiled at Lisa sensing she was strong enough
and brave enough to deal with this awkward situation we
now found ourselves in. “I love you, ” I said softly
before thinking of climbing off of her which was going to
expose her completely. But my wife was still filled with
lust. Whether it was from being out in the wild or the fact
she had just been fucked in front of another man, I did not

Lisa grabbed my shoulders very firmly with her hands and
looked into my eyes with a fire I was use to. “Remember
I will always love you, ” she whispered to me. I took her
words as her way of telling me if this was our last moment
alive then she wanted me to know where her heart truly was.
The thought also entered my mind that maybe something even
more bizarre might take place. My shaft had grown soft and
was barely inside of her dripping pussy when I felt it slip
out while I remained as her cover. “I don’t think he
will hurt us, ” I whispered to her knowing I had to climb
off quickly and figure out what we should do. Lisa whispered
to me that she thought the way he was staring at her; he had
other things on his mind.

Not sure how I felt about that I knew I had to get off of her
soon. I lifted myself with my arms off her chest as I pushed
backwards from between her legs. Rising up I left her naked
on the ground beneath me and got to my feet. The man stared
at Lisa as if he had seen a vision or something. All three
of us were completely silent as I backed up a few feet without
making direct eye contact with him. It was tense even if
it was awkward as Lisa remained naked on the ground.

And when I looked back at my wife she remained on her back
on the ground with her legs now together making no effort
to cover herself at all. Her wonderful breasts were pumping
on her chest from her heavy breathing which he never stopped
staring at. The tension was indescribable as I looked at
her wondering what she was thinking. The front of the man’s
shorts was a huge bulge as he stared at my naked wife. Was
he going to try and **** her with me inches from him? I mean
even if I was naked I would have protected my wife by any means
possible. Lisa took her eyes off of me slowly and turned
her head and began to look directly at him.

There was the moment I will never forget. That moment when
I realized what she was going to do even if we both knew it
would be wrong. I was trembling as I waited for what felt
like a long time when it fact it was but seconds. Her slender
taunt body looked to still be on fire. The man looked at me
once more before looking back at Lisa as she slowly began
to spread her legs in front of him. Staring at him her legs
slowly opened up exposing her gushing swollen pussy for
him to enjoy. I don’t remember if I was breathing because
my head became dizzy as her pussy came into our view.

The tension was nothing like I had ever experienced before
as the man pulled off his back pack and began to undress.
I knew what she wanted, so did he while I didn’t lift a finger
to stop it. My wife laid there staring at him while looking
as nervous as I was. His shirt and shorts fell on the leaves
as all of his attention was on my wife’s body especially
her wet pussy. He never looked at me once while he undressed
as he and Lisa had locked eyes.

He walked up to her towering over her still on her back and
then slid his underwear down his legs. My stomach was in
my throat as I watched in disbelief and amazement at what
was happening in front of me. The only other sound than the
two of them breathing was a bird who kept chirping in the
tree above the three of us. Yes it is rather strange that
we have odd memories at a moment like that.

I saw his shaft, hard, thick and throbbing as she laid with
her legs spread waiting for him. He nervously knelt down
and checked back at me once to see if I was going to try and
stop him. He saw me frozen in place as he leaned forward while
my wife lifted her arms to greet him. It felt like everything
was happening in slow motion as he climbed on top of her carefully
of course. She touched his shoulders with her small fragile
hands as he guided his engorged shaft to her pussy.

And then within the blink of an eye, his shaft entered her
stretched tunnel and disappeared inside of her with ease.
My wife’s legs grew tense the moment she felt his long
cock completely lodged in her pussy. His ass began to rise
and fall as his shaft began to bang at her fairly forcefully
from the very beginning. I stood stunned watching them
knowing they were complete strangers yet were fucking
like old lovers.

“Oh my goodness. Oh my, oh my, ” Lisa mutter under him
as I watched and listened still trying to realize what was
happening. Walking around below them I saw her pink lips
stretched around his throbbing shaft sliding in and out
of her with some obvious force. His breathing was frantic
as was hers as he fucked her over and over.

His sack was full and hairy as it slapped against her ass
with each of this thrusts. “Holy fuck” my wife said
feeling him growing more rigid deep within her reproductive
organ. She may have been the school teacher but it sounds
like he was teaching her a new lesson first hand. I remained
silent listening to him punishing her with her responding
with moan after moan the longer they were together.

I knew how the man was feeling and exactly what his dick was
experiencing inside my wife’s pussy. Her inner muscles
were gripping his thick shaft while her juices kept the
two of the lubricated. I knew the fat end of his shaft was
feeling her real inner tightness each time he slammed it
deep into her womb. And I knew she was about to feel him explode
and deposit in her pussy his seeds along with mine which
were already in her.

Her legs came up and wrapped around his waist as she always
did with me when she wanted me to fuck her as hard as I could.
Their organs working together created a scent even Mother
Nature would have detected. The man grew more frantic on
top of her as she held on while he bore down. I could do nothing
but watch as my wife was getting fucked on the ground right
where I had just fucked her.

“Oh fuck. Oh yes, fuck me real hard, ” she said with
a rattled tone in her voice. The Lisa I knew and loved was
surrendering her womanly needs to another male even if
had never planned on this when our day in the woods began.
The man’s ass rose up and slammed into her as I heard him
begin to grunt under his breath. His ass rose up again and
I then knew he was exploding deep within her wet slippery
pussy at last.

Even with his thick shaft wedged between her pussy lips
the cream I saw still oozed out as he pumped more in. I had
never expected anything like this, experienced anything
like this and didn’t know how to respond other than to
stand over them and watch him pump her full of cum. It was
over within five minutes and no one had tried to make sense
of it.

Then a silent, quiet peaceful feeling came over the three
of us under the giant oak tree. They remained in each other’s
arms while I stood by waiting for him to climb off of the woman
I loved. She held her close for a short while longer before
pulling her arms off his back as he stood up staring down
at her one last time.

Lisa looked at me with a half smile which I watched before
smiling back at her. The man cleaned up quickly by the stream,
put on his clothing and back pack before walking off without
saying a word. Within two minutes of him fucking her, he
was in the woods and out of our sight.

I reached down and helped my now weakened wife to her feet
as she made her way to the stream with thick globs of cum running
down her inner thighs. I helped her brace herself at the
edge of the stream while she attempted to clean herself
up as good as she could. “Are you ok?” I asked her once
she was finished. Smiling my wife nodded yes and walked
back to our clothing where we both got dressed again.

Personally I was confused but not angry for what happened.
We began to make the long hike back to the pathway so we could
get to our car before dark. We had hiked no more than a hundred
feet when I felt my wife take my hand in hers. “I still love
you, ” she said softly. Pulling her into my arms, I pressed
my lips to hers and felt the bond we always felt return immediately.

Sometimes crazy things just happen. For us what happened
in the woods that afternoon made no sense even though we
were still in love. To this day we seldom talk about it since
it is impossible to actually discuss. But from time to time
I wondered who the man was and what he thought after he had
left. A surprise no doubt all three of us will never forget.

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