A large tongue up my pink hole :)

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A large tongue up my pink hole 🙂
Once again a hot night and i can’t sleep. The perfect circumstances for telling you one of my lust explosions 🙂

I’m going to tell you ’bout the time i had a little gay-boy put his tongue up my ass.

In my (a bit) younger years i used to work at a supermarket. I used to work for a couple of years there when a new employee was brought in. From the moment i laid my eyes on him i disliked him, it was this small girly like guy that coloured his hair and was 200 % gay. Don’t get me wrong, i love gays simply because they like to stuff me with their dicks ;)But i dislike the girly like gay, the type that acts like they are Paris Hilton and got alike attidude. This was such a guy or uh girl ?

I could always see this guy starring at my butt and i heard from female co-workers that he made remarks about it and actually drooled over it. Even tho i din’t really value his opinion, it still somehow flattered me 🙂 Later on he even made some remarks how big it was, i just blowed him of , told him to shut up or i’d punch him or just glanced at him.

Anyways we had a small co-workers drink in a small bar close to the supermarket and this guy used to come as “one of the girls” He gossiped like them , drank the same wine as them, laughed at the same jokes… I just observed. I decided to get wasted that night. As the alcohol started doing it’s job my sick sexual obsessed mind starting thinking of him in a positive way. I was thinking of what i could do with him and how i could take advantage of him. He was not going to stick his dick up his ass cause i only get fucked by men and not girly boys.

As the night continued more people left and eventually me, the boy and a girl we’re left alone. The girl was too drunk and wanted to go home so we dropped her of. Clever as i was i knew that we were on the same route so we just walked along. It was quiet a walk so there was plenty of time to seduce him. We started talking a bit about co-workers and i thought of going at his lvl, meaning i would laugh at his jokes and act like i was interested..

After a bit of chit-chat we started a bit more erotic conversation …Ill name the gay boy , Brandon.

Me : So you like my ass i’v heard ?
Brandon : That’s pretty obvious ?
Me : What you like about it ?
Brandon : It’s like a pretty female ass , its large , round , and it comes out perfect in jeans …
Me : Did you know that i don’t have hair growth on it and it’s pink on the inside ?

Brandon looked stunned , shocked and i could almost hear his hearth pumping.

Brandon : Wow , just wow.
Me : You don’t like it ? Mmmm
Brandon : No much to the contrary , i just get a hard cock from that one sentence !
Me : What would you do to it then ? You’re not going to stick your dick in to it , thats for sure… You cant satisfy me like that.
Brandon : I would touch it … put my face against it … treasure it.
Me : Still not enough.
Brandon : I would kiss it , smell it …
Me : Eat it ?
Brandon : Stop please , you’re making me way too horney and i think you’re just bullshitting me. You’re not gay..
Me : I’m not , but i’ll show you what i am !

At this moment we reached a pretty deserted part of town and i timed my conversation perfectly… it was full of companies and industrial complexes wich we’re totally deserted. We walked over to a bench and i kneeled on it putting my ass in air.

Me : Put your face in it , smell it !

Without the slightest hesitation he kneeled down and rubbed my face against my ass. I felt myself heating up and getting horney high … i knew i had this guy where i wanted and i knew his tongue was going to end up deep inside me 🙂

Me : Take of my pants and boxers and just start licking my ass. I don’t want to hear you , you don’t talk or ask questions just do as your told is that clear ? Else this thing is over before you know it..
Brandon : Yes, sir !

Me : Spread my ass cheeks !

He gave my a good spread and at the bar i put my fingers up my ass before we left to loosen it. A nice gape showed up and i could hear him mumbling.

Me : No talking ! But if you speak speak loud what did you say ?
Brandon : It’s pink its looks delicious , can i lick it ?
Me : Not yet…

I’v been working the entire day and havent had the chance to shower , he was lucky im a very clean guy and cleaned myself on the bathroom at the bar. Also i shave twice a week and give myself a small waterbottle enema weekly…

Me : You just smell it and kiss it i dont want to feel tongue yet. Seduce me.

I could hear him sniffing and drooling , he spitted in my large gape and i could feel it entering. HMMMMM felt so good !

Me : Lick it but don’t enter !

The warmth of his tongue suprised me and i actually got more satisfied then i would imagine .

Me : AHHHHHHH yes thats a good boy … doing a good job !

He kept licking it arround the crack and he was feeling the game. pushing very gentle in the center opening it up then pulling back and licking round my crack again. Spitting on it again and repeating this whole cycle over and over. It got me right in the mood.

Me : Allright you earned it.. go ahead very slowly.

He gently took his time and i felt his small longue tongue (perfect for inside rimming) entering. It was warm and wet and felt like it belonged there.

Me : Spread my ass more !

He tried to spread it but didnt do it the right way so i put my hands on my ass and gave him my full gape. His tongue dissapeard and i could hear him mumbling and drooling. He pulled his tongue back and looked inside my ass.

Me : Keep it in there fool…

He pushed it up my ass all the way and i caught myself with an OOOHHH and AHHHH. I heard him giggling with joy and we both were having an incredible time.

Me : Enough with the slow moving , fuck me.

He pushed his tongue deep inside and started fucking me with it in high tempo. Nasty sticky noises came from it and it excited me more. It was completely silent in the are and the only noise was that of his tongue making sloppy movement in my ass !

He tonguefucked my for a bout 15 min long , it was a wild session .. i could feel him licking the inside of my ass actually trying to get a taste of everything i had to offer for him. This was a really good asslicker , the one that enjoys it !

Me : YOu can wank of on me while you lick my insides.

He pulled his pathetic cock out and after 3 or 4 jerks a large pool of cream was on the floor.

Me : Now its my turn wank on my cock while you tonguefuck just keep doing what you do best. But be aware : When i tell you to put your lips arround my cockhead do it ! If you’re too late ill slap you silly …

For another 5 min he did his best of pleasing my anus. Licking it fucking it doing everything i could imagine to it. It looked like machinery .. he just kept doing it without losing excitement.

Me : aaaahhh you’re close now it wants to come out !
Me : Nowwwww

He dropped on the bench turned his head arround and put his lips arround my cock.

I jammed my cock in his throat and pumped it full…

He chocked he spitted and i hold his neck forcing him down. He was like a fly compared to my muscle power and it felt good … i felt power 🙂

I got up slapped him once in the face and just walked away, he was still on the floor and only when i was about 200m away he got up…

Me : Till morning and thanks !

Brandon yelled : Thank you as well , it was awesome !

The next morning i told him pretty straight that if someone every found out i would break his leggs and that he could never put his tongue up my ass again… He didnt like the idea of both and kept silence to everyone (I think :O ) In a few months i worked somewhere else and we got out of touch. But i know i just have to ring his doorbell whenever i have a hunger for tongue in the ass.

Thats my way of dealing with real bitch boys, probably the same way real men like to deal with me. Sticking dicks up my ass and slapping it ! It’s all relative heh

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