A Phone Call

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A Phone Call

This is my confession so help me God!

I am a 19 years old college student porn addict virgin boy. I live with my fam*ly in (…..) in a three stories house. My father is a tough man. He is the pastor of the neighborhood church. He raised seven ch*ldren although the look in eyes says that it could have been better if I had only one, two, or none at all. All of my elder br*thers and s*sters are married and live as far as possible from us except my predecessor “Jacob” only. My younger br*ther and I are the last of this chain of miserable sons and daughters of such a dominating father.

It was a hot summer Monday night with final exams on the door when my father, my mom, and Jacob had to go to give my uncle a visit as he just got out from the hospital after he hit a tree with his car! I had to stay home to get ready for my exam tomorrow, and my younger br*ther had to stay also, as his math tutor will come shortly after they go out. Then the entire house will be just for me and my younger br*ther.

“Give it to me” my father, said that to me. For a moment, I imagined myself as a dr*g dealer after a bust where the chief of police asks me for the stash of heroin I hid. I took the modem out of the computer and gave it to him. If I did not tell you that yet, our father insisted to put the computer downstairs so he can observe whomever uses it. Kiss your porn sites goodbye! He locked the modem in his office drawer, preached us a little then they got out the moment the tutor came in. Thank God, we are just past the millennium and that “end of days” nonsense.

It is now my duty to take care of the house and to offer drinks to the tutor with his payment before he leaves. Good news is the tutor and my br*ther will be upstairs. Now I have been browsing porn sites in secret since ever, I have downloaded many videos, and now this is my chance to watch them in full screen while I play with myself. I put on the headphones plugged them in while I was starting the computer up.
My heartbeat went up to the roof while the computer was booting up I imagined all these beautiful pornstars being fucked over and over moaning and screaming from pleasure in front of me. I am browsing the folder where I disguised these porn videos as some cabinet files belongs to an application setup package asking myself which pornstar I’ll spend this night with. My dick is hard already and I can feel the blood pumping into it.

For a long time I had this crush for that girl across the street “Heather”. She is gorgeous looking just like Kayden Kross only with raven hair, brown sexy eyes, and her boobs are real yet perky and seductive. Oh, my god I imagined myself so many times fucking her with ecstasy and lust. I imagined us together in my room totally naked fucking like it is our last day on earth. I imagined the touch of her sexy lips and tongue around my dick kissing and sucking it. I imagined the feeling of my hard dick penetrating her warm juicy pussy and her screams startling the dogs in the neighborhood. And when I cum she takes my dick in her hands in front of her mouth licking and swallowing my semen saying “thank you sir.. thank you” just like what Kayden Kross usually does in her videos. Unfortunately, she is also from a very conservative fam*ly and she is older than me by two years and with a body like that she will end up married way before I’ll be able to ask for her hand.

Oh! Every time I see a cross, the name Kayden Kross pops up in my mind and the sexy image of her naked body takes my eyes off anything else. This must be the devil’s work, but my prayers do not make any good though.

I got the tissues ready and played that video where Kayden dances in short white socks and unbuttoned baggy shirt throwing money bills in the air in front of a guy. I had to map the sound to one ear only so I can hear anyone approaching. Oh, she is so sexy with boobs makes you want to squeeze them all day long and hard pink pointy nipples makes you want to bite them off her. The guy just carried her in his arms and threw her over the bed. I pointed my penis up exposed it to the air squeezed it with two fingers and released it then I squeezed again with my balls between my legs. This technique makes me super hard so fast.

I heard sounds near the front door made me jump and hit the keyboard with my dick. In seconds I zipped up my trousers double clicked the batch file that disguises the videos back again, and put the system in hibernation. No way they came back that fast maybe they forgot something! I walked to the bathroom where I will wait for my erection to cool down that is when I heard the doorbell! Fuck! This is the last thing I need right now. I walked to the front door slowly giving my dick a chance to cool down. From behind the glass, I barely noticed two female bodies. When I opened the door, I found Heather right there standing in front of me! And with the sexiest smile on earth she said “Hi!”


I don’t know for how long I stood there trying to figure out what is happening, but finally I said “Hi!”

Heather has been visiting my mom regularly after Heather’s father death two months ago. He was such a kind man and a softhearted father but he was mild with his wife. Life has been difficult for them since his death and I felt sorry for her but I have never had the chance to sit and talk with her in private before. There is no way I can ask her out also. In her father’s funeral, I noticed that she kept looking at my shoes all the time and I thought she wanted me as I find myself unconsc*ously looking at girl’s feet when I don’t dare to look her in the eye and that’s mostly when I have a bad thought about her. Guilty with the happiness of the idea that she will go after me I waited for her but she never looked at me the same again, never felt that she wants to be nice with me, and she never started a talk with me.

Usually I just let her in, call for mom, then I go to my room. But mom is not home so I said to her “My mother is out actually but how can I help you Ka..Heather?”
She looked at her friend smiling then looked back at me saying “We just need to use your phone, ours been out since yesterday as you know.”
Oh! For a second I imagined myself putting a warm kiss on her cheek. I let them in and closed the main door. Heather didn’t wait for me to lead the way she just gapped her friend to the sitting room saying “Don’t worry It is a long distance call but it is two minutes only. Here I baked some cookies for your mom”
“You didn’t have to trouble yourself with the baking, thanks!” I replied.
She said, “It was nothing. Oh you are so nice”. I didn’t feel any passion or warmth in her voice but I was so happy. She used to come with some presents to my mother lately usually asking for favors. Once she come to teach my mom a pizza recipe, used ingredients from our kitchen and made two, one for us, and the other for them. Mom said the pizza wasn’t that good but the girl is smart and funny although she did not go to college, also said she is beautiful though her mother is not good looking! She was right there is no way that anyone believe that gorgeous Heather is the daughter of such a bossy demanding bad looking mother like hers. I said to my mom joking, “Maybe her father was cheating on her mother”. Mom didn’t understand the joke though.

I was confused. What phone call?! She knows that my mom is out and my father’s car was not parked outside! Why did she came in then? Heather said, “This is Natalia. She and her friends rented the third floor in our house. It is her first year in college and she wants to call her parents”

I looked at her friend. Maybe she named Natalia but she looks just the same as Jessica Alba in the movie “Idle hands” only she makes a ponytail with her hair. She wore a very tight jeans and even tighter T-shirt. She kept smiling since I opened the door for them and that made me very uneasy. Well cell phones weren’t that rare these days but I knew Heather used to act as our house is hers and I didn’t want them to leave actually. “The house is all yours! Forgive me I need to go to take care of something” I said.

I went to the kitchen to pour some juice for them. I was moving very fast and seriously. Usually I do that in front of girls when I lack self-confidence. Natalia dialed some number and they both kept looking at me and smiling in a way made me very uncomfortable. I offered them the juice and entered my father’s office to put the tutor’s payment in an envelope. Natalia kept watching me and smiling then said, “Their phone is still busy!” and sat next to Heather that is when I heard Heather’s little br*ther calling for her from the street. I opened the window and told him to go to the front door and that, I would let him in to stay with them, but he refused and said that his mother wants Heather right now. Heather stopped smiling and said, “Tell her I’m coming right away.” yet told her friend to try the number again.

I told them that I’ll go upstairs and I’ll be back. Heather said that they are going in two minutes anyway and she’ll close the main door behind. I felt she is disappointed but I couldn’t do anything. I went upstairs and met the tutor. I knew each other well before. I used to get straight As in math and geometry and we used to exchange math puzzles together. “Your br*ther is not like you at all. He is not that interested in math. Hey! don’t you have a new puzzle?” said the tutor.
“Oh yeah! There are 10 kinds of people. One who understands binary and the other who doesn’t” I replied. That was a joke not a puzzle, but my mind was elsewhere I wanted to go back downstairs to Heather before she goes. He paused a while then he laughed saying “Hahaha! That’s a good one!” I said, “If you excuse me, I’ll go now to get prepared to my exam tomorrow!” that’s when I heard the Main door closing! Damn! She is already gone! Fortunately, my br*ther was buried deep in some kind of a proof and his hearing is not very well since he was f*urteen.
“Go ahead you seem a little disconnected I bet you still take your studies seriously” replied the tutor.

In fact, I wasn’t ever worried about any exam I just wanted to clear my mind with some porn and wanking but Heather came unexpectedly to make me think the unthinkable. Disappointed I went slowly down the stairs thinks of the lost potentials of this night but as I was going to enter the ground floor apartment, I heard “Bssst!”
There was the Hispanic friend of Heather’s standing next to the main front door.
“My God! Jessica you almost gave me a heart attack!” She smiled joyfully, came close to me, leaned forward and whispered, “It is Natalia but you can call me Jessica if you want. Heather has gone but I think I forgot my purse inside. Perhaps you can be gentile and help me searching for it”


Natalia Led the way inside. She deliberately walked very slowly and I felt uncomfortable following her. The girl is seducing me I’m sure but yet I’ve no experience with girls at all. Funny how religious and chaste I can be around girls!
She said “Maybe I left it here on the couch.” She leaned forward giving quit a scene of her ass in this very tight jeans. I felt an imminent hard on right away. I stepped back a little and she looked back at me smiling and said: “You are not helping!” I replied “I don’t see it! Maybe you lost it somewhere else!” She gave me quit a look then she went on fours searching under the couch. Oh, this time her ass was about to pop out from her jeans. I could swear that it was the first camel toe to be seen in doggy position! Now I have a hard on officially! I grabbed a pillow pretending that I’m searching under it while I’m actually using it to cover my hard on. Uneasy with her presence I told her: “I really don’t think that you lost it here but I can buy you another one later if you like.” She looked at me smiling and said: “You’re such a nice boy! But there was money in it honey.” I asked how much. She looked at the pillow and got it figured out. She came very close to me and said: “Dunno maybe a hundred. Do you have a hundred-dollar bill on you?!” With a dry mouth, I said: “I think so.” I had some money on me that I was saving to buy a new graphics card. She smiled and said: “Show me.” I tried to reach for my wallet with one hand. She smiled and took the pillow off my other hand but kept looking me in the eyes. Now the hard on is enormous and I’m sweating all over. I opened the wallet swiftly and gave her the money and when I just was about to turn around she but her right hand around me and griped my hard dick with her left hand. “Well well what do we have here is it my purse you are hiding in there?!” She lifted an eyebrow saying “I think that I should strip search you” and in a second my trousers felt down!

She got on her knees and started massaging my dick. I was about to faint really not believing what’s happening. The window was still opened and anyone passing by on the far side of the street could see us. I retreated to the corner where no one can see us in a pathetic way. She didn’t let go my dick for a second. I felt like I was being rap*d! She smiled “What do we have here that’s a precum and it aint fresh. You were masturbating, you naughty boy!” I didn’t answer I was breathless. She stoked me harder and said “Come on where you thinking of me or Heather?” I looked down at her Oh I’ve never seen my dick so hard and so big like this before. With her lips, just millimeters from my dick she said “Do you know what’s going to happen now? Do you?!” Her breath was blowing on my hard dick making it even harder. I felt so weak in my knees and dizzy. She smiled and kept teasing my dick with her lips. I felt that I’m about to cum all over her face, but she bushed my chest back and said “Just breath. You will not last more than two seconds this way.” I closed my eyes and rested my head on the wall behind me and tried hard to breath normally. This girl is a professional no doubt.

Slowly she took my dick in her mouth to the end and moved forth and back in a slow pace. The tension was intense but I started to let go and tried to enjoy what was happening for once. She did really a good job she wanted to give me pleasure or so I thought. She used her tongue very well too. I’ve never seen that in porn. This girl took me to completely new territories. Her mouth became tighter as she picked up the pace. She even deepthroated me once or twice. Oh I felt that I’m going to cum so I tried to hold her head back but she took my hands in her hands behind my back. Now I’m curved like a bow and my dick out there like an arrow tip about to hit a far target. She kept sucking me more viciously. As the sounds got louder and louder the more I felt terrified but she kept going and she moaned saying “Come on give it to me. Give it to me. I want your cum babe I want so bad” I tried to hold it but I couldn’t and in seconds I felt the ejaculation about to come. I tried to warn her but I decided to cum in her mouth and my dick pumped the cum in her mouth like a fountain. She didn’t care and she didn’t stop only slowed down and waited for the last thrust to come. I felt so weak and really I was about to fall down but she held me by the waist and pushed her head to the end. I started to breathe again. I looked down at her and she looked up at me. She moved up a little with my dick in her mouth and she let all the cum to spill on my shrinking cock. She stood up and rubbed my soaked with cum dick and balls till my dick became soft again. She said: “Now you have something to impress your friends with”. She wiped her hands in my undies and griped my ass cheek saying “Good boy. Get dressed and show me out.”

I tried to say something but the words stopped in my mouth. For the first time, I felt a mixture of indescribable feelings. I was seduced and dominated by a sex worker. For the first time I had what I can call sex with a girl and it was very exciting but for a second I felt guilt and regret. Is this right?! Will God forgive me?! And the money I spent how can I explain it to my father?!

She started to move to the door in very confident steps admiring herself. For a second I was about to say something but I stopped. She looked back in way that who stands behind her can see her ass and boobs in the same time. Lifting one eyebrow she asked what I was about to say. I replied “Nothing .. just..just..” she seemed impatient and started to walk again. Finally, I said “Your purse.” And she looked back again. I continued “It could be in my father’s study.” She smiled and came back “Really! Let’s go and search inside then.” She moved in and swept the room with a fast look and I closed the door behind us. I was so uncomfortable with all the crosses and bibles in there but really, I wasn’t thinking straight back then. I didn’t even know why I did what I did. I just felt that the last word should be mine.

She moved to the desk and sat on it. She took my hands and got me real close to her. She spread her legs and took my head in her right hand and pointed to her pussy and said “you can start searching here but take your time honey.” With shaking hands I started to take her jeans off her but the button was so uneasy. I took it down to her knees and it was so tight that I felt like I was skinning her alive. For the first time in my life I saw a girl’s pussy in flesh. I wondered a little and she noticed. She said “Don’t say that you’re a virgin my dear boy” I said “OK I’ll not say” She laughed loudly and pushed my head down to her pussy. I felt as if the whole world heard her but yet I felt happy that I made her laugh. She laid on her back and pushed my head down to her pussy and said “Just make it like what you usually see in porn movies. You’ve watched one or two already, didn’t you?!”

I recalled all the scenes I’ve watched and started to kiss her pussy slowly and sensually. It was so soft. I didn’t imagine that anything could be that soft in the world but the smell and the taste were so unusual not good but not bad just unusual. It’s a little bitter but not in an uncomfortable way. That’s a thing you can’t know by watching porn only. Her legs were not so far apart cause I didn’t take the jeans off her. I moved apart her pussy lips with my fingers and started to suck them on at a time. She moaned and said “Don’t forget the clit, boy”. I worked my tongue all over her pussy and she started to enjoy it really then my act became more fast and skillful. She pushed my head back and said “Wait take off these silly jeans completely first” I sensed that she was enjoying so I took it off firmly and opened her legs widely then I pushed my head towards her pussy and started to eat her viciously this time. I even used my teeth but not so hard. I think that I wanted to be in control for a change. She moaned in joy and said “Yes yes yes babe you are learning so fast” I licked my fingers and started to push one in her pussy. It was so warm and slippery. She said “Oooooh” I liked it so I pushed it deeper. I felt a little resistance in first but it slid inside so easily so I took it out and pushed two this time. She closed her legs a little so I pulled her to the desk’s edge and spread her two legs with my right arm only and kept fucking her with my left hand. She was desperate to close her legs a little but I nailed her good. I licked her too while I was finger fucking her. I felt her about to cum so I fucked her faster and faster. In fact as she felt more aroused by my fingering the harder my dick gets. She was feeling that she is losing control so she asked me to slow a little but I didn’t and said to her “Just breath” She laughed again and said “You’re such a naughty boy” Her struggling became harder and harder she was losing it. She said “Just fuck me. Fuck me now. Your cock must be hard by now” I said “A little!” I wasn’t going to fuck her. God only knows what diseases I could catch from her. I just wanted to feel victorious by making her cum.

She said panting “I’ll suck it for you again. Come sixty-nine with me.” I said “You mean one hundred and eighty-one?!” She wondered “What?!” I said “181 One (ate) one” She replied “Whatever!” I lifted her in my arms and moved to the couch. I smiled to her and tried to kiss her lips but she looked aside and left my kiss to fall on her cheek. She said “I can walk you know” Apparently, she doesn’t like to be dominated or get emotional with her customers. I mimicked her “Whatever!” she smiled and looked at me and saying “You’re such a piece of work!” I laid on my back on the couch and in no time, she laid over me 69-ing. She unbuttoned my trousers again and started stroking my dick while I started to eat and finger her pussy again. She was in the heat. She stroked and sucked my dick very hard and I was pushing her to her limits. I just wanted to make her cum So I can look her in the eye again. I was sure that my dick will not grow hard again easily but as she worked it with lips and tongue it started to get hard again. The harder it gets the harder I push my fingers inside and the harder I lick her clit. That distracts her from blowing me and gives my dick a chance to cool down again. That’s till she decided to make it hard by any means. Moaning she squeezed my dick with two hands and stroked it very quickly. I couldn’t help it! It became hard in a minute or two. She asked me “Do you have protection?!” Feeling revealed I said “No! Don’t you?!” She didn’t respond but kept looking at my dick a little then said “No. Why do you think that I have protection with me all the time, silly?!” She moved to the cowgirl position and said to me “Now don’t try to put it inside. We will rub against each other that’s all” I nodded OK. She started to rub her pussy against my dick and I felt her juices all over me which made me harder but confident with the fact that I last longer after the first ejaculation I knew that she will cum first and I’ll be victorious. I started to touch her body and for the first time I put my hands on a girl’s tits. I started to feel them and squeeze them. They felt so good in my hands even with her T-Shirt between us. She took my hand and guided it to her boobs under the T-Shirt. Oh touching them made me harder and harder. I lifted her T-Shirt a little and looked at her nipples and felt them before I decide to kiss and taste them too. The good thing in all that is this doesn’t count as adultery.

She became so horny that she took my dick in her hand and slapped her pussy with it. Now my dick is fully erected. I thought that she could blow me again after I make her cum. So, I started to finger her again in this position. She moaned and said “Oh fuck this is taking so long” she opened her legs wider and let me finger fuck her again but she looked at my erected penis and said to me “No. Move back. I’ll rub my pussy with your cock.” But this time she rubbed her pussy with the head not the side of my dick. I Said “Oh babe that’s so erotic”. I closed my eyes and laid back trying to imagine how it feels to fuck a wife day after day. I said to her “I love you! I love you! I love you Hea..” I was about to say Heather but I shut my mouth. She didn’t seem to notice that, just rubbed us faster and faster.

She said “You really still virgin, aren’t you?” I replied with my eyes still shut “You’re my first!” In seconds, I felt warmth around my dick and a moan of relieve from her. I opened my eyes to find her sitting on me with my dick in her pussy to the end. I said “What are you doing?!” She started to bounce on my dick so fast saying “Taking your virginity!” I tried of hold her but instead she held my hands back and kept fucking me so hard. She kept fucking me like that for minutes and I couldn’t or didn’t want to stop. The feel of my dick inside her was indescribable. I looked at the cross and Jesus picture but I found no meaning in stopping. I said to myself I’ll not cum inside her no matter what.

She got exhausted so she stood up but griped my dick in her hand and said “Now I need you to doggie fuck me” She bent over the desk and spread her ass cheeks. I hesitated but she yelled “Come on! Come on”. The sight of her wide-open pussy blinded me completely. I pushed my dick inside and started to fuck her. She said “Harder..Harder”. I pushed harder and said to her “My parents will come any minute now” She replied “Then make me cum in a minute” I griped her arms behind her and started to fuck her violently but she seemed to be enjoying that a lot. I fucked her faster and faster that my balls were slapping her pussy too. My dick was numb and I felt a shooting pain in my asshole but I kept going on. “Come on babe harder. I’m cuming. Aaaah I’m cummin. Just keep fucking me like that.” I kept pushing feeling that I’m about to cum myself but I desperately needed her to cum first.

In a second she clinched her legs around my back shouting “Aaaah that’s it Aaaaah I’m cumming now”. I felt like her pussy is squeezing my dick and I tried to retreat but her legs grip was strong and I started to cum inside her in my way out and the rest splatted on her ass and some spilled on the floor. She asked me panting “Did you cum inside me?” I said “Maybe!” She looked at me and felt inside her pussy and said “I can fix that. Give me my clothes” I handed her the clothes and started to tidy the place before anyone comeback.

I was tortured by gilt this time and I felt ashamed of myself. “That was a nice one! Now aren’t you forgetting?!” She said. I asked what and she replied “The money! In the purse! Was two hundred my dear!” I said “All I had on me was the hundred I gave to you. When I find the purse, I’ll bring it to you and you you’ll give me back my money of course. Now get out please before my parents come here and start asking questions.” I thought she was about to slap me but she didn’t. Furiously this time she went out and slapped the door so hard behind her.

Now I have to change my clothes and clean it from these cum stains. The office smells like cum, so I sprayed an air freshener. I carried the pc’s monitor upstairs as if I was going to repair its cable as usual just to over the stains. I passed by my br*ther and the tutor and they didn’t notice anything.

The night passed peacefully but I need to confess my sins. God was this right or wrong? You cursed me with a strong sex drive what can I do? I waited too long and still I have to wait another ten years or so get married! She who came to me and seduced me. I’m not married nor her of course so this doesn’t count as adultery and she’s not a virgin so I don’t have to marry her. Why did you gave the devil all this power over us? Forgive me God for what I’ve sinned.

In my room, I looked from behind the shades at Heather’s home. I saw Natalia talking to Heather and Heather kept looking at my room from time to time. Shit what’s she telling her about?! What will Heather think of me?!

The sound of my father’s car parking. Shit the cum besides his desk .. I didn’t clean it!

The End

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