A Wedding Story

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A Wedding Story
“Cecil are you really sure you’re ready for the responsibility of marriage? Even though you and Cheryl have been dating since junior high, do you think she’s the right girl for you?”

“Mom we’ve been through this before. I know you don’t really care that much for Cheryl’s family. You can’t blame her for the things her two sisters have been rumoured to have done.”

“It’s in the family blood son. That’s what bothers me. I just don’t want to see you hurt. I know you say she’s a virgin, which is commendable and I pretty much know you are, except for being with your hands.”

“Mother! Please don’t say that!”

“You know it’s true. Over the years I’ve loss track of the times I’ve seen you come in from dates with her and beat yourself off. However, I did notice that after y’all went to college, you didn’t do it as much. Does she pull your little peter now or suck you off?”

“Mom! Please!”

“You don’t have to admit to it, I suspect she jerks you off, she probably wouldn’t get excited blowing such a small prick.”

“Mother! S-she says size is not i-important. It’s love that counts.” His mom knew she had hit on a nerve and decided to use it to her advantage.

“Son, you know I wouldn’t do anything to hurt you, but her two sisters started off just as sweet as Cheryl, but what’s in their slut blood just had to come out. They couldn’t help themselves. They’re nymphs. It’s in their blood. They couldn’t be faithful to one man, especially ones that weren’t equipped to handle their needs. And baby, it’s obvious with your small equipment, you won’t be able to satisfy her needs. Sure you can help thing out with your mouth, but after a while, she’ll need more cock, and I’m afraid a bigger cock, or cocks.”

“Mother! Y-You’ve been trying to break us up for years. B-But this is the lowest you’ve sunk. I-I just can’t believe y-you’d stoop so low.”

“Son, my only concern is her breaking your heart because she can’t help herself.”

“You shouldn’t think too badly of your mom, after all other people talk about my sisters too. I know they have problems, a-and mom and them warned me that I could succumb to unfaithfulness too once I become really turned on sexually. I don’t want to believe them. I feel I could never be unfaithful to you Cecil. I love so much about you. You’re kind, considerate, and most of all, we’re also best friends as well as lovers. Well, maybe not lovers like you’d want us to be, but I respect you even more for putting up with me for not wanting to give you some before our wedding night.”

“You’ve convinced me I should wait.” Cecil Lamented.

“My mom really likes you too, but she thinks you’re not man enough to keep me satisfied later on. I never told you this before, but she said I should get your promise that if I need other men to satisfy me, you’ll go along with it. I know that seems gross and I could never cheat on you Cecil darling. I love you too much.”

The two lovers kissed and promised their undying love to each other. They later went on to their routine of petting which ended in Cheryl letting Cecil tongue her clit. And as always reminding him to be careful not to penetrate her with his tongue and risk deflowering her. He always tried to be careful. After always getting her off first, she in the afterglow of his mouth action, would passionately kiss him as she slowly jerked him off.

Cecil was desirous of marrying his c***dhood sweetheart as soon as possible. Now that he’d graduated from the state university, which they both attended, he sought to get employment as soon as possible. His search revealed what looked like a very promising prospect, even though he’d more than likely have to relocate from his hometown.

The job was for an accountant in a small town on one of the Islands, off the coast of Carolina. The position was on the staff of the city government. The salary range was more than acceptable to Cecil and required an in person interview. The slightly strange provision was that if the applicant was married or about to be married, the applicant, if male, was also required to bring his wife or fiancée along. Additionally, both Cecil and Cheryl were required to fill out a questionnaire about their backgrounds, hobbies, interest and goals in life and so forth.

Cecil submitted all the required information and was surprised at how quick he got a response. The travel arrangements were set up.

It was just as easy for Cecil to drive to Freeville since the place where he had to get on the ferry was only about a four hour drive from his hometown.

Cecil was excited about the potential job offer because it would give him the opportunity to get away from his family and the rumour mill about Cheryl’s family.

It was a scenic ride even though Cecil was amazed at how isolated it was just to get to the ferry to be transported to the offshore town. It was a half hour ferry crossing. However the scenery was quite beautiful.

When Cecil and Cheryl finally arrived at the place for the interview, it didn’t dawn on them that they hadn’t seen but a handful of whites. Most of the people they came in contact with were black.

Cecil was impressed that the mayor, Victor Howard, did the interview along with a Mrs. Jenkins, who was white. She was the head of the city hall administration division. She would be Cecil’s boss if he got the job.

He was also surprised that his Cheryl also had to attend with him, but he didn’t mind.

The interview went well and he felt good that he was able to impress the Mayor and Mrs. Jenkins in front of his prospective wife. He was totally surprised at the starting salary and benefits that went with the job. He didn’t want to seem to anxious to accept but he knew he would be making
$10,000 more than the going rate for his other classmates. Plus the offer included a housing allotment for a year. He would therefore have no apartment rent for a year.

Cecil also found out that the town was composed mostly of blacks because at onetime it was a plantation and the owner gave the island to free blacks after the Civil War. They established a township.

“Our city still remains over 95% black. We are in the process of bringing more white families in to qualify for more Federal funds for our schools and city government as well to provide a more diverse population to our city. It’s one of their stipulations. It’s also why we can offer such a top salary for a new out of school accountant.” The mayor revealed to the young couple.

“Mrs. Jenkins here relocated some five years ago and has found it a wonderful place to live and raise a family. Haven’t you Dorothy?”

“Indeed Mr. Mayor. As y’all can see I’m expecting – four months along. It’ll be our third c***d, for Norman and me.” Mrs. Jenkins revealed.

“Cecil your qualifications are fine and Mrs. Jenkins and I agreed the job is yours. I see that Cheryl is not wearing a ring yet, but you have set the date?” The Mayor Said.

Cecil went on to explain how his finances were such that he couldn’t afford one yet and that he would more than likely he would just be buying a simple set of plain wedding bands and go for a court house wedding. He politely lied by explaining that Cheryl’s families wasn’t excited about them getting married before he was financially stable. Cecil of course didn’t want to mention the real reason why his family was opposed to their marriage.

“We haven’t set a date yet but now that I have such a good paying job it will be soon.”

Cecil beamed as he held Cheryl’s hand.

“Why not do it while you’re here? If you commit to accepting the job today, we’ll throw in the wedding, which includes the dress, the rings, reception and the cake. Just think of it as a welcome to the city of Freeville greeting gift. That way you can go back home already married.”

Cecil and his bride to be, were aghast at the offer and took them only a moment to catch their breaths and accept such a generous offer. They were also surprised that it would be done in just two days.

“There you are Cecil, just sign these documents, here’s the marriage permit. There all y’all have to do now is walk down the aisle.” Said Mrs. Jenkins as she walked away with several marriage documents that the two had to sign. Just as she got near the door she cried out.

“OOPS! I’m sorry you two, I forgot one more paper, it’s just a simple matter of granting us permission to put your names in the local newspaper. It’s a publication release form. Here just sign here, and initial it here and here and here. Good! Now Cheryl, you do the same.” Cheryl quickly did as requested. As soon as she had signed the last line they all heard the mayor roar out. “As an official of the City of Freeville, I pronounce you husband and wife.” He said laughing. Mrs. Jenkins and two other clerks in the room also joined in the mayor’s laughter. Naturally so did Cheryl and Cecil, for they assumed it was just a good natured comment.

Cecil and his bride to be, were given a royal tour of the island.

They noticed that the island town was indeed primarily black, with a s**ttering of white faces here and there. Those faces generally belonged to women and men. The k**s with these white couples appeared to be rather tanned, but since it was late spring and very warm in this climate, it was not seen as being unusual to Cecil and Cheryl that k**s would be suntanned from being outdoors a lot.

Cecil did notice that most of the white men seemed very friendly but in a reserved way.

Later that evening after dinner, the mayor wanted them to separate under the rationale that it was bad luck for the bride and groom to see too much of each other before the wedding.

There were two Bed & Breakfast inns on the island. Cheryl was to stay at home and Cecil at the other.

After a few kisses, Cheryl was dropped off at her inn and Cecil at his. Mrs. Jenkins was to pick her up the next morning.

The next morning after a good night’s sleep and digestion of all that had happened to them, the couple would separately meet with a seamstress and a tailor to get fitted for their wedding garb.

Cheryl loved the ornate wedding gown that the seamstress just happened to have available. The story was that the unfortunate bride changed her mind at the last minute and skipped town.

At the local tailor, Cecil admired the tux that was he was to wear. As he went through the fitting process, the tailor offered him a cup of coffee, which Cecil readily accepted, as he waited for the tailor to make some of the numerous adjustments required.

After a few sips and some small talk, Cecil felt incredibly sleepy. The next thing he knew it was three hours later as he awoke in the divan that he’d dozed off on.

To his surprise there were several men hovering around him. All smiling.

“W-What’s going on? I-I guess I must’ve f-fell asleep.” He openly stated, still feeling like he was in a dreamy state.

“Yes Cecil, you’ve been out a while. It was necessary to have you take a nap while we fitted you with a special fashion garment for the wedding and also for your citizenship here in Freeville.”

Cecil made out the voice to be a man he’d been introduced to as the local Fix It Man. He and his sons were renowned for repairing and rigging up things to make them work, since people on the island didn’t have readily access to all the stores and parts from the coastal towns.

As he tried to stand up his legs were like rubber. Cecil plopped back on the divan and waited until his head cleared. Moments later he felt that there was something different. His briefs seemed a bit uncomfortable or needed adjusting, but he knew it was not proper to adjust your crotch in public. However, whatever the problem, he had to do something. Something was wrong in his shorts. Things just felt different down there. What was going on? He pondered.

“Yes, I can see you’re feeling the special device we put on under your shorts.” The Fix It man said to Cecil. The man reacquainted himself to the bewildered Cecil.

“Remember me? My name is Rob. I know you have a lot of questions, so let me try and answer them as best I can.”

The man’s explanation of what had occurred to Cecil brought Cecil quickly around as poor Cecil sat upright and openly felt through his pants and even dropped his pants, without shame to determine the truth of what the man was saying.

Cecil discovered, as he was told, that he’d been fitted with a device that consisted of a very strong tungsten wire device that circled his waist and had attachments to soft flat ribbon cables that attached to a basket that surrounded and held his scrotum. This basket was supported by additional tungsten wires that were attached to the one that circled his waist. The device looked medical in design and yet rather streamlined. Cecil also notice a tubular lock built into the thicker cable surrounding his waist. It looked like a modification of a tubular bicycle lock.

“What you have on is a state of the art chastity control belt. It works on the same principle as an invisible fence for dogs. When the pet wanders too close to a boundary where he’s not suppose to be, he gets a mild electric shock. The big difference here Cecil is that several of us will have these remote devices that can send a signal and give you a mild shock to your balls when you act like you shouldn’t.

“A-As I shouldn’t? What a-are you talking about?” Cecil blurted in reply.

“You have been fitted with this device to ease your adjustment to your new role in Freeville. The first of course is your job. This device will not interfere with your day to day activities. It will be left on at all times. You can attend to your normal bodily functions including bathing as well as sex. Occasionally, you’ll need to get your batteries recharged, if you fail to do so at the required intervals, a series of automatically triggered shocks, from a reserved battery, will increase in intensity for a period of two hours. This will help you remember to do your battery charging promptly and routinely.”

Rob went on to tell him more about why he was fitted for the device. As the Fix It man was talking, in walked the mayor and the sheriff. Cecil began a tirade of protests to them.

“Now calm down Cecil. I understand your feelings, but it’s best not to get excited. Just think of this as a little control mechanism to help you adjust to the culture here in Freeville, and the part you and your lovely bride will be playing and contributing to the town.”

Cecil, having been so preoccupied with his own plight, hadn’t thought of Cheryl. The d**g they had used on him was now virtually gone from his head. He was thinking clearly again.

“W-What do y-you mean? A-And w-what have you done to her?” He yelled out.

“She’s doing well, very, very well.” The mayor said with the smile of a used car dealer. Cecil didn’t like his looks, but wanted to know more about what the mayor was referring too about the culture and the part he and Cheryl were to play.

The mayor pulled up a chair. Cecil was completely surrounded by a circle of large black men. He knew any kind of escape was useless with the size and muscle bound bodies that encircled him. He sat and listened as the mayor talked. He had no choice.

Cecil couldn’t believe his ears. His head was spinning at the horrific scheme that the mayor was proposing, yet not really proposing, but implementing, to increase the town’s population as well as to infuse more whites into the population.

“So you see Cecil, by your wife being bred by the local towns’ men we will have a more white population that’s acceptable to the citizens and that have been reared here and will be a part of the culture and at the same time help us meet the Federal guidelines. Because by them being your k**s, even though racially mixed, they will be counted as white. I’m sure you saw several white mothers with their tan skin k**s. No that wasn’t a suntan, it’s a permanent tan on those k**s.”

Cecil was awed, in an unbelieving way, at what the mayor was saying. He couldn’t believe he and Cheryl were basically being k**napped. The talk of her being bred was beyond belief. As it all slowly dawned on him what was being implied, he slowly began asking questions.

“S-So all their h-husbands a-are wearing these d-devices?”

“That’s right. Everyone is on their own assigned broadcast frequency. We can reach out to every one of you all over the island. We have a transmitter at the radio station.”

“This month we’ve just been integrated into the cell phone tower system, so we can reach out and control you all over the country, even when you go back to your hometown or on vacation.” The Fix It Man added with a tone of pride in his voice.

“B-But how d-do you g-get the w-wives t-to go a-along with…” Cecil asked, as he was cut off.

“We’ve resorted to little things like getting them a little tipsy and filming them in, shall we say, in compromising situations with one of our local black towns men. So anyone viewing the video would not be able to tell otherwise that what was going on was not consensual. They usually resist at first, but I’m surprised at how easy they come around to doing what we want of them. They also fall in love with all the big black meat they get too. And with their men under lock and key, they usually go along with the program, especially since where would they go for help anyway. It’s quite a ways to swim back to the coast.”

Cecil’s eyes open wide as a fifty cent piece as it dawned on him the real predicament he was in as well as the statement about big black cocks.

The mayor went on.

“Sometimes our good doctor has stronger d**gs we can use also. However, alcohol seems to work pretty well in almost all the cases. And you know what Cecil, some of the wives and fiancées like the idea of their husbands and fiancés being under “lock and shock”, as we say sometimes, while they’re bred by their choice of black studs. That’s what happened to Dorothy Jenkins. She took to cuckolding her wimpy husband like a fish to water. It didn’t take but a few shock treatments to get him in line with her and the town’s program. You’ll get to meet him and some of the other husbands who’ve adapted quite well to the town and the lovely c***dren their wives have had for them.”

Cecil thought for a moment, then spoke.

“S-So y-you want Cheryl to h-have u-up to a dozen b-babies b-by l-local men?”

The mayor acknowledged him with an affirmative nod.

“D-Does that m-mean, w-we can’t have o-our own c***dren?”

“Sure, after you and she fulfil your obligation to deliver ours first.” The mayor replied matter-of-factly.

“B-But Mayor Howard, a d-dozen b-babies a-are a lot of b-babies.” Cecil stammered as he tried to make his point.

“Your new bride is young and strong, she’ll do well. Plus, we just found out she’s also a virgin too. How exceptional.”

The mayor’s words cut Cecil as if they were a knife. Cecil didn’t have any intentions in attacking the mayor he just wanted to stand up to make his point. He didn’t stand long. The electrical shock to his loins quickly caused him to double over and fall right back in his seat.

“OUCH! OOOOOH! STOP!” Cecil moaned and cried out as he winced at the unexpected jolt.

“Well Mr. Mayor, you can see it works okay. He has been assigned his own frequency, and I and the others who will be monitoring him have remotes. Did you want one too?” The Fix It man asked.

“Yes I would. I always like to participate in the orientation of our new citizens to our great town.”

“W-What about Cheryl, d-did you **** her?” Cecil, blurted out. He’d recovered from the shock to his balls but was far more contained now that he knew the power of the device he was being force to wear.

“**** is such a negative word Cecil. But to answer your question, no we have not. We don’t get many virgins, so we’re saving her for a special orientation. That is we’re going to have a lottery for the first man to pop her cherry.” The mayor said grinning. Cecil hated the man for his smile if nothing else.

“P-Please M-Mayor Howard. P-Please don’t do this. S-She’s been saving herself for me for so l-long. W-We’ve known each other since junior high.” Cecil’s plea was sincere and very pathetic as he went on in great detail about how he and Cheryl wanted their wedding night to be special. However, the mayor listened intently at the long plea by Cecil. However, if Cecil had looked closely at the mayor, he would’ve seen a wicked gleam in the mayor’s eye as he slowly was rubbing his big hands together as if plotting or pondering.

“Well Cecil, that is most touching. I must say I was moved by your plea and since I’m a compassionate man, here’s what I’ll do. If you promise to encourage your wife to go along with what we in the town need her to do, you’ll have the opportunity to spend the wedding night with her and we won’t touch her until after she’s legally married.”

Cecil was rather relieved at the mayor’s words and hated to thank the man, but did so out of common courtesy.

As Cecil saw his bride being led down the aisle by the mayor, he was surprised to see the strange look of serenity on her face. He was glad she could still put the best on the outside in view of all that they’d both gone through, and what was planned for them in this hell hole of a town. He mentally applauded her.

The dress she wore was tiered with rows of ornate scalloped lace, but at the same time, the bodice was rather sheer, such that a good part of her mammary endowments were rather accentuated, and much more revealing that Cecil would’ve desired. In a word she looked stunning. She had been kept away from him for 24 hours prior to the ceremony. She looked so radiant and beautiful in the ornate lacy, long train wedding gown.

He still couldn’t believe this was happening to them. Was it his fate to always get the short end of the stick. One of the few things he thought was the bright star in his life was Cheryl, now her having to be a breeder for the town’s men folks was so unbelievable. Yet, the mere fact he was wearing the electronic chastity belt was a reality check in itself, especially when several of his overseers tested it to see if it was working properly prior to him coming to the church, and again at the church. They were only very mild shocks, but the mere thought he was under such control, mortified him each time he gave it a thought. But again, he was under their control and couldn’t do a thing about it.

Cecil was just glad that they had agreed he could spend the wedding night with his bride and be the first to sex her after the wedding ceremony. He’d been waiting all these years to have sex with her, after all he should be allowed to “break the seal” as well as be the first to get a chance at impregnating his new wife. However, then it dawned on him, could they be trusted? But they did say the breeding wouldn’t be started until after she was legally his wife and that he could be with her on the wedding night. He felt more at ease. The closer his bride got to him, the prettier she looked. There was a strange countenance about her that he’d never seen before. Had they d**gged her? He was determined to try and whisper to her as soon as they were together.

He was hoping the best man, the mayor’s son, wouldn’t prevent him.

As the procession ended and Cheryl was positioned beside him for the main ceremony, she was able to whisper “I love you very much darling, no matter what happens.” Her words were the best thing he’d heard in 24 hours. His confidence was made much stronger by her words.

She was also able to add, before the music stopped and minister was ready to start the ceremony, “Be brave darling, remember we’re in this together, no matter what they make both of us do. I truly love you.”

“Dearly beloved, we are gathered here to formally join this couple in matrimony.” The black minister said in a booming voice. As he read on and reached the part where it was time for he and his bride to exchange vows.
“Do you Cecil Morton, promise to love, be faithful to, cherish, honour, and obey Cheryl Jones, your wife to be, in all that she asks of you?”
When he was a bit slow to respond because the words were puzzling to him, Cecil felt a small jolt from the cattle prod of a chastity jock strap he wore. He quickly answered “I do!”. He began to break out in a sweat fearing some form of public trickery or humiliation was about to be dumped on him.

“Do you, Cheryl Jones, promise to love, cherish and provide loving guidance to your husband, Cecil Morton, and assure that he keeps his vows of love, obedience, and honour, and use whatever corrective means necessary to ensure he does so.”

“I do.”

Cecil was flabbergasted at the confident and straight forward manner his bride replied. Did she know what she was committing too? He asked himself as he felt a sick feeling in his stomach about what was occurring before him, as well as to him.

“Before pronouncing your reaffirmation as man and wife, it is now time for the newlywed couple to demonstrate their commitment to sharing, aiding, and supporting each other. Will the groom and bride kneel.” The minister said.

Cecil was nervous as his alabaster skin bride with a strange smile on her face, knelt eagerly before the black minister. He was less eager, but did so as he felt another small electrical jolt to his groins. He wondered which one of the men was using their remote on him.
“The bride has been told of this ritual, Cecil has not. The groom is warned not to be upset, but to abide by his vows of obedience and love for his new bride.” The minister warned.

Cecil really had an ominous feeling now.

“You may part my robe and prepare my staff so as you two may receive my holy seed as an anointment to seal this ceremony of matrimony. Are you prepared?”

“Yes I am.” Cheryl replied quickly. It was too quick for Cecil who looked at her wide eyed and with a blank face.
What he saw next as he knelt so close to his new bride was something that he’d never seen so close before as she parted the minister’s black robe. He was wearing only a white shirt and shoes and socks. The centrepiece of his nudeness was the mammoth cock that was loosely strapped to his leg.

Cecil, eyes wider than before and in a total daze, estimated the giant member was at least nine inches, maybe a bit longer.

“Isn’t this something darling?” He couldn’t believe his bride saying as she deftly unhooked the strap that secured the semi-hard penis. “I’d say he was a bit larger than yours, wouldn’t you say Cecil?” She said looking at him with a hint of a smirk on her beautiful face.

“Yes my c***d, handle the staff of the holy servant and began your demonstration of affections for the church and your marriage.” The minister said as he moaned at the contact of her small soft white hand on his swelling heated black dick. As Cheryl began to lick the bulbous pre-cum leaking cockhead and laved the giant pee slit with flicks of her pretty tongue, someone removed the minister’s robe and he stood before the kneeling couple, naked below the waist, wearing only shoes and socks.
Cecil, feeling weak, even on his knees, felt the best man’s strong hands grip his shoulder and then whispered in his ear. “Don’t do anything foolish. Go along with the program, unless you want your balls scorched.”

Even though still dazed at the noisy lapping and slurping from the scene less than a foot in front of him, he received the warning loud and clear.
Cecil, besides being amazed at how well his new bride was orally administering to the minister, was equally amazed at the dreamy expression of lust on her face. Everything his mom tried to tell him before came back in his mind like a hundred miles an hour fast ball. Had all this awaken the slut blood in his Cheryl? Why didn’t she ever give him the kind of exquisite head she was now giving the minister – a black man at that – in front of a hundred strangers.

Cecil’s thought were bouncing around the inside of his head like a jar of full of shaken jelly beans. Then it dawned on him just as she saw her grasp and tenderly fondle the huge black balls hanging low beneath the black minister impressive fuck tool. She must’ve been d**gged. That was it, he thought. She doesn’t know what she’s doing.

Satisfying himself that he’d discovered that his bride was acting the way she was so eagerly, his state of mind was that they indeed was in this together. But then as he’d come to that conclusion, he remembered her words to him earlier before the ceremony started. Was she really doing this of her own volition?

Before Cecil, feeling helpless and mentally frustrated, could commence another round of mental debate with himself, the minister stopped moaning and also stopped his wife from her further mouthing action on his stout turgid dick.

“You’ve done well my c***d. You can be proud of your actions and your demonstration to the church’s holy servant. Now it’s time for your husband to prove his affection to my staff and demonstrate his willingness to share in the trials and tribulations of the path of marriage you both are commencing.” Spoke the minister in his bass voice of authority and sanctity.

The minister moved sideways slightly bring his jutting wet palpitating dick right before Cecil’s face. It dawned on Cecil like a bolt of lightning that he too was required to do the same as his bride. He cursed him self for not realizing he would be required to suck cock – black cock at that – just as his wife-to-be had.

Again, strong arms gripped his shoulder. Two pulses tickled his balls. They were definitely stronger than before.

“Go on honey. Do what you have to do. I’m right beside you. I won’t desert you. Lick his dick. Do the cockhead first.” He heard his bride say. It was like he was in a dream. He’d never her talk that way. The minister’s giant staff was less than three inches from Cecil’s lips. He saw his bride’s pink lipstick smeared on the long shaft of hard meat and groaned in anguish at what he had to do. He got a third stronger shock to his balls which caused him to lurch forward involuntarily with an open mouth. His reaction seemed what was needed, because before he knew it, he had a mouth full of hot black swollen dickhead. A moment later, the minister began to work and feed more of his steel hard meaty truncheon deeper between Cecil’s stretched lips.

“That’s it honey. Good boy. Just keep your teeth out of the way. That’s it. You’re sucking cock now. You’re sucking a real man’s dick.” His new bride whispered sensuously as she held one of his hands. The best man held the other.

Cecil was having difficulty dealing with all that was going on, especially the horse size cock invading his mouth. As he continued in his forced mouthing of the minister’s staff, his new bride continued to mentor and tutor him in sucking his first cock – no dick. He’s never heard her say “dick” before.

After two minutes of looking down what seemed like a mile of fleshy black pipe, which culminated in a thicket of dense pubic hairs, Cecil, with tears running down his face, was getting use to the feel of the man’s big erection in his mouth and throat as the minister face fucked the white groom with his beaming bride and over a hundred of the towns folk looking on and softly cheering him on.

“Here, hold his balls darling.” Cheryl said as she guided her new husband’s hand to the large black scrotum before him.

Cecil got another small low level shock in his shorts when he seemed reluctant to place his hands on the minister’s sizeable hairy nuts. He got the message. He increased the action with his hand and kneaded the black man’s balls, following his new bride’s instructions to the tee. He couldn’t see her smiling face but she was aglow in seeing him being subjected to such abject degradation. She knew for sure that in the last 12 hours the townsfolk, especially the men, had awoken the hereditary slut genes in her. It had been rather sudden, but even though she truly loved Cecil – her junior high through college sweetheart – his love for her would now have to adapt to her other needs, which would include her blatant public humiliation of him.

“You have brought me to the point of no return… OOOH! The point of blissful conclusion. OOOH! The point of your receiving the anointment for which you seek. OOOH! YESSSSSSS! Take it! It’s all yours!” The minister cried out as he held the back of the poor white groom’s head and began to erupt his spewing hot sperm between his stretched lips.”

With his new bride preparing him for the news he was to received the holy ejaculate, and the minister pulling his spurting dickhead back from his throat to just inside the front part of his mouth, Cecil was able to cope with swallowing the large volume of hot gooey fuck fluid that was so forcibly gushed between his lips. He swallowed at least six full gulps of the hot creamy fuck goo before just milking the dribble and dregs that continued slowly oozing after the minister’s come.

Following his bride’s instructions, he continued to gently suckle the minister’s slightly shrinking dick, all the while Cecil never let go of the minister’s balls for fear of more electrical shocks.

His bride Cheryl noticed this and was pleased, even though she was sure he was concerned about getting another shock. She giggled mentally as she smiled to herself and thought how her new husband was going to react when he found out she too was going to get one of the remote units to keep him in line. Oh well, she thought, there’s time for that later. Now she had to finish the ceremony and look forward to other pleasures in the ceremony, especially the next surprise for her unsuspecting new husband.

“PLOP!” The noise of the minister pulling his large member from the tight seal of poor Cecil’s stretched mouth elicited a loud uproar of laughter from the those assembled.

“The bride and groom may salute each other and share the taste of the anointment, which the willing groom drew from my staff and balls.”

There was another uproar as Cheryl gave her flush faced, bewildered, humiliated new husband, a deep French kiss.

Cecil, welcomed the attention from his bride. His mouth and jaw muscles ached slightly from being stretched so much. The juicy tongue kiss was good. Even though he didn’t find the taste of the minister’s hot cum as repulsive as he expected, he was so utterly ashamed to have been put through what he had, especially in front of the woman he loved and so many onlookers.

Cecil and Cheryl were again directed to stand before the minister. The minister did not put his robe back on. His huge semi erect black penis was indeed a sight as he stood there with the bible in his hand. The whole scene was surreal, especially what he and Cheryl had been made to endure.

Cecil asked for a drink of water as the ministered thick creamy jism left a heavy slimy film on his gums.

“No my son, it’s important you get use to the taste of the anointment you’ve received, and you both shared as a couple, for such future anointment from others shall be a bond between you two as a couple.”

The ceremony continued as Cecil pondered the minister’s words.

“Now that the young couple has demonstrated their willingness to share in what lies ahead in their marriage, with the power vested in me, I now reaffirm your being legally married and pronounce you as woman and husband. You may salute the bride one more time to show your acceptance and commitment to being her devoted and loyal helpmate.”

Cecil kept wondering about the minister using the word “reaffirm”. “Woman and husband”? What was going on here? Why didn’t he just pronounce them “man and wife”? Again Cecil’s mind was reeling. He had too much information to process. He had no idea what was going on here.

He was still puzzled, but he could use another kiss from his beautiful bride after all he’d been through. He didn’t understand all the minister was saying, but he could at least look forward to being the first to nestle his throbbing prick into his beloved bride after all these years of waiting.

“Remember darling, they made me do this.” Cecil heard his beaming bride softly say as he turned his face and began to move closer for a kiss. Her smile bothered him, but he was too concerned with touching her again to concern himself with body language.

“Not on her mouth my son.” The minister interjected as he stopped Cecil’s motion by placing his huge hand between Cecil and Cheryl. “You must kneel and salute her pussy.”

Cecil for the countless time, had another blank stare on his face.

“Will the attendants remove the bride’s garments for her husband to salute her without restriction.” At the minister’s request several women came up and undid some hidden fasteners and in a flash, Cecil’s new bride was wearing only a white crotch-less teddy and a very tiny G-string that had a small triangular patch. Her perfectly formed cunt bush showed so beautifully. He had another ominous feeling. He had no idea they’d planned to exhibit his new bride in front of everyone.

“Before you perform your salute my son, you must swear you will do this whenever it is needed by her, and perform the act with eagerness, and the dearest of love and affection toward your spouse. Do you swear before man and the church that you will suck her cunt out to her satisfaction when it is desired by her, as I have described.

Seeing her like this caused his blood to heat up. Cecil quickly answered “I do”. He didn’t need a shock to prompt him. He was driven by lust.

“After this final public commitment, you may proceed to do your husbandly duty my son.” The minister announced.

Nervously Cecil knelt and proceeded to remove the g-string as his new wife guided him in doing his sworn duty. As he was trying to get his trembling hands to steady themselves as he began to remove the flimsy thong underwear, he got whiff of a familiar scent that was different from the heavenly pussy bush fragrance he expected from his virgin brides crotch. As he got the g-string down and pushed it down her leg, he noticed the familiar colour and odour of Feta cheese protruding from here pouting pussy lips.

“I know how much you like Feta cheese, so I put a piece in there to make this easier on you darling. Please forgive me for them making me do this to you.” Cheryl said in a nervous yet, sensuous tone.

“That’s okay Cheryl dear, and thank you for being so thoughtful. I could use a taste of your pussy after all I’ve been through.” Cecil replied as he moved his head closer to her labia as she spread her legs and invited him to come closer and lap her heated cunt.

As he nibbled on the sharp taste of the cheese, his nostril was filled with the naturally strong aroma of it. He also heard the assembly of town folks, as well as the minister cheer him on in his pussy eating. He was surprised at the size of the cheese wedge. He just hoped it had not broken the virginal seal of his beloved. Just as Cecil completed devouring the plug of aged Feta with it’s sharp taste, he heard the minister announce to the assembly that Cecil had legally been married by the mayor the day the couple had arrived, and that today’s ceremony was just a formality to reaffirm an already legal ceremony which had been held at the city hall in front of witnesses.

Just as Cecil managed to hear this bit of news, a thick soupy heated gloppy goo streamed in his surprised mouth and coated his tongue. By the time it dawned on him that the concoction was blended sperm and cunt juice, another slimy wave oozed out and over ran his lips and dripped messily over the satin lapels of his black tuxedo.

“Yes my son, you’re tasting the first instalment of jism from the good men of this town. We kept our agreement. We didn’t impose our selves upon your lovely virgin bride until after you two were legally married, which happened yesterday. And, as promised, you will be able to spend the wedding night with her. That is, after all the men in the audience have had an opportunity to salute her as real men do to such a beauty as your lovely bride. And also as promised, you are having sex, oral sex that is, with her right after the wedding ceremony. Now finish what you swore to do so she can be ready for me to anoint her properly between her legs.”

Cecil again shocked and bewildered, knelt with trails of viscous melded jism smeared over and running down his face and neck. His tears made the mess even messier as he felt another shock in his shorts. Through watery eyes he saw the best man holding a remote and knew was coming if he didn’t get back to his husbandly “clean up duties”.

“C’mon darling, I’m sorry this had to happen, but we both must make the best out of it. C’mon make me feel good.” He heard his wife plainly. Her voice wasn’t as sympathetic as he’d expected, but it was urgent as was her tug on his head as she pulled him back to her very un-virgin, sloppy, slick and slimy sperm filled snatch. What little he saw of her face, before her now fuck juice smelling crotch blocked his view, was not the kind face of the Cheryl he knew, but one of a woman that needed his tongue in her well fucked pussy and was determined to have it there.

After Cecil had finished saluting his bride in a very unorthodox manner, and after she shuddered orgasmicly with a loud sensuous moan, the Minister announced the ceremony was over. The beaming happy bride, and a very unhappy groom, marched down the aisle. Cecil was in tears while his new bride was smiling gleefully. The atmosphere was indeed surreal to Cecil.

The couple was led immediately to an adjacent annex, where the reception was to be held.

As Cecil cleared the uncontrolled tears from his eyes, it became apparent the instant he entered the annex what was set to occur, both from the crowd already assembled and the furnishings. In the middle of the room, there was an examination table as you would find in a doctor’s office. The sight of the extended stirrups on the table sent more chills of dread through the new husband as he quickly envisioned his new bride situated on it with her beautiful legs in them.

Cecil was ordered to help his wife prepare for the onslaught of men who’d already formed a line to fuck her.

Cecil, full of terror from the ordeal he’d already been through, easily complied.

He sensed that there was going to be more, much more humiliation as he saw the line of semi-nude men, which had formed, was slowly growing longer.

While horrified, he couldn’t get over the surreal festive atmosphere, and the strange gleefulness of his new bride. She apparently was very excited at being the whore for a group of strange, big dick black men. He also saw a new man with the remote. The man had his eyes on Cecil. A chill again ran through Cecil as he contemplated the terrifying act that was about to occur and over which he had no control.

While watching the line of horny men with fear and dread, Cecil was caught off guard as the minister walked up from the other direction. As he did, his large swinging manhood seemed more like a club than a penis. Even though it hadn’t been that long since he had the man’s stalwart member between his lips, Cecil wondered how he even got his mouth around the head of the monstrous dick. Cheryl seemed anxious for the sexual festivities to begin as she lay back on the exam table wearing only her lacy white bridal bustier, snowy white frilly garter belt, and glistening shiny white sheen stocking. She had her beleaguered husband assist her in freeing her abundant bosom from the confining bustier. Cecil could only gasp at his new wife’s abundant fleshy white orbs and her very erect protruding nipples. Cecil could only look at them, not touch and fondle them as he should be doing. That was reserved at the moment for others. Many others in fact as he once again glimpsed the seemingly endless line of jutting and bobbing stiff black erections.

“Excellent! I see you have properly prepared your new bride for me to properly anoint her with my seed. I can see now you’re going to be a good husband Cecil, a good husband indeed.”

As the minister removed the robe he was wearing he asked someone to bring a short stool for Cecil. It looked like a three legged milking stool, as one would use for milking cows.

“There my son, sit right here where you can see all the activities first hand as your new bride gets anointed by me and coupled by the good men of Freeville.” The ministered spoke in his heavy bass voice.

Cecil was further bewildered, as he looked at the stool and then up at the minister, who was at least a head, and then some, taller than he. The position of the low stool would place Cecil’s head right at eye level with his new wife’s pouting bushy cunt.

“Go on! Sit down my son. You’ll have a front row seat as you watch your wife receives special salutes from the well wishers in the receiving line.”

Cecil, helpless to do other than do as he was told, whimpered softly in despair and sat on the rather low stool.
“There, now that’s a fitting place for our new groom. Now make yourself useful and get me ready for your new bride. Lick my staff. Get it hard and wet, so it pleasures her, and goes in easier too.”

Cecil, even though he knew refusing the minister would result in another jolt to his groins, was caught off guard by yet another abject humiliating order. As a result, the new groom was slow to respond. He just looked at the towering black man and then to the huge black phallus before his face. Moments later, Cecil felt the excruciating, but brief electrical sensation to his genitals. He quickly grasped the black penis before him and proceeded to lick and mouth it slavishly.

Out of the corner of his eye he saw the man who held the remote and apparently had sent the signal that shocked Cecil into action. The new husband’s tears continued to flow again as he deftly degraded himself before the group as he sucked lapped and licked at the large black hairy genitals before him.

“That’s it. Do a good job darling. Get it wet enough so that it slips in me easily.”

Cecil’s tears seem to increase as he heard his new wife’s words. Her tone was sincere but yet it obvious it was laden with eagerness to enjoy the tool which her new husband was suckling.

“That’s good enough Cecil.” The minister’s words were welcomed as Cecil felt the big rigid coal black tool leave his glistening saliva coated lips.

Cecil wiped his mouth with his hands and had planned to look away at the next action he was sure the minister was going to make, that is the mounting of Cheryl. But Cecil wasn’t to be as uninvolved as he thought.

“As the new husband, you have the honour of guiding my staff to her temple young man.”

Cecil, again stunned by the level of depravity, could only look at the giant black man as if he was nuts. However, the new husband snapped back to reality as soon as he caught a glimpse of the best man about to reach for the remote that was hanging around his neck.

Cecil quickly grasped the minister’s monstrous phallus and guided it to its wet juicy target. As he did so the wanton look of desire on his new wife’s face was almost unbelievable to him. She was actually eager to receive the giant black cock.

“Yes! Yes! Darling, please push a real man’s cock in me. Give me a real man’s cock. That’s it! Yesssssss!”

Her words left no doubt to Cecil as he barely removed his hand before it got caught between the minister and his wife’s almost touching organs. Cecil was aghast that Cheryl could take so much of that enormous penis on the first plunge. Obviously, she’d been opened up fairly well in the last twenty-four hours.

The minister and his wife put on a splendid display of fucking. His new bride was a tiger, but the minister had a tiger tamer, so it was a good match as he pounded her eagerly receptive pussy.

To make matters worse for Cecil, his wife asked him to hold her hand as she experienced such passion and lust with another man. She griped it tightly as she moaned to the black minister how good he was fucking her.

Cecil appreciated the gesture of their handing holding and sharing the adversity they were both going through. However, he was also beside himself with horror as his new bride’s cunt was stretched unbelievably and so obscenely too. To make matters worse, the juicy coupling of black and white genitals before and so close to his eyes and ears, made a sound that seem to rise above the low roar of the assembled mass of people in the room – mostly other men waiting their turn to do the same as what the minister was doing. Cecil squirmed at each squishy wet lapping sound emanating from the joined sexes of the two as well as each moaning sigh that arose from his obviously well pleased new wife.

After the minister busted his nuts twice, he climbed off Cheryl’s sloppy slime covered cunt and declared loudly “The new bride has been properly anointed and is now open to others to salute her as she starts her journey into wifedom and motherhood!” The minister’s word’s boomed around the room to the cheers of the gathered group of horny men.
“You should be proud to have a wife with a pussy so good my son. Here, taste the residue of our coupling and delight in the joy that she’s getting her pussy broke in right on her wedding night.” The reverend said with a wicked smile as he held his wet dripping and much softer, limp fuck slime covered penis toward Cecil’s face.

Cecil’s tears rose up in his eyes again as he made no effort to pull his face away from the black tool that was coming toward him. This dick had also broken him in as a cocksucker. He knew it was useless to resist. He simply did as the minister wanted and was amazed at how easily he’d acclimated to the slimy taste of melded pussy juice and cock cum so easily in such a short time.

Cecil had some solace, since his bride continued to hold one of his hands as she gleefully gyrated to meet every thrust of the other men in the receiving line as they mercilessly plunged their large dicks into her when it was their turn. There was also a line formed at her face for those men who wanted head from her before fucking her, or instead of fucking her. She sucked eagerly and tirelessly on their giant ebony bones and swallowed every drop they spewed.

As the line moved, Cecil’s mouth was also very gummy from milking the dribbling wet slime from every big black dick that slipped from his wife’s pussy. He had simply run out of tears as he became a cock milking machine. He obliged each man without thinking as he was more afraid of a shock to his genitals from the man with the remote

Cecil’s milking efforts were only interrupted so that he could sip some wedding punch to clear the coating of fuck slime that would build up on his tongue and gums as he suckled wet slimy black cocks as they were pulled from his wife’s enlarged and reddish raw gaping twat. Additionally, he was directed to suck up the inevitable viscous gluey coating of fuck slime that would routinely build up in his bride’s formerly virgin pussy.

Most of the syrupy slimy fuck juices dripped and oozed from Cheryl’s twat into a plastic drip pan that was situated such that it could catch most of the sexual fluids that were by products of the gang bang. The viscous gluey contents of the drip pan – seminal and pussy juice fluids – rose steadily after each black cock was pulled out of his new bride with a swishy sucking sound. Cecil was truly amazed at the abundant outpourings of cock cream from each of the men that fucked his beautiful new bride.

However, due to the fervent coupling action between cock and cunt, the fuck slime became occasionally thick and frothy. Hence the need for Cecil’s husbandly intervention to make his wife’s fuck slot more enjoyable for the remaining men in the receiving line. Cecil was amazed at his stomach not turning at the vast quantity of warm fuck slime he consumed. To make matters worse for him mentally, he found that the taste wasn’t as unpalatable as he’d envisioned.

Cecil was further amazed and simultaneously horrified at his new bride’s stamina and moans and cries of orgasmic wantonness as she seem to orgasm whenever a fresh new cock was pushed in her very receptive hungry gash. She seemed tireless.

Cecil was never so glad for something to end as when the last man mounted his new bride and popped his load in her. Going from fear of his wife being ganged **** to wanting it to hurry and be over, Cecil was anxious for the last few men to hurry and fuck his new wife so they could end this phase of his total and abject degradation.

As he helped Cheryl up off her back after the last man in line was finished with her, she was a bit stiff and had a bit of a time getting the feel of her legs. However, he led her to the nearest powder room where, continuing to be the helpful, but coerced husband, dutifully helped her wash her abused reddened pussy and clean up in general. He was also amazed at her demeanour as if what they had gone through was a joyful event.

As the newly married couple were escorted to the waiting car to carry them to their residence provided by the Town, Cecil glimpsed a lady removing the drip pan from the table where his wife had spent the last few hours fucking a good part of the male population of Freeville.

The pan was over half full of unctuous fuck slime.

Cecil, tired, beat, and vanquished, was glad to leave the place where he’d experienced more humiliation and degradation than he’d ever dreamed of in his life.

Cecil, woke first as he raised his head. He looked at his beautiful, but haggard, tired, and well fucked, actually, very well fucked, sleeping bride.

Even though he didn’t awake from the nightmare of what he’d gone through and yet to go, he was thankful that at least they were now man and wife. He thought back to what the minister said, and thought maybe “woman and husband” was indeed more accurate.

Finally his new bride was awake as Cecil returned back to the bedroom with two cups of hot coffee.

“Thanks my darling husband, you’re so thoughtful.” Cheryl said to him as he offered her the cup.

“I-I never told you this before Cheryl, but I did some reading on nymphomania and its side effects. I-I know when lust consumes you, y-you’re going to be difficult to deal with, especially me b-because I-I’m, well , b-because I-I’m…”

“Not well hung and don’t have much stamina?.” His new wife interjected confidently, helping her husband get his point across.

“Y-yes that’s right, I-It appears when you in the throes of need, I-I can expect to be treated harshly and ridiculed.”

“That’s just the way I felt last night. I actually felt good being used by the men after they deprived you of my cherry and filled me with their hot virile cum for over four hours and then for an hour the morning of the wedding. And then about 10 minutes before I came down the aisle, several of the men creamed in me one after the other so they could seal all their jism in me and then sealed it with a wedge of Feta cheese. Cecil Honey I was thrilled being part of the conspiracy. It was I who thought of the cheese. I knew it would hide the fuck scent. Darling, I wanted to humiliate you. I literally enjoyed rubbing your face in their hot fuck, letting you know that better men’s cum was where you’d planned for years to put yours first. And darling, the fact that I might get pregnant through out all this by a man other than you was a real super turn on.”

“Y-You really f-felt that way, b-because y-you h-had been aroused by them w-with their b-big things.”

“Yes honey, by their big black dicks.”

“Do…Do-Do y-you think y-you still really love me s-still?” He said stammering and nervously twitching.

“Yes! Very, very much darling. In fact I love you now more than before. You see honey, knowing you love me so and can’t do what these guys do for me, makes me want to have you show your love for me in ways that will, well, shall we say, cause you to be uncomfortable, but which will help you to better understand how much you really love me.”

“B-But Cheryl, j-just hearing you urge them on and to-to hear you saying things about me really hurts.”

“I know sweetie. Haven’t you heard the song about you always hurt the one you love? Well when I hurt you that way, I’m really showing my love. And when you give in and do whatever is required, you are responding in kind that you’re demonstrating your love for me too. Cecil, you’ll have to accept that when I’m filled with lust, you have to accept being ridiculed and humiliated by me and the men fucking me. I can’t help it. That’s the way it has to be.”

“No-No o-other way? W-Will you permit me to l-leave if t-they said…”

“No! Darling, I won’t permit you to leave me, even if they said okay. Dorothy Jenkins said her husband tried to wiggle out of staying with her, just as you’re attempting to do. However, she wanted him to stay and he’s settled nicely into his husbandly role. That is, as the good daddy of their three k**s. No darling, I want to share this experience with you. I want you as my husband. I need you to go through this with me. I want to help you prove to yourself that you can be a man about this, even if you’re not man enough to take care of me in the bed. You have to accept your place as a willing cuckold. There is no other way.”

“I-I see.” Was all Cecil could say with a sad look on his face.

Agnes Jones, a neighbour to the newlywed couple, came by three weeks later and brought over the top tier of their wedding cake, which she’d taken the liberty of freezing for them. She removed the frozen package from the ice chest cooler she’d brought it in.

“Thank so much Agnes. In all the excitement, I forgot all about this.” Cheryl said as she held the frozen, clear plastic wrapped package.

“Hi Cheryl honey. Hi Agnes.” Cecil said as he walked in from work.

“Oh hi darling. Look, Agnes was nice enough to retrieve and save the top of our wedding cake. She froze it for us. Tradition has it that we’re supposed to thaw it out on our first anniversary and eat a piece for continued good luck in our marriage.” Cheryl spoke gleefully to her husband.

“Okay. Yes, I’ve heard something about that.” He replied stoically.

“I’m going to leave you two lovebirds, since I have some more errands to run. Also I have something special for you too Cecil.” Agnes said as she retrieved another package from her cooler.

“The mayor makes sure all our new husbands have these. They are left over from your reception. We make them up for all of our new white husbands.”

Before Agnes left she explained how she’d put some food colouring into the moulded frozen concoction. Cecil sat shocked as he realized what had become of the plastic pan of fuck slime drippings. His wife put the batch of frozen Popsicle’s in the freezer along with the frozen wedding cake. She counted them carefully.

“Darling, there are 18 of them. I like the pretty red colouring she added to them. I was just thinking, since it’s summer, when the guys come over to see me, I think it’d be cute for you to be eating one each time they came over.”

“W-What! C-Cheryl. I-I still c-can’t believe this. It-It’s so perverse a-and degrading to t-think this is-is actually happening to me.”

“Now honey, we are in this together. I want you to promise you won’t destroy them. I’ll be keeping a record of everyone. And Cecil?”


“You must eat each one completely. Understood? Or I might have to report you if you don’t, worse, I might use my remote to give your cute little balls a jingle. I hate to be this way, but because I love you and want to do what is right for us under the circumstances, it’s necessary that you get with the program here since it’s expected of you.” His new bride said as she wrapped her arms around his neck as he sat at the kitchen table, looking more chagrin than ever.

“I-I understand Cheryl.” He replied in a browbeat tone.

That night after dinner, his wife presented her husband with one of the red Popsicle’s when her lover for the evening came over and the three were sitting on the screen porch.

As was the routine, soon his bride and a different black man would disappear into their bedroom and leave him on the porch. But tonight there was a new element of humiliation. The humbled subjugated husband had to suck on and eat a frozen Popsicle made up from the fuck drippings when the townsmen had his wife at their wedding.

Cecil, red as the Popsicle in the face, realized his wife had her remote which she fingered as Cecil accepted the frozen treat from her. She wore a very smug wicked smile. Cecil suspected if he didn’t eat the chilled “spermy delight” he would be soon experiencing hot balls. He did as was expected and began consuming the frozen, melded cum and pussy fuck slop on a stick.

As is the custom for eating a Popsicle, he first licked it, then slowly sucked it. He didn’t expect the taste to bother him as much as the very act of what he was doing and where he was doing it. That is since he had to taste the same mixed fuck concoction, hot from his wife’s cunt after each time she got fucked by the townsmen. The coolness of the Popsicle was in a way refreshing, but there was an aftertaste for sure. An aftertaste he knew well and which he had in his mouth, as he watched his wife and her black lover go into the house, arm in arm, toward the bedroom. Cecil, flustered by the overt humiliation, he’d just had to endure, heard them chucking at what he’d just performed before them.

Cecil, was hurt that his wife was also giggling, even though he knew she was in the throes of her hereditary nymph affliction and couldn’t be blamed. He was however blameful of the town and it’s folks for what he was enduring. Yet he knew he could do nothing. He sat there on the porch with the aftertaste of fuck juices in his mouth as he pondered his fate and heard the faint moans of the obvious pleasure his wife was receiving from the black dick that was invading her soft wet white cuntal flesh.

Cecil also pondered why he again had an erection as he continued to hear the sensuous sounds from their master bedroom.

“Son, what you’ve told me is all very interesting. But you can’t let it get you down. Even if my new granddaughter isn’t yours and is wearing quite a tan, the baby does have Cheryl’s eyes and mouth.”

Cecil, still watery eyed had confessed everything to his mother. He told her every detail, including how he was abused and restricted to using rubbers before his wife got pregnant. He sadly told her how even his wife made sure he put them on until she was confirmed pregnant.

“It-It looks like I-I won’t be putting it in her without rubbers for quite a while, while she’s not pregnant. That is, until she’s delivered twelve babies.”

To his surprise, his mother didn’t seem upset at anything her son had told her. She seemed almost relieved. He questioned his mother about her reaction.

“Actually son, I’m very glad that you’ll have someone to help you with her needs. It’s unfortunate you’ve had to go through what they put you through, but all in all, it’s probably what you and she needed for stability and happiness in your marriage. You two will be happy enough. She`s got enough men to take care of what your tongue and little prick can’t do, yet she’ll have your love and faithfulness too. I’d say that’s a pretty good arrangement from your perspective and hers. After all, if she wasn’t in this town and being a respected slut with dignity, can you imagine how you’d be suffering emotionally back home and how she’d be looked upon?”

Even though he was silent in response to her question, Cecil knew his mom was correct. He thought about the experiences of Cheryl’s sisters back home, and how they were looked down upon.

“Your silence tells me you see my point. Now son, in view of the positive outcome and goodness of what has happened to you two here in Freeville, what else do you seriously have to complain about, that is, other than being cuckolded, having to wear your shock jockstrap, sucking countless loads of black dick cream from Cheryl’s well fucked cunt, and having had every black man in town put his dick in your mouth?”

Cecil was stunned at his mother’s easy acceptance and expression that the subjugation in which he was entrapped, was beneficial for him and his marriage, and that his alleged abuse wasn’t really serious. She let it be known that not only would she not help him get out of what she termed a delightful town and situation, but would do what she could to ensure that he stayed and continued to be a good citizen, in her words, “this darling town”.

“And besides Cecil, look at the bright side. I’ll have that big batch of grandk**s I’ve always wanted.”

Cecil could only look at his mother and stare.

Seven years later Cecil is the legal father of five richly tanned c***dren that are the offspring of his wife’s couplings with four of Freeville’s well hung black male citizenry. As his mother said he would be, he accepted and became attached to the five k**s and them all calling him “Daddy”.

His mother is thrilled at her grandk**s and visits often to ensure that her cuckolded son is a good daddy to his and Cheryl’s c***dren, all sired by the good black men of Freeville.

Cecil was also surprised that the Mayor was willing to count the fraternal twins Cheryl delivered as two counts towards the couple satisfying their commitment of a dozen new citizens for the town.

His wife let him know that getting knocked up by the real father of the twins was the best fuck of all the super fucks she was frequently getting. She was looking to get knocked up by him again.

Cecil also knew that more than likely he’d never be the father of any of their k**s. He knew it was almost a sure bet that his wife was a black man’s woman from now on, and that she would ever again look upon him as a real man. He also knew he was anything but free and probably never would be.

He knew he was a prisoner physically, mentally, and emotionally to his wife, the c***dren, the town folks, and to the ever present electronic jockstraps he has to ear.

Cecil knew that like him, the other trapped white husbands in Freeville still loved their wives, and had gotten attached to “their c***dren”. Government sponsored cuckoldry had indeed become a way of life for them.


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