A Week in Stratford – Part 2 – Granny MFF

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A Week in Stratford – Part 2 – Granny MFF

On our week away in Stratford, Donna was feeling quite fruity and fancied the coach driver, she told me she was going to sit in the bar and see if she can shag him. If you read our stories you’ll have read what happened to her. As I left her in the bar with a drink I noticed the coach driver getting a drink, I winked at her and made my way to a smoking area outside.

In the smoking area was a mature lady she was wearing a blue blouse and skirt, we got chatting about the usual rubbish and she told me she was Brenda, 69, widowed a few years ago, she came on breaks away with her friend, Lillian, who’d gone for a walk. As we talked I saw she had a bit of chub and carried it well as she was only about 5’3”.

The chat got a bit more flirty and was soon obvious to me she hadn’t been laid in a while, after a few more minutes I said “Well we can go back to your room now if you want?”, she looked at me and said “Are you for real” as I rubbed her bum I answered “Yes”. She looked at me as if she was thinking and said “Ok”.

We walked down the corridor towards her room and I was feeling her bum, she put the key in the lock but dropped it as she bent down to pick it up I fondled her tits, and then it was her bum again. We stepped inside the room and I turned her to face me and we were soon kissing, our tongues entwined together.

As we snogged I was feeling her breasts and as I moved down to her neck she said “I haven’t had a man for ages but I do masturbate” I completely ignored what she said and started to unbutton her blouse, pushing it off her shoulders and unclipping her bra, her tits were soon in my hands and her nipples were really hard.

We moved and sat on the bed as I licked each nipple in turn her arm over my shoulder her moaning getting louder. Moving my hand across her chub I bunched up her skirt as my hand moved up the inside of her thigh, typical flabby granny thighs. Soon reaching the front of her knickers I rubbed her gash as her moaning increased.

It was soon apparent that she was close to climaxing as I rubbed her firmly her legs as far apart as she could spread them, my fingers moving fast, then she came and groaned out loud her juice coating my fingers. I stood up and licked my fingers she tasted just like all the other grannies I’ve had, musky.

I soon stripped off as she sat looking at me, my 6” stood out as she smiled, pushing her backwards onto the bed I spread her thighs again and licked her through her knickers, then pulling them down to reveal a lovely bushy cunt glistening with juice. Rubbing my cock over her hole she moaned again as I inched my way in.

Slowly shagging her I kissed her as she moaned with every thrust, I started to speed up and then slow down the usual stuff when she said “My husband was a selfish bastard in sex” I just smiled at her as I humped her. Then the door opened and there stood Lillian, she just looked at us bonking and after a few minutes she took her coat off and knelt on the bed at the side of Brenda.

Bending down she licked Brenda’s nipples as she moaned more, a few minutes later Lillian’s hand moved down and was soon touching her throbbing clitoris as I fucked her harder and faster, it was so obvious that Brenda was coming again, and as she shook and smacked the bed she climaxed and that tipped me I shot my wad deep inside her.

I sat up and went to the toilet, as I came out Lillian was licking my seed out of Brenda’s pussy, I started to get hard again. Walking over to the bed I put my semi into Brenda’s mouth, she licked me and squeezed me until I was rock hard again which didn’t take long looking at the sight that was before me.

Cock in hand I sat Lillian up and pulled her top off her tits were soon out of her bra and Brenda was feeling them, as she knelt on the bed I lifted up her skirt and rubbed her pussy, she was dripping. Pulling her knickers to one side I slid into her from behind and she gasped. Fucking her hard and fast, as it was my second in quick succession I knew I’d last a while.

As I pounded Lillian’s cunt and as Brenda was sucking her tits she was moaning very loud, we stayed in this position for a good five minutes, then I pulled out. Turning her over I pulled down her knickers to reveal another thick bushy cunt, slotting myself back in Brenda leaned in and kissed her, soon the two girls were snogging as I fucked her.

Ten minutes had now gone by and I knew I was close again, as Brenda nipped her nipples I pulled out and waved my cock at Lillian, she grabbed me and stuffed me in her mouth, wanking me as she licked me I moaned and came into her, she spat it out and it ran onto her tits, Brenda kissed her and got a mouthful for her troubles.

I sat up breathless as Lillian went to the toilet. When she came out Brenda said “How long have you been like that” and she replied “I’ve always fancied you” as they cuddled Brenda said “Thanks and now I have a new fuck buddy”. I got dressed and let myself out as the two old birds were locked in a clinch kissing each other.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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