a weekend with Jen Part 1

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a weekend with Jen Part 1
One Thursday night when I was still on my period, my phone rang while I was busy giving my husband a blowjob. I ignored it ringing and continued to suck my hubby’s cock. I was deepthroated him when he started moaning from pleasure and soon he started cumming in my mouth. After he finished shooting his load into my mouth, I went to the bathroom to spit it out in the basin.
On returning to the bed I check my phone to see who called. It was Jenna and I called her back. She was phoning to ask me if I would like to join her next weekend for weekend away at a riverside resort, just the two of ladies, as she wanted time away from her parents as she was still staying by them after her break up with her fiancè.
I asked my husband, while still on the phone to Jen, if he would be ok with it and to look after our daughter the weekend. He said sure he didn’t mind as I always took care of our daughter when he was away. I told Jen that it was fine and she said she would chat to me during the next few days with further details, before saying goodbye.
Once putting the phone down i confirmed with my husband that he was happy with me spending the next weekend away with Jen. He assured me it was fine just he would like to have me to himself to pleasure me before the weekend. Which I was more than happy with.

The next few days past and Jen and I chatted and slowly organised everything we needed to take with. Wednesday night once I was finished with my period. after supper and putting our daughter to bed and reading to her till she fell asleep, I found my husband laying down on the bed watching tv as I walked back into our room. I kneeled on the bed, sitting down on his lap, I leaned down and started kissing him. Our lips aparted and I moved down his body and pulled his shorts down and exposed his cock. I placed my lips around his semi hard cock and started sucking on it. His cock was soon hard and I found myself deepthroating him. He soon pulled me up by my hair and as I laid down to kiss him he rolled us over so that he was on top of me. He pulled down my pajama pants and inserted his hard cock into my wet pussy. He kneeled lifting his upper body up and lifted my legs up over his shoulders. He thrusted hard deep and rough, giving me a good fuck, pleasuring me as his cock hit up against my walls of my pussy. He pulled out just before he was about to cum and put two of his fingers into my pussy and started to play and massaged my G spot. As I started moaning and cumming near to cumming he re – entered his cock into my pussy and fucked me hard. My body tensed up and my pussy tightened around his cock as I started to orgasm. My husband also started to moan and as my orgasm ended he pounded hard into me as he started to shoot his load into my pussy. Once he finished his load into me, we exchanged a passionate kiss before he rolled over onto his pillows and we soon fell asleep.

Thursday went by rather quickly and before I knew it, it was 7h00 on Friday morning and It was almost time for me to drop my daughter off at crèche. I gave my husband a big kiss goodbye before leaving to the crèche, he said he was going to miss me but I must enjoy myself. After dropping my daughter off at crèche I headed back home and on arrival I saw that my husband had already left for work. Jen phoned me at 9h00 to say that she was going to come to me so long while I packed my clothing as she was already done and ready to leave. I said that’s fine and I’ll will see her shortly. I quickly showered and then got dressed putting on short demin shorts and a top with sandles. Shortly after getting dressed the doorbell rang and I went downstairs to open the door. Jen had arrived. She too was wearing shorts and a top. She greeted me by wrapping her arms around my waist, and giving me a kiss hello, our tounges meeting for a few seconds. As our lips aparted she said that she couldn’t wait to see me, as she was wanting and waiting for the two of us to be alone for a while. I told that I felt the same way. And we headed upstairs so I could finish packing.
Once finishing packing we went down and loaded my bag into the Jens car and then got in ourselves. It’s was 10h10 when we left my house and first headed to the shops to get a few things for the weekend. We bought 2 bottles of vodka, lime and lemonade as well as a bottle of apple sours and a bottle of wine. We bought some meat and eggs for food. After shopping we started heading to the riverside resort. We chatted about how things were going and I asked Jen if she was still seeing Martin? She replied no, and that she hasn’t had sex in the last 2 to 3 weeks. She mentioned that she had fingered herself a few times, but she was pretty horny. I told her not worry, that I will sort her sexual needs out over the weekend. She said that sounds great and she can’t wait. I placed my hand between her legs while she was still driving on the freeway. She opened he legs slightly and I rubbed Jens pussy over her pants for a while, while we continued chatting.
I started feeling horny and soon we turned off the freeway. I removed my hand and not to long later we reached the gravel road leading to the resorts entrance. We arrived at the reception at 13h30 and we went to the front desk to book in and collect the keys to our chalet. We took a brochure of the venue with us as we drove to our chalet which was near to the river.
We parked and went to look at our home for the next two nights. It was a spacious  single room with a queen sized bed, the bath and shower was open plan with a crystal clear shower door. The basin was in the corner of the open plan bathroom. There was a door leading to the toilet. The unit had aircon and a flat screen TV. The kitchen and lounge was too open plan and very spacious for a 2 sleeper chalet.
We fetched our bags from the car and the groceries that we bought. We packed our cool drinks and meat into the fridge and then found ourselves laying down on the bed.

Jen laid on her side in my right arm with her right hand under my pants and G string. Her middle finger was between my pussy lips. She slowly rubbed my pussy as we laid talking about what we should do before making dinner. I started getting real horny and my lips met with Jens. Our tounges massaged one another’s for a while before Jen removed her hand and aparted our lips to say let’s save our sexual needs for the night. I told her shes a bitch for getting me wet and horny now, and she replied saying that it’s only the start.
We got up and poured ourselves a single vodka lime and lemonade and sipped on it while looking at the brochure. We saw that they had verious massage packages and one that caught our eye was a 3 hour boat trip up the river, it included a few free drinks, some finger snacks, a 90 minute full body massage, And the rest of the time to relax and enjoy the scenery of the boat trip. It was a little expensive but we decided to go see if they had availability for tomorrow afternoon.
On walking out of our chalet we saw three guys fishing more a less in front of our chalet.

We first walked up to the reception and made a booking for the boat massage for 13h30 the next day, and then slowly made our way back towards our chalet. The guys that were fishing notice us on our way back and waved at us. Jen suggested that we go say hi, which I agreed to. We made our way down to them introducing ourselves to them. They were Matthew (Matt) who was 27, in a new relationship, relatively tall with nice upper arms, not a bad looking guy. Then there was Kevin ( kev) 27 as well bit shorter then Matt but also good looking, and was engaged. And then there was Matthews younger cousin,  Ryan who was 23 and not bad looking either, and was single. They were staying in a chalet next to us, and were there to fish for the weekend. Matt offered us a drink, which we accepted. He poured us a single Brandy and coke. And we sat chatting for a while. Kev and Matt we friends and known each other their whole lives from school. The same as Jen and I.
They asked how old we were and we told them we both 33, that I’m married and I have a daughter and that Jen recently broke up with her fiancè and is single. Matt commented, saying that I’m a MILF, I laugh and accepted his compliment. All 3 guys gave us a number of compliments, making Jen and I feel good about ourselves. We soon finished the drink Matt had poured us, and we told the boys that we were going to go get our drinks from our chalet, and then we would come back. Ryan said to us that we probably won’t come back and that was just our excuse to get away from them. Jen quickly replied to him saying if we not back in 30 mins you more than welcome to barge through our door into our chalet and sleep with both of us, and he said that’s a deal.
Back in the chalet we both were a little hungry and we quickly made ourselves and a fried egg on toast. Jen asked me what I thought about the guys and I told her they were all nice and friendly and rather attractive. She felt the same way and then asked if we should have a little bit of innocent fun with them. I asked what innocent fun she was referring to and she said flirt and touch there bodies a bit and see from there. I said I will play along and also have a bit of fun.
We finished eating at 16h00 and poured ourselves a drink. We took the vodka, lime and lemonade and then made our way back to the 3 guys.

On arriving back by them, Ryan commented oh you weren’t lying. And Jen quickly and firmly asked him if she seemed like a bitch to him. He hesitantly answered no you not. And Jen then said I’m just joking with you hun, but are any of you guys going to offer to fetch us a chair. Ryan stood up off his chair and passed it to Jen before walking to the chalet to fetch him and me a chair. On his return and when he passed me the chair I gave him a kiss on the cheek to say thank you and then Matt and Kev teased him saying I got it in for him. I laughed at their comments and we all soon continued chatting while having a few more drinks. Matt kept paying us compliments about how pretty we are and how sexy our bodies were. Kevin and Ryan agreed to his comments and eventually Ryan said to Jen that he would love to see her naked. Oh really she replied as she stood up off her chair. She walk to behind Ryan and put her hand on his chest and while rubbing her hand over his chest she asked why is that. He replied that she has a gorgeous face, nicely sized boobs, sexy body, firm toned legs and a hot ass, and would love to see it naked. She ran her hand down lower on his body as she replied thanks for the compliment but unfortunately you a bit young for me. Matt quickly ask and me? Am I also to young? And Jen replied unfortunately yes you are. Although her and I both knew that their ages didn’t matter all that much to us.
Matt then asked both Jen and I to answer he’s next question, he said, all three of us find the 2 of you really sexy but what do you think off us and please be honest.
We told them that we find them well built and handsome that they have good bodies and seem like lovely guys.
Kevin then asked so wouldn’t you ladies like to see us naked.
And Jen answered, that could be nice, but thinks you guys want to see us naked much more.
Ryan answered that could be true but by the way you were touching me seems you want me.
Jen laughed as Matt then said why don’t we play strip poker tonight, then it’s all about skill to win the hand to get everyone naked.
I commented that it sounds like I fun idea but I will have to give it a skip as I don’t know how to play poker. Jen mentioned she too didn’t know how. Matt said it’s easy and he’ll teach us, but Jen quickly replied that it would be unfair for us two unexperienced poker playing ladies to play against you guys that are experts.
Kevin then commented saying it seems you ladies are keen to play a fun game and be naughty?
I replied that I don’t mind having a bit of fun if all is fair. 
Matt ask us then what games we know where it could be fun and interesting.
Jen looked at me and said should we play the face down card game.
I thought about it for a few seconds and then replied that it would be the fairest and easiest game to play although we might need to change the means of a few of the cards.
Kev asked us to explain the game.
So we told him we lay all the cards face down on a table. Each card has a meaning to it, and we take turns to draw a card.
Everyone was in agreement with the game and we soon started making the rules for the different cards.
We all added our input and came to agreements with the meanings for each cards. With Jen coming up with a crazy Joker idea.

2 take to sips of your drink
3 ask someone to give a lap dance for one song, to anyone of your choice, but can’t choose yourself.
4 for whores and Jen and I would have to have a neat shot of vodka each
5 pick someone to take a body shot of their belly, once they are in their underwear, if no one is in there underwear yet then take 3 sips of your drink and return the card to the deck.
6 for dick and the guys would have to have a neat shot of brandy each
7 give a lap dance to someone
8 take a shot of vodka or brandy in your mouth and then exchange it with someone of your choice.
9 and 10 ask anyone to strip to their underwear.
J asked anyone in their underwear to loose it, 1 of the items for the ladies, if no one is in there underwear yet then take 3 sips of your drink and return the card to the deck
Q do anything you want to anyone
K ask anyone to do anything you want to you
A asked anyone in their underwear to loose it, 1 of the items for the ladies, if no one is in there underwear yet then take 3 sips of your drink and return the card to the deck.
JOKERS: if you picked up a joker, once the game was over you could do anything you wanted to a person of your choice for 3 minutes or ask anyone to do anything to you.

Those were the meanings to the cards. It sounded fun. It was 19h00 and we decide that we will all eat first before starting the game. The guys offered to braai our meat for us, while we chatted to them and had a few slow drinks. We soon ate and once finished we all moved in to there chalet. We moved the furniture around. So we had enough seats and a table. The guys poured us all a drink, while we laid the cards down on the table and soon the game started with Ryan the youngest drawing the first card.

He picked up a 2 and took 2 sips of his drink
I then went next and picked up a J and had to take 3 sips of my drink and return the card back to the pile.

Matt then followed me and picked up a 3, he asked Jen to give Ryan a lap dance.
Jen took her phone and chose a Shania Twains, I feel like a woman, and made her way over to Ryan. She moved back and forth on his lap as she moved her hands over his chest. He placed his hands on her ass and we all could see him squeeze her bum. She soon turned around and sat on his lap in reverse cowgirl position. She again moved back and forth. She took his hands and placed them on her breast and together they massage her boobs before the song ended and she stood up and walked back to where she was sitting.
Ryan reached to his pants and it was noticeable that he was all hard as he repositioned his cock.

Kev then drew the next card picking up a 4 and therefore myself and Jen took a neat shot of vodka each.

Jen then picked up a 10 and asked for Matt to strip down to his jocks. Which he did.

It was Ryans turn again and he picked up a 10 as well. And he immediately asked Jen to loose her clothes. She took her top and pants off to sit there in her bra and G string.

I then picked up a 2 and took 2 sips of my drink

Matt picked up the next card and it was a 4 and jen and myself once again took a neat shot of vodka.

Kev then picked up a 8. He took a shot of brandy into his mouth and walked up to me, he took my hands, pulling me up, our  lips met and soon both our mouths opened and we exchanged the shot of brandy. 
Jen then picked up a Q she stood up and walked up to Matt. She kneeled down in front of him and placed kisses on his cock through jocks and he was soon to with an erection.

Ryan pick up the next card and it was a K
He asked Jen to come and kiss him. She stood up and slowly walked to Ryan sitting down on his lap. She placed her hands on his face and met his lips, he’s hands moved to her sexy ass and their mouths opened allowing there tounges to meet for a while before aparting and Jen returned to where she was sitting.

I then picked up a J and started laughing as I showed it to everyone. Jen said to me not to be a bitch and I then pointed to Matt and asked him to remove his jocks for us. Kev and Ryan looked away while Jen and myself watched Matt drop his Jocks and exposing his big hard cock to us. It was rather thick, thicker than most guys I thought, and about normal length.

He then sat down all naked and picked up the next card and it was a 6 and all the guys had a neat shot of brandy.

Kev then picked up a J and asked Jen to pls remove her bra. Which she did. All the guys almost instantly commented on her sexy firm boobs before she picked up her next card.

Jen picked up a 4 and once again we had to take another neat shot of vodka.

Ryan then picked up a 6 and the guys took another shot of brandy each.

I then picked up a 3 and I asked Matt to give Jen a lap dance. He took his phone and eventually put on Eminem’s sing for the moment on and made his way to her. Kev and Ryan at first looked away but soon watched the show. He moved back and forth while sitting on her lap. His hard cock touch her belly, he soon stood up and took his big cock in his hand and rubbed it over Jens sexy boobs. And eventually over her face, before sitting down on her lap facing away from her. He took her hands and place the one by his balls and the other around his cock, while he moved back and forth on her lap. She slowly started jerking Matt off as the song reached its and and Ryan telling him that he could go back to his seat now.

Matt then picked up the next card.
It was a 9 and he asked me to strip out of my clothing to my underwear which I did.
Kevin said that I have an amazingly sexy belly and Matt then asked me if I really have a daughter which I answer him I do, before kev picked up the next card.

It was a 2 and he took 2 sips of his drink.

Jen then picked up a K she asked Ryan  to massage and suck her boobs. Ryan stood up and walked to Jen, he sat down on her lap and placed his hands over her boobs and gently massaged them. He soon leaned down to take her erect nipples into his mouth to suck them.  He sucked them hard and she started moaning from the pleasure she was receiving. Matt soon asked him to stop as we all still want a turn as well, and Ryan rather reluctantly made his way back to his seat.

Ryan then picked up a 9 and considering us two ladies had already stripped down to our underwear he had to ask Kevin to lose his clothing to his jocks. As Kevin  stripped down to his underwear, he said if his fiancè had to find out what he is doing she would kill him.
We all laughed as Matt said I now have black mail on you, of cause he was joking
And then I picked up the next card.

It was a 7 I play Tove Lo’s talking body off my phone and then decided to keep Kevin nervous and I made my way to him. Sitting down on his lap grinding back and forth while running my hands over his chest,  I could feel his cock getting hard as I grinding on his lap. I leaned slightly backwards as I placed my hands around his neck and pulled his head down putting his face between my cleavage. I then turned around to face away from him on his lap. I took his hands and placed them on my belly and slowly ran them up to my boobs. Placing his hand on my bra as the song ended. I headed back my seat while Matt picked up the next card.

It was a 6 and the guys all took a shot of brandy. 
Kev then picked up a 7 and now had to give either myself or Jen a lap dance. We all laughed at him as he was tense and worried that his fiancè would find out. He chose the song Fast car by Jonas blue and dekota and made his way over to me, sitting down on to my lap, he was rather unsure to what to do. But he moved back and forth on my lap soon he placed his hands on my face and ran them down my neck and along my sides. He then leaned down to my neck and I felt him moving his lips over my neck and towards my chest, stopping just before my cleavage as the song stopped and rather happily returned to his seat as Matt and Ryan laughed at him. But all in good fun.

Jen then picked up the next card being a 5 she asked me to please lay on the table. After the guys moved the cards away. I laid back and she poured vodka onto my belly letting it fill my belly button. She then started licking the vodka off my belly, as the guys started say oh god that’s so hot. She eventually sucked the vodka out of my belly button. I then got off the table and we both went back to our seats. While Ryan replaced the cards back on the table. The guys said that, that was really hot and would love to see it again. Jen and I laughed at them and once the cards were back on the table Ryan picked up the next card.

It was a A and he asked me to remove my bra and reveal to them my boobs which I did. Kevin said yes her body is banging and and the guys then told Jen and I that we are really hot. Both have very sexy bodies. I picked up the next card.

It was a Q I walked up to Jen and sat down on her lap. My lips touched hers and our mouths opened to allow our tounges to touch. She grabbed my ass while I placed my hands on her face as we kissed for a while. Once our lips aparted and I made my way back to my seat, the guys were rather excite to see that and said they really wanted to see more. Kev asked if we were fully bisexual and we answered yes and Matt reached for the next card.

He picked up a 5 and he asked Jen to please lay on the table. He poured brandy over her belly and boobs. He leaned down licking it up from just above her pelvis area, up to her belly button sucking up all the brandy that fell inside there. And making his way up to her boobs licking around her hard erect nipples before finishing and headed back to his seat while Jen got off the table and took her seat again. Kev picked up the next card.

It was a 3 and he asked Jen to give me a lap dance. She stood up and walked towards me, after putting on Christina Aguilera’s Dirty. I though that was the perfect song for that moment. She sat down on top of me moving her hips on my laps, seductively breathing onto my neck and body, moving her head down and licking my nipples. Before sitting up and pulling my head down to between her boobs. She moved her nipples over my lips and I soon sucked on them giving them little nibbles, before she turned around to face away from me while still sitting on my lap. She took my hands and placed them between her legs above her g string while she moved back and forth as the song ended. As she walked back to her seat Kev said to the guys he thinks he made a good choice to ask for that lap dance. Which they agree to.

Jen then picked up a A and unfortunately for Kevin she decide to ask him to remove his jocks as she said she’s knows what my pussy looks like and would love to see his dick. He said it’s fine as he dropped his jocks to show us his cock. It was normal sized but he was neatly trimmed which made it nice to look at.

Ryan then pick up a K and he asked Jen to come and massaged his cock through his clothing for a while which she did.

I then picked up a 10 and asked Ryan to strip down to his underwear which he did and finally we got to see his body.

Matt picked up the next card and it was a 8 he took a shot of brandy into his mouth and walked up to me. He sat down on my lap and I felt his big hard cock against my stomach. His lips touch mine and we opened our mouths as he exchange the brandy to me. Before returning to his seat. 
Kev then picked up a 5 he asked me to please lay on the table, he poured brandy over my belly and into my belly button. He the slowly licked and sucked it off my body before we returned to our seats.

Jen then picked up a 3 and she asked Ryan to give me a lap dance. He put on Stacys mom by fountain of Wayne. He sat down on my lap facing away from me. He moved his body back and forth while taking my hands and running them down his chest and belly to his jocks. Where he moved my hand up and down his hard cock, for majority of the song and just before the song ended he turned around and gave me a kiss on my lips before going back to his seat.

I then picked up a 2 and took 2 sips of my drink

Matt then picked up a 10 and to the fact we were all already in our underwear he needed to take 3 sips of his drink and pick another card. On this occasion he picked up a 4 and jen and myself took a shot of vodka each.

Kev then picked up a 9 and too had to take 3 sips of his drink and draw another card. He then picked up a the last J and asked Jen to remove her G string which she did, exposing her shave pussy to everyone.

Jen then picked up a 8 she took a shot of vodka into her mouth and walked up to Kevin. She sat down on his lap and as there lips touched they opened their mouths and exchanged the vodka. She then went back to her seat.

Ryan then picked up a 2 and took 2 sips of his drink.

I picked up a 9 and had to take 3 sips of my drink and redraw, this time I picked up a A and asked Ryan to remove his jocks. He did so and exposed his hard cock to us. He was also trimmed and average sized. Nice to look at to say the least.
I found myself being the last person with some clothing on and wondered how much long it would last.

Matt picked up the next card and it was a 5 he asked me to lay on the table and he poured brandy over my belly and boobs. He licked it up and sucked it out of my belly button before moving to lick it off my boobs, and he sucked on my hard nipples making me moan from the pleasure before returning back to his seat again.

Kev then picked up a Q and to everyone’s suprise he walked up to me and took my hands and pulled me to my feet, his lips met mine and while his hands were placed on my ass. Our mouths opened and his tounge soon met mine as he kissed me for a minute before moving apart and back to our seats. It was a real hot kiss and a suprise that he did so. Jen said that looked like an amazing kiss and wished it was her.

She then picked up a 6 and all the boys took a shot of brandy.

Ryan then drew the first JOKER he was rather happy about it.

I then picked up a A and considering I was the only one left with clothing on everyone said I had to take 3 sips of my drink and place the card back in with the remaining cards and draw again. This time I picked up a Q and I walk to kev I kneeled down in front of him and I blew cold and hot air onto his balls and cock teasing him and lick the tip of his head for a second before going back to sit down.

Matt then drew the next JOKER and jumped for joy.

Kev then picked up the A and said to me ” finally I now get to see your pussy” I turned around facing my ass to the guys and slowly dropped my g string down my legs. Once it was on the floor I slowly turned around and Kev said that it’s is a beautiful pussy. Ryan and Matt agreed and Matt said he would love to fuck it right now. I laughed as jen picked up the next card.

It was a 7 she put on My Baby Takes The Morning Train by Sheena Easton and made her way over onto Ryans lap. She grinded back and forth on his lap, his hard cock against her pelvis. putting her boobs in his face allowing him to suck on them while he grabbed her ass. She moved off and kneeled down on the floor and kissed his inner thighs, slowly making her way towards his cock and balls when the song stopped and she returned to sit down again. 
Ryan then picked up a K and asked Jen to suck his dick for a few seconds. She walked up to him and again kneeled down on the floor. She took his hard cock into her mouth and sucked up and down on his dick. She deepthroated him once before standing up and returning to her seat. Ryan asked her did she have to stop and she said yes as she gave off a evil laugh.

I then picked up the last 7. And played Poison by Alice Cooper. I stood up and walked to Kevin sitting down on his lap. I position his cock so that my pussy lips was on the shaft of his cock. I moved seductively back and forth and then lean towards his face. I placed soft kisses onto his neck. My lips soon touched kevin’s and I bit his bottom lip before moving to sit upright. I pulled kevin down so that he could suck on my hard nipples while I still grinded back and forth on his cock. His cock became slippery as my pussy started getting more wet. I reached down and took his cock into my hand. I moved my body slightly upwards and place the the tip of his cock between my pussy lips, I moved both my hands onto his neck and looking him in the eyes as I moved my hips in a circular motion. I the suddenly lowered myself down onto his hard cock as the song ended. I then removed myself and went back to sit on my seat. Kevin said that I was being mean, as that felt so good being inside my pussy. I laughed and said I’m glad he enjoyed.

Matt picked up the last card it was a 8 and he took a shot of brandy into his mouth and walked up to Jen. She stood up to meet his lips and they exchanged the brandy.
All the cards were finished and we were left with just to the two Joker winners. Matt asked if there were any limits. Jen replied to that saying if they wanted sex then they would need a condom, and that she wasn’t up for anal. Matt and Ryan both agreed to that. Jen then said that Ryan drew the first JOKER that he could choose whether he wanted Matt to go first or himself. He said that Matt could take it away.

Matt confirm that it’s just for 3 minutes. Jen affirm it. And then Matt asked Jen if she could give him a blowjob. Jen stood up and walked towards Matt. She kneeled down on the floor between his legs. She took his hard cock into her mouth and started sucking his big cock. She sucked up and down on his cock soon started deepthroating him.  She move her lips down his shaft of his big cock and tried to hold herself down there for a while. But she gagged and I could see on Matt’s face that he enjoyed the feeling and sound if that. Kevin mentioned that the three minutes were up. Jen look at him and Matt said that now really sucks as he was really enjoying that. Jen took his cock into her mouth once more and sucked his cock quickly up and down a number of times before stopping and standing up. Matt said that she brought him so near to cumming that it’s unfair that she stopped now. Jen laughed and said that was the whole purpose of the game to tease as much as possible.

We all 4 looked over to Ryan in much anticipation to what and who he was going to choose. He walked towards Jenna as he said he wished he had a condom with him. He kneeled down on the floor between her legs. His head went down between her legs and he started muffing her. His tongue licking her clit and occasionally he would stick it in her pussy. She moaned as he gave her oral pleasure, till his 3 minutes were up and the game ended.

Still being naked in each others company we continued chatting while having a few more drinks. This is when I saw Kevin go outside for fresh air. Jen went to the bathroom and i decided to followed him outside. He said that I really teased him during the game. I asked if he enjoyed it and if he was ok. He answered saying that he did and that he was ok. He said I have such a sexy body. I turned so that we were facing each other and asked do I really? He replied yes as he moved forwards towards me, as we made eye contact. Soon our lips met and we started kissing.  
On our lips aparting I took his hand and lead him to my chalet. Walking straight to the room and pushing him onto the bed. I climbed on top of him, his cock was already hard again and I placed the tip of his head between my pussy again. He asked if I’m really going to tease him again. I leaned down and kissed him and at the same time I lowered my hips taking his cock into my pussy. Once our lips aparted I sat up and started riding him back and forth. It wasn’t long till I started reaching climax as I was real horny most of the night. I started moaning and my body tensed up, my pussy tightened around his cock as I started cumming. After orgasmning I fell down onto Kevin and he rolled us over. My legs spread and now wrapping around him as he entered his cock into me. He stopped and asked if I had a condom as he didn’t. I said not to worry I’m on the pill and he then started thrusting hard in and out of me. He was fucked me hard and soon he started shooting his cum into my pussy. He laid down on top of me after he had finished cumming and gave me a kiss, while removing his cock from me.
He said that was great, and we laid chatting for a while before I got up to go clean his cum from me. I cleaned as much as I could and he wiped his dick off. We then headed back to his chalet where Jen and he’s two friends were.

Once walking back in the chalet. They were still all naked and chatting. Jen asked where we were and Kev answered saying that we were just talking in private about his relationship with his fiancè. It seem like he didn’t want Matt or Ryan to know what we did. Matt ask is that all? And Kev said yes and I agreed with his answer. We all had one more drink together while Jen and I slowly collected our clothing. After finishing our drinks we said good night to the guys and then headed back to our chalet. As jen walked into the room and saw the bed, she said to me, you little bitch, you said you and Kev just chatted. I laughed as I replied saying to her, that he said that not me.
She asked how was he? And I told her that he was ok, gave me what I needed.
She then pushed me onto the bed and laid on top of me. Our lips met and we exchanged a passionate kiss. She then got up and kneeled over my face, lowering her pussy to my mouth. I placed my hands on her ass and started to lick her wet pussy. We soon moved so that she was on her back and I was between her legs licking and stimulatingher clit. She started moaning and soon she orgasmed. After she finished her orgasm she pulled me up for our lips to meet again for a passionate good night kiss.

And that’s the end of part 1

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