A Wickedly True Confession…

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A Wickedly True Confession…
I will never forget that dreadful day, when Charlie, Bruce and Daniel, lured me to that basement. The three of them attacked me and viciously took my anal virginity.

Until that day I had no thought of two males having sex, or that more than one male could sexual attack another. On that day all my innocence was stolen from me.

When Charlie slammed his fist into my unprotected stomach and Bruce held my ankles, Daniel removing my pants and underwear, my life changed for ever.

The three of them took turns with me and filled my rectum with their substance. I never can forget the feeling of their mixed sperm streaming down my thighs as i hurried away from that awful building.

The other thing that happened was my craving for enormously huge penis to invade my neither region. Their has been times that I have haunted the back alleys and adult movies for stranger on stranger sex, I always was the cum receptacle.

As I went through high school and college even in adult life I have a strange weakness for huge penis. It doesn’t matter what color as long as they are of enormous size or peculiar shapes.

I was in the locker room one even changing into my street clothes when one of the football players came in and started to undress. Watching from an oblique angle, I observed as he undressed and his massive phallus came into view.

It was dark black with a sharp right curve to it’s shaft, my mouth watered and my butt started to yearn for him to stuff his penis as far into me as possible.

But I was young and inexperience, I left the locker room and headed for the street that I had been picked up from before. As soon as I had entered the street and had not walked twenty feet, a car pulled up to me. The driver asked if i could show him how to get to the warehouse district.

I stepped to the passenger side of the car and noticed that his pants were undone and his penis was poking through his zipper. I smiled and said ‘…If you would give me a ride home I can show you the way…’

The driver broke into a wide grin and said ‘…sure get in and tell me where to go…’ I opened the door and slid into the passenger seat. As soon as we pulled away the he asked me ‘…do you want to go to my place or is it safe to take you home…’ I smiled and said ‘…I’m not due home till late, your place sounds nice…’

As we rounded another corner he looked over and said ‘…why not reach over and jack my dick a little…’ I reached over and slid my hand up and down his throbbing phallus a couple of times only to have him close his eyes and moan almost running up on the curve.

I quickly released his penis and said ‘…you better watch what you are doing or let me out…’ He sped up and soon we were pulling into a nicely kept bungalow. He pulled almost to the rear of the building and said ‘…here we are come on inside…’

We entered the sparsely furnished room and as soon as he had closed the door he was removing his shoes pants and underwear. His penis standing erect and bouncing up and down with each beat of his heart.

I slowly removed my shirt and dropped my pants, he knelt down before me and begin to suck my penis all the while sticking his finger into my anus. First one, than two till he had all four fingers into my anus.

He pulled his lips from my erect penis and stood before me, taken hold of my penis he led me to the back of the house. It was a small bedroom, nothing more than a cot and small dresser.

He led me to the bed and said ‘…make your self comfortable, I’ll find some lubricant and we’ll get started…’ I thought he was rather but rude but nice.

He returned with a small tube and said ‘…lay on your back with your feet up…’ I complied and felt him smear a substance into my butt crack and slip a finger into my anal opening.

He crawled up between my legs and lifted them to his shoulders and slid his rock hard penis up and down my butt crack till he found my anal opening. With a steady push he inserted his penile head into my anal opening till my outer sphincter muscle ring passed over his penile ridge.

He slowly started to push deeper into my rectum and pull back till he was able to sink half of his elongated penis into my rectum. I moaned and groaned in pleasure with each movement of his rigid penis.

For the next forty minutes my sex partner had his way with me till his penis erupted and filled my anal cavity with his baby making fluid. He laid down on me my ankle still around his neck as he pumped the last vestige of his substance into my bung.

After another twenty minutes he pulled his penis from my anus and said to me ‘…get dressed, I’ll take you home. I’ll pick you up there tomorrow after school and we’ll do this again…’

A Wickedly True Confession…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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