Agent Provocateur did work really well!

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Agent Provocateur did work really well!
This time, the Tinder date turned out to be pretty cool, I am seeing him for almost 3 months, he is always sweet and kind to me, has a great body and face, his cock always ready for giving me the sweetest pleasures, he never skipped morning quickies. The sex is awesome and never getting boring. Almost so unreal, how could I be this lucky to find such a bèast! And so last night’s story comes. After work we decided to go out, starting with raki at Karaköy (a turkish alcoholic beverage at a part of Istanbul with nice seasight). And there was one more situation he didn’t know yet. I had a new Agent Provocateur underwear set inside that I have bought previous week. On the outside I had a purple dress with a zipper at the front & black high heels. So we sat, began chatting and drinking.

~Unkapani Bridge at Haliç, seen from Karaköy

I told him about a 12 years younger girl that messaged me saying she wants to know me and spend time with me. The thing is she heard about me from a guy that I have fucked in a ffm threesome before. Obviously she is curious. Moreover she is a total babe, stunning. Showing him pictures of her and asking if he is interested in another ffm, he said yes 🙂 And I asked for help because I really dont know how to flirt with a woman xD Ofc he teased me first saying “Seviyorsan git konuş bence” but later he took my phone, did the texting for me. It didn’t take long for him to persuade her to send some bed photos. As she was eager already, going with the bold words worked smoothly. I was the shy one here but professional hands were on duty 😀 We all three laughed a lot and enjoyed the moment, it was really fun. He said at this speed we could even make her send nudes, but I didn’t want that much yet. We even invited her to join us but she had other things to do. However she is ok to meet us some other day, maybe another story or video comes out then 😉 well we will see how things are going to work.

When we were done, we started looking for another stop. It was raining slightly, but we didn’t give a fuck. We were walking and kissing, he told me he was already rock hard. I checked it softly at the front of his pants, damn it was real. I pulled him to a side street, kept kissing him ferociusly and started unzipping the top of my dress, revealing a little part of the new bra. He instantly noticed it was the surprise I told about a week ago. A smile came to his face then darkness on the eyes… His shoulders went heavy. Damn it was so fine, I could get him aroused like that.

With giggles I pulled my zipper up, took his hand and kept walking. We continued drinking at another venue with dance music. While dancing, I kept the zipper a little bit down again, showing some and teasing the hell outta him.

~I think I will keep buying those, really cool as collectables xD

At last we decided to end the night, going to my place. I kept my heels on, and went to the living room, slowly unzipping the dress. He stripped his clothes off quickly and reached for me, taking a closer look onto my lingerie. I turned over and side pulled the g-string, my juices were flowing, I couldn’t give a damn about more foreplay that moment, he was sharp to notice what I want, thrusted his hard-on in me quickly. Oh that sweet and warm filling. It didn’t take long for us both to cum.

Satisfied I threw myself to the couch, keeping one hand on my vagina, the other on the bra caressing and moaning. He took advantage of the view closely. He was so amused, he started to finger play with me in mutual pleasure. I felt his lust, it was in the air, and it made me really horny, I couldn’t count how many times I came, floor was all wet. It went wilder when he tried his fingers in my asshole. Oh my god, he was opening me more and more each second! We were both going with the flow, to me this is how sex meant to be. I hate non-creative, applying same procedures every time to anyone type sex. But this guy had the spark. I kept cumming and his hands were all slippery, using more fingers each try. But when the 5th joined the game, I couldn’t take the extention and burst in tears. Ouch, disappointed by my own body, I asked him to stop. But it was ok, I think I just needed more training, and I still have him. And he decided to use his cock again, fucked the shit out of my ass, pussy and mouth. With tears my makeup was a mess, with all those cumming and fingering my genitals were in mess. But yes, I was all ok, I couldn’t take my eyes off this adonis, I was meant to be fucked hard by him.

Well I can’t remember each minute, but we spent a while with playing, touching, fucking, sometimes resting, sometimes drinking, gazing. It’s a whole satisfaying remembrance. I hope everyone can have such moments in their lives, I think this was a healing ritual for the soul.

Then we decided to check some xhamster videos, he started stroking his dick, what a fine view, I begin to lick its top to provide moistening. I expected him to cum in my mouth, but he stood up, bent me over and entered me from behind. Hard fucking began once more. His cock’s warmth in me was so so very sweet. As fluids were flowing, that moment I felt dizziness, noticed I can throw up if we continue like that. I had to stop him once more. Oh my, what was that shit, I have never ever made a guy stop before. Really too much for me to take? for ME? Damn. Anyways I lied on the couch face down and tried to catch my breath. He checked if I was ok, well I was, so he entered me again, in my open asshole, saying my pussy is more thight now but he will keep destroying my ass. Damn, damn, damn; how hotter can you be? As I was already open, he went deeper and deeper. He became a bull and like we weren’t fucking for 3 hours he started to batter me hard and fast once more. I grabbed a pillow and bit it, so I won’t scream but only whimper. He ripped the pillow of my face and left me exposed. So wild I could’t stop grinning, I don’t know how much I could avoid the moanings, I totally lost it, he was on my ears, whispering in a husky voice “I won’t ever stop tonight”, “you like it, huh?” “you want more, huh?” “let’s see if you can open more, huh?” Damn hot & sexy, I was lost, and I totally believed he was not going to cum. But then baam, he pulled out, and with a moan he splashed my back with his sweet sperm.

We fall asleep at the couch but woke-up an hour later, it was cold and we were naked. After taking a shower together, we went to bed and blankets. Giggling we told each other, this might be us not having sex for the next 3 days. But of course he was hard in the morning and my body was back to normal. So we fucked again. xD

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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