Alice 2

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Alice 2
Alice part two

I checked out and drove home in deep thought, I knew I was in love with Carol, I could only hope that she felt the same about me. How am I going to explain to my dad about dressing up and most importantly about my job. I decided that I would be dressed when he got home from work, then tell him what has happened, he obviously would have found me out anyway. I arrived home about lunchtime, I stripped off, had a shower and douche, I picked out a nice black above the knee cocktail dress, nice silky black underwear, near black stockings and black strappy shoes. I checked my nails, which did not need repair then got dressed and made up, curled my hair. Mmm I felt so good.
I was in the kitchen finishing off preparing dinner when I heard dad come home. I turned to face him as he entered the kitchen
‘Liz, what the fuck…’ he shouted
then he grabbed me roughly and threw me onto the kitchen table, s**ttering everything onto the floor, plates smashing, knives and forks making a hell of noise as they tumbled around the room.
‘I’ll teach you, you bitch’
the look of pure hatred on his reddened face frightened me, I have never seen him angry like this
‘But dad..’
‘Don’t you utter a fucking word you whore, or I will beat you to a pulp’
he spun me over on my face then lifted my dress and ripped my panties down, I heard his zipper open, then without any warning I felt his dick pressing hard on my bum hole.
‘Take this you slut’
he rammed his dick deep into me, I screamed with pain
‘I said shut up whore’
tears were dripping from my eyes onto the table, I was sobbing as his dick was ramming into me hard and fast, he was fucking me with such powerful strokes the table was moving across the floor. Eventually, I felt his dick swell and pump me with his sperm, but he did not even slow down, the pain had eased a little, now that his dick had lubricated me, but it felt massive inside me. After some minutes later, he pulled his dick out and turned me onto my back, he shoved his dick straight back in. He leaned forward shouting obscenities, his face bright red and angry, my legs were pushed into my chest, he was still thrusting his massive organ relentlessly into my ass
‘Why’ he shouted ‘Why have you come back to haunt me, you lousy bitch’
I dare not speak I was scared in case he hit me, he thought I was my mum, he was inflicting pain to what he thought was his wife, he was r****g her.
He started to slow, the sweat from him was dripping on my face mixing with my tears, then he grunted as he filled me again, emptying his balls deep in me. He pulled out his softening dick, looked down, he seemed to come back to reality
‘Oh my god, what have I done’ he cried as he rushed out of the kitchen.
I lay still, my ass felt it was on fire, my tears were drying on my face, I felt awful, my dad had just ****d me. I could hear him in the lounge, he was sobbing now. I slowly slid off the table and staggered to the lounge, he was sitting with his head in his hands, his shoulders shaking as he sobbed
‘I didn’t mean to hurt you Liz, I am so sorry, I am still in love with you’
‘Dad’ I said quietly ‘dad, it was me Alan’
his head jerked up, his tear stained bleary eyes looked at me
‘But…but you are Liz, you must be’
‘No dad, it is me wearing mums clothes and when I am dressed I would like you to call me Alice’
‘My god, you are identical, oh shit, what have I done, please forgive me, I am so sorry’
‘You did hurt me badly dad’
‘Please let me explain, let me show you something’
He led me to the small room we used as an office, he booted the computer, and raked through a load of photos until he reached one of mum and him, he zoomed in on mum, she was wearing the same clothes that I had on. She looked like me.
‘Tidy up a bit, I want to take a photo of you in that dress’
I went to my room, my bum was so sore I found it difficult to walk, I looked in the mirror, my make up had run down my face showing black streaks from my eyeliner and mascara, I was a mess. I washed my face then returned and applied fresh make up, once finished I looked like new again. I went down, dad had hung a sheet over the curtains
‘Stand over there, that’s it, now put your left leg slightly in front, a bit more’
He started taking pics
‘Smile, a little more, got it, perfect’
We went back to the office, he downloaded the pics he had just taken, then, he picked one out. He outlined the one of mum and put her on a blank page and put the one of me beside her. We were identical, even as he zoomed in, I could not tell the difference, I was an exact copy of my mum.
‘The picture of your mother and me, was taken at the office presentation when I was promoted to manager, she was twenty-two, the same age as you are now. Maybe you can forgive me for making the mistake, I am so sorry I hurt you’
‘I do forgive you dad, what you have shown me I can now understand your mistake, but next time be gentle and use some lubricant’
‘Do you mean what you just said’?
‘Yes dad, if you will still want me, I will dress in mums clothes for you, I don’t want you meeting any other women but it will have to be in a few days, I am very sore right now’
‘Please tell me why you dressed in your mums clothes’
I explained how by using mums things, I felt closer to her. I also told him that how I got caught by Carol and she accepted me, and I had fallen in love with her. I did not tell him that she also was a boy, I wanted him to think that I was going out with a real girl, but I did tell him all about Christine. Then I told him about dressing and going to work as a girl, and how I had found the fraud at Santex, how they had contacted my office, then how on Monday I had to go to my office as a girl. I told him how worried I was about possibly losing my job.
He hugged me tight and went to kiss me, I stepped back
‘I would rather you did not kiss me though, after all I am your son’
‘But you will let me have sex with you, won’t you’?
‘Yes dad, but only if I am wearing girl clothes’
‘You do look very sexy and attractive even better than most real girls’
‘Flattery will not get you anywhere right now. Let’s clean up the kitchen and eat, I am starving’
We cleaned up, luckily the dinner was in the oven and hadn’t spoiled. As we tucked in to our meal, dad kept glancing at me, he was probably getting horny again, but I was too sore still.
I phoned Carol on Saturday morning
‘Hi gorgeous, how is my favourite girl?’
‘Oh Alice, I miss you ever so much’
‘How about if I ask my dad if you can stay next weekend’
‘I’d love it, I want you so badly’
‘I’ll ask him, I’m sure it will be ok, I will call you Thursday and let you know’
I went on to tell her about Christine, I told her how my dad accepted me dressing up, the only thing I omitted was dad r****g me. We both said how much we loved each other, we bade our farewells.
I carried on dressing over the weekend, I explained to dad that I needed to practice being a female for my showdown on Monday, I knew I was driving him nuts, seeing me in girlie clothes all the time.
Monday came, I was up early, I got dressed in the clothes I wore at Santex, they were quite conservative compared to most of mum’s wardrobe. With my makeup, and my hair done, I very nervously made my way to the head office.

I entered the reception ignoring the desk girl, I swiped my ‘Alice’ card, then made my way to my boss’s office. Janet the secretary looked up, her jaw dropped as she saw me, it was obvious that she knew who I was.
‘Morning Ala…Alice, go right in’
I entered the office, my boss Stephen stood up
‘My god, I don’t believe my eyes, are you sure you are Alan Smith’?
‘Yes Stephen, it’s me’
‘You have a lot of explaining to do, so sit down and start from the beginning’
I began by telling how I had missed my mum and how I had felt close to her in her clothes, then going to work in female clothes, the only things I omitted was about Carol and Christine and of course what my dad did to me.
‘Well, we have a problem now, Santex have asked us to cover the whole of their computer systems including all their subsidiary companies, which I might add is a very large order, but they insist that you as Alice be the engineer to cover it all, therefore I have had to remove Alan Smith from our database because you saw fit to duplicate using Alice Smith, you have a choice, either stay as Alice or be without a job. If you choose to stay as Alice, you will have to be her twenty four seven, even at home, and you will have to have implanted breasts, electrolysis to remove hair, you may however keep your male organs but not get physically involved with any employee of theirs, before I can proceed, I need to know your answer’
I thought deeply, it would mean no more Alan, he did not have much excitement anyway, but I would stand a chance to be an item with Carol, especially if I had tits.
‘I will stay as Alice’
‘Good, I thought you might see reason, so I have made arrangements with a surgeon I know to carry out the change, you will report to him tomorrow morning at nine am, you will be in until Tuesday afternoon. Wednesday and Thursday my secretary Janet will take you shopping for clothes and a makeover. Our company will cover the cost. Next, I need to know what homemade diagnostic programme you used, which did not alert Unix’
I explained the concept, then how I made it impossible to copy.
‘That alone could be worth thousands, is it possible to make our other engineers one each’
‘Yes, each one will be individual with its own security code’
‘Well finally, as you have saved Santex a great deal of money, they have sent a bonus as a thank you, congratulations Alice, you are five thousand pounds better off’
He handed me a cheque, wow, I dreaded coming here today but it has turned out really great. Stephen stood up and shook hands with me
‘You make a great looking girl’ he smiled
On the way out, Janet spoke to me
‘I will pick you up on Wednesday about nine am, we will have a great time shopping’
‘I will look forward to it, ‘bye’.
On the way home I went into the supermarket and bought some special food and a couple of bottles of wine for dad and me for tonight, then to the pharmacy section for a box of twelve tubes of KY jelly. I was excited about my work and what was in store for me this week, I thought I would give my dad a treat as well and let him fuck me.
I went home and changed from my formal suit into a silky blouse and a mini skirt, then prepared dinner for later. I laid the table adding two candles and wine glasses for a special evening meal.
After giving myself a douche and shower, I curled my hair in heated rollers, I put on really sexy underwear and black sheer stockings, then the black cocktail dress I wore when dad ****d me.
Dad arrived at six pm, I poked my head around the door so he would not see what I was wearing, and told him to have a shower and shave while I got dinner ready. When he came down, I had just lit the candles and put the dinner on the table ready, he took a good look at me and the candle lit table
‘Just fantastic Alice, you look wonderful, everything is so romantic’
‘All you can see is yours tonight dad, even me’
‘I must have gone to heaven, I don’t deserve it all’
‘Just sit down and enjoy’
‘One thing Alice, please may I call you Liz tonight’
‘Of course you can, would you like me to call you Greg’?
‘I would like that, you even sound like your mum’
I poured the wine and we both enjoyed a leisurely evening meal and wine together, he asked me how my day had been, I told him everything,
‘I can’t believe that you are getting your own breasts as well’
‘I am looking forward to them Greg’ I said grinning
‘Will you let me feel them sometime’?
‘Sure you can, but for now, how would you like a flat chested girlie boy’?
‘Lead the way, I can’t wait to have you Liz’
I had put silk sheets on mum’s bed, the lights were dimmed ready.
‘Can I take your dress off Liz’?
I turned to let him unzip me, my dress fell to the floor, he put his arms around me and whispered
‘Elizabeth darling, I want you so badly’
I picked up a tube of KY and handed it to him
‘Be gentle Greg’
He lay me on my back on the bed then lowered my panties, my dick sprung out, he kissed and sucked it until I cum in his mouth, wow, my dad had just given me a blow job. I grabbed the pillows and put them under me, when he dropped his underpants his very large dick appeared, it must be at least eight inches and big around too, no wonder I had a sore bum for two days. He squeezed some KY on his fingers and gently eased them in me, he did this three times gradually pushing them deeper, he applied a generous coating on his dick
‘Are you ready darling Liz’?
‘Yes Greg, fuck me now’
He pushed his dick gently at my anus, as the pressure increased, my anal ring let the head of his dick in, I could feel I was stretched wide, he eased inch by inch slowly into me, god was I full, I put my hand down to feel him, and found there was still three more inches to go, but after a while as I became more used to him he was able to go right home, his thighs touched the back of my legs, ‘Oh god’ I thought, I had his huge dick right up inside me.
‘Are you ok Liz’?
‘Yes Greg, go for it darling’
he started easing in and nearly out, I could feel every vein of his dick sliding into me, I was enjoying it now and was humping back at him, I tried the gripping and drawing using my ass muscles.
‘You feel fantastic Liz and you are so beautiful’
‘You’re not so bad yourself Greg and that bloody great dick of yours’
He was pumping my ass in a regular rhythm, gradually speeding up, he gritted his teeth, his dick swelling, then I felt his cum rise and shoot deep in me. I loved that feeling of hot sperm shooting up in me, and knowing that I could satisfy my lover. But it didn’t end there, his dick was still hard. He grabbed me tight and rolled over onto his back, I was now on top still impaled on his huge member.
‘Kneel up a little Liz my sweet’
I raised myself a little, he began thrusting up into me at a fast rate, the sound of squelching with every move coming from my backside, this seemed to go on for ages before he pulled me down tight onto him pulsing another load in me. His dick began to soften, I handed him some tissues as he withdrew from me.
‘You are a great fuck Liz, definitely the best for years’
‘I enjoyed it too Greg, certainly the biggest dick I have ever had, and I think you have stretched me a bit’
‘Fancy, a glass of wine’
‘Sounds good to me’
‘I will go and get it’
‘No, I will come down’
He went down, I slipped on a negligee and panties then followed. Sitting on the couch sipping the wine, he put his arm around me and gently kissed my cheek
‘Thank you so much Alice, you have given me a reason to love life again’
‘Dad, I know how much you miss mum, I did not realise how much I looked like her until you showed the pictures of us together, the least I can do is to be her now and then for you, after all you have looked after me for years’
‘Did you mind me calling you Liz tonight’
‘Not at all, it was nice being made love to and being your wife for a while’
‘Have you had sex with another man before’?
‘Just one man, he loved it so much he started dressing as a girl, he then met a man who thinks the world of him, as long as he stays as a girl’
‘Did you have him’
‘Yes, and he had me when I was dressed’
‘Are you bi’?
‘I don’t think so, I am in love with Carol and she loves me as a girl’
‘Fancy being Elizabeth again’
‘Greg, you are insatiable’ I said grinning
I led the way back upstairs. He made love to me two more times that night before we both collapsed, I fell asleep with him spooned behind me and his arm over me.
I woke up feeling great but a little tender around my ass, dad was still asleep, I looked at him and realised I could never be his son again, I would probably have to be his surrogate wife and let him have regular sex with me, the reason I did not want him to kiss me was I did not want him getting romantically involved with me, but he could use me as his cum sponge.
My panties were stiff with dried cum, I had a shower and douche, then got dressed in fairly presentable clothes, I made coffee and took a cup up to my dad.
‘Morning dad’ I said giving him a shake ‘coffee for you’
He stretched and yawned
‘Hi Liz, you look good enough to eat’
‘Not today dad, I am going to get my titties today, I won’t be back until tomorrow night’
‘Good luck Alice, I hope all goes well’
I drove to the clinic and spoke to the receptionist.
‘Ah yes Miss Alice Smith, please go to room two and get undressed completely, the doctor will be with you in a couple of minutes’.
The room had a bed in the middle covered in a white paper sheet, with various machines and things around. Once naked I knew that today would be the last of me being Alan Smith.
The doctor came in,
‘Good morning young man, I am Graham Fortnum, now up on the bed with you’
He checked me all over, I hoped my anus was not showing signs of use from last night. He told me to relax, then gave me an injection, as I started to drift off he said
‘Next time I speak to you, I will have to call you young lady’
I panicked as I was losing consciousness I hope he isn’t going to cut my dick off…
I gradually came to, my body, arms and legs felt sore all over, and pain from my chest and neck, I quickly felt my crotch ‘thank god I still have my dick and balls intact’, I put my hands to my chest, hard plastic lumps, ‘they don’t feel right’ I thought.
‘Ah good evening young lady’ doctor Fortnum beamed as he came in ‘let me explain what I have carried out on your body’
He went on to tell me that I had small ‘C’ cup breasts fitted, the hard plastic cones were to shape them as when they were inserted they were cool and malleable, as my body heated them they would take the shape of the cones and will be a perfect shape from then on, also my nipples were enlarged to suit the new breasts. He had given me liposuction from my back and waist and reused the matter on my buttocks and hips, therefore taking the female shape. My whole body had undergone the latest electrolysis treatment for hair removal, it even kills the hair follicles, so that I shouldn’t have to shave anywhere. A small incision has been made in my neck and using a laser he had removed a section from my adams apple making it smooth, but my voice would be a little higher in pitch.
‘Your body has had a lot of changes and it will be tired and need rest, by tomorrow afternoon your breasts will have formed to a permanent shape. I have enjoyed making the changes to you. I will get the nurse to feed you then she will give you a sedative for a good nights sleep’ he smiled ‘goodnight Alice, see you tomorrow’
A pretty young brunette nurse came in, she fussed over me and fed me some chicken soup, my throat was painful as I swallowed, but with her perseverance I managed to eat it all. She gave me a small glass with a liquid in it, I managed to drink it. The last thing I remembered was she tucked me in.
When I woke up I was so hungry, the clock on the wall said eleven am, I must have slept for f******n hours, other than a little soreness here and there, the only uncomfortable bit was my chest. A head popped around the door.
‘Ah good. You are awake a last’
It was the nurse from last night.
‘You must be hungry, I will get you something’
Five minutes later she returned with a tray, I sat up feeling embarrassed because of the stiff cones sticking out from my chest, she helped to feed me, at least I could swallow now, just a little discomfort.
‘Thank you nurse’ my voice squeaked.
Oh hell, I sounded like a five-year-old girl, I must have looked shocked, the nurse smiled
‘Don’t worry Alice, your voice will become normal when your throat heals, it will take a couple of days’.
Later in the afternoon the doctor returned, and very carefully removed the cones from my chest. I looked down and saw two lovely titties sticking out.
‘Perfect’ he said ‘you will need a brassiere now Alice, they are nicely set’ he said while fondling my tits.
He held a mirror so I could see them. They were beautiful, a perfect size, my nipples pointed slightly upwards. A lot of females would be jealous of them.
I could feel his soft hands caressing them, I felt a bit turned on, they seemed very sensitive, and especially the eraser sized nipples.
‘You may go home now, young lady’
‘Thank you so much doctor’ in my little girl voice
I know I blushed.
I got dressed in my clothes, the bra I had been wearing with padding in the cups, fitted me without the padding, the stockings slid easily up my smooth legs, my skirt was loose around my waist where it was tight before, my hips flared the skirt nicely. As I took a few steps, I could feel my hips sway. I couldn’t believe how much I felt like a woman now. I put on a little make up from my purse.
When I arrived home, dad was already there, he was in the kitchen getting dinner ready.
‘Hi dad, I’m home’ I said in my little girlie voice
‘bloody hell Alice, you look fantastic, and you sound so different’
The look on his face was sheer lust. While we were eating, I was toying with the idea whether or not to let him fuck me tonight.
‘Dad can I have my girlfriend Carol stay the weekend’?
‘Of course she can stay, you need not have asked, this is your home as well’
‘Thanks, but you will have to act like my dad at all times’
‘Fair enough I will be the perfect father, I promise, but you will have to show me your new boobs, I am dying to see them’
We finished eating, I stood up and removed my blouse, dads eyes were glued to my bust, I turned around and removed my bra, I put my hands down and slowly turned back.
‘Holy shit’ he gasped ‘the most perfect tits I have ever seen, please can I touch them’
I smiled and went near to him, he reached out and began caressing them, he kissed my nipples, oh god I am getting horny. My mind was made up for me.
‘Greg? Would you like to see Elizabeth later’? I squeaked
‘Wow, would I’?
‘Ok, but I need a shower and get myself sorted out, I think Liz will be ready around nine thirty, so be ready for her’
I went in the bathroom and stripped off, had a douche, then while in the shower I felt around my titties, Wow, they felt good and so sensitive. I dried off and went in my bedroom, I gazed at my beautiful body, perfect tits, narrow waist flaring out to nice rounded hips, I got hard just looking at myself, I started wanking at my reflection, at this sexy girl staring back, I grabbed a tissue as I started cumming hard, I only wished I could fuck me.
I dressed in white silky underwear, white shiny stockings and a white see through negligee, three inch white stiletto strappy shoes. As I was putting on makeup I heard dad in the bathroom whistling some tune. I went down into the lounge, lowered the lighting, got two glasses and a bottle of wine from the fridge. I was looking forward to getting fucked senseless tonight.
‘Liz darling you look out of this world’
He rushed over and hugged me to him kissing my neck.
‘Greg my lover, I want you badly, but don’t forget to be gentle with my new body’
I stepped back and handed him a glass of wine
We downed our drinks in record time, I reached up and kissed him on the cheek
‘Come darling, make love to me’
I held his hand and led him to the stairs, I made sure to go up first so he could see the sway of my hips
‘You look so pure dressed in white’ he said as we entered the bedroom.
‘My new body is still a virgin, I want you to be the first to use it’
He undressed, his large dick standing out bobbing in the air, he then started removing my clothes slowly, whilst caressing my body, I finished up standing with just my stockings on. He kissed my neck and gradually down to my new titties, he sucked and played with them
‘Beautiful’ he kept muttering ‘just beautiful’
I was getting hard again, my tits just loved to have this attention. He continued down my body and gently lay me on the bed, he kissed down one leg and sucked my toes through the nylon, then to the other foot, up that leg to my hard dick. I was amazed as he took the whole of my dick into his throat, it felt amazing, as he sucked I felt his throat muscles swallowing my knob.
‘I am going to cum’ I squealed
He pulled me tight onto him, I was cumming directly into his gullet, that was one hell of a blowjob I thought. I could see he was ready for me, I reached over and handed him a new tube of KY. His fingers felt good as he prepared me, he lifted my legs to his shoulders.
‘Are you ready Liz darling’
I smiled and nodded, I felt his dick pushing at my anus, I relaxed and let him into me, he penetrated me gently and slowly, I felt so full again as he got deeper. With his thighs on the back of my legs, I knew he was fully home. He gazed at my face as he began fucking me, I could see the love in his eyes. I felt wonderful being fucked, I loved the feeling of him sliding in and out.
‘Greg darling’ I whispered ‘you have now taken the virginity of my new body’
He speeded up his thrusting, I was using my anal ring to grip him while trying to draw him in deeper with my insides. He smiled down at me
‘Liz darling you are so sexy’
Without any warning his dick pumped a load of his love cream deep in me. True to form, his dick stayed hard, but his pace slowed to a steady movement. He was stroking my body as he fucked, gently fondling my titties, it felt so good being made love to as a girl with that large dick inside me. He carried on for what seemed like hours, the steady slurp..slurp in time with his rhythm. My bottom was quite used to his large dick now, it felt so good being filled by it.
‘Make me pregnant Greg, fill me with your cum, let me have your baby’
I realised I should not have said that, dad could not produce active sperm. Dad had been in a car accident just after I was born, his balls had got damaged and he was rendered infertile, although he produced liquid as normal when cumming, it was totally without live sperm. Maybe that is why mum left him eventually, I know she wanted a large family, I hope I had not upset him. He did not seem to respond to what I had said, instead his thrusts became stronger.
‘I am doing my best Liz, you will have to be patient darling’
He pushed hard into me, I felt his dick swell and pulse once more as he shot his cum. He was out of breath, he had put a lot of effort into fucking me, he rolled to his side off me, I got some tissues and wiped his softening dick.
‘I love fucking you Liz, I can’t get enough of you’
‘I love having you fuck me Greg, you always satisfy me’
‘I fancy a drink now, I need a break, you wear me out’
He took my hand and helped me off the bed.
‘Don’t get dressed, you look great as you are’
We went down to the lounge, he poured the drinks and handed me one, I turned to sit down
‘Please stand there, I want to see your lovely body Liz’.
He walked slowly around me admiring my body, I felt embarrassed standing naked in front of him except for my stockings, and a trickle of cum running down the inside of my legs.
‘Your body is perfect darling, absolutely perfect, I feel honoured being able to make love to you’
‘I am honoured Greg, that you want me so much’
He stood in front of me, with his limp dick hanging there, I kneeled in front of him and kissed it down each side and under the bulbous knob, then sucked as much as I could into my mouth, it started to respond to my ministrations, eventually it was too big, my jaw began to ache. He picked me up and bent me over the arm of the sofa, his now stiff dick entered me easily. He was once again fucking me. He rammed that huge dick in me for half an hour, before he once again dumped another load in me. As I tried to stand, my legs were wobbly, he picked me up and carried me up to my bed, after wiping my bottom, he plumped the pillow then tucked me in. I was well and truly fucked, I was asleep in seconds.
‘Wake up sleepyhead, I have brought you a coffee’
I came to, and felt groggy, I must have slept very deeply
‘Ugh, oh thanks dad’ my voice not so squeaky, more like a ten year old girl.
‘Are you ok? How do you feel this morning’
‘All right, I think’
‘Do you feel sore’?
‘No dad, just a little tender’
‘Sorry about last night, I got a bit carried away’
‘Liz enjoyed herself and so did I’ I said sexily.
dad chuckled
‘I have to go to work now, ‘bye Alice’
‘ ‘bye Greg’ I said grinning
He gave a broad smile as he went out. I had a douche and shower and stroked my lovely titties then leisurely dressed, nice nylon underwear, tan stockings, the blouse just showed the top of my cleavage, the skirt although slightly loose at the waist came just above the knee, strappy three inch heels showing my painted toenails. After applying my make up, I put on a necklace, I looked in the mirror, boy, did I feel and look good. I was pleased dad found me sexy and liked fucking me, I felt I had made the right decision by letting him have me, I felt closer to him now we were lovers.
I went down and after I finished a slice of toast Janet arrived to pick me up.
‘Wow, you look fabulous Alice’ she said as I opened the door
‘Thanks Janet, you look pretty good too’.
Our first call was to get my ears pierced, I picked out four sets of earrings and matching necklaces, Janet wanted me to get more, but I didn’t want to take liberties with the generosity of my company. We visited various shops for underwear, shoes, had a snack for lunch, then off to a ladies tailor to get measured for three business suits with knee length skirts, the lady who measured me said I was thirty six ‘C’ twenty four waist and thirty six hip, she remarked I was so lucky having a perfect figure. Janet said we should call it a day, and we could finish off shopping tomorrow. When she pulled up to my home, I invited her in for a coffee.
‘I have really enjoyed being with you today Alice, and I love shopping’
‘I have had fun too, you are a nice friend Janet’
We chatted for a while, she said
‘I must go, I will pick you up at the same time in the morning’
I walked her to the front door, as I leaned forward to open it, she grabbed me by the waist and kissed me on the lips, I was so surprised, before I knew it we were kissing using our tongues, it felt great,
‘I have wanted to do that since you came to the office on Monday, I am sorry, but I think you are so sexy, don’t get me wrong, I am not a lesbian, I was just desperate to kiss you’.
‘I am glad you did, I enjoyed it too, but don’t forget I still have boy feelings’
She waved as she left, and blew me a kiss.
I put all my new clothes and shoes away, it looks like I will have to clear some out, I was getting short of space with mums clothes as well.
I got dinner ready for when dad came home.
‘Hi sweetheart’ he said as he came in
‘Hi dad, dinners ready’
We chatted while we were eating
‘I like your earrings, they look good on you’
‘I had my ears pierced today, and got measured for suits for work’
‘Will Elizabeth be in tonight’?
‘No dad not tonight, I am a bit tired after last night and shopping today’
We sat in the lounge and polished off a bottle of wine, dad didn’t ask again about Liz, he was my dad tonight. At ten, I kissed his cheek
‘Goodnight dad’
‘Goodnight Alice, I will bring you a coffee before I leave for work’
Before I dropped off to sleep I thought of what Janet had said, I had always fancied her as Alan, and with that kiss, I fancied her as Alice too. I slept soundly. A kiss on my forehead woke me.
‘Good morning Alice, here is your drink, catch you tonight, ‘byee’
‘Thanks dad’ I called as he went out.
I had my usual douche and shower, running my hands all over my body, mmm, I felt so good. I was dressed and ready when Janet arrived, when I opened the door, she stepped in held me close and kissed me again. I broke the kiss
‘You will have to stop doing that Janet, it will get out of hand’
‘Don’t you like it Alice’?
‘Of course I do, but I don’t want it to go too far, it would get complicated’
‘Sex doesn’t have to be complicated, just two people enjoying each other’
‘Let’s finish shopping’ I said changing the subject
I got a couple of dresses, a few skirts, some tops, stockings and tights and a couple of cute white ankle socks with frilly lace around the top. After lunch to the tailors, they had altered the suits, then I had my hair lightened, curled, and nails done. My face was professionally made up and my eyebrows shaped.
Mid afternoon we were finished, Janet took me home with all my shopping, she came in for coffee and offered to help me put my things away. as we hung up the last of the clothes, she spun me round and kissed me again, it got passionate, we fell on the bed with our lips locked.
‘God, I want you so much Alice’
She slid down and lifted my skirt, she pulled at my panties
‘No Janet, it’s not right, we shouldn’t’
She didn’t answer, she pulled my panties off, and released my dick, it was already hard, she bent and sucked on it, I knew we had no chance of stopping now. She stood up and pulled her own panties off, got on the bed and knelt astride me, she held my dick and lowered herself onto it. Mmm, nice, I thought, she rode me making small grunting noises from her throat.
‘You feel so good in me Alice’
After a few minutes I held her tight and spun her over onto her back, I then began fucking her hard, it seemed ages since I fucked anyone especially a real girl, her pussy was warm and my dick was pounding it, she climaxed twice, before I got to the point of no return, then I shot my load in her, as she came again.
‘Fucking hell, that was some great fuck’ she gasped
‘You started it’ I grinned
I looked at her face beneath me, she was smiling with a satisfied look. I could feel my dick rising again, I must take after my dad I thought. I rammed my dick back in her, she had a look of amazement on her face. I fucked her again, I lasted for ages this time, I lost count of how many times she cum before I added a second blast in her.
‘I can’t believe such a pretty girl like you can fuck me to a standstill, I am totally shattered’
‘You deserved it Janet, you are very sexy and you led me on’
‘Oh hell’ she said looking at her watch ‘I have to go, my boyfriend is coming over’
She jumped off the bed and fell flat on her face
‘My legs are all weak and wobbly, please help me Alice’
I helped her down, then to her car, she looked a mess, lipstick and mascara smeared, hair sticking to her face, her eyes had dark rings under them and her clothes dishevelled. I waved her goodbye then went in to get dinner ready, I had to rush and just manage to finish when dad arrived.
‘Hiya babe, how’s things’
‘Hi dad, fine thanks’ I said as I put the plates on the table
‘You look a bit of a mess’
I checked myself in the mirror, just like Janet, my lipstick smeared, eyeliner and mascara run on my face, hair untidy.
‘Sorry dad, I have been with a girl and forgot to clean up, I had to rush to get dinner ready’.
‘Lucky you, was it good’?
‘Yeah, pretty good, but I would have preferred to be with Carol though’
‘You miss her don’t you’?
‘Yes, I can’t wait to see her’
We ate dinner and I tidied up. Dad went in the lounge. I was excited as I rang Carol I wanted to see her again.
‘Hi Carol, it’s ok for the weekend’
‘Oh Alice darling, you sound so different, I am dying to see you, I can be there tomorrow about six, is that ok’?
‘Great, I will get dinner ready for you. I can show you my new body’
‘New body’?
‘Yes, you will be surprised when you see me’
‘I can’t wait’
‘Nor can I, got to go, love you’
‘Love you too, lots, byee’
I thought about dad, he had not mentioned Liz, and he was going to be my dad not my lover over the weekend. I was going to be with Carol tomorrow night, it didn’t seem fair that he won’t get any sex for a few days, and I will with Carol.
I had a good fuck with Janet today, I will give dad a treat and let him fuck me, after all, I did like being fucked. I went and douched and showered, although I ran my hands over my body, I did not get a hard dick, Janet had made sure of that. As I went in the bedroom, on the floor were two pair of panties, I chuckled, I put her pair on the side. After getting myself ready wearing pink sexy underwear and made up, I put a see through white negligee on and went down to dad.
‘Greg’ I said sternly ‘you haven’t got yourself ready for me’ my voice was now at a normal female pitch, I liked the sound of it.
He looked up from the newspaper, his jaw dropped when he saw me
‘bloody hell Alice, is that you Liz’?
‘Yes Greg, ready and waiting, I will be in my bedroom darling’
He rushed up to the bathroom, I could hear the shower running as I passed, I lay back on the bed, I felt tired with today’s events. I woke with a start, I felt hands stroking my body.
‘You are so sexy’ he breathed
I sat up and removed the negligee.
‘I am all yours Greg, just take me’
He worshipped all over my body with his hands and kisses, he removed my bra, I raised myself as he removed my panties. I handed him a tube of KY. After preparing us both, he lifted my legs, I relaxed as his dick entered me, I smiled up at him as he eased further in. he fucked me gently until I had loosened up, then fucked me hard, I did the rectum squeezes, his dick spewed it’s contents in me, and as usual he continued reaming my bottom. He withdrew and turned me on all fours, then slammed his dick back fully home, he played with my dangling breasts as he jack hammered my ass
‘Oh Lizzz’
He filled me with another load. I wiped him clean as he fell off me onto his back.
Bring, bring, the phone rang. I picked it up,
‘Hello’? I said
‘Hello, sorry to trouble you, can I speak to Gregory please’? a female voice enquired
‘Just a moment’
I put my hand over the mouthpiece
‘Dad, it’s a woman asking for you’
‘Who is it’? he whispered
I shrugged and shook my head, I passed him the phone
‘Hello, Greg Parson here’ pause ‘Good god, Elizabeth, what do you want’? dad switched on the speakerphone.
‘Greg, I am sorry if it is inconvenient right now, I can phone some other time’
‘No, it’s ok, carry on’
‘But a woman answered’
‘It is your daughter’
‘I haven’t got a daughter’
‘Yes you have, she used to be your son’
‘Alan is now Alice’
‘What on earth has happened to my son’?
‘It’s a long story, do you want me to explain’?
‘I phoned to see if I can come over and talk to you, I desperately need to explain what happened’
‘You left me, that’s what happened’
‘But I need to tell you the whole story, are you free Saturday morning’
‘Yes, that will be ok, but Alice will have her girlfriend here’
‘I thought you said Alan was now a girl, how come she has a girlfriend’?
‘We will explain when you get here’
‘Ok, see you Saturday about nine in the morning, oh by the way, I will have a little person with me, goodbye Greg’
Dad hung up the phone, he had a frown on his forehead. I couldn’t help but giggle.
‘What’s funny’ he asked.
‘We are both laying here naked, you have just fucked your son come daughter thinking of your wife, and your real wife was just on the phone, that’s what is funny’
He saw the funny side of it and started laughing, he put his arms around me and cuddled me tight, we lay there chuckling over the situation.
‘What Alice’?
‘Would you like to fuck your daughter for a change? it may be the last time’
‘I would love to Alice, pass me the KY’
I lay on my back and raised my legs, offering my body to him
Dad lubed up and entered me easily
‘Ooohh daddy, you are so big in me’
‘Alice darling, you feel wonderful just like your mum does when I am in her’
‘Fuck me daddy, fuck your little girl’
And fuck me he did, he lasted for ages, his massive dick sliding up my eager bottom. Eventually his pace quickened, he squirted another lot of sperm into me, it felt so good. I cleaned us both with tissues, dad pulled the covers over me and kissed me softly on my lips.
‘Goodnight Alice darling’
I woke up as dad once again kissed my lips, that is the second time in my life he had done that, but they were not sexy or romantic kisses, they were from a caring father sort of kiss’
‘Wake up little one, coffee by your bedside, I am off to work’
I drank my hot drink thinking about yesterday, I fucked my bosses secretary, dad had fucked me as my mum, then he fucked me as his daughter, my girlfriend is coming today and my mum is coming tomorrow. This weekend should prove interesting. I did my usual in the bathroom, got dressed in a set of new underwear, dark tan stockings, black shoes, then put on one of my work suits, make up and hair done, new earrings, I checked myself in the mirror, I looked like an attractive female executive. I put Janet’s panties in my purse.
I swiped my security pass and caught the lift, Janet looked up as I approached, her face blushed bright red.
‘Hello Janet darling, hope everything went ok with your boyfriend yesterday, oh, and by the way, you left these in my bedroom’ I handed over her panties.
She grabbed them and quickly put them in her desk drawer.
‘Alice, you left me in a proper mess, I just managed to get in the shower when my boyfriend turned up. I had to tell him I had been sick all afternoon. I could hardly walk properly, I felt so weak’
‘As I said, you started it’ and gave her a smile
‘Oh, don’t get me wrong, I loved it’ she pressed a button ‘Stephen, Alice Smith is here’
‘Send her in Janet’
I went in, Stephen looked me up and down appraisingly, he motioned with his finger for me to turn around.
‘Perfect Alice, absolutely perfect, very attractive, nicely dressed professional looking female. Tell me, how do you feel now you have had surgery and your body changed’
‘I love it Stephen, I really love my new body’
‘Good gracious, even your voice has changed’
‘I love that too’ I giggled
‘Can I ask you to remove your jacket so I can get a better look at you’
I took off my jacket and gave a twirl
‘You have a great figure, do you know your measurements’?
‘thirty six, twenty four, thirty six’
‘Amazing, a hell of a lot of women would give their right arm for that figure’ he smiled ‘now back to reality, most of your work now will be covering the Santex sites, Monday and Tuesday you will be starting with fairly local ones, just to ease you in to your new role as our top female engineer. If all goes well, in one month’s time, you will get a raise in salary’
‘I will do my best Stephen, I can’t thank our company enough for having made these changes to me. I am very happy now’
‘With the impression you made on them as a female, it was purely a case of gaining a very lucrative customer if we kept you the same, so your body changes became our investment. We have worked out your schedule for the next month. Janet will give you the itinerary’
‘Thank you Stephen’
I put on my jacket and went out to Janet.
‘All ok in there’? she asked
‘Yes great thanks Janet’
She handed me the workload.
‘Can I see you again sometime’?
‘I have a lot on my plate for a while, maybe sometime in the future’
‘I will look forward to it’ she smiled.

Continued with Alice part three.

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