Am I a Bad Aunt – Part 2

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Am I a Bad Aunt – Part 2
Am I a Bad Aunt – Part Two

By billy69boy

(Part one ended with young Ariel’s face just inches away from her Aunt Eve’s trembling wet pussy.)

I could feel my entire body shaking in anticipation of what was to come next: my precious young niece sat poised in front of my vulnerable, quivering pussy, and I thought I might just spontaneously combust right then and there. I kept my eyes shut tight, and put one arm over my eyes for good measure, as I held my breath and waited. And then it happened:

Ariel’s warm slick tongue gently licked up and down my labia, slowly and teasingly, causing my butt to push up off the table to meet her mouth. I let out a combination groan and shriek as she worked her oral magic. I could tell right away that this wasn’t her first experience pleasuring a pussy with her tongue and lips. I made a mental note to ask her later where she got her experience, although I was pretty sure I knew. But for now, all I could think about were the intense feelings going on between my legs.

Ariel leaned in and wrapped her good arm around my leg, holding on tight as she ravaged my cunt with her sucking lips. She burrowed her face shamelessly into my wetness and ate me out with that youthful enthusiasm that only teenagers possess. Encouraged by her boldness, I dropped my arms down and held onto her head. I thrust my pelvis towards her hungry mouth again and again, until I could hold back no longer:


I flew right over the top, and gushed all over her innocent face, such was the intensity of my climax. I lay lifeless on the table for several minutes before I could manage to open my eyes and see my proud niece beaming from ear to ear; her face glistening with my love juice.

“Oh, Aunt Evie, you taste so good!” she exclaimed, as she stood up and went into the bathroom for some towels. She came back with a towel to her face, wiping my juice off as she lovingly spread the other towel between my legs, and wiped me dry. She also had a few other things with her that looked familiar. She seemed to read my mind, because she answered before I could even formulate the question:

“I’m afraid all that hot action might have caused my temperature to go up. Would you mind having a look?” she asked, as she slid the thermometer out of its case.

Hmmm, I thought, she’s really into this whole anal penetration thing, and it made me wonder just how far it had gone. To hear her talk earlier, it sure sounded like something she learned pretty early in life. True, this was only the second time with me, so I wouldn’t necessarily call it an addiction, but it did seem like a bit of an obsession for her.

“Sure, sweetie, whatever you’d like,” I said with a smile, as I sat up and eased off the table, my legs still noticeably wobbly. “And thank you for that wonderful orgasm!” Her face turned red, but her grin was wide and proud. “Now let me help you up on the table…”

“But…but, I’m supposed to lie across your lap first,” she reminded me nervously.

“It’s okay, Ariel, I have another way to do it, if you’re willing to try,” I explained.

“Oh, okay,” she replied hesitantly, as she stepped up on the chair, and gingerly made her way onto the table, mindful of her broken arm.

“Okay, honey, just kneel down and face the wall,” I instructed. As she settled into position, I guided her head down until she rested it in the crook of her good arm. I plucked the rectal thermometer out of her hand, and lightly ran it around my niece’s steamy orifices, teasing her swollen pussy and anxious asshole with it, until she was squirming around, moaning.

“Don’t forget the baby oil,” she reminded me. I didn’t acknowledge her instruction, as I had other ideas in mind: I laid the thermometer down on the towel, and stood firmly behind Ariel’s smooth tight ass. I began to massage her cheeks for a minute or two, and I already started to feel tingling again between my legs. My fingers swirled around and kneaded her firm flesh, causing her to wiggle her ass in the air in response. Without warning, I spread her cheeks and laid my hot tongue on her pink star. She gasped in surprise.

“I have something better than baby oil to lube your ass with,” I announced brazenly, as my tongue rimmed around dark circle and plunged into her forbidden entrance. She groaned out loud at the sensation, and commanded me to go deeper, which I did. I tongue fucked her ass hole as deep as my tongue would go, all the while grazing her clit with my fingernails.

“Oh, Eve, that feels so good…suck my ass please, I love that!” she demanded, “oh that’s it, now finger my pussy too!” I was getting a clearer picture of her obvious experience in these matters. Considering how shy she was, she sure knew how to talk the talk, and I got the feeling she was well schooled. I wondered just how involved she was with her mother (my older sibling Maddie), as I slowly eased the thermometer deep into her quivering rectum. I slid it in and out of her tight orifice, and pushed two fingers into her slick cunt with my other hand. She exhaled excitedly, and copied my rhythm by pushing back against my intrusions. I decided to ask her some personal questions right after I finished finger fucking her pussy, and eating her ass to orgasm, which didn’t take long at all.
Once my young niece stopped writhing and thrashing around on the table, I helped her down, and she ran off to the bathroom. I fixed us some tea, and we sat in the kitchen, naked and content. The more I looked at her, the prettier I realized she was: such a firm, athletic body, and emerald green eyes contrasted nicely with her gorgeous red hair. Her skin was rather pale, but she wasn’t covered in freckles. I realized I was falling for her in a way that an aunt probably shouldn’t do, but I really loved her, and I would never do anything to hurt her, I thought. But now it was time to get some answers:

“So, sweetheart, I’ve noticed that you seem to have some experience with sex, and you seem to have a special interest in anal sex. Do you want to tell me about it?” I asked as gently as possible. Ariel blushed, and stared into her tea cup. She was silent at first, and obviously reluctant to broach the subject.

“It’s okay if you don’t want to talk about it honey, but I just thought that now we’ve come this far together, you might be willing to open up to me, that’s all,” I explained. My coy niece looked up at me and blushed again, still hesitant, but I sensed she had a desire to tell me everything.

“Well, you and I did make a pact, but my problem is, I made the same pact with my mom, and now I don’t know what to do. I’m afraid of what she might do if she finds out what’s been going on with you and me,” she almost whispered, squirming nervously in her chair. Not to mention, if mama finds out I told you and her and me…but I guess you can ask me some questions if you want.”

“Well, I am curious about a few things, but before I say anything else, I want to assure you that I don’t plan to run to your mother and tell her anything, okay?” I told her right up front, “this will still be between you and me.” Ariel nodded her head anxiously, as a sense of relief came over her face.

“Am I correct in assuming that you and your mom have been playing “thermometer” for quite some time now?” I asked with my first question. Ariel silently shook her head up and down again. “So when did it begin?” She thought about it for a few seconds, and then shrugged her shoulders.

“To be honest, I don’t really remember when it all started. Of course, it was all very innocent in the beginning. Whenever I ran a fever, my mom would go for the thermometer. She is a nurse, after all, and I never really thought anything of it. But after a few times, I realized it felt good having my bottom played with. It made my…front get all tingly too, and I remember the first time I asked her to ‘take my temperature’ there too. I know I was pretty young. Anyway, looking back, I guess my mom was getting some tingling too, and we ended up having this whole ritual, where she would ‘lube’ my bottom with her oily finger deeper and deeper each time. I loved the sensation, and soon she was ‘lubing’ my vagina too,” she said softly.

By now, I my pussy was oozing wetness, and it was my turn to shift around uneasily in my chair. I urged her to continue.

“When she d****d me naked over her knees, inserting the thermometer deep into my behind, she would pleasure my vagina with her fingers at the same time. Those were my first orgasms, and they were still some of the most intense I’ve ever had. Soon, I was getting a ‘fever’ every night around bedtime, and she would take my temperature. I guess she was enjoying it too, even though we didn’t really talk about it. But afterward, I could hear her moaning, and the bed in her room would shake for a few minutes; I could hear the faint sound of the springs gently creaking.

“My curiosity got the better of me one night, and I snuck up to her door, which was slightly open. As I peeked in, I could see my mom lying naked on her bed, legs spread, and she was pushing some kind of long thing in and out of her ‘front’. My shuddering legs gave out on me, I got so excited: I tripped into the door, and it swung wide open. I landed on the floor, startling mama, who quickly jumped out of bed to help me.

“Well, her secret was out then, and she didn’t try to cover anything up or make excuses. She just scooped me up, kissed my forehead and gently laid me down alongside her in bed. Of course, the first thing I did was ask her about the dildo that now lay between us. She told me it was a ‘toy’ that helped big people feel good. She told me someday I would be able to try one, but I was too young now, and it would be painful. When I whined, she told me she could show me another way to feel good, and that was the first time she used her mouth on my virginal pussy.”

Wow, I thought: my young sexy niece was confirming all my suspicions so far. I was so hot that I had to convince myself not to reach out and caress her jutting tits, and slide a few fingers up her cunt. I was so antsy; I got up and put more water on for tea, trying to keep my composure. I finally had her spilling her guts, and I didn’t want to get off track.

“So, I am hearing that you and your mom have been…very close for quite a long time,” I said, prompting her to continue.

“Oh yes, very! In fact, when I first asked you to take my temperature, it was because I was so hot and missing her so much, and I got really horny having you around. I should have just kept my mouth shut, but what’s done is done, I guess. I don’t know if mom would understand. She’s very protective of me, and pretty strict about what I can do and what I can’t,” she answered rather cryptically.

“Like what?” I just had to ask.

“We’ll, she lets me do pretty much anything that feels good to my bottom, including putting bigger things up there than just thermometers. But she still doesn’t want me to use any toys in my vagina, because she wants me to save my virginity until I’m a little older. She told me about my hymen, and I don’t think she wants me to feel the pain of breaking it. I don’t really mind much, I can still have fingers and mouths down there, and it’s not like I have a boyfriend or anything,” she explained matter-of-factly.

“So, you and your mom have a lot of fun together then? Is there anyone else you’ve been sexually involved with, besides her and me?” I inquired, getting hornier by the minute.

“Aside from playing with a few girls at sleepovers, no, not really…well, I guess I should include Malcolm…” her voice trailed off.

“Malcolm?” I blurted out, rather surprised at her revelation.

“Well, yes, Aunt Evie, but before I tell you any more, do you think we could finish our tea and maybe you could give me a sponge bath? I’m feeling kind of itchy down there,” she asked.

“I’d love to, cutie,” I replied, probably a little too enthusiastically, but I was anxious for some more serious play, now that I had an idea what was going on with her.

Even though we wouldn’t be able to shower together, I still wrapped her cast in a plastic trash bag, and taped it up so we wouldn’t get it wet. As she stood in the tub, I sprayed her down with the hand held shower. I washed her hair, and then I gently rubbed her down from head to toe with shower gel and her wash cloth, skipping her midsection for the time being. Ariel must have sensed my motivation, because she didn’t ask questions, as I busied myself getting her athletic legs squeaky clean, along with her feet. Finally, I slowly made my way back up to her hips.

When I gently pushed against her legs, she spread them open as she watched me approach her crotch with the soapy wash cloth. I wasted no time rubbing her mound and getting it all slick with the gel. Whoops, I must have ‘slipped’, when my finger slid in between her hot labia. She let out a lusty groan, and reached down and grabbed my free hand and held it tightly between her legs. I immediately got another finger to join the first one, and slowly eased them in and out of her slippery love canal.

Unsatisfied, she again put her hand on mine, until I got the message, and inserted my ring finger deep into her butt. That was it…now she was groaning loudly and gutturally, as she spread her legs farther apart and road my three fingers wildly. She reached up for the hand held shower head and changed the setting to ‘massage’ and handed it to me. She grasped the safety bar to hold herself steady, and I directed the pulsating stream of water onto her clit, as I continued to finger her pussy and ass with my other hand.

I got the feeling that this was one of her regular routines with her mother, because she really had it down pat, and she cried out in orgasm after only a few minutes. She threw her head back, eyes closed, and mumbled incoherently. I could swear she was foaming at the mouth, as she reared up onto her tiptoes, and her whole body shook uncontrollably. She finally pulled my hand away, and slumped back against the shower wall. I changed the setting back on the shower head, and finished rinsing her spent body. She mustered up enough strength to help me get her out of the tub and dried off. After freeing her arm cast from the plastic bag, I helped her to her bedroom, and excused myself to take my own shower. Before I left her room, she pointed to her night stand, and motioned for me to open it.

“Take some of them with you,” she offered. The drawer was full of all kinds of sex toys: vibrators and dildoes of all sizes and colors, along with butt plugs, anal beads, even one of those horse tails attached to a butt plug.

“Wow, that’s quite a collection you’ve got there!” I exclaimed, genuinely impressed. I pulled out a particularly hefty black dildo that was inserted into a strap-on harness. I held it up for my niece to see and chuckled playfully, and said: “Oh is this ‘Malcolm’?”

Ariel laughed, and shook her head: “No, Aunt Evie, that’s not Malcolm…pretty close though! When you’re done taking your shower, I’ll tell you all about him.”

I took along a couple of the more modest sized toys and padded off down the hall to the bathroom.

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