An African Adventure

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An African Adventure
Mark opened his eyes, slowly waking up from a deep sleep. He twisted his whole body and stretched his arms and legs and sucked in a deep breath of fresh air to wake his systems up.
Hmmmmmwoooaaaah Mark yawned and reached for his rock hard morning erection. As soon as he touched it, he felt horny. He scratched his scrotum with his left hand and his beardy stubble on his face with his right hand, like most men do every morning. A little fart espaced from his butthole. Oopsy Mark schuckled…….He wondered: hmmm, shall I masturbate? or wait for Aloea? Aloea was his house or rather hut maid and helper. Mark dazed to the ceiling and let his fantasies go, then threw the blanket off him and jumped out of bed. Aloea it is, he decided.
Mark was a 27 year old Dutch medic, specialised in alternative medicines, but also a classically studied general practitioner. Besides that, also a true adventurer. His biggest dream and wish, was to try and live with an isolated African tribe, in a remote area and learn from their ways, especially to learn about their tribal medicines. After a lot of research, two visits to Africa, endless patience, talking, negotiating and convincing, he managed to get a lead to encounter the Lutowa tribe, one of the still nearly unspoilt tribes in Central Africa. The first time he visited them, was with two local guides, who took Mark for 5 hours along the Banghi River, after which they had to walk nearly half a day to get to the village of the Lutowa´s, deep in the African jungle. It was a simple settlement, with about 30 huts in between the trees, more or less built around an open clearing in the forest, which was like the village central area. There was one large hut, which was for village meetings and here the village Council held their meetings and Mark was received. Only a hand full of tribe members spoke some English, but Mark always being friendly, smiling and respectful was more or less accepted as a visitor. His guides met with the tribe elders and explained Mark´s intentions and after a few cups of the local coconut brew, Mark was allowed to stay with the tribe. It was agreed with the tribe Council that Mark would return in 20 sunsets, so they could inform the tribe and prepare for his arrival. Mark couldn´t believe it and was totally exited. But he also realised this was going to be a tough life and not without risk, as there was no communications, no help, nothing. In the 2 days he was staying, he tried to learn as much as possible, talking mainly via his guides. He also spoke to the tribe elder, who did speak some English.
20 sunsets later, Mark returned with the two guides and 3 rucksacks of his stuff. The guides stayed the night, as there was a small ceremony, a communal meal and dancing to drum rhythms to welcome Mark. The next day, the guides left and Mark and wished Mark well. He was now alone with the Lutowa people. Most tribe people were a little weary of him, some even a little scared, especially some of the women and c***dren. Only the village dogs seem to want to be his friend. Mark loved dogs and dogs sense that. The k**s ran off screaming and laughing, every time this white man came near them. Who was this white man? And why was he wearing all these cloths? As Mark was wearing shorts and a shirt and walking shoes. The Lutowa women only had their chest and breasts partly covered by chains of colourful beads and wore a rectangular leather cover over their private parts, held by a strap around their waist. The men had two crossed over leather straps around their upper body, to carry their hunting weapons and or tools and a similar type of cover over their genitals as the women did. And although these cloths were meant to cover things, with

bending, active movement or running, private parts were easily exposed. But no one really took notice of that, nor were they aware it would probably got u a hefty fine or even maybe a visit to the local police cell in the modern western world. It was also quite normal, that the men walked around with an erection and that having sex in public was most normal thing in the world. Mark´s eyes popped out of his head the first few days, when he saw one of the village hunters coming out of the forest with a killed monkey hanging over his shoulder and a huge erection sticking out from under his cover cloth. He then saw him walking up to his hut, where his wife was pounding wheat in front of the hut. Upon seeing her husband´s erection, she stopped, stepped of her stool and positioned herself on her mat on hands and knees in what we know as the doggy position. The hunter threw the monkey near the hut entrance and kneeled behind her, pulled up the woman´s bum cloth, put some spit on his erected cock and slipped inside her. He fucked her wildly and came quickly. He pulled out of her, pressed the last bit of cum from his cock, got up and walked into the hut to rest. The woman lifted herself up on her knees, let the hunter´s cum drain out of her on the ground, pushed some sand over it with her foot, sat on her stool again and continued pounding her wheat, seemingly undisturbed by it all. And all this in open view of the others. But nobody really paid any attention to it when they walked past the couple having their little mid day session. Also the k**s kept playing their games, undisturbed by their parent´s antics. And these copulating sessions, happened throughout the day and quite often in full view of the rest of the tribe. It was part of tribal life for the Lutowa people.
The big breakthrough of Mark´s acceptance within the tribe came when he saved a baby and his mother during birth. The baby had been entangled in the umbilical cord and wasn´t breathing when he came out. The now blackish blue umbilical cord consequently had started poisoning the mother. Mark, being a doctor, knew immediately what to do and managed to revive the baby and gave the mother a shot of medication he had brought in his medical kit. It took some convicing sticking a needle in to the woman´s arm, but with intervention of the village elder, Mark could administer the medicine. When the village women waiting outside the hut heard the crying of the baby and the lady helping Mark shouted out baby and mother were ok, they all cheered and started dancing and chanting. Mark was now considered a hero with magical powers and everybody in the tribe thanked him for saving this baby´s and his mother´s life. Even more important, it was the son of the chief hunter Akue he rescued, so this scored Mark many brownie points. Akue could not thank Mark enough and even embraced Mark, which was very unusual for higher ranking tribesmen to do and a great honour to Mark.
Because of what was in their eyes a miracle, the tribe council felt they had to do something for Mark. Initially he had to share a hut with the tribal elder´s son, but it was decided that the community would build him his own hut and they would ask Aloea to be his house or rather hut keeper. Mark also got a set of official Lutowa gear to wear, which he tried for a day. But when he noticed that everybody was staring at his white willy whenever the cover cloth would blow up or move, he got his shorts back on.
Aloea , Mark´s house keeper, was now in her late thirties. Nobody knew exactly their own ages, but the village elder knew she was 37 moons. She was a friendly, quiet woman. She looked older than her age and had a typical African shape and biggish butt. Her grief over the loss of her husband had left marks on her face and she looked a little worn and sad most of the time. It was obvious though, that once she was a good looking woman, with a strong body. Aloea had become a widow about 3

years ago as she had lost her husband during a battle with the Kikalu tribe, another tribe that had their village about 15 miles further up in the jungle. There had been several skirmishes between the two tribes over claims of hunting grounds. To stop the hostilities, the tribe elders did come together for a peace meeting, but the blood loss between them, meant there was still a lot of animosity between the tribes. During one of the skirmishes, Aloea´s husband was hit by a Kikalu arrow, which had pierced his heart and killed him near instantly. Although the death of Bebo by a Kikalu arrow was more or less accidental, if flared the anger against the Kikalu again. His fellow hunters had to carry the corps of Bebo back to their village and had to present it to Aloea. A typical Lutowa burial ceremony and three days of mourning followed. Aloea was inconsolable and after this, led a very quiet and solitary life, as Bebo and her never had been able to have c***dren. The tribe did look after Aloea and daily brought her fruits, food and water. After 2 years of being alone, she was allowed to choose another man again, but she didn´t. She did however accept to being Mark´s helper and cooked and cleaned for him, but remained living in her own hut.
Mark could hear Aloea come into his hut, to make him his breakfast and bring fresh water. It was after about a week that Mark lived in his hut that Aloea came into the hut in the morning and she caught him in bed stroking his morning erection. She then walked up to the bed and kneeled down on the floor and placed herself in what seem a Lutowa standard, the doggie position. She pointed her bum towards the bed and Mark looked straight into her bum crack. Mark, not totally awake yet and not knowing what to do, tried to ask Aloea what she wanted, but Aloea didn´t understand his english. So, Aloea crawled on hands and knees to the bed and took Mark´s hand and started pulling him out of bed. She indicated Mark to go on his knees too. Aloea then positioned herself in front of him and pulled Mark towards her, till his hard morning cock touched her bum. Mark, now realising Aloea´s intentions were, thought: ok, well I don´t mind, better than wanking! He put his right hand between Aloea´s thighs and stroked them and her bum cheeks. Aloea spread her legs a little, so Mark´s fingers could touch her better. His fingers ran long her pussy lips and with his index finger he pushed Aloea´s pussy a little open. Mark could see a little of the pink skin of the inside, which he found quite intriguing and gave him a horny shiver through his body. Mark never really seen a black woman´s pussy, except the few split seconds when he could see one coming exposed from under the cover cloths. He could feel Aloea getting moist. Aloea, obviously enjoying his touches, reached back with her hand to grab hold of Mark´s cock and pulled him towards her. Mark shuvled himself forward on his knees and opened Aloea´s butt cheeks with his hands. He placed his cock on Aloea´s pussy lips and slowly slipped inside her. Hmmmm Aloea mumbled, as it was more than 3 years since she had felt a man inside her. Mark had his hands on Aloea´s round African butt and started moving in a more active pace. Not too fast, not to slow: just nice. He could see Aloea´s large breasts swaying under her body. As Aloae had never gave birth to any c***dren, her pussy was still nice and tight and felt like a young woman´s pussy. Mark thought: ok, maybe not the most perfect woman, but this will do nicely. So from then on, Mark fucked Aloea nearly every morning, except in the days she had her period. Then he wanked himself off and later, Aloea satisfied Mark with her mouth. Surpisingly she had never done that before, as most Lutowa men had regular intercourse with their wives. Aloea initially hesitated, when Mark asked her by pointing at his cock and then his mouth, making a pumping movement with his head and holding his hand in front of his mouth as is he was talking into a microphone. She didn´t completely understand it, so Mark got up and got a banana from the fruit shelve. He placed the banana between Aloea´s legs, where a man would have his penis. This made Aloea giggle. Then Mark kneeled in front of Aloea, and took the banana in his mouth. He started

giving head to the banana, also licking it once in a while. After this mini banana show, Aloea understood what she had to do. So Mark sat himself on the bed and Aloea kneeled in front of him. She grabbed Mark´s cock with her right hand and then sank her mouth over it. She copied what Mark had done to the banana and Mark helped her with how to move her hands, in the contra direction of her head and making light twisting motions at the same time. Aloea looked up into Mark´s eyes, as to ask confirmation she was doing it well. Mark, who was now leaning back on his elbows confirmed: yes, very nice Aloea, Mark said encouringly to her, giving her a thumbs up. Hmmmm, you are doing it really good. Aloea more or less understood what he was saying, also by the pleasant tone in his voice and the hmmmm sound. Mark made a licking motion, like he was licking an ice cream. Aloea copied it and Mark mumbled: yeah Aloea, that´s my girl and smiled at her. Ofcourse also new for Aloea, was a man coming into her mouth. Mark was about to come and put his hand behind Aloea´s head. Aloea kept sucking and Mark made a few fucking movements with his hips and came with a loud air releasing ufhhffffffff sound. His cum shot into Aloea´s mouth and Aloea froze. Mark moved his hips a few times more and then pulled his cock out of Aloea´s mouth. Aloea shut her mouth and raised her head and looked bewildered at Mark. Mark, not really knowing what to do now, made an exaggerated swallowing movement and sound and that is what Aloea did. She swallowed all of Mark´s cum and then opened her mouth with an aaahhhhh sound and wiped her lips with the back of her hand. She then gave Mark a thumbs up, as this was their signal something was good. After several days, Aloea had become and expert cock suckster and was really doing her best to please Mark. She swallowed his load every time. Ans she enjoyed it so much, she now even sucked his cock when Mark was still in bed and before Mark fucked her. As the whole morning ritual turned her on, she even reached orgasms. Mark had really woken up her sexuality again and Mark enjoyed Aloea getting her pleasure too out of it. One day Mark tried to put his head between Aloea legs, to orally satisfy her, but she wouldn´t let him and pulled his head away. Later Mark learned, that men did not pleasure women orally. That was not allowed and according to them, would make women infertile. To have orgasms women pleasured themselves with their hands or during sex with their men, usually at night when they had proper sex in their beds.
Mark had just come inside Aloea, when there was loud shouting to be heard in the village central area. Mark pulled his cock out of Aloea, put his shorts on and ran outside. He could see a group of tribesmen jumping and screaming, pulling a young woman along a rope that was tied around her neck. Her hands were tied behind her back. Mark learned it was a Kikalu girl, they had found wondering in the jungle. She had lost her way trying to find berries and had walked in the wrong direction when she ran into the Lutowa hunters. It was a very nice looking young woman. Mark guessed her to be in her early twenties. She had a very pretty face with a sensual mouth and beautiful full lips. Her body was athletic and strong and she had magnificent, firm boobs. She was thrown on the ground in the dust, in front of the village elder and the chief hunter, who stood next to him. The village elder raised his hands to silence the crowd and spoke out loud: this girl will be killed tomorrow morning. She is Kikalu, who took the lives of some of our tribe, therefore she has to die. Mark was shocked when he realised what was happening. When the crowd dispersed he tried to reason with to the village elder. Don´t kill this young woman please, Mark pleaded. She can be of use to me and help me with my work. No, the village elder said, she is Kikalu and we need to kill her. But, if between now and tomorrow morning, the forest spirits give us a sign, she may be spared and u can have her. That is my decision, he concluded. Mark realised he couldn´t do much more. The girl was tied up to the pole in the middle of the village central area, sitting on her knees. She was crying

quietly, her tears dropping into the dust below her. Mark felt so sorry for her, yet also found her so attractive, even sexy. He had to find a way of helping this girl stay alive and make her his. That evening Mark hatched a plan. He wasn´t sure if it would work, but he had to try.
The next morning, the whole tribe gathered at the village central area to witness the execution of the young Kikalu woman. Two men helped her up and tied a rope around her as she could barely stand up. Her face was drawn and her eyes red from the crying and discomfort of being tied up to the pole all night. Partly behind her head, there was a wood carving, with the colours and sign of the Lutowa tribe. She would die under this mark. The chief huntsmen came forward, with his bow and arrow in his hands. The village council nodded and it became irrely quiet. Even the a****ls in the jungle seem to suddenly dim their sounds. The tension was felt by everybody and Mark stood a little behind the crowd. Akue, the chief huntsmen took position and got an arrow out of his arrow holder. He looked towards the young Kikalu woman, who tried to face up, but couldn´t anymore. Akue starting aiming; his muscular body and arms tensing up as he tensioned the bow. With full force he now pulled the arrow back, aimed a last time……and released. Whhssssssshhhhhh the arrow raced to its intended target. A loud bang and flash followed and a cloud of smoke appeared and made the girl and pole disappear from sight. The Lutowa´s started shouting and calling, not understanding what had happened just now. A breeze of wind made the smoke disperse and slowly the pole and the young woman became visible again. Her head was hanging forward, the arrow was not to be seen anywhere, but the Lutowa sign was gone and smoke was trickling out of the pole where the sign was hanging before. The tribal council members stepped forward and the tribe elder said in a raised voice: the forest spirits have sent us a sign, this woman will live and from now on belong to Mark, which will make her Lutowa. Release this woman and bring her to him. And so it was done. Two tribesmen brought the young woman to Mark and untied her hands and cut the neck rope. He looked at her. She was staring at the ground. Mark´s hand reached for her chin and he raised her head up and made her look at him. He smiled and put his other hands towards his chest. Mark, I am Mark he said and friendly nodded at her. Zulowe, the girl whispered. Mark took Zulowe by the hand and they walked away, leaving the still exited and confused tribal people behind. When he passed Akue, he winked at him. Akue didn´t show any expression on his face and stared passed Mark.
Ofcourse Mark and Akue were the only ones not surprised by the events of that morning. As When Mark got home after he spoken to the village elder when Zulowe had been brought back to the village and he asked him about the destiny of Zulowe, Mark had come up with a plan that could just work and save the girl. So when it was dark, he went over to Akue, the chief hunter. Akue was one of the few people in the tribe that spoke some English. When Mark arrived at Akue´s hut, he could hear him having sex with his wife. But Mark, not having much time, thought: sorry my friend, but more important urgent matters at hand right now. He hissed: Akue, Akue……I need to talk to you. He said it not so loud so half the village could hear it, but hopefully loud enough for Akue to hear it. After some moments, Akue came out, with his cock still erect and shining in the moonlight of his wife´s juices. What?!? Akue said in a obviously somewhat irritated tone. We can´t talk here Akue, but this is important, Mark whispered. Come inside, Akue said and walked back into the hut. He lit two resin pots, to make some light. Mark looked around the cozy hut and noticed Akue´s wife lying on the bed, still with her legs spread. She was stroking her pussy softly, not disturbed at all by the presence of Mark. Sorry Bindala, Mark said. But I have to talk with Akue. Bindala waved with her hand, indicating she was ok with it.

In a hushed voice Mark explained his plan: Akue, I really think this beautiful girl shouldn’t die. I think she is really attractive and want to be with her. But you have Aloea now, Akue said. No Akue, Aloea is only my helper. She is nice, but older than me and not very attractive and cannot have c***dren. I want this young woman to be with me from now on. I really find her beautiful. Akue nodded and mumbled: yes, she is a very nice young woman. He said is in a way, that confirmed to Mark his mind was not seeing an Kikalu enemy anymore, but a sexy young woman. So Akue agreed to help Mark with his plan. He said: ok Mark, as you have saved the lives on my wife and baby and with that my life, I will help you. All Akue needed to do was shoot the arrow meant for Zulowe, just above her head on the tribal sign. That night, when everybody was asleep, Mark went over to the pole and placed his hands over the Zulowe´s mouth and indicated she had to be quiet. He took the sign off the pole and carved a hole in the pole, which would be covered by the sign. Before he had gone to Akue´s hut, he had taken the gunpowder out of several of the bullets for his revolver, that he had brought with him, just in case. He put the gunpowder in a little metal tin and with a little bit of resin of a gum tree, he stuck the tin with the gunpowder inside the hole he just carved and then hung the wooden tribal sign back to cover it. He then put his index finger across his mouth, indicating to Zulowe to be quiet. The girl realised Mark was not an enemy, but a friend and even managed somewhat of a smile on her face, while her eyes lit up. Then Mark reached over to the girl and kissed her forehead and said: don´t worry, this will save you. I am your friend. It was all a gamble, but Mark gathered, that if Akue shot on the spot Mark told him to, the metal of the arrow would hit the metal of the tin and would cause a spark and ignite the gunpowder. And so it did!
Mark arrived at his hut and led Zulowe inside. Zulowe felt a little more at ease now and Mark indicated for her to sit on the mats. He gave her some water and fruit and a piece of agave flour bread Aloea had made earlier. The girl looked at Mark with thankful eyes and stuffed her mouth full, washing the bread down with water. She was so hungry. Thank you, she mumbled to Mark in a cute African English accent. After she had eaten, Mark asked Aloea to help wash Zulowe,who was covered in dust. He gave Aloea a little soap bar. Mark had taken a whole pack of mini soap bars in his rucksack, as he did want to maintain a little hygiene. Aloea washed Zulowe thoroughly and the two women were talking and smiling. Mark thanked Aloea and Aloea understood it was time for her to leave. He took Zulowe by the hand and pulled her to his bed. With his other hand he invited her to lie down. Gracefully, but also a little weary, Zulowe got in bed and laid down on her side, with her head on the pillow. Mark got his blanket and pulled it over the young woman´s body and soothingly stroked his hand over the body under the blanket. Zulowe started to relax and closed her eyes. A deep sigh followed and she fell into a deep sleep. Mark laid himself next to her on his side. He looked at Zulowe. She was so beautiful and peacefully asleep.
During the night, Mark suddenly got woken up by hands, touching and stroking his body. As the resin wax had burnt up, it was pitch black in the hut. He heard Zulowe breathing deeply as she started rubbing her body more and more against Mark. Zulowe kissed Mark´s neck and chest and briefly suckled on his left nipple. Her tongue ran over his chest and top of his belly, circling his belly button and tickling it. She kept pat kissing and his body lower and lower, while moving her body more and more down the bed. As she came near his cock, she suddenly sucked it up into her mouth. As Mark wasn´t hard yet, he could feel Zulowe pull his foreskin back with her hand and rolling his cock in her mouth with her tongue. Hello! Mark thought, you have done this before… he remembered how he had to teach Aloea to give him head. Zulowe sucked Mark´s cock profoundly and massaged his balls carefully. It therefore didn´t take long for Mark to be hard as a rock, as this girl turned him on

completely. Zulowe made little sounds when she really started to pump her head over Mark´s erection, the occasional “slurp” escaping from the edges of her mouth. Mark put his hands on Zulowe´s head and murmled: oh baby, this is so nice. He lightly moved his hips up and down in the rhythm of Zulowe´s sucking motions. Mark felt he was going to come. But he really didn´t want to yet, as he wanted to make love to this wonderful girl. He got hold of Zulowe´s head with both his hands and pulled her upwards, so she would let his cock go. She made a slurping sound, when the cock released from her mouth. In the dark, Mark put his hands under Zulowe´s armpits and pushed like he was trying to lift her up. Zulowe understood his intentions and crawled over Mark´s body towards his head. Mark shrugged back on the bed and Zulowe carefully placed her knees either side of his head. Mark now pushed her legs sideways with his arms and Zulowe´s pussy sank onto his mouth. Zulowe was very wet and Mark tasted the sweet taste of this young woman. He stuck his tongue inside Zulowe as far as he could and with his hands, reached for her breasts. While massaging her breasts Zulowe´s started riding her pussy on Mark´s face and moaned and hummed. She got wilder and wilder. Mark swapped from massaging to rolling Zulowe´s nipples between the tips of his thumb and index finger. “Uuyyyhh, uuuyyhh, uuuyyyhh” he could now hear above him. Zulowe was nearly choking Mark as she was pressing her pussy quite hard onto his mouth now, riding her venus against his nose with every forward movement. A “Yaaaaaaaaaahhh” released from Zulowe´s mouth as she came, her body shaking and shuddering. A trickle of fluids released at the same moment and trickled in Mark´s mouth. “Hmmmmmm” Mark groaned, and swallowed Zulowe´s juices. While still panting, Zulowe let her body lean back and her hands search for Mark´s cock, which was still hard. She made a few massaging movements with her hands and got off Mark´s face. She moved back towards Mark´s cock and positioned her opening above it. The she let herself slide over it all the way, while making a cute “aayy” sound. She felt behind her with her hands, to find Mark´s balls and twiddled a few moments with them. Then Zulowe started riding Mark. At first slowly and teasing. She had let her body drop forward onto her elbows was moving her body forward and backwards, slowly letting Mark´s cock slide in an out of her. Out, completely till the tip of his cock, but just leaving enough inside her, for it not to slip out. And then slowly letting it slip inside her again, cramping her muscles as much as she could and getting Mark´s cock as much inside of her as possible. Mark groaned “oh yeah” every time she did this. So after about 40 “oh yeah´s” Zulowe found it time to up the tempo. She raised herself up on and leaned with her hands onto Mark´s shoulders and started moving her hips faster Oh god! Ride me honey, ride that cock of mine, Mark encouraged Zulowe. He had no idea if she actually understood it all, but she was exactly doing that. Zulowe lifted herself up completely now, and was bouncing up and down Mark´s cock. This is so fucking good, Mark thought. He felt he couldn´t hold out much longer, but now really wanted to come. He exploded deep inside Zulowe, making a roaring growl as the cum released from his cock. Zulowe dropped her body onto Mark´s chest and started kissing him, her butt still making pumping movements over Mark´s cock till it wasn´t hard enough anymore to stay inside her. Mark was breathing heavily and wrapped his arms around her and kissed Zulowe passionately. Mark wanted this girl and asked in English; stay with me Zulowe? Zulowe looked deep into Mark´s eyes and replied: yes dear Mark, yes.

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