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“Am I a stalker?” I said outloud to myself as I sat outside in my car down the street from Lani’s house. I might be. It’s not your typical rhetorical or hypothetical question. I miss her. Really, REALLY miss her. But I can only blame myself for my misfortunes. Sometimes you can only appreciate something after it’s gone. It’s a very painful price to pay.

As you may have figured out, Lani is my ex-girlfriend. We dated for three very good years. Then I got comfortable and caught a case of the dumb-ass. A real bad case of the dumb-ass. I cheated on her a couple of times and she found it in her heart to forgive me and take me back. Bad mistake on her part. I took her for granted and assumed I could do what I wanted and she would always take me back. Some women are that way but Lani wasn’t. After she busted me the third time, she told me she was out. She left and I never heard from her again.

At first, I was all smug inside but I told her I understood how she felt. I just knew after some time I could ask for forgiveness and she’d take me back. I gave her a week to cool off. After that I called, texted, and even emailed her to get her to talk to me. She was having none of it. After a couple of weeks, I got nervous that she was for real this time. I sent roses to her work and house. None of this worked.

After about a month of begging, she finally agreed to meet me and talk. I was very happy. Well for a while I was. When we did meet, she did all of the talking. I chose her favorite coffee shop to meet at. It was a nice day so I got a table outside on the patio. I was already there and she walked up, looking beautiful but with a very stern look on her face. I got up to greet her but she walked right up and sat down. Then she let me have it.

“I’m going to make this quick so there is no time wasted.” she said. A feeling of doom came over me.

“We’re done, Jay. I refuse to be a victim anymore. No more of your begging me to take you back. Frankly, it’s pitiful. You need to grow up. I’ve treated you so well over these past three years but all you’ve done is shit on me. Well, I’m finished. You can be bad by your dayum self.” Lani continued.

I was stunned. I totally wasn’t expecting this. I couldn’t say anything. I sat there with my mouth open looking stupid.

“Goodbye and have a nice life.” she said then promptly got up and left.

I sat there in my seat for the next 20 minutes trying to understand what happened. My brain just would not register that she was gone. Maybe this was just a bad dream. I can wake up and everything would be okay. I slapped myself to make sure. Yep, I was awake alright and she was gone.

So I began to follow her. I watched her from a discreet distance. I never tried to make contact with her. I couldn’t figure it out. How could she live without me??? She told me I was her everything. That for sure was a lie now that I see she seemed to be doing well without me.

I knew I had to get a grip but I couldn’t help myself. I wanted so badly to walk up to her and tell her I wanted her to come home but I knew she wouldn’t. Hell, she probably would have my ass locked up. In reality, I didn’t have enough nuts to face her again. So now, this is what I do. I sit in my car, watching her comings and goings. She hasn’t been on any dates and I guess that is a good thing. Maybe she still thinks about me. Hmm. Nah, who am I fooling? I fucked up the best thing I’ve ever had and there was no turning back time to get it right.

I drove back to my place and stood in my living room. I saw a few of her things that she had left there and I sighed to myself. I wondered if she wanted them back. A very small glimmer of hope flashed across my brain as I thought she may want her things back and would call me to come get them. But all of that faded away as I knew that if she wanted her stuff she would’ve come and gotten it already.

I sighed to myself and collected her stuff and put them in a box in case she ever did come by to get them. I sat down on my couch and looked around. Lani didn’t live with me but she spent the majority of her free time over here with me. The place seemed naked and colorless without her presence. I looked down at the carpet and thought about how we liked to lay under a blanket, watch movies and ate kettle corn. I grabbed one of the throw pillows and sniffed it deeply, taking in her scent from it. She loved to cuddle up with the pillows and she did that many nights when I was out late and didn’t come home.

It had been a couple of months now. I was so caught up with Lani on my mind that my dick had to give me a wake-up call. A nigga was horny as hell. I had to get back into the game. I forced myself to be convinced that I could recover from this and be okay.

That morning, I went online to check out some online sites that were catered towards no-strings relationships. In my present state of mind, I certainly didn’t need any romantic entanglements. But my heart just wasn’t in it. I didn’t want to be bothered. I looked at my watch and remember that I needed to go to the bank to get the rent money. It was nice out so maybe a walk would do me well. I grabbed my house keys and left out.

As I walked down the sidewalk, I pondered why men do the things they do. Maybe men weren’t meant to be monogamous. Maybe we were meant to conquer as many women as we could and procreate. That sounded pretty old school to me though. And after a while, it would get pretty empty too.

Nah, men had feelings too. I guess sometimes we don’t know how to deal with or express them. Or if it’s even cool to be sensitive like that. Women like men with an edge. I don’t care what women say in public, I believe that deep down, women want to be conquered and swept off their feet. Captured and thrown over a man’s shoulder to be taken back to the crib.

I had to laugh to myself. That kind of thinking is exactly how I wound up in my present state of circumstance. I told myself that if I can get past this, I’ll change. I would start thinking with my big head instead of my little head. At least my intentions would be honorable.

I continued my walk towards my bank. It was a nice day and there were many people out taking advantage of the weather. Lots of pretty women out exercising, walking their dogs, shopping, or whatever. I got a few smiles but I didn’t feel at my best to feel like approaching anyone.

When I got to my bank I went inside and walked up to the stand where the withdrawal slips were. I began filling one out when I felt someone brush past me. I looked up and laid my eyes on what had to be the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen.

“Excuse me, sorry.” she said softly with a smile then she started filling out a slip herself and paid me no more mind.

I tried not to stare but I couldn’t help it. She was short, possibly 5 feet tall and she was wearing 6 inch heels. Her skin was a smooth mocha complexion. She had big beautiful brown eyes and soft full lips. Her face was a bit of a oval shape and that made her lips seem even fuller. Her hair was pulled back in a bun and she was dressed in nice classy suit with a skirt. The suit hugged her voluptuous body but in a comfortable way. I looked at her hands as she typed and saw she wore a wedding ring.

Dayum, I thought. Oh well, a woman that gorgeous would never be single.

She stopped writing on the slip for a second. It appeared that the pen stopped working. She looked at me with another smile that made my loins warm.

“Are you done with that?” she said softly as she pointed at the pen in my hand. I had completely forgot what I was doing.

“Uh sure. Here you go.” I said, handing her the pen.

“Thank you.” she said and continued filling out her slip. “You know, it’s impolite to stare.”

Beads of sweat broke out on my forehead as I lamely apologized. “I’m sorry.” I said. “But it’s your fault. You took my breath away.” Nice comeback, I thought to myself.

She actually laughed and nodded. “Good one. Simple but smooth.” she said. I just smiled. She smiled back at me and made her way to the teller. She looked back at me with a flirtatious smile then conducted her business.

I stood there in shock. Could this really be happening to me? This gorgeous woman is hitting on me. Nah. This type of thing never happens to me. I mean, I dont consider myself a bad looking guy. I’m kinda tall and fit, and I think I’m geninuely a nice guy. But pussy doesn’t just fall into my lap like this.

The woman concluded her business at the teller counter and turned to look at me. I was still standing there stupidly. She walked towards me and pressed a note into my hand. Then she whispered into my ear.

“Don’t read that until I leave the bank.” she said. Her soft sexy voice was enough to make me cream my boxers.

I watched her saunter off and out the bank. I looked down at my hand at the note. I slowly opened it up.

“Find me. Follow me.” it read.

I forgot all about the rent money. I stuffed the note into my pocket and raced out of the bank. When I got outside, I looked in both directions for her. I saw her walking slowly about a half block away. I made my way towards her and caught up to her but still staying a discreet distance from her. I saw her look over her shoulder towards me and I swore she had a smirk on her face. She knew I was following her. She seemed to slow down her walk to make it easy for me.

I wondered where she was going. It was the middle of the workday. I was sure she was going back to work. I watched her confident steps as she took them. Her legs were thick and shapely and I watched that ass tilt from side to side with each step. She was making my mouth water. Literally.

She turned down a side street and I lost her for a minute but she seemed to realize this and stopped to allow me to catch up. I peered around the corner down the street and saw her waiting. When she felt like I was back on track she started walking again.

I was mystified. Where was this chick going. This area seemed to have a lot of buildings under construction. But not many people were around. The woman continued slowly down the street. She could see me following her now since we were the only ones walking.

I slapped myself upside the head for not getting her name or number. But then, I wondered if this is how she wanted it. No names. No form or identification. Just a sexy mystery lady.

I still kept my distance as I followed her even though we were alone on the street. She approached one building and stopped at the entrance. She looked back at me, smiled, then took off her suit jacket and dropped on the ground. She then went inside the building.

I quickly ran up to the building entrance and picked up her jacket. I peered through the glass door just in time to see her open a door and go in. With her jacket in hand, I went inside. No one seemed to be around. There seemed to be work ongoing in the building. I went to the door I saw the woman go through and saw that it led to the stairs. I went in and heard her slowly making her way up the stairs. I went up one flight and saw another door open. It looked like she entered the third floor. I was still unsure about the whole situation so I crept up the stairs to follow her.

When I got to the third floor, I came through the door and found a dimly lit hallway. I didn’t know which direction she went so I took a little time to look around. I thought I saw something on the floor further up one end of the hallway and I walked towards it. When I got there, I saw it was the blouse the woman was wearing. That’s when I knew this was real. I picked up her blouse and took a long whiff of her perfume on it. I looked further down the hallway and noticed a door was open. I cautiously made my way towards it. I was a bit nervous but at the same time excited. With all of this mystery, this woman was turning me on in a major way.

I came up to the door and went into the room. It looked like some kind of storage room. There were a lot of boxes around and a lot of things were covered in canvas. I didn’t see my girl in there. Not at first. As I made my way farther into the room, I saw what looked like a very large display on the wall. It was covered with a black tarp that went all the way to the floor. In front of the display, a rug was laid out on the floor. My eyes got big as shit as I saw a perfectly rounded ass bent over on the rug. The upper body was covered with the tarp. She was still wearing her heels. My dick bricked up immediately.

I slowly walked up to the woman. She didn’t move. There was a post it note stuck to one cheek. I pulled it off and looked at it. It read, “eat me.” I looked down at the luscious soft booty and the pully pussy there waiting for me and I could no longer contain myself.

I got down on my knees behind her and squeezed her luscious Charmin. I opened her cheeks and softly took a long lick along her vulva. Her flesh quivered at my touch. Her clit swelled up and her juices started to trickle down. I lapped at her sweet nectar and jabbed my tongue into her opening. I heard her soft moans and I knew I was licking her right. Her ass was so very soft and I wallowed my face in her anus as I tongued it down.

Her juicy clit was begging for attention so I softly suckled on it. Her thighs trembled in delight as she felt her orgasm building. Her moans were getting louder and louder. I began to flicker my tongue across her little bud like a rattlesnake on ginseng. She released a guttural moan and her body stiffened. I jabbed my tongue into her pussy and lapped up as much of her juices as I could.

She seemed to come down from her nut. I still had my hands on her ass. Then she slowly crawled further under the tarp until she disappeared under it. I sat there for a minute until I realized she was gone. I heard what sounded like a door open behind the tarp. I lifted it up and peered underneath. There was a door on the wall. I ripped down the tarp and stared stupidly at the door. I opened it and looked out but she was nowhere to be found. It was another long hallway but there were no doors open.

I flopped down in a nearby chair. I felt like Neo in the Matrix Reloaded. All of these doors. I looked down at my rock hard dick. I needed relief. But where did my mystery woman go?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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