Another visit to an adult book store

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Another visit to an adult book store
That night I came back home from my office and found my sweet wife very aroused and excited. Her slut girlfriend Camilla had told her about a new adult book store at the other side of the town.
During afternoon Ana had gone there with Camilla and my wife had seen long shelves with erotic books and magazines; porn movies, sex toys and
sexy lingerie outfits. At the back of the local there were some secret cabins where visitors could spend their time on watching porn and even more.
My sexy wife had just purchased a new dildo for her huge toy collection.
But she was very excited as she told me we could go there one day…
Next Friday I called her when I was on my way home and warned her she could be ready to go out and visit that infamous adult book store…
When I arrived home Ana had taken a shower and she was naked in our bedroom putting on her make up. She smiled at me and asked what dress I would like she wore. Then I got to the dresser and took out a low cut black T-shirt. The fabric was thin enough for her large nipples to protrude through. She pulled the T shirt on and I told her not to wear any thong under her short skirt, fitting real tight on her round ass.
I watched her round boobs swaying up and down when she was putting on the high heels. I imagined a huge black cock between her nice boobs, spurting sticky cum on her pretty face.

We drove to the place and walked inside. There were five men shopping. My sensual babe was the only woman and all heads turned as we entered.
I could feel their eyes scanning through Anita’s body all over. It was obvious that T shirt with her hard nipples well visible underneath had a strong influence on them. I could see lust on their faces.
We both went directly to the shelves with dildos and vibrators…
Then my sensual wife suggested me to watch some movies before buying another nice huge dildo.

The stiletto heels made Anita’s ass wiggle in a nice and sexual way. We walked into one of the cabins and I selected a movie where a sexy blonde was being gang banged by three well hung black guys. I have to tell you that we have already had sharing my wife experience.
We sat there on a very comfortable sofa, where we could totally relax.
As we watched that movie, Ana kissed me and rubbed my dick. I knew she was getting turned on. I had seen this cabin had a nice glory hole on one of the walls. And I knew that one of those horny guys watching my wife’s hips sway so sexily, had entered already the adjacent cabin.
I grabbed her hand and slowly moved it toward the glory hole.
She broke the kiss and told me she was touching a fully hardened cock.
As she rubbed and jerked the stranger’s cock, I played with her pussy lips.
I knew she was turned on because they were becoming quite wet.
Then I smiled and ordered her to get down on her knees and suck it…
Anita complied and I could hear a gasp from the other room when her mouth engulfed the head of that strange cock. While she sucked, I pulled up her shirt and played with her hard nipples.
Suddenly my sensual wife pulled the cock from her mouth and directed it at her boobs. Then a hot sticky stream of cum shot over her round tits…
Ana continued to jerk it off until the stranger’s cock was totally spent.
I ordered her to get out and show her cum covered tits down the corridor.
Anita obediently got on her feet and walked into the corridor. I watched as she walked up to one of the men who had just entered the corridor and told him that he would be next. Then she walked back into our booth again…
After two seconds, I could see the next hard cock pushed through the hole. Soon Anita was on her knees again, sucking and licking that massive dick. After a few minutes I heard a groan next cabin again and a fresh load of cum was released on my sexy wife’s boobs.

Ana told me she wanted to be fucked. She just put her T-shirt back on.
The thin material just absorbed the wet sperm and her hard nipples pressed against the fabric. She went out and told the remaining three guys if they wanted some action, they could join us at home.
I gave them our address and they followed us.
Once at home, my sensual wife had the three guys naked around her body.
Anita dropped to her knees and started suck on one, then the other. After getting their dicks well hardened, she got up and crawled onto the bed.

The first guy crawled on the bed behind her, as Ana spread her ass cheeks with her hands, inviting him in. He quickly plunged his hard cock into her wet cunt and started fucking her doggy style. I could feel his crotch slapping against my sweet wife’s ass.
Another guy knelt on the bed beside Ana so she could suck on his dick. Her mouth engulfed that cock and it slid in there every time she received a thrust from behind. They fucked in a rhythm and my nice slutty wife was being impaled on those two hard cocks. The guy in her mouth came first and his warm semen made Ana gag on his dick. She managed to swallow it all…
A couple of minutes later the guy in her pussy arched his back and grunted loud, grabbing Ana’s round hips and filling her wet cunt with hot spunk.
The third guy, who had been just watching the action, lost no time in crawling up behind her and shoving his own hard cock into my wife’s already filled cunt. His cock was the thickest of all of them and my sexy wife gasped when she felt the rough intrusion, although her nice cunt had been already stretched enough from her previous fucking.
Ana looked at me and then she closed her eyes, focused totally on the pleasure that her hungry cunt was receiving. I moved closer to the bed and grabbed my wife by her hair, pushing her face towards my hardened cock.
Ana opened her mouth and I just pushed her head down until she had taken my entire dick to my balls. She kept her eyes closed and I thought that she did not even know that it was my cock… although she did not care for sure.
After a while, the third guy buried balls deep in my wife from behind began to breathe heavily. With a loud moan he pulled out of her, jumped to Ana’s face, grabbed her by hair and pulled up to his throbbing cock.
His entire load shot across Ana’s cheeks, covering her nice face.
Then I pulled her head back to my cock and I released several huge cum shots deep inside he throat. The three guys stood back and watched at my well used wife, on all fours with cum drooling from her mouth and cunt.
They dressed up and thanked me for letting them fuck my slutty babe…
I turned to Ana and I saw she was smiling at me, with her head lying on the bed sheets. I asked if she was fine and she laughed louder, saying that her hungry cunt had ended well filled with warm fresh semen…
She added her tight asshole had remained untouched through the night…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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