Arranged meet

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Arranged meet
Well, what can I say. Apart from wow !!!

It started off with an email from a couple on another adult site.

Now usually, and unfortunately, a majority of messages from ‘couples’ turns out to be single men, pretending to be a couple (or maybe they just wish they are in a relationship. lol)

This message however, started in a different way than usual. They usually start with “Will you fuck my wife” or something like that. Not this one though, which is maybe why I followed it through.
This message started with “Hi Gary, I am **** and my girlfriend is ****. We will be honest as to why we messaged you. I for some reason, have been unable to pleasure my girlfriend orally. We have discussed it thoroughly and have decided to take the plunge and see if we can find a gentleman who would be willing to give **** oral sex to see if they can excite her that way”

Well, how rude of me to decline this offer. Lol.
We chatted further that day and then chatted on cam a few times after. They were definitely a couple, I could see that. They both seemed very nervous too. But after a couple of weeks chatting/cam and phone calls, any nervousness had seem to have gone.

OK, lets cut to the chase. We all agreed, to make it more relaxing, I would turn up as a pure stranger, meet Ms **** at a pub, seduce her then take her back to a hotel room and I was to hopefully give her an orgasm orally.

I walked in to the bar and saw Mr **** at the bar with Ms ****. He saw me come in, kissed his girlfriend and left the pub.

I walked over to the bar, ordered a drink as Ms **** headed for a table. I got my drink, waited a brief moment and headed over to the table Now the whole idea was for me to act as a complete stranger, so we had to pretend we never knew anything about each other. So that is what happened. We chatted, moved closer, the talk got raunchy. I wont go on about the conversation, but the filth that was coming out of her mouth the longer the chat went, was so different to the lady I was chatting to with her boyfriend. She was a very horny lady who loved sex and her own admission, she loved to cum.

OK, moving on…… It was time for the hotel room. We both agreed to leave the pub and make way to the hotel. Ms **** text her boyfriend letting him know.

On route to the hotel, the conversation was still flowing. And it was very hot too. We both forgot our inhibitions and didnt care what we said to each other.

I pulled into the car park of the hotel, pulled into a space, turned off the ignition and asked Ms **** if she was still OK with this. Her reply was also very unexpected too . “Fuck yes, I’ve been wet since the pub and my pussy needs some serious attention”. I looked at her and grinned. “Infact”, she said. That was it. Just “Infact”. Nothing else. But just as she said that, her hand started to rub my cock over my jeans. Obviously I didnt stop her, just looked and grinned. She did the same, looked back and grinned, but now she was unzipping me, still staring into my eyes. She pulled my cock out, and slowly started to wank me in the car. Now the agreement was for me just to give her oral sex. “Wont your boyfriend mind” I asked, secretly hoping she wouldn’t say “Oh yes your right, I had better stop”.
“No” she said “Ive already text him letting him know my intentions and he is more than happy with it, as long as I tell him all about it later when we are fucking” She then just dropped, took my cock in here mouth and sucked it, licking the length and tip as she did. And I dont mean she just gave me a blow job, I mean, she sucked it like nothing before. I noticed she had her hand under her skirt as she took me in her mouth. Her mouth pumped the life out of my cock. I could feel the cum building up, even more now as her mouth rushed up and down the shaft. I knew I was going to shoot my load very soon, so gently pulled her head up and told her I was about to cum expecting her to finish me off with her hand. “Good” she snapped back “I am going to taste you, because thats what your going to do to me soon”. She took me deep to the back of her throat sucking my cock with every upward movement. My body started to shake. The cum was very soon. I did cum, and not over her hands or face, but inside her warm mouth. Not once did she remove my cock while I shot my load. She swallowed every part. By the time she had finished, my cock had no traces of cum left on it. It had all been licked and swallowed.

By this time, I had an enormous smile on my face as we get ourselves settled, and made way to the hotel…………….

Now I will finish this story from the hotel room, only once I get more than 4 comments on this story

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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